Geography for Common Entrance

Author: John Widdowson
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 0340939788
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Geography for Common Entrance is an authoritative textbook preparing pupils for the Independent Schools Examination Board's Common Entrance Geography examination. The second edition of the Pupil's Book has been comprehensively updated and revised with new case studies and additional support for revision and exam preparation. The book covers the thematic content of the course providing one unit for each theme. Each theme is explored using an enquiry-based approach: stimulating activities and real-life case studies provide in-depth investigation to challenge pupil's thinking and deepen their understanding. All case studies have been rewritten and updated to provide opportunities for pupils to fully engage with topical issues such as sustainable development, globalisation and hazards. Each themed unit is structured in four parts: - An introduction to the theme based on pupils' everyday experience of geography. - Systematic coverage on a spread by spread basis of all the key geographical ideas and syllabus content that are needed to understand the theme. - Case Studies provide two or three enquiries in each unit using real places at a range of global, national and local scales. - 'Meet the Examiner' ends each unit by giving structured advice on revision practice and exam strategies. This Teacher's Resource Book has been updated for the new syllabus to provide extensive support for all units. It provides: - teaching notes and worksheets to support enquiries in the Pupil's Book - extensive advice on differentiation and assessment - additional support for teaching locational knowledge - a CD containing all worksheets in an editable format. A companion volume, Map Skills for Common Entrance Geography and Key Stage 3 covers the map skills section of the syllabus and provides practice in using Ordnance Survey Maps at 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales and interpreting aerial photographs. The Author John Widdowson is the author of the award winning Key Stage 3 series Earthworks, from which this book is adapted.AdvisorsPaul Baker, is an experienced examiner and Head of Geography at the Dragon School, Oxford.Fiona Langridge, Common Entrance Chair of Setters for the Geography examination, and Deputy Head and Head of Geography at Wentworth College, Bournemouth.

So You Really Want to Learn Geography

Author: James Dale-Adcock
Publisher: Galore Park Publishing
ISBN: 1905735553
Release Date: 2011-09-01
Genre: Geography

The brand new edition of So you really want to learn Geography Book 2 is fully updated in line with the current 2010 Common Entrance syllabus, and contains a coverage of everything pupils need to know for Geography exams at 13+. The book covers landform processes, settlement, weather and climate and more. Mapwork and fieldwork skills are also revised to ensure pupils develop the important practical skills required at this level. This new edition also features updated case studies and a revised 'location knowledge' section to reflect current exam requirements. Key features:· Fully updated in line with the 2010 Geography syllabus. · An ideal resource for pupils working towards Common Entrance and entrance examinations at 13+, or those looking for a stretching Key Stage 3 Geography course. · Features updated case studies and a revised 'Location knowledge' section to ensure pupils are learning relevant material. · Provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to mapwork and fieldwork skills so that pupils develop practical geography skills.

A Dictionary of Geography Second Edition

Author: F. J. Monkhouse
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780202361314
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Reference

The geographer seeks to describe the diverse features of the earth's surface, to explain if possible how these features have come to be what they are, and to discuss how they influence the distribution of man with his diverse activities. Geography therefore stands transitionally yet centrally between the natural sciences, the social studies, and the humanities. While in its concept and content it is an integrated whole, of necessity it impinges on the associated disciplines, and inevitably makes use of a wide range of kindred terminology. In compiling the 3,400 entries for this dictionary, the main criterion for inclusion has been usage. Geographical textbooks and periodicals have been systematically combed, and where a term has been used in a specific geographical context, or in a specialist sense which differs from general practice or popular usage, it has been included. Foreign words are listed where they have been accepted into English geographical literature, especially where no satisfactory translation exists. Cross-references are freely given, printed in small capitals, where it is necessary to assist the user in tracing cognate and supplementary entries, or where the meaning of the word thus shown is essential to the understanding of the entry. The emphasis throughout is on specific factual information, conveniently accessible on a strict alphabetical basis, rather than a bare definition. Statistical material and formulae are appended, where it would seem helpful, in the form of tables under the relevant entries. Since this dictionary is neither a gazetteer nor a compendium of current affairs, lists of countries and capitals, regional names and international groupings are not included, since these can be found conveniently elsewhere. The five hundred and seventy-two additional entries to this dictionary, together with a few minor modifications to the existing material, are the result of extensive correspondence and discussion since the appearance of the first edition. This edition, originally published in 1970, has continuing relevance as a resource for professionals. F. J. Monkhouse was formerly chair of geography at the University of Southampton. Throughout his career he was also visiting professor at the University of Illinois, University of Maryland, Queen's University, and the Miami University(Ohio). His books include The Countries of North-Western Europe and The Lake District.

Letzte Fahrt

Author: Robert Falcon Scott
Publisher: Edition Erdmann in der marixverlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783843800167
Release Date: 2016-04-14
Genre: Travel

"Wären wir am Leben geblieben, ich hätte eine Geschichte erzählen müssen von Kühnheit, Ausdauer und vom Mut meiner Gefährten, die das Herz jedes Briten gerührthätte." R.F. ScottRobert Falcon Scott ging als tragische Gestalt in die Geschichte der großen Entdecker ein: 35 Tage nachseinem norwegischen Konkurrenten Roald Amundsen erreichte er am 16. Januar 1912 den Südpol undfand auf dem strapaziösen Rückweg in die englische Heimat zusammen mit seinen vier Kameradenin den eisigen Temperaturen der Antarktis den Tod. Der Nachwelt hinterließ er nur das Tagebuch, daser während der Expedition führte.Im Gegensatz zu den Aufzeichnungen anderer Forschungsreisender ist dieses Tagebuch weit mehr als das wissenschaftliche Dokument der einzelnen Entdeckungen und Beobachtungen eines leidenschaftlichen Forschers. Es ist die tragische und berührende Autobiographie eines Menschen, der angesichts von Enttäuschung, Hunger und Kälte mit großem Mut und Willenskraft für sich und seine Kameraden einsteht und sein Schicksal am Ende ohne Reue annehmen kann.

The Geography Compendium for IAS Prelims General Studies CSAT Paper 1 UPSC State PSC 2nd Edition

Author: Disha Experts
Publisher: Disha Publications
ISBN: 9789386323460
Release Date: 2017-07-04

The thoroughly revised & updated 2nd edition of “The Geography Compendium” has been prepared with enormous efforts for all IAS aspirants, State PCS and other competitive exams. The book has been written with the approach to provide the best preparatory material for the exam. The book not only covers 100% syllabus but is also covered with Mind Maps, Infographics, Charts, Tables and latest exam pattern MCQs. The emphasis of the book has been on conceptual understanding and better retention which are important from the point of view of the exam. The book captures most of the important questions with explanations of the past years of the IAS Prelim exam, CDS, NDA and other competitive exams distributed in the various chapters. The book is divided into 10 chapters followed by 2 levels of exercises with 1000+ Simple MCQs & statement based MCQs.

1089 oder das Wunder der Zahlen

Author: David J. Acheson
ISBN: 3866470207
Release Date: 2006

Das Buch beginnt mit einem alten Zaubertrick - Man nehme eine 3-stellige Zahl, etwa 782, kehre sie um, ziehe die kleinere von der größeren ab und addiere dazu die Umkehrung. Also - 782 - 287 = 495, dann 495 + 594. Und schon ist man mitten in der Wunderwelt der Mathematik, denn das Ergebnis ist immer - 1089. Mit solchen und vielen weiteren Beispielen aus Alltag, Geschichte und Wissenschaft gelingt es David Acheson, die faszinierende Welt der Mathematik zu erschließen - ein geistreicher Überblick, eine für jeden verständliche Einführung.

Die Stratosph re

Author: Karin Labitzke
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642599897
Release Date: 2013-04-09
Genre: Science

In diesem Buch wird einerseits die spannende Entdeckung der Stratosphäre selbst und verschiedener unerwarteter Phänomene in der Stratosphäre beschrieben: ein bemannter Ballonflug im Jahr 1901 bis in 11 km Höhe; eine Expedition zum Victoriasee im Jahr 1908; die Entdeckung der Ozonschicht um 1930, des "Berliner Phänomens" im Jahr 1952, des Einflusses von Vulkaneruptionen im Jahr 1982, des Ozonlochs im Jahr 1985 und des Einflusses der Sonnenaktivität im Jahr 1987. Andererseits wird gezeigt, wie diese Erscheinungen miteinander verknüpft sind und wie sie anthropogene und natürliche Schwankungen in unserem Klimasystem verursachen. Am Beispiel der Stratosphäre soll das Buch zum Verständnis der Erforschung komplizierter Zusammenhänge in der Natur beitragen.