Fathers Rights

Author: Jeffery Leving
Publisher: Basic Books (AZ)
ISBN: 0465023622
Release Date: 1998-05
Genre: Family & Relationships

Discusses the complexities of the American legal system, finding a good attorney, protecting relationships with children, and developing a good shared parenting arrangement

Fathers Rights

Author: Jeffery Leving
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: STANFORD:36105060160558
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Family & Relationships

Discusses the complexities of the American legal system, finding a good attorney, protecting relationships with children, and developing a good shared parenting arrangement

Fathers Rights

Author: James Gross
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781572488021
Release Date: 2006-10-01

Millions of fathers are currently fighting for custody of their children. Many wonder if they will ever again be an important part of their children's lives. Fathers' Rights covers every aspect of the custody process, including protecting the parent/child relationship as a break-up occurs, determining when to settle and when to litigate and explanations concerning the court's determination of a fair level of child support. This new edition updates the ever-changing laws in this area and expands into additional topics of importance concerning paternity issues and fathers serving in the armed forces. Numerous court cases are used as examples to illustrate relevant situations. An extensive list of resources including agencies, organizations and websites is included as easy reference for the reader.

Custody for Fathers

Author: Michael Brennan
ISBN: 0964415755
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Genre: Custody of children

This book is your roadmap thorugh the complex maze of family law courts which are mom-biased. Discover over 100 strategies and tactics that have won custody for other fathers. Improve Conduct in Mediation Deal with a Difficult Judge Execute Winning Strategies Use Court Time Wisely Master Skills of Testifying Use Linguistic Techniques Counter Mom's Dirty Tricks Handle Setbacks & Adversity

Child Custody a to Z

Author: Guy White
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595784585
Release Date: 2005-01-24
Genre: Family & Relationships

Help! is the first word a parent yells when dealing with a child custody battle. Author Guy White cuts through and captures the essence of how child custody cases are won and lost. Child Custody A to Z navigates you through the flawed system of justice. Evidence is the most overlooked aspect of a child custody case. This book explains and addresses: How to choose an attorney How to impeach court experts How to gather evidence How to expose a personality disorder How to investigate your case Child Custody A to Z is replete with case studies that tell the real story of the controversial game of child custody. There is no substitute for preparation. White reveals judges, attorneys and court experts for their bias and incompetence. The author takes you through the step-by-step formula for winning with evidence.

Winning Custody

Author: Deedra Hunter, M.S., L.M.H.C
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429975733
Release Date: 2007-04-01
Genre: Law

You never wanted to be in this position, but you are. Now, faced with the prospect of a custody dispute, you need to make smart choices. Winning Custody can help. this book-written by a woman who is an experienced psychotherapist, a mom, and a veteran of a bitter custody dispute-will help you find your way, maintain your sanity, and keep your kids from being caught in the custody cross fire. Winning Custody is geared specifically toward women seeking custody of their children. It offers advice on how to navigate the complicated legal maze of the custody process, giving step-by-step guidance on: -How to find a good-and affordable-lawyer -What to wear in court (it's more important than you might think) -How to effectively communicate with you ex -How to parent your child firmly, lovingly, and consistently throughout the crisis period -How to defuse your fears of losing your children -And how to love and believe in yourself during this most difficult time

They re Your Kids Too

Author: Anne P. Mitchell Esq
Publisher: Isipp Publishing
ISBN: 061551443X
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Law

This strategy and resource guide to divorce- and post-divorce-related child custody matters provides practical advice and support resources for fathers who want to stay connected to their children.

Dad Win Without a Lawyer

Author: Carey Linde
ISBN: 0995226903
Release Date: 2016-12-12

Dad, Win Without a Lawyer, written by Canadian family law pioneer Carey Linde, is the undisputed bible for self-represented parents serious about being actively involved in their child's life. You wouldn't want to perform your own heart surgery but you sure can do a good job - perhaps the best - speaking from your heart on behalf of your own children in a court of law. There is no person better at any fee. You are your own best advocate. Dad, Win Without a Lawyer will help you survive the legal process and assist you in becoming a more creative, purposeful, and compassionate parent. His revealing book is primarily aimed at fathers, but Carey's work is useful for any parent - mother or father - who is being pushed out of their children's lives by the other parent. Whether you have just separated from the mother of your children and the court process is ahead of you, or you are in the court process now, or this life-changing event is behind you, the key message of Dad, Win Without a Lawyer is the same: Every misfortune is an opportunity in disguise. Dad, Win Without a Lawyer takes the reader on a journey that will not only make you a stronger person in court but a stronger person in life and a better overall parent. Contained in the pages of this insightful manual are strategies, tactics, and tips from many decades litigating in the gauntlets of court, negotiating on courthouse steps, and mediating family disputes. But success in family court requires more than a clever legal strategy. It also requires a healthy body and mind. Good parents are mentally stable and present themselves as such in court. Without emotional stability and your eye on the correct ball, the court biases against fathers and the maneuvers of opposing lawyers can keep you from your children. It's absolutely critical you bring your very best game to court. Key to being at the top of your game is emotional stability, conviction of purpose, positive energy, and a respect for the role of the mother in your child's life. When you walk into the courtroom, it must be with a mental attitude imbued with self-knowledge, enabling you to put aside the pain, losses and failures so that you can become the father your child needs. Like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Carey Linde' s inspiring book speaks to a great deal more than its title suggests, to more than people with only legal problems. It is a primer for any person with the will to rise up out of the shadows of despair however caused to higher self-awareness.

Fighting for Your Children

Author: John Steinbreder
Publisher: Taylor Pub
ISBN: 0878339418
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Law

In recent years, more fathers have attempted to win custody of their children following a divorce. In "Fighting for Your Children", the authors help men who are facing such a battle, guiding them through the entire legal experience. Using anecdotes from fathers who have successfully gained full or joint custody of their children as well as from fathers who have met with failure, this book illustrates the dos and don'ts of waging a custody battle for children.

Child Custody Made Simple

Author: Webster Watnik
ISBN: 9780964940437
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Family & Relationships

Discusses a variety of issues concerning child custody, including court structures, living arrangements, recommendations on avoiding court battles, and advice on working with lawyers.

How to be a Good Divorced Dad

Author: Jeffery M. Leving
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118237502
Release Date: 2012-03-06
Genre: Family & Relationships

Positive advice for divorced dads and their families The country's leading authority on fathers' rights Jeffery M. Leving presents a definitive how-to resource for divorced dads of any age, background, and marriage history. Leving offers targeted guidance and suggests techniques for staying connected with children and dealing with ex-wives—and in some cases a new girlfriend or the wife's new boyfriend—during the divorce and afterwards. This upbeat book offers good news for divorced dads and counters many of the myths that paint divorcing fathers as alienated, irresponsible, or absent. Includes advice for overcoming limited access to children with cooperative responses and legal remedies if necessary Reveals how to avoid depression and feelings of guilt that can cause a divorced dad to give up and lose connection with his kids Offers ideas for responding to an ex-wife's remarriage, moving, unfounded accusations, and other common issues Contains guidance for engaging in new relationships and possibly remarriage How to Be a Good Divorced Dad is practical and down-to-earth and offers dozens of real life examples of dads who have discovered the importance of staying involved in their children's lives.

Nolo s Essential Guide to Divorce

Author: Emily Doskow
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413325324
Release Date: 2018-05-01
Genre: Law

Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce provides clear answers that can help make divorce simpler and reduce its financial and emotional cost. Readers will even learn how to complete the divorce with minimal help from an attorney. With compassion and understanding, Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce explains what to expect through each stage of divorce. It helps readers: understand the divorce process learn about different types of divorce, including mediated, collaborative, and contested identify and divide property and assets fairly work with mediators or lawyers avoid expensive and painful court battles establish child custody and visitation arrangements handle child support issues, including how support is paid and enforced draft a marital settlement agreement deal with divorce emergencies address post-divorce issues, and negotiate and settle spousal support.

Paternity and American Law

Author: Rosemarie Skaine
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786414111
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Law

A father's role in the family has been defined in various ways throughout the history of the United States. The English heritage of the first settlers encouraged patriarchal rule in the family. As changing technology spurred the Industrial Revolution, the father was propelled out of the home and into the workplace, and his role became that of breadwinner. Consequently, mothers soon found their authority in the home heightened. Both parents left the home when the World War II effort urged citizens into the factories and offices to serve the United States in a time of crisis. This again led to a more aggressive female presence in society as well as the family. As the father's role in the family changed, so did the laws reflecting the father's rights. Today the line is skewed, as more often the establishment of paternity becomes a difficult process no longer defined by the old standards of marriage or adoption. This text discusses the changes in paternity laws over time and the ways in which each era's societal norms have been reflected in those laws. Custody, legitimacy, adoption and paternity are examined from a legal standpoint. Child support, visitation scheduling and third party parenting and visitation rights are also discussed. Finally, current trends that affect paternity laws are examined. Major cases, statutes and model acts that exemplify changes in paternity laws are listed in three appendices.