False Gods

Author: Graham McNeill
Publisher: Black Library
ISBN: 1849707464
Release Date: 2014-09
Genre: Science fiction

The second Horus Heresy title returns in A-format paperback.

No Other Gods

Author: Kelly Minter
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 0781448972
Release Date: 2008-04-01
Genre: Religion

Musician and author Kelly Minter explores the natural needs of women that can become modern-day idols, replacing God's presence in their lives.

False Gods

Author: Adolf Eichmann
Publisher: Black House Publishing
ISBN: 1910881112
Release Date: 2015-10-30
Genre: History

Adolf Eichmann was head of Gestapo Division IV-B4, the Third Reich's notorious Security Service, which was responsible for implementing the "Final Solution" of the European Jews in the Greater German Reich. False Gods is a book that will be controversial - not only with the Jewish community, but also with the historical "revisionists" who seek to deny the Holocaust. Eichmann's testimony not only challenges the generally accepted history of that period, but it provides much in-depth detail of the historical facts - facts which Eichmann himself was fully prepared to confirm from the surviving documents of the period that were submitted by both the prosecution and defense during his trial. In False Gods Eichmann states: "I shall describe the genocide of the Jews, how it happened and give, in addition, my thoughts of the past and of today. For not only did I have to see with my own eyes the fields of death, the battlefields on which life died away, I saw much worse. I saw how, through a few words, through the mere concise order of an individual to whom the state gave authority, such fields for the extinction of life were created. I saw the machinery of death. Grasping cogs within cogs, like clockwork. I saw those who observed the process of the work; and during the process. I saw them always repeating the work and they looked at the seconds-hand, which hurried; hurried like life to death. The greatest and cruellest dance of death of all time. That I saw. And I prepare to describe it, as a warning." Adolf Eichmann

Gods at War

Author: Kyle Idleman
ISBN: 0310353343
Release Date: 2018-11-27
Genre: Religion

In this expanded edition of Gods at War, pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman helps us see that the sin and discouragement we can't shake are the result of letting the false gods of power, pleasure, and love win the war of our heart.

The False Gods

Author: George Horace Lorimer
Release Date: 1906
Genre: Fantasy fiction

Vengeful Spirit

Author: Graham McNeill
Publisher: Games Workshop
ISBN: 1849708304
Release Date: 2015-01
Genre: Imaginary wars and battles

Once the brightest star in the Imperium and always first among his primarch brothers, Horus has dragged the Space Marine Legions into the bloodiest conflict that the galaxy has ever seen. While their allies wage war on a thousand different fronts, the XVIth Legion descend upon the Knight world of Molech - home to the ruling House Devine, and a principal stronghold of the Imperial Army. The forces loyal to the Emperor stand ready to defy the Warmaster, but just what could have drawn Horus to attack such a well defended planet, and what might he be willing to sacrifice to fulfil his own dark destiny? Previous titles: - Horus Rising (9781849707435) - A Fmt PB £8.99 - Scars (9781849707497) - A Fmt PB £8.99


Author: Moshe Halbertal
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674443136
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Religion

"You shall have no other gods besides Me." This injunction, handed down through Moses three thousand years ago, marks one of the most decisive shifts in Western culture: away from polytheism toward monotheism. Ranging with authority from the Talmud to Maimonides, from Marx to Nietzsche and on to G.E. Moore, this brilliant account of a subject central to our culture also has much to say about metaphor, myth, and the application of philosophical analysis to religious concepts and sensibilities. Its insights into pluralism and intolerance, into the logic and illogic of the arguments religions aim at each other, make Idolatry especially timely and valuable in these days of dark and implacable religious difference.

How Gods Are Made

Author: Rev. Daniel J. Clausen
ISBN: 0615658911
Release Date: 2012-07-03

Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions in the world? Each one claims to be true, and attempts to affirm it by tales of miracles and books of wisdom. But they can't all be right, can they? ln this book, Daniel Clausen shows the origins of false religion and idolatry through the Bible, logic, and his personal experiences as a former occultist and cult leader, where he gained a real and active demonic backing, resulting in a loyal, but deceived following. Read on, and discover the truth of HOW GODS ARE MADE.

The True History of God s True Church And Its 2 000 Year War With the Great False Church

Author: Philadelphia Church of God
Publisher: Philadelphia Church of God, Gerald Flurry
Release Date: 2015-04-30

When Jesus Christ founded the New Testament Church, He said the gates of hell would not prevail against it. He prophesied of seven successive eras it would undergo before His Second Coming, and even foretold the predominant character of each. History shows that God's true Church—though it has gone largely unnoticed—has survived through the 20 centuries since that time, fulfilling Christ's prophecies in specific detail. Now, on the cusp of Christ's return, this dramatic and miraculous story can be fully told!

The False Gods We Worship

Author: Spencer W. Kimball
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
ISBN: 0875798829
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The Kingdom of God Is Within You

Author: Leo Tolstoy
Publisher: Xist Publishing
ISBN: 9781681956824
Release Date: 2016-03-03
Genre: Religion

Turn the Other Cheek “Satan can never be driven out by Satan. Error can never be corrected by error, and evil cannot be vanquished by evil. ” - Leo Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God is Within You In The Kingdom of God is Within You, Tolstoy urge the readers to look within themselves to find the answers to questions of morality and shows them why they must reject any sort of violence, even that sanctioned by the state or the church. This book is a startling read which is still relevant today. This Xist Classics edition has been professionally formatted for e-readers with a linked table of contents. This eBook also contains a bonus book club leadership guide and discussion questions. We hope you’ll share this book with your friends, neighbors and colleagues and can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes


Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: Signal
ISBN: 0771038518
Release Date: 2016-05-10

Destined to become a modern classic in the vein of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Sapiens is a lively, groundbreaking history of humankind told from a unique perspective. 100,000 years ago, at least six species of human inhabited the earth. Today there is just one. Us. Homo Sapiens. How did our species succeed in the battle for dominance? Why did our foraging ancestors come together to create cities and kingdoms? How did we come to believe in gods, nations, and human rights; to trust money, books, and laws; and to be enslaved by bureaucracy, timetables, and consumerism? And what will our world be like in the millennia to come? In Sapiens, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari spans the whole of human history, from the very first humans to walk the earth to the radical -- and sometimes devastating -- breakthroughs of the Cognitive, Agricultural, and Scientific Revolutions. Drawing on insights from biology, anthropology, palaeontology, and economics, he explores how the currents of history have shaped our human societies, the animals and plants around us, and even our personalities. Have we become happier as history has unfolded? Can we ever free our behaviour from the heritage of our ancestors? And what, if anything, can we do to influence the course of the centuries to come? Bold, wide-ranging and provocative, Sapiens challenges everything we thought we knew about being human: our thoughts, our actions, our power...and our future.

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Author: Zora Neale Hurston
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252017781
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Fiction

When Janie Starks returns home, the small Black community buzzes with gossip about the outcome of her affair with a younger man

Galaxy in Flames

Author: Ben Counter
Publisher: Games Workshop
ISBN: 1849706220
Release Date: 2014-04-15
Genre: Fiction

The third novel in the bestselling Horus Heresy series, re-issued in a deluxe trade paperback format Having recovered from his grievous injuries, Warmaster Horus leads the triumphant Imperial forces against the rebel world of Isstvan III. Though the rebels are swiftly crushed, Horus's treachery is finally revealed when the planet is razed by virus bombs and Space Marines turn on their battle-brothers in the most bitter struggle imaginable.