Geography for Common Entrance Third Edition

Author: John Widdowson
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 1471808114
Release Date: 2014-05-30

Endorsed by ISEB, this authoritative textbook prepares pupils for the Independent Schools Examinations Board's Common Entrance Geography examination. This book covers the five themes of Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Weather and Climate, Rivers and Coasts, Population and Settlement and Transport and Industry. Environmental issues are studied through the human geography topics, and OS map skills are developed throughout. - Helps pupils to understand each theme with systematic coverage of all the key geographical ideas and syllabus content - Uses an enquiry-based approach to explore each theme in a more engaging way - Provides up-to-date case studies using real places at a range of global, national and local scales - Challenges pupils' thinking and deepens their understanding with stimulating activities - Provides step-by-step guidance on fieldwork through a model that pupils can apply to their own assignment Reviews: '... the best Common Entrance textbook I have seen over my 45 years of being involved with prep school geography' (Paul Baker, Geography Adviser to the IAPS and Chair of the GA ISSIG)

Geography for Common Entrance

Author: John Widdowson
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 0340939788
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Geography for Common Entrance is an authoritative textbook preparing pupils for the Independent Schools Examination Board's Common Entrance Geography examination. The second edition of the Pupil's Book has been comprehensively updated and revised with new case studies and additional support for revision and exam preparation. The book covers the thematic content of the course providing one unit for each theme. Each theme is explored using an enquiry-based approach: stimulating activities and real-life case studies provide in-depth investigation to challenge pupil's thinking and deepen their understanding. All case studies have been rewritten and updated to provide opportunities for pupils to fully engage with topical issues such as sustainable development, globalisation and hazards. Each themed unit is structured in four parts: - An introduction to the theme based on pupils' everyday experience of geography. - Systematic coverage on a spread by spread basis of all the key geographical ideas and syllabus content that are needed to understand the theme. - Case Studies provide two or three enquiries in each unit using real places at a range of global, national and local scales. - 'Meet the Examiner' ends each unit by giving structured advice on revision practice and exam strategies. This Teacher's Resource Book has been updated for the new syllabus to provide extensive support for all units. It provides: - teaching notes and worksheets to support enquiries in the Pupil's Book - extensive advice on differentiation and assessment - additional support for teaching locational knowledge - a CD containing all worksheets in an editable format. A companion volume, Map Skills for Common Entrance Geography and Key Stage 3 covers the map skills section of the syllabus and provides practice in using Ordnance Survey Maps at 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales and interpreting aerial photographs. The Author John Widdowson is the author of the award winning Key Stage 3 series Earthworks, from which this book is adapted.AdvisorsPaul Baker, is an experienced examiner and Head of Geography at the Dragon School, Oxford.Fiona Langridge, Common Entrance Chair of Setters for the Geography examination, and Deputy Head and Head of Geography at Wentworth College, Bournemouth.


Author: James Dale-Adcock
Publisher: Galore Park Publishing
ISBN: 1902984722
Release Date: 2008-10-01

This book is suitable for use in Years 6/7 (ages 12-13) and features clear, comprehensive explanations of Geographical concepts and exercises to challenge pupils of all abilities. The book covers environmental issues, tectonic processes, economic activities and more, as well as the important mapwork and fieldwork skills required by Key Stage 3 geographers. Strong emphasis is placed on thematic studies in line with the recently revised syllabus. - Endorsed by ISEB - Features detailed explanations followed by practice questions and extension exercises to ensure that pupils have understood the material covered - Provides a comprehensive introduction to mapwork and fieldwork skills so that pupils develop practical geography skills - Strong emphasis is placed on thematic studies in line with Common Entrance and Common Academic Scholarship requirements to ensure that pupils are learning the most up to date topics Suitable for all ISEB Geography 13+ Common Entrance exams up to and including Summer 2015

Medical Geography Third Edition

Author: Melinda S. Meade
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 9781606236918
Release Date: 2010-04-20
Genre: Social Science

The leading text in the field, this comprehensive book reviews geographic approaches to studying disease and public health issues across the globe. It presents cutting-edge techniques of spatial and social analysis and explores their relevance for understanding cultural and political ecology, disease systems, and health promotion. Essential topics include how new diseases emerge and epidemics develop in particular places; the intersecting influences on health of biological processes, culture, environment, and behavior; and the changing landscape of health care planning and service delivery. The text is richly illustrated with tables, figures, and maps, including 16 color plates.

The New Wider World

Author: David Waugh
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 0748773762
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Science

This bestselling text offers both teacher and the assurance that its new enriched content and range of material meets the exacting requirements of the latest GCSE and Standard Grade examinations.

Multiple Choice Tests for Common Entrance English

Author: P. Wint
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 017566322X
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

This title provides good practice and preparation for Secondary school selection examinations. It includes a pull-out answer sheet.

Exploring Geography in a Changing World

Author: Simon Ross
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 0340946067
Release Date: 2010-05-28
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Exploring Geography in a Changing World is a new Key Stage 3 series designed to present real-life geography to motivate and stimulate pupils. With challenging content, engaging practical activities and an emphasis on a thinking skillsa pupils can achieve a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for progression to GCSE. Book 3 addresses global issues such as population distribution, the contrast between rich and poor societies and environmental concerns. Opportunities for fieldwork are provided throughout the course, and pupils relate the content to the real world through the Issues activities at the end of each chapter.

Collins Student Atlas

Author: Collins Maps
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0008259143
Release Date: 2018-03-08

Completely new and extended edition of the best-selling Collins Student Atlas. Created specifically for Key Stage 4 students, and a vital tool for all students.The Collins Student Atlas has been specifically designed for students aged 14-16, but its well-researched and uncluttered design makes it suitable for all students.This fifth edition has been extensively revised, updated and extended. It features up-to-date reference and thematic mapping, mapping skills, country-by-country statistics and a fully comprehensive index to all names appearing on reference maps.Thematic maps and accompanying graphs and tables adhere strictly to the National Curriculum guidelines and cover topics such as Tourism, Telecommunications, Environmental and socio-economic topics. All maps have been fully updated using the latest statistical information available. The inclusion of a selective list of web addresses on each thematic page ensures students are motivated to explore more deeply into a topic.High quality satellite imagery, which has been selectively used within special topic or study areas, supports data on the maps and is used to illustrate key environmental issues.Extensive lists of statistics for demographic and socio-economic facts provide up-to-date data for students wishing to create their own graphs to support individual geography, tourism, mathematics, economics or IT projects.New features* Development indicators* Pollution hot spots in the Mediterranean Sea* Urban pollution in Italy* World Agriculture* World Urbanization* World Climate Change* Low and Middle Economic Developing Countries* Ecological footprint

Teaching Primary Science 3rd Edition

Author: Peter Loxley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317229445
Release Date: 2017-12-06
Genre: Education

This fully updated third edition brings science subject knowledge and pedagogy together to support, inform and inspire those training to teach primary science. Written in a clear and accessible way, Teaching Primary Science provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of science themes. With a brand new chapter on STEM education, additional guidance on where to find the best resources, and increased emphasis on assessment, story-telling and problem-solving, this book shows how science can offer children pleasure and intellectual satisfaction and help them to develop sound scientific minds. Key features include: Ideas for practice exemplify how you can help children to acquire and use scientific knowledge to satisfy their curiosity about how the natural world works. Something to think about scenarios help to extend and develop your own understanding of key ideas. Examples of classroom situations, dialogues and stories help you see how theory is applied to practice and support you in reflecting on the best methods for teaching. Global Dimension sections offer starting points for discussion and research into how scientific ideas can be positively applied and used to evaluate the impact of human activity on the natural world. Talk Skills and Science Discussion sections enable you to develop children’s scientific knowledge and verbal reasoning skills.


Author: John Widdowson
Publisher: Hodder Murray
ISBN: 0719570743
Release Date: 2000-05-01
Genre: Education

Earthworks is a course for Key Stage 3 National Curriculum Geography offering flexible, enquiry-based investigations to suit all abilities. This is the third book in the series, and is divided into units which examine topics such as cities, energy resources, and earthquakes and volcanoes. There are four types of material in each unit: groundwork is stimulus material based on the pupils' own experience; framework material provides a range of single spread activities which investigate the essential concepts and skills required for the rest of the unit; the building blocks are a choice of in-depth enquiries into selected aspects of the topic; and Digging Deeper provides conceptually more demanding enquiries into issues. This title draws particularly from Africa and the Americas.