Coal Report

Author: Illinois. Dept. of Mines and Minerals
ISBN: UCAL:B2978575
Release Date: 1903

The Big Bang and Other Explosions in Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics

Author: David N Schramm
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789814501378
Release Date: 1996-06-13
Genre: Science

This volume of important papers by one the world's leading astrophysicists provides a sweeping survey of the incisive and exciting applications of nuclear and particle physics to a wide range of problems in astrophysics and cosmology. The prime focus of the book is on Big Bang cosmology and the role of primordial nucleosynthesis in establishing the modern consensus on the Big Bang. This leads into the connection of cosmology to particle physics and the constraints put on various elementary particles by astrophysical arguments. Big Bang Nucleosynthesis has also led to the argument for nonbaryonic dark matter and is thus related to the major problem in physical cosmology today, namely, structure formation. The nuclear-particle interface with astrophysics also extends to the other topics of major interest such as the age of the universe, cosmic rays, supernovae, and solar neutrinos, each of which will be discussed in some detail. Each section contains historical papers, current papers, and frequently a popular article on the subject which provides an overview of the topic. This volume is testimony to the success of the integration of nuclear and particle physics with astrophysics and cosmology, and to the ingenuity of the work in this area which has earned the author numerous prestigious awards. The book, which is accessible to beginning graduate students, should be of particular interest to researchers and students in astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation, and also in high energy and nuclear physics. Contents:Part A: Basic Big Bang CosmologyPart B: Primordial Nucleosynthesis:Standard ModelDeuterium and Baryon DensityHeliumLithiumCosmological Neutrino CountingAstrophysical Constraints on Particle PropertiesPart C: Other Cosmological Topics:The Very Early UniverseThe Quark-Hadron TransitionDark Matter and Cosmic Structure FormationStructure Formation ContinuedNucleochronologyPart D: Non-Cosmological Topics:Cosmic RaysGalactic EvolutionColliding Neutron Stars and Other ExoticaSolar Neutrinos Readership: Researchers and graduate students in astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and gravitation, high energy physics and nuclear physics. keywords:


Author: Jean Johnson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101624883
Release Date: 2013-07-30
Genre: Fiction

Her story began in the national bestsellers A Soldier’s Duty and An Officer’s Duty. Now Ia is captain and commander at the helm of Hellfire, where she is finally free to chart the course for the fulfillment of her destiny… As captain, Ia must now assemble a crew that can rise to the ultimate challenge of saving the galaxy. The hardest part will be getting them to believe her, to trust in her prophecies. If they don’t, her own crew will end up being the biggest obstacle in her race against time. The Salik are breaking through the Blockade, plunging the known galaxy into war. Ia cannot stop it this time, nor does she want to. This is the terrible price she has seen all along—that some must pay with their lives so that others might live. Now only time itself can prove whether each member of her crew is merely a soldier or truly one of Ia’s Damned.

Little Ice Ages

Author: Jean M. Grove
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415334233
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Nature

National Union Catalog

ISBN: UOM:39015082926505
Release Date: 1970
Genre: Union catalogs

Includes entries for maps and atlases.

Electron Microscopy 1998

Author: Héctor A. Calderón Benavides
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0750305681
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Science

The 14th International Congress on Electron Microscopy, held in Cancun, Mexico, provides a forum for all scientists working in physics, materials science and biological sciences research to discuss and share their results and ideas. This four-volume set documents recent advances in microscope technology and applications in scientific research, from HREM studies of quasicrystal and nanoscale materials to biomembrane research and art history. The 1998 meeting features a large number of contributions from Latin American countries, and a special symposium (IFSEM) on scanning electron microscopy. This is a comprehensive guide to the uses of microscopy in the pursuit of science for all researchers in physics, materials science and biological sciences.