Expository Discourse

Author: Beverly Lewin
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826479251
Release Date: 2005-11-17
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

"The description of the social science research genre is important both for those teaching English to speakers and readers of other languages and for researchers in discourse structure. For teachers, the detailed analysis of texts and the method for determining realization rules will help in guiding students who must understand and produce research articles. For researchers, the qualitative and quantitative analyses show how the different levels of abstraction, from the genre itself to its moves, acts and wordings, are related to each other. Lastly, this analysis can serve as a model for future descriptions of other academic and professional genres."--BOOK JACKET.

Evaluation in Foreign Language Education in the Middle East and North Africa

Author: Sahbi Hidri
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319432342
Release Date: 2016-09-27
Genre: Education

This book presents evaluation cases from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) context, investigating the various facets of evaluation in different parts of the MENA region and beyond. In 19 chapters, it explores cases from Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, the UAE, Turkey, Iran and Morocco. The book highlights the impact of evaluation on a range of stakeholders, arguing that it has repercussions at the individual, societal, economic, cultural and political levels, that it also has an ethical dimension, and that it is tailored to people’s needs, helping them to remain abreast of the effectiveness and efficiency of programs. Further, the book explores controversial issues concerning different evaluation themes, such as teacher and staff evaluation, assessment practices, text genre analysis evaluation, assessment of productive skills, textbook and ICT evaluation, evaluation of ELT certificates and programs, quality assurance, ESP needs analysis, assessment literacy, and dynamic assessment. It addresses key challenges, such as who the “right people” to implement evaluation are, and the appropriate use of evaluation results to avoid any misuse or harm to any stakeholder. In closing, the book calls for further research venues on the relevance of evaluation, testing and assessment in the MENA context and beyond.

Lexical repetition in text

Author: Krisztina Károly
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
ISBN: STANFORD:36105112231829
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

This book explores lexical repetition and its text-organizing function in English written discourse. It intends to contribute to three main areas of study. It contributes to cohesion analysis by showing that by treating the concept of repetition in a new, broader sense, lexical cohesion as a whole may be seen in fact as various forms of lexical repetition. It also contributes to repetition research, because it demonstrates that lexical repetition and the way it clusters in text make a unique contribution to the organizational quality of written discourse. Finally, it contributes to English written text analysis in that it partly answers a question that has long been bedeviling the science of text: whether or not there exists a way to « measure subjective intuition objectively. This study shows that there is a way to measure subjective/intuitive perceptions of discourse quality via objective means, that is, through the analysis of linguistic elements identifiable on the textual surface. Contents: The text-organizing function of lexical repetition in English written discourse -- Main schools and advances of product-oriented English written text analysis -- A theoretical grounding for the analysis of lexical cohesion as various forms of lexical repetition -- A refined version of Hoey's (1991) repetition model.

The Intuitive Practitioner

Author: Terry Atkinson
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN: 0335203639
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Education

Much of the time, experienced professionals in both education and other fields cannot explain what they are doing, or tell you what they know; and students cannot articulate their learning. Yet professional development and practice are often discussed as if conscious understanding and deliberation are of the essence. The Intuitive Practitioner tackles this apparent paradox head on, and explores the dynamic relationship between reason and intuition in the context of professional practice. Focusing mainly on the professional world of the teacher, but with illustrative discussions of medical and business practice, the contributors delicately unpick the vexed and neglected nature of intuition, and demonstrate the vital role it plays in the development of professional judgement and expertise.

Catalogs of Courses

Author: University of California, Berkeley
ISBN: UCLA:L0067506428
Release Date: 1993

Includes general and summer catalogs issued between 1878/1879 and 1995/1997.