Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing

Author: Jon Reed
Publisher: Pearson UK
ISBN: 9781292001180
Release Date: 2013-10-24
Genre: Business & Economics

'Not to be part of the social media revolution is to miss out. Jon Reed really gets it and shows you how to join in.' Suzanne Moore, Columnist, The Guardian ONLINE MARKETING – CAN YOUR BUSINESS AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT IT? If you want to grow your business, how do you get the word out about your product or service? By going where your market is – and these days, that’s online. This step-by-step guide to online marketing is straightforward, easy to understand and demonstrates simple, affordable and effective ways to: · Design your website – how to create a site and make sure your customers can find it · Use social media to your advantage – how to reach your market on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and more · Create engaging online content – how to publish valuable, interesting and sharable content for your blog, podcast and website · Develop an online marketing plan – build your customised plan and measure your results Covering every major online platform, and some smaller ones too, Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing will show you exactly how to maximise each one and develop a cohesive, effective online strategy with a limited budget, or even for free! ‘Packed with practical, no-nonsense insight that allows you not only to keep up but to get ahead.’ Justin Cooke, CEO, POSSIBLE and Chair, British Interactive Media Association

Social Media 101

Author: Jon Reed
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 9780133087475
Release Date: 2012-05-07
Genre: Business & Economics

Start Now with Social Media: Avoid Beginners’ Missteps and Get Great Business Results Fast! Five great boks bring together all the information you need to start profiting right now from social media! Start with Jon Reed’s Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing, the concise beginner’s guide to promoting small businesses online using every major tool, including websites, search, email, blogging, online video, social networks, and even virtual worlds. Reed doesn’t show you how to use each medium; he shows how to make the most of each of them on a limited (or nonexistent) marketing budget! Next, in How to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools, leading social media marketer Jamie Turner offers a fast-paced primer on social media monitoring and realistic, low-cost methods for getting started. Turner briefly introduces many of today’s most valuable monitoring tools and presents a practical eight-step social media monitoring plan that can be implemented quickly by virtually any company or marketer. In How to Make Money Marketing Your Business on Facebook, pioneering social media expert Clara Shih summarizes everything you need to know to help your business win in the Facebook Era, from strategy to execution, systems to policies. In How to Make Money Marketing Your Small Business on Twitter, Jamie Turner offers step-by-step techniques for tweeting your way to profits and transforming negative customer tweets into business-building opportunities. Finally, in How to Make Money with Email Marketing, Robert Scott Corbett explains why email is still the 21st century’s messaging workhorse, why you need to do serious email marketing—and offers practical tips and steps for getting powerful business results from your email, fast! From world-renowned leaders in social media and online marketing, including Jon Reed, Jamie Turner, Clara Shih, Jamie Turner, and Robert Scott Corbett.

The Social Media Starter Kit Collection

Author: Jon Reed
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 9780133442335
Release Date: 2013-04-27
Genre: Business & Economics

A brand new collection of state-of-the-art social media guides for business… 7 authoritative, up-to-the-minute practitioner’s guides 7 up-to-the-minute resources bring together today’s most valuable new social media techniques for business! Don’t know where to start with social media and online marketing in your business? Start here, with this easy-to-understand, easy-to-use, low-cost book collection! Jon Reed’s Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing helps you get started fast, find markets online, and effectively promote your business on a very limited budget. It covers websites, search engine marketing, email marketing, blogging, podcasts, online video, social networks, virtual worlds, social bookmarking, and more! Lauren Dugan’s Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist For Small and Medium Businesses shows how to use LinkedIn to leverage your entire network of partners, suppliers, employees, vendors, and competitors. Step-by-step instructions and easy checklists help you deepen the network links you already have – and tap into your network’s networks, uncovering talent, partnerships, vendors and customers you’ll never find any other way! Next, Jamie Turner’s How to Build a Mobile Website shows how to create mobile websites that are clean, simple, load quickly, and are optimized for mobile users. Discover how your customers want to interact with your brand on mobile devices, compare leading approaches to “mobilizing” websites, and avoid pitfalls that lose customers. Turner even offers a high-level overview of the mechanics of mobile site development, construction, and testing, addressing issues ranging from branding to performance and usability. Twitter 101 tells you all you need to know about Twitter marketing, even if you’ve never used Twitter before. Drawing on personal experience and up-to-the-minute industry research, Lauren Dugan covers strategy, tactics, tools, and more. Learn to time tweets for maximum impact, follow the right accounts, attract the right followers, do competitive research, network faster, turbocharge brands, engage users, and build word-of-mouth that generates real sales! Jamie Turner’s How to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools offers a fast-paced primer on social media monitoring and realistic, low-cost methods for getting started. Discover whether your social media presence is achieving results… align measurement with business objectives… measure branding and direct response… quickly capture emerging performance trends; and more. Turner briefly introduces tools from Google and many others, and offers a practical 8-step monitoring plan that even beginners can use. Next Melanie Mitchell brings together complete processes, knowledge, and tools that Unleash the Power of Paid Search . Discover how well-crafted paid search campaigns can help you lead the conversation in your marketplace, extend and deepen your coverage, and more precisely target and measure your marketing program. Next, walk through building and executing a winning campaign: defining goals/objectives, selecting keywords and match types, structuring accounts, scoring quality, managing copy, optimizing landing pages, reporting, and more. Finally, in Understanding SEO, Mitchell draws on immense in-the-trenches experience to completely demystify modern search engine optimization. Learn to grab value from “low hanging fruit,” and start optimizing everything from pages, text, and keywords to images and HTML code. Mitchell explains all the concepts and terms you need to understand, so you can do it yourself, or work successfully with SEO specialists. If you want to get started with social media in your business, this collection is the most valuable, cost-effective resource you can find! From world-renowned business social media experts Jon Reed, Lauren Dugan, Jamie Turner, and Melanie Mitchell

Measure the Impact of Online Marketing Collection

Author: Melanie Mitchell
Publisher: FT Press
ISBN: 9780133087451
Release Date: 2012-07-11
Genre: Business & Economics

Understand the Business Value You’re Getting from Social Media, so You Can Optimize It: Now, Tomorrow, and for Years to Come Four great books show you how to capture the data you need to drive better results from social and online marketing—and use that data to improve ROI, quickly and continuously. In SEO & PPC: Better Together, Melanie Mitchell shows how to use SEO and pay-per-click together to achieve better results than either can deliver alone. You’ll learn how to integrate SEO and PPC in campaigns that engage more consumers and use data from both to improve the performance of each. Next, in How to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools, leading social media marketer Jamie Turner offers a fast-paced primer on social media monitoring and realistic, low-cost methods for getting started. Turner introduces many of today’s most valuable monitoring tools and presents a practical eight-step social media monitoring plan that can be implemented rapidly by virtually any company. In How to Make Money with Social Media Optimization, Robert Scott Corbett helps you master “SMO”: the strategic use of social media engagement to supercharge brands, extend reach, influence conversations, build share, and drive profits. Finally, in Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First, top Web marketing consultant Michael Tasner helps marketers, entrepreneurs, and managers move beyond hype and high-level strategy to proven tactics and successful ground-level execution. You’ll discover which new marketing technologies deliver the best results and which hardly ever pay for to use virtual collaboration to accomplish marketing projects faster and at lower to build realistic action plans for the next three months, six months, and twelve months. Whatever you sell, these books will help you build leads, traffic, sales, market share, and profits! From world-renowned online marketing pioneers and innovators Melanie Mitchell, Jamie Turner, Robert Scott Corbett, and Michael Tasner

Manager s Guide to Online Marketing

Author: Jason Weaver
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071801881
Release Date: 2013-02-22
Genre: Business & Economics

A COMPREHENSIVE CRASH COURSE FOR MASTERING TODAY'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING PLATFORM Online marketing has evolved far beyond just websites and banner ads. Your business’s credibility now rests on the ability not to just embrace digital platforms but to coordinate a broad spectrum of media in every campaign. Manager's Guide to Online Marketing explains how to do this and more by planning and executing effective cross-channel digital outreach using the latest, most sophisticated tools and strategies. It provides in-depth coverage of essential online marketing tools and techniques, including: Content marketing and blogging Social media marketing Web analytics Search Engine Optimization (SEO) E-mail marketing Online Public Relations Briefcase Books, written specifically for today's busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. Look for these innovative design features to help you navigate through each page: Clear definitions of key terms and concepts Tactics and and strategies for effective online marketing Tips for executing the tactics in the book Practical advice for preventing errors Caution signs to avoid common and uncommon mistakes Examples of successful online marketing tactics Specific planning procedures, tactics, and hands-on techniques

Jump Start HTML5

Author: Tiffany B Brown
Publisher: SitePoint
ISBN: 9781457192319
Release Date: 2014-02-06
Genre: Computers

This short book provides a practical introduction to HTML5. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the predominant language of web pages. Originally developed as a way to describe and share scientific papers, HTML is now used to mark up all sorts of documents and create visual interfaces for browser-based software. With HTML5, however, HTML has become as much an of API for developing browser-based software as it is a markup language. In this book, we'll talk about the history of HTML and HTML5 and explore its new features. It covers: HTML5 basics Multimedia Canvas and SVG HTML5 applications HTML5 APIs HTML5 is required knowledge for every professional web designer and developer. This book will quickly get you up to speed with the fundamentals of HTML5 and give you the confidence to start experimenting on your own.

Connect Communicate and Profit

Author: D'Vorah Lansky
Publisher: Desktop Wings, Incorporated
ISBN: 0965197514
Release Date: 2010-08
Genre: Business & Economics

Create a powerful online Relationship Marketing Program for your busines -- Explore the real truth about blogs and their role in growing your business -- Develop a visible and influential Social Media presence in 15 minutes a day -- Retain more clients, increase sales, and generate more referrals -- Monetize your expertise using digital information products.

Online Marketing Handbook

Author: Daniel S. Janal
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
ISBN: UOM:39076001626071
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Computer networks

This manual provides advice on creating a successful on-line marketing programme. It shows how to enhance your marketing and build customer loyalty with services only available on-line, such as support centres and electronic mail. Other features of the text include: tips and hints on how to use on-line services to strengthen customer relations by keeping in contact; real-life case studies on company promotion of their products on-line; a guide to the do's and don'ts of on-line etiquette; and a look at the future of on-line marketing.

Internet World Guide to One To One Web Marketing

Author: Cliff Allen
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471251666
Release Date: 1998-03-23
Genre: Computers

Vists our Web site at Visit the companion Web site at The Internet World(TM)Guide to One-to-One Marketing companion Web site features: * Web marketer's online forum * Case studies and business profiles * Product reviews * E-mail newsletter featuring regular updates How to use your Web site to really connect with your customers and forge lasting relationships with them One-to-one marketing is a revolutionary new strategy for building customer loyalty and generating repeat sales. As marketers the world over are discovering, the Web is an excellent medium for conducting a successful one-to-one marketing campaign. Now, in The Internet World(TM) Guide to One-to-One Web Marketing, top Internet marketing experts arm you with all the knowledge and skills you need to develop your own winning one-to-one Web marketing strategy. Experts Allen, Kania, and Yaeckel get you up to speed on all the hot new Web technologies that marketers are using to forge lasting relationships, one customer at a time. With the help of case studies of some of the most successful one-to-one Web marketing initiatives, they show you exactly how those technologies are being employed to customize offerings and create dialogs with customers. They provide valuable lessons, tips, and guidelines on how to: * Make the best technology selections for your budget and goals, and plan a successful one-to-one Web marketing initiative * Build relationships with customers using personalization, push, interactivity, telephone and A/V conferencing, e-mail, virtual community, and other cutting-edge Web technologies * Integrate one-to-one Web marketing strategies with other processes and systems, such as customer service and support and databases.

Summary Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet

Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher: Primento
ISBN: 9782806246400
Release Date: 2013-02-15
Genre: Business & Economics

The must-read summary of Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin's book: "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet: The Complete Guide to Making Money On-Line". This complete summary of the ideas from Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin's book "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet" shows that the essential goal of guerrilla marketing is to achieve conventional goals – such as profits – using unconventional methods – such as investing energy in marketing instead of money. Guerrilla marketing is needed because it gives small businesses a sustainable competitive advantage: certainty in an uncertain world, economy in a high-priced world, simplicity in a complicated world and marketing awareness in a clueless world. This summary explains that the Internet is the best weapon yet invented to expand your business and reach new customers. Guerrilla marketing helps you to do that as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Increase your business knowledge To learn more, read "Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet" and place your company on the path to success!

High Impact Marketing That Gets Results

Author: Ardi Kolah
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749464530
Release Date: 2013-01-03
Genre: Business & Economics

Great marketing isn't just about marketing output. It's about creating measurable business outcomes. High Impact Marketing That Gets Results is dedicated to helping marketing students and practitioners understand how to achieve an increase in profits through more cost-effective sales and marketing activities, where the return on investment is the measure of whether that goal has been achieved. The full range of the marketing mix is covered, within the broader context of overall marketing strategy, including: Market and customer segmentation; writing a marketing plan; understanding the marketing mix; brochures, press ads and print copy; signs, posters and ambient media; online marketing, mobile marketing; direct marketing; public relations; using promotions; top ten common marketing mistakes to avoid and top ten ways to save money in marketing.

101 Startup Lessons

Author: George Deeb
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genre: Business & Economics

A comprehensive, one-stop read for entrepreneurs who want actionable learnings about a wide range of startup and digital-related topics from George Deeb, a serial entrepreneur and partner at Red Rocket Ventures. The book is a startup executive's strategic "playbook", with "how-to" lessons about business in general, sales, marketing, technology, operations, human resources, finance, fund raising and more, including many case studies herein. We have demystified and synthesized the information an entrepreneur needs to strategize, fund, develop, launch and market their businesses. Join the 100,000+ readers who have already benefitted from this book, freely available and continuously updated on the Red Rocket Blog website. TESTIMONIALS David Rabjohns, Founder & CEO at MotiveQuest "George's passion, ideas and involvement with MotiveQuest has been "game changing" for us. From jumpstarting our sales and marketing plans and team, to productizing our business and procedures, Red Rocket has had an immediate and meaningful impact from day one. I highly recommend Red Rocket. If you want to grow, strap on the Red Rocket.“ Tyler Spalding, Founder & CEO at StyleSeek "Red Rocket has been a great investor for our business and vocal champion of our brand. As a proven entrepreneur himself, George has provided valuable insights and recommendations on how to best build my business. Red Rocket would be a great partner in helping build your business.“ Seth Rosenberg, SVP at Camping World "Red Rocket helped us do a high level assessment of our e-commerce efforts and assisted with the development of a digital strategy and marketing plan. Red Rocket identified some immediate opportunities, which we are implementing. I am pleased to recommend Red Rocket for your e-commerce and digital marketing needs.“ Andrew Hoog, Founder and CEO at viaForensics "As viaForensics experienced significant growth, we recognized the need for an experienced advisor with start-up chops who could help us refine critical steps in our transition from a service company to a product-based company. Red Rocket's expertise in growth planning including organizational structure, financial modeling and competitive analysis were instrumental in refining our strategy. He helped facilitate key decisions the management team needed to make in order to take the company to the next level. We are very pleased with Red Rocket's contributions to viaForensics and highly recommend his services to other start-ups facing similar growth.“ Jerry Freeman, Founder & CEO at PaletteApp “Red Rocket has been a key instigator in helping raise funds for PaletteApp. They have helped me tremendously in realizing what an investor wants to see and how best to present it. George has great experience and understanding of how to fund and launch a new company. We feel fortunate that he has thrown his hat into our arena.” Scott Skinger, CEO at TrainSignal "Red Rocket helped us in a variety of ways, from financial modeling to introductions to lenders. Their biggest win was helping us do preliminary investigative research on one of our competitors, that ultimately sparked a dialog that lead to the $23.6MM sale of our business to that company. We couldn't be more happy with Red Rocket's involvement with our business. Overall, a great advisor to have in your corner."

Ready Aim Capture

Author: Kris Kiler
Publisher: Antonio L Crawford
ISBN: 9780984110216
Release Date: 2009-07

Acclaimed Internet marketing strategist and design consultant Kiler presents a plan for using the Internet effectively to get more business.

Mobile Marketing

Author: Rachel Pasqua
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118588291
Release Date: 2012-12-19
Genre: Business & Economics

A step-by-step guide to successful mobile marketing strategies Go from zero to sixty with this practical book that helps you craft and deploy mobile marketing strategies for everything from brand building to lead generation and sales. As part of the popular do-it-yourself, Hour A Day series, this new book is full of advice, practical tips, and step-by-step tactics you can put to use right away. Start leveraging location-based marketing via Foursquare and Yelp, see how to set up and manage mobile commerce, and try such technologies as QR codes, ambient communication (RFID and Bluetooth), mobile broadcasting, and more. Take action now and mobile-loving customers will soon find you, thanks to these successful ideas and strategies from expert mobile marketers, Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin. Shows you step by step how to develop, implement, and measure a successful mobile marketing strategy Pares down a complex process into approachable, bite-sized tasks you can tackle in an hour a day Covers vital mobile marketing weapons like messaging, mobile websites, apps, and mobile advertising to help you achieve your goals Gets you up to speed on location-based marketing via Foursquare and Yelp, using mobile commerce, and leveraging technologies such as as QR codes, ambient communication (RFID and Bluetooth), and mobile broadcasting Mobile Marketing: An Hour A Day is a must-have resource for marketers and advertisers who want a compelling mobile presence.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

Author: Tom Funk
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781430244073
Release Date: 2012-11-14
Genre: Business & Economics

Hundreds of millions of Americans are using social media (SM), and already some 70% of businesses have joined them there, using Facebook and other SM platforms to connect with their customers, and attract new ones. So the real question isn’t whether to take your business onto social media platforms—but how to do it quickly, effectively, on a budget, with smart goals, and a road map for success. Advanced Social Media Marketing: A Manager's Guide cuts through the hype and fluff about how social media is changing the world, and it gets down to what really matters: How you as a manager can best use SM to benefit your business. Written by a veteran online marketer and ecommerce professional, the book shares practical strategies and tactics to let you launch and scale a successful corporate social media program. Advanced Social Media Marketing: A Manager's Guide is for the manager who already knows something about social media and wants to roll up his or her sleeves and get down to business. In it, we simplify tasks that might otherwise be complicated—like adopting and tracking key performance metrics, developing online ad campaigns, or creating Facebook apps like games, giveaways and sweepstakes with the capacity to go viral. Businesses can harness the unique advantages of this new medium, but they need a practical, no-nonsense guide like this one. Otherwise they risk being ignored, wasting time and money or, even worse, damaging their own brand and seeing a well-intentioned online program blow up. The book is heavy on the how-to, case studies, campaign results and other statistics, and interviews with ecommerce managers at businesses large and small. It also includes the author’s own experiences at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Wine of the Month Club, and others. While this book will be accessible enough for someone implementing a social media program for the first time, it’s ambitious enough to benefit experienced SM hands who are looking for good ideas and techniques to push their online community to the next level of size, interactivity, and buzz. What you’ll learn Businesspeople will learn: How to assess the size of the opportunity. Not the total social media universe (irrelevant), but the size and complexion of their market niches. Reasonable goals for brand awareness, leads, and sales—and how to measure them. Best practices for success on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon, and other SM platforms. How much to invest in people and infrastructure based on goals. How to write a social media business plan and execute program goals crisply. What the legal and PR risks are with a social media program—and how to avoid them Who this book is for Advanced Social Media Marketing: A Manager's Guide is for entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, and other business leaders who want to get their companies up to speed in today’s social media landscape. This includes businesspeople rolling out new projects, products, events, or services that would benefit from word-of-mouth and other social media buzz. It's especially for those who have rolled out social media programs that have disappointed and who need to understand how to get the results they are seeking. Last, it's for people new to the topic who suddenly find themselves approving budgets, promotions, or initiatives for social media and need to know where to begin and what is at stake.