Author: Allan Peskin
Publisher: Kent State University Press
ISBN: 0873382102
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A critical biography of the twentieth president places emphasis on his role in Reconstruction, industrialization, and the Gilded Age of American politics

Garfield the Big Star

Author: Norma Simone
Publisher: Golden Press
ISBN: 0307125688
Release Date: 1989-04-01
Genre: Acting

Garfield the cat hopes to put his voracious appetite to good use when he auditions for a new television commercial for Fussy Cat Brand Cat Food.

John Garfield

Author: Patrick J. McGrath
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786428489
Release Date: 1993-05-01
Genre: Performing Arts

One of the most gifted actors of the 1930s and 1940s, John Garfield is too little remembered today. His gritty, true-to-life performances in 35 films, including "Body and Soul," which was one of the first movies to raise the ugly specter of race relations in the United States, and in 16 Broadway productions were all highly acclaimed. This generously illustrated work examines the actor's personal and professional life, recounting a bygone era of Hollywood and American history.


Author: Howard D. Lanza
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738510505
Release Date: 2002
Genre: History

Garfield was once home to the Lenni Lenape, a tribe within the Algonquin Nation of Native Americans. Later, the Revolutionary War touched the area when many British soldiers entered the district in pursuit of Washington's army. After the war, farmers prospered as the fertile land of the river valley produced abundant crops that were shipped down the Passaic River to markets in New York City. In the late 1800s, as cities lying across the river industrialized, Garfield's farms gave way to mills, a trolley and railroads built lines through town, and soon the soaring population attracted a variety of small businesses. In Garfield, some two hundred vintage photographs, most of which have never before been published, reveal the nature, culture, and character of a community that has been named the City of Champions. Included are views of the local schools, churches, markets, and police and fire departments, as well as many interesting local residents.

How to Draw the Life and Times of James A Garfield

Author: Lewis K. Parker
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1404229973
Release Date: 2005-12-15
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Introduction to the life, times, and key achievements of James A. Garfield while including step-by-step illustrations with easy to follow directions that allow readers to draw what they are learning.

The Assassination of James A Garfield

Author: Robert Kingsbury
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 082393540X
Release Date: 2001-12-15
Genre: History

Examines one of America's lesser-known presidents, his assassination, and the life of Charles Guiteau, who killed him.

James Garfield

Author: Ruth Tenzer Feldman
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books
ISBN: 0822513986
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Describes the life, career, and accomplishments of the twentieth president of the United States.


Author: H. S. Newcomb
ISBN: 0345469089
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Humor

Garfield finds life as ruler of the house turned upside down when his owner, Jim, adopts Odie, a sweet but dimwitted dog, and campaigns to get Odie out of his life, but when the hapless canine vanishes, Garfield sets out to rescue the pooch.

James A Garfield

Author: Ira Rutkow
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781466827929
Release Date: 2006-05-30
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The ambitious self-made man who reached the pinnacle of American politics—only to be felled by an assassin's bullet and to die at the hands of his doctors James A. Garfield was one of the Republican Party's leading lights in the years following the Civil War. Born in a log cabin, he rose to become a college president, Union Army general, and congressman—all by the age of thirty-two. Embodying the strive-and-succeed spirit that captured the imagination of Americans in his time, he was elected president in 1880. It is no surprise that one of his biographers was Horatio Alger. Garfield's term in office, however, was cut tragically short. Just four months into his presidency, a would-be assassin approached Garfield at the Washington, D.C., railroad station and fired a single shot into his back. Garfield's bad luck was to have his fate placed in the care of arrogant physicians who did not accept the new theory of antisepsis. Probing the wound with unwashed and occasionally manure-laden hands, Garfield's doctors introduced terrible infections and brought about his death two months later. Ira Rutkow, a surgeon and historian, offers an insightful portrait of Garfield and an unsparing narrative of the medical crisis that defined and destroyed his presidency. For all his youthful ambition, the only mark Garfield would make on the office would be one of wasted promise.

County Geologic Reports Piute and Garfield Counties

Author: Hellmut H. Doelling
Publisher: Utah Geological Survey
ISBN: 9781557910745
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Geology

Two out-of-print geologic and mineral assessment reports on Piute and Garfield Counties are reproduced on CD in PDF format. Texts with plates are in one file for easy viewing; plates are a higher resolution and formatted for easy plotting are in separate files. Data contained in the reports must be viewed in light of their publication date and constraints of the period; some geologic units have been reclassified, some resource potentials have been drastically altered by changing economic/availability changes, etc. The publications on this CD are listed below: B-102 Mineral resource potential of Piute County, Utah and adjoining area, by E. Callaghan, 1973 B-107 Geology and mineral resources of Garfield County, Utah, by H. H. Doelling, 1975

James A Garfield

Author: Robin Santos Doak
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 0756502675
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Traces the life and career of James Garfield, whose term as president was cut short when he was fatally wounded a few months after his inauguration.

Garfield Recipes with Cattitude

Author: Gooseberry Patch
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781620930977
Release Date: 2013-06-04
Genre: Cooking

Busy cooks and comic strip fans alike will be delighted by Garfield...Recipes with Cattitude!, the newest title from best-selling cookbook publisher, Gooseberry Patch. Packed with over 230 purrfectly delicious, easy-to-make recipes, this cookbook features tons of cartoon fun with Garfield, the world's most famous fat cat. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, snacks or dessert, readers are sure to find something for everyone in this entertaining cookbook.

Garfield Pulls His Weight

Author: Jim Davis
Publisher: Ballantine Group
ISBN: 9780345538932
Release Date: 2013-07-16
Genre: Humor

The perfect holiday gift for fans of the flabby tabby! Another helping of hilarity, please! Garfield, the lovable feline who never met a lunch he didn’t like, dishes up another book full of his heavy hijinx and weighty wit. Garfield’s put on a few pounds over the years, but he’s not just getting fatter, he’s getting better! So keep the comedy and calories coming! Whether he’s painting Odie or chowing down on Jon’s favorite fern, Garfield proves he’s still a ton of fun!

James A Garfield

Author: Megan M. Gunderson
Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781617851049
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

The United States president preserves, protects, and defends the U.S. Constitution. Each presidentÍs term influences events in America and around the world for years to come. This biography introduces young readers to the life of James Abram Garfield, beginning with his childhood in Orange Township, Ohio. Information about GarfieldÍs education at Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, or Hiram College, and Williams College, as well as his early career as a canal worker, a teacher, a professor, a college president, and a lawyer, is discussed. In addition, his family and personal life are highlighted. Easy-to-read text details GarfieldÍs military service in the Forty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War, during which he fought at the Battle of Middle Creek, the Battle of Shiloh, and the Battle of Chickamauga, and his political career in the Ohio state senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives, during which he served on the Committee on Military Affairs, the House Committee on Appropriations, the Banking and Currency Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, supported a strong Reconstruction policy and the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, helped establish the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Geological Survey, and became minority leader. Finally, students will explore key events from Republican president GarfieldÍs administration, including his surprise nomination, his promise of civil service reform, the Star Route Scandal, and his assassination by Charles Guiteau. Beautiful graphics showcase the primary source documents and photographs. A timeline, fast facts, and sidebars help put essential information at studentsÍ fingertips. In addition, a quick-reference chart provides easy access to facts about every U.S. president. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Garfield Swallows His Pride

Author: Jim Davis
ISBN: 0345913868
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Humor

In this fourteenth Garfield comic collection, the popular feline embarks on another round of marathon eating and sleeping and gulps down a huge mouthful when he finally swallows his pride, in a full-color, large-format edition of the popular series. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.