Smith Currie Hancock s Federal Government Construction Contracts

Author: Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470539767
Release Date: 2010-03-29
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Federal Construction Law for Construction Professionals Any firm intent on benefitting from the boom in federal government construction contracts must navigate an increasingly complicated and demanding set of laws, regulations, and practices that govern these projects and the contractors performing them. To help guide you through this maze, here is the updated edition of the easy-to-understand guide to the practical reality of these special requirements, and how managers and owners of construction industry firms can use them to effectively avoid pitfalls on current projects and compete successfully for new projects. Smith, Currie & Hancock's Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition walks the reader through actual federal contracts, highlights critical clauses, and simplifies governmental and legal jargon to provide ease of use by the nonlawyer. Updates to this Second Edition include: Coverage of the newly enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Specifics of federal government grants to state and local public construction contracts New insights on Design-Build, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), BIM, Green Construction, and Web-based project management techniques used by the federal government A revised look at the increasingly detailed business ethics and compliance program requirements for contractors and subcontractors as mandated by the federal government for its contractors A unique Web site at provides the user with a Table of Acronyms and Terms commonly found in federal government contracts, an extensive list of Web sites of interest to federal government construction contractors, checklists, sample forms, as well as specifications related to innovations in project delivery By making transparent the many rights, risks, and legal responsibilities involved in a federal government construction project, Smith, Currie & Hancock's Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition provides construction industry professionals—from general contractors, subcontractors, and designers to surety bond agents—with the insight and understanding they need to avoid problems and run a successful project from start to finish.

Federal Government Construction Contracts

Author: Michael A. Branca
Publisher: Amer Bar Assn
ISBN: 1604427515
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Law

Federal Government Construction Contracts provides the construction practitioner with a strong understanding of the detailed regulations developed by the government that rule almost every aspect of construction contracting, from procurement of the construction services to final payment under the contract to the standard contract clauses that provide for a reasonable allocation of risk between the government and the contractor.

Federal Government Construction Contracts

Author: Michael A. Branca
Publisher: American Bar Association Forum
ISBN: 1634259319
Release Date: 2018-07-07
Genre: Law

Federal Government Construction Contracts, Third Edition provides an invaluable guide through the myriad of federal government contract regulations, clauses, and case law can present problems and pitfalls for nongovernment contract practitioners.

Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy

Author: Stan Uhlig
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 9781523097081
Release Date: 2012-02
Genre: Business & Economics

Follow the Path to Success in Federal Construction Contracting Opportunities abound in federal government construction contracting, but the devil is in the details. Companies performing work for the federal government must plan and operate based on very specific guidelines and regulations. Knowing how to work within those strict parameters makes the difference between success and failure. Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy is your road map to successfully identifying, planning, and completing government construction projects. This book guides you in finding opportunities, preparing winning proposals, and staying in compliance on construction projects. It is the one resource you will need to work in this competitive arena. The book provides guidance on: • Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulation and knowing when and how to use it for your benefit and protection • Preparing quality control and safety programs that comply with federal regulations and processes • Determining when a change order is required and how to price and properly process • Identifying a claim and knowing how to process it Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy is an invaluable resource for construction firms, architect/engineer firms, subcontractors, and vendors that want to do business with the federal government. Plus! A handy glossary of terms is included. Bonus: Federal Construction Contracting Made Easy: A Field Guide to the FAR is available as a supplement for project superintendents.

Government contracts in a nutshell

Author: W. Noel Keyes
ISBN: STANFORD:36105044610298
Release Date: 1979-10
Genre: Law

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) System; Improper Practices and Conflicts of Interest; Competition Requirements; Make or Buy; Contractor Qualifications; Market Research; Commercial Items; Simplified Procedures; Sealed Bidding; Negotiation; Types of Contracts; Special Methods; Small Business; Labor Laws; Environment; Privacy and Freedom of Information; Foreign Acquisition; Patents and Copyrights; Bonds and Insurance; Taxes; Cost Accounting Standards; Contract Cost Principles; Financing; Protest and Disputes; Major Systems; Research and Development; Construction and A-E Contracts; Service Contracting; Federal Supply; Utilities; Modifications; Subcontracting; Government Property; Quality Assurance; Transportation; Value Engineering; Termination; Extraordinary Actions; Government Sources; Clauses and Forms.

Government Contracts

Author: Nicholas Seddon
Publisher: Federation Press
ISBN: 1862877408
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Law

Government Contracts 4th edition is a further maturation and refinement of a work that has now been in existence for some thirteen years. It is Australia’s definitive legal text on all levels of government contracting, which focuses on the legal issues that may arise in connection with government contracts and which have no parallel in the private sector. It explains the law in a manner that government contract managers and their private sector counterparts doing business with government, will find indispensable. Presented in plain English it is also accessible to the lay reader and lawyers and law students will also benefit from the up to date case law, relevant policy developments and legislation relating to government contracting (principally procurement). Authoritative and respected Government Contracts has been referred to in a number of cases, both in State and Federal courts in the High Court and in government policy documents. New material in this 4th edition includes: The implementation at Commonwealth and at State and Territory levels of Chapter 15 (government procurement) of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement. Implementation measures are discussed in Chapter 1 and the practical consequences of the new procurement regime are explored in Chapter 7 on tendering. Issues of government immunity from legislation take up a substantial portion of this new edition, at the general level in Chapter 4 and in particular application to the all-important Trade Practices and Fair Trading legislation in Chapter 6. Chapter 6 also includes a new table showing how this legislation applies to government at all levels. The current status of derivative immunity following the High Court's decision in Baxter. Discussion of the status of contracts made by regulatory bodies to settle alleged breaches of relevant legislation by the regulated entity. Whether government can promise to compensate a company for taxes it has had to pay . A discernible trend toward not allowing failure to follow legislation to result in an underlying transaction being invalid. Treatment of tendering in Chapters 7 and 8 covers new Australian case law and a succession of cases from other countries with similar legal systems to Australia, in particular Canada. As always with Seddon’s work, a careful re-consideration of every aspect of the book has been undertaken providing clarity and comprehensive sources for the reader. This new edition is current to 31 March 2009 and is an indispensable resource for lawyers, government contract managers and their private sector counterparts.

Accounting for Government Contracts Federal Acquisition Regulation

Author: Darrell J. Oyer
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 9781579110918
Release Date: 2018-08-03
Genre: Law

An outstanding guide that offers thorough coverage of all aspects of government contract accounting with particular emphasis on the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Written by a distinguished group of accountants and attorneys, the volume covers: • The applicability of the FAR and the relationship between the FAR and Cost Accounting Standards • FAR cost principles, along with dozens of examples, flowcharts, tables, and illustrations • Terminations, changes and delays, and government contract taxation and financial reporting First published in 1985.

Government Contract Law

Author: John T. Jones Jr
ISBN: 1634258223
Release Date: 2018-02-07
Genre: Law

"Based on the contract attorney's course of the Judge Advocate General's School, U.S. Army."

The Construction Contracts Book

Author: Daniel S. Brennan
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 1604422556
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Law

Most construction lawyers are familiar with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) forms of agreements, and the newer ConsensusDOCS forms. The ConsensusDocs forms replace many of the forms previously issued by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Now completely revised, this invaluable resource offers a topic-by-topic comparison of these forms by providing: An easy-reference guide to how the AIA, ConsensusDOCS and EJCDC forms treat the most significant issues in owner/contractor/subcontractor and owner/design professional agreements Proposed alternative language for situations where the form contract approach may not provide the best solution List comparing the most significant provisions from each of these forms (on the CD-ROM)"

Federal construction contracts

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee No. 2
ISBN: LOC:00183858269
Release Date: 1957
Genre: Architecture

Administration of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic
Publisher: CCH Incorporated
ISBN: 9780808014355
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Business & Economics

This unbiased analysis of statutes, regulations, and case law clarifies the complex rules of federal procurement policies, explaining the processes that government personnel and contractors must follow in every aspect of government contracting--from inception to completion. Topics include contract administration and personnel, contract interpretation, risk allocation, changes, delays, pricing of adjustments, and much more.

Retainage on Government Construction Contracts

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Subcommittee on Federal Expenditures, Research, and Rules
ISBN: STANFORD:36105045364267
Release Date: 1983
Genre: Construction contracts

Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts

Author: S. Gregory Joy
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 1454845155
Release Date: 2013-10-23
Genre: Business & Economics

In recent years, there have been many changes to the construction industryand’s standard form contracts, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Engineer Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) documents. Additionally, a new family of contract documents, known as Consensus DOCS was created by agreement among various construction contractor, subcontractor, owner, and surety trade associations. Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts, Fourth Edition provides instant access to amendments to AIA, AGC, EJCDC and Consensus DOCS for owners, architects and contractors. This unique resource covers all major documents in use throughout the construction industry and enables you to compare between the different documents. It delivers practice-proven amendments clause-by-clause. It tells you specifically what to insert and delete in order to reach the ends your client desires. And it goes so deep, it even covers contractors amendments for agreements with subcontractors. While it is absolutely essential to stay current with these standard agreements, it is imperative that everyone involved in negotiating and drafting construction contracts also have access to practice-proven modifications that strengthen the language on behalf of clients. If the other parties to your agreement have access to this bookand—and you donand’tand—youand’re placed at a significant disadvantage every step of the way. Let the experts from Smith, Currie and& Hancock provide you with invaluable support when negotiating or drafting construction contracts.