Publisher: 中信出版社
ISBN: 7508600851
Release Date: 2004

Quantum mechanics

Author: V. K. Thankappan
Publisher: Wiley Eastern Ltd
ISBN: 0470221585
Release Date: 1993
Genre: Science

The book presents a comprehensive treatment of quantum mechanics at the post graduate level. The emphasis is on the physical foundations and the mathematical framework of quantum mechanics; applications to specific problems are taken up only to illustrate a principle or a calculational technique under discussion. The book begins with a preview of the conceptual problem peculiar to quantum mechanics. The introductory chapter also contains a formulation of the basic laws of motion in quantum mechanics in terms of the Feynman postulates. Chapter 2 contains a detailed exposition of the linear vector spaces and representation theory. In Chapter 3 the basic principles of quantum mechanics are introduced in the form of a number of postulates. The Schrodinger, the Heisenberg and the Interaction pictures of time development form the subject matter of Chapter 4. An indepth study of angular momentum theory (Chapter 5) is followed by a brief account of space-time symmetries including time reversal invariance (Chapter 6). Scattering theory (Chapter 7), approximation methods for stationary as well as time-dependent problems (Chapter 8) and Identical Particles (Chapter 9) receive adequate treatment. The Dirac, the Klein-Gordon and the Weyl equations are discussed extensively in Chapter 10. Chapter 11 treats canonical quantization of both non-relativistic and relativistic fields; topics covered include the natural system of units, the Dyson and the Wick chronological products, normal products, Wick's theorem and the Feynman diagrams. The last Chapter (12) discusses in detail the Interpretational Problem in quantum mechanics. The EPR paradox, the Copenhagen and the Ensemble interpretations, hidden-variable theories, Neumann's and Bell's theorems and Bell's inequality are among the topics discussed. The Appendices incorporate a detailed discussion of matrices both finite-and-infinite dimensional, antilinear operators, Dirac delta function and Fourier transforms. A number of problems are included with a view to supplementing the text.

Ridicule Religion and the Politics of Wit in Augustan England

Author: Roger D. Lund
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317062974
Release Date: 2016-03-23
Genre: Literary Criticism

Arguing for the importance of wit beyond its use as a literary device, Roger D. Lund outlines the process by which writers in Restoration and eighteenth-century England struggled to define an appropriate role for wit in the public sphere. He traces its unpredictable effects in works of philosophy, religious pamphlets, and legal writing and examines what happens when literary wit is deliberately used to undermine the judgment of individuals and to destabilize established institutions of church and state. Beginning with a discussion of wit's association with deception, Lund suggests that suspicion of wit and the imagination emerges in attacks on the Restoration stage, in the persecution of The Craftsman, and in criticism directed at Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan and works by writers like the Earl of Shaftesbury, Thomas Woolston, and Thomas Paine. Anxieties about wit, Lund shows, were in part responsible for attempts to suppress new communal venues such as coffee houses and clubs and for the Church's condemnation of the seditious pamphlets made possible by the lapse of the Licensing Act in 1695. Finally, the establishment's conviction that wit, ridicule, satire, and innuendo are subversive rhetorical forms is glaringly at play in attempts to use libel trials to translate the fear of wit as a metaphorical transgression of public decorum into an actual violation of the civil code.

Gesammelte Werke

Author: Christian Wolff
ISBN: STANFORD:36105023169928
Release Date: 1962
Genre: Philosophy

Linear and combinatorial programming

Author: Katta G. Murty
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: UOM:39015004452531
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Mathematics

Formulation of linear programs; The simplex method; The geometry of the simplex method; Duality in linear programming; Revised simplex method; The dual simplex method; Parametric linear programs; Sensitivity analysis; Degeneracy in linear programming; Bounded variable linear programs; Primal algorithm for the transportation problem; Network algorithms; Formulation of integer and combinatorial programming problems; Cutting plane methods for integer programming; The branch and bound approach; Complementarity problems; Numerically stable forms of the simplex method; Computational efficiency.