Gardening with Chickens

Author: Lisa Steele
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
ISBN: 9780760350478
Release Date: 2016-12-01
Genre: Gardening

Welcome to a world where chickens and gardens coexist! Join Lisa Steele, chicken-keeper extraordinaire and founder of Fresh Eggs Daily, on a unique journey through the garden. Start by planning your garden and learning strategies and tips for keeping your plants safe while they grow. Plant with purpose, choosing from a dozen plans for theme gardens such as Orange Egg Yolks or Nesting Box Herbs. Or choose a design that's filled with edibles - sharing the bounty with your family and your feathered friends. Then comes the fun part: enjoy the harvest, even let the chickens graze! Lisa's friendly writing, together with inspirational photos and illustrations, will have you rolling up your sleeves and reaching for your gardening tools. Lisa also covers a range of topics just for chicken-keepers, including: - Chickens and composting - Using chickens to aerate and till - Coop window boxes - Plants to avoid when you have chickens - Lists of the most valuable crops and herbs - Advice on how to harvest and use many of the plants - And much more! Whether you're an experienced chicken keeper, master gardener, or just getting into these two wonderful hobbies, Gardening with Chickens is an indispensable guide for a harmonious homestead.

Gardening with Free Range Chickens For Dummies

Author: Bonnie Jo Manion
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118547540
Release Date: 2013-07
Genre: Gardening

Provides guidance and step-by-step instructions for designing and implementing a host of different chicken-friendly garden plans, offers an overview of caring for a flock, and discusses the anatomy of a coop --

Organic Gardening

Release Date: 2008-08

Organic Gardening magazine inspires and empowers readers with trusted information about how to grow the freshest, most healthful food, create a beautiful, safe haven around their homes, use our natural resources wisely, and care for the environment in all aspects of their lives.

Free Range Chicken Gardens

Author: Jessi Bloom
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 9781604692372
Release Date: 2012-01-03
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Many gardeners fear chickens will peck away at their landscape, and chicken lovers often shy away from gardening for the same reason. But you can keep chickens and have a beautiful garden, too! In this essential handbook, award-winning garden designer Jessi Bloom offers step-by-step instructions for creating a beautiful and functional space and maintaining a happy, healthy flock. Free-Range Chicken Gardens covers everything a gardener needs to know, from the basics of chicken keeping and getting them acclimated to the garden, to how to create the perfect chicken-friendly garden design and build innovative coops.

A Kid s Guide to Keeping Chickens

Author: Melissa Caughey
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781612124193
Release Date: 2015-04-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Chickens make wonderful pets, and Melissa Caughey provides all the information kids need to raise healthy chickens and have lots of fun doing it. Covering everything from feeding, housing, and collecting eggs to quirky behaviors and humane treatment, Caughey’s engaging advice helps children understand the best ways to care for their chickens. Spark enthusiasm with creative activities like chicken forts and a veggie piñata for the flock, and feed more than the imagination with egg-centric dishes like Mexican egg pizza.

Chicken Coops

Author: Judy Pangman
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781603421829
Release Date: 2011-02-28
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Just like houses, chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes. Judy Pangman presents how-to drawings and conceptual plans for 45 coops — from the strictly practical to flights of fancy — guaranteed to meet the needs of every bird owner, however big or small your flock may be. Color photographs and innovative suggestions fill this encouraging guide, while lively anecdotes profile an array of coop builders and their various construction methods. Start building the coop of your chickens’ dreams!

Happy Hens and Fresh Eggs

Author: Signe Langford
Publisher: D & M Publishers
ISBN: 9781771620987
Release Date: 2015-10-31
Genre: Cooking

Today’s renaissance of the backyard flock is driven by a growing desire for healthy organic ingredients, food security and animal welfare—and while hunger might be “the best sauce,” a dash of self-sufficiency is remarkably satisfying too. As communities from Victoria to St. John’s amend urban bylaws to allow backyard flocks, more and more Canadians are enjoying the pleasures and rewards of keeping hens in the garden. In addition to tending her family’s flock as a child, Signe Langford has kept chickens in her urban Toronto yard for almost a decade. Her book is stuffed full of practical advice on keeping the garden both gorgeous and productive and hens happy and healthy. In addition to answering questions about coop construction, year-round egg production and whether or not a rooster is really needed, she covers the best breeds for backyards—from the Canadian winter-tough Chantecler to peewee bantams to blue-egg producing Ameraucana. A self-admitted “biomass addict,” Langford explains how hens are the happiest garden helpers anyone could ever have. Give them kitchen scraps and let them visit the compost pile: they’ll enrich and aerate the soil, all while eating as many bugs as they can get their beaks on. Langford also shares what plants should be scratched and what to sow to support the flock—from edible flowers and foliage to a hens’ herbal healing bed. In the kitchen, Langford tells why coddling can be a good thing when it comes to eggs; how to salt-cure yolks and how to dash off a classic French omelette baveuse. From Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tart to Vanilla Coeur a la Crème with Blueberry Compote, Langford includes dozens of simple and elegant recipes from her own kitchen, as well as from celebrated contributors like Vikram Vij, Laura Calder, Ted Reader and John Higgins. Illustrated with beautiful photographs, illustrations and garden plans, Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs is sure to become a favourite of avid and aspiring backyard farmers alike.

The Swamp Gardener s Chronicles

Author: Cash Cashion
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469106472
Release Date: 2009-08-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Cash Cashion is the Swamp Gardener. He has grown vegetables all over the world. Cash became fascinated in Botany during his pre-med days. He grows and experiments with various fruit trees and vegetables in sub tropical South Florida area The Swamps. Cash writes a column for the Palm Beach Post Residential Section and also writes a monthly column in the Jupiter Farmer. Cash Cashion

Chicken Soup for Your Future

Author: Phil Sumner
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781466974180
Release Date: 2012-11-13
Genre: Health & Fitness

How would you like to add an extra 10 years to your life??? An enjoyable 10 years? It is now possible with health approaches I use. And if 10 years is acceptable to you, how about 15 years? 20 years? Still more? Please note that I said AN ENJOYABLE 10 YEARS. I believe that we can all agree that life without some form of enjoyment is not worth living. After all, I want to enjoy the presence of other people, especially my grandkids and great grandkids. Their occasional presence is an absolute delight. I am personally looking forward to my next 20 years. And at the end of that 20 years, I now plan to enjoy another 20 years. Would you like to join me? I am personally looking forward to what the future will bring. And I very much wish that you would also look forward to the future as I do. Please note that this report is guaranteed to change your way of life, for the better. Just imagine: a life with no worries about catching an ordinary disease like a cold or the flu (I habitually pass up the opportunity for a flu shot each Fall); a life of better and better health and better and better enjoyment; and, through contact with me, access to other ideas that can contribute to your future satisfaction and well-being. I now have several topics in expanded form that I plan to send to all my honored subscribers. Is the prospect of enjoyably living many more years very exciting to you? Then my report titled Future Health should be just the ticket you need. So send a check for $35 to Phil Sumner, 10 Ruth Drive, Gordonville PA 17529. My report will be sent to you as soon as possible. Send for your copy of my report today; your life of better and more enjoyable health awaits you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; if you are not satisfied with the report, you can send it back undamaged and I will gladly refund your money.

Das Omnivoren Dilemma

Author: Michael Pollan
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 9783641119805
Release Date: 2013-05-28
Genre: Cooking

Das Standardwerk über vernünftige Ernährung Der Mensch gehört von der Konsititution seiner Verdauungsorgane her zu den Omnivoren, den Allesfressern. Das war in der Evolution sicherlich nützlich. Doch das heutige Überangebot von Nahrungsmitteln in Supermärkten und Schnellrestaurants bringt nicht nur ihn selbst körperlich an den Rand des Abgrunds, sondern ruiniert auch noch seinen Lebensraum und sein soziales Umfeld. Mit Biss und investigativer Recherche sieht sich Pollan um, wie unsere Nahrungsmittel hergestellt und verarbeitet werden, vom Maisfeld über Cheeseburger mit Pommes bis zum Öko-Menü. Er öffnet uns die Augen für unser gestörtes Essverhalten und für den Weg zurück zu Einfachheit und Genuss.

The Contented Chook

Author: Gardening Australia Staff
ISBN: 0733330533
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Chickens

Inspired by one of Gardening Australia magazine's most popular reader competitions to find Australia's best 'poultry palace', The Contented Chook is full of ideas to create a show-stopping, heart-warming home for your chooks. A book of everyday inspiration, The Contented Chook is a sumptuous and quirky appreciation of the practical requirements (as well as those special luxuries) that your chooks deserve to be genuinely happy. Featuring over 200 photographs and more than 60 inventive examples of chook houses, the book also includes all the basics of chook care: there is a breed-by-breed guide to selecting the right chook for you, vital information on raising them, feeding them, and keeping them healthy and safe. With yummy essential egg recipes from Matthew Evans, and Josh Byrne's plans for a basic hen house, this is the must-have book for anyone who has chooks, is planning to get chooks, or simply dreams of owning chooks!