Give Them Wings

Author: Carol Kuykendall
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781684280544
Release Date: 2018-08-07
Genre: Religion

Your teen comes home with her driver’s license. College catalogs fill your mailbox. Senior pictures are taken, and graduation gowns are fitted. The family car is loaded to take your college freshman to his dorm. During that transition time when a teen becomes a young adult, family roles must stretch and adjust to accommodate spreading wings. What can you expect in this process? Give Them Wings offers insight into how families change as parents and teens make room for the future. Emphasizing the need for independence and responsibility, Give Them Wings explores many ways that parents can equip their teen. If your children are on the brink of adulthood, Give Them Wings can help you survive the changes and thrive on the challenges the next few years will bring. You can be prepared to help your teens journey into adulthood, as well as learn to enjoy the process of emptying the nest.

Give them wings

Author: Henry Maurice Saxby
Publisher: Macmillan Pub Ltd
ISBN: 0333430395
Release Date: 1987-06-01
Genre: Literary Criticism

Book Club

Author: Christine Bright-Sticha
ISBN: OCLC:56525980
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Book clubs (Discussion groups)

Give Them Wings and Let Them Fly

Author: Kymberli Brady
Publisher: Loyal Publishers
ISBN: 1929125135
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Religion

The loss of a child is heart-rending for any parent but there is a pathway through the pain. Having had several late-term miscarriages, Author Kymberli Brady speaks healing to women recovering from such loss. With the closeness and understanding of a loving friend who has been there, Kymberli offers perspective. At a time when the world seems only dark, her prose and verse remind women that there is hope beyond the pain and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Giving Her Wings

Author: Dianne Perry
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469106915
Release Date: 2010-01-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Giving Her Wings is an account from a mother's perspective about sending her fifteen-year-old daughter to the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy to pursue her dreams of studying music and becoming an oboist. The book is formatted as a diary and contains accounts of the events leading to the decision to attend Interlochen Arts Academy, visits to Interlochen, concerts, being suspended from school, and the need to prepare a fifteen-year-old for the future. Parenting includes loving, nurturing, and preparing children for becoming responsible adults. The urgency to prepare her daughter for the future is magnified when the mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. Giving Her Wings includes many joys, sorrows, and interactions shared between the mother and daughter. This book should be of interest to a wide range of readers. Any parent who is considering sending a child to Interlochen's summer camp, Interlochen Arts Academy, or any boarding school would find the book helpful and interesting. Students planning to attend or who have already attended camps or boarding school would enjoy this book. In addition, Giving Her Wings should be of great interest to breast cancer survivors or any cancer survivor. Raising a child while dealing with the physical and emotional aspects of cancer can be overwhelming. Most parents diagnosed with a life-threatening disease will relate to this book, realizing the need for preparing a child to be self-sufficient and to prepare that child for the future.

Roots and Wings

Author: Nandita Mishra
Publisher: The Butterfly Media
ISBN: 9789810877279
Release Date:
Genre: Family & Relationships

Do you remember the day you were told you were no longer a teenager, but ‘expected to be’ an adult? Kind of startling, wasn’t it…and paradoxically made you feel more like a ‘babe-in-the-woods’ than ever before! ‘Roots and Wings’ is an e-book about this transition we have all experienced. It can also be your new best friend if you have tweens and teens, who are growing faster than you can keep pace with! As parents, we use our own experiences as reference points… and they are generally outdated! ‘Roots and Wings’ is a bridge between the generations and holds time tested and trusted tenets about helping your children grow up without alienating them.

To Give a Heart Wings

Author: Mary Kay McComas
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781453286197
Release Date: 2012-11-20
Genre: Fiction

One unforgettable encounter sends Colt McKinnon on a tireless search for a gorgeous siren—regardless of the consequences From across a crowded nightclub, Colt McKinnon locks his eyes on Hannah Alexander. His fixed gaze, flush with confidence and ease, holds her steadily—and takes her breath away. At first, she dismisses him as a relentless flirt, but soon the two are together on the dance floor. After a magical kiss, though, Hannah walks away into the night before he can learn more about her. Calling out to after her, Colt receives no response—what he doesn’t know, however, is that Hannah is deaf and did not hear his cries. Determined to find the captivating woman who fills his every thought, Colt searches for the mysterious beauty—but will the truth about who she is and how she lives be more than he can handle? If not, his actions will have to speak far louder than his words. This ebook features an extended biography of Mary Kay McComas.

Give My Poor Heart Ease Enhanced Ebook

Author: William Ferris
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807899724
Release Date: 2010-08-01
Genre: Music

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, folklorist William Ferris toured his home state of Mississippi, documenting the voices of African Americans as they spoke about and performed the diverse musical traditions that form the authentic roots of the blues. Now, Give My Poor Heart Ease puts front and center a searing selection of the artistically and emotionally rich voices from this invaluable documentary record. Illustrated with Ferris's photographs of the musicians and their communities and including a CD of original music and a DVD of original film, the book features more than twenty interviews relating frank, dramatic, and engaging narratives about black life and blues music in the heart of the American South. Here are the stories of artists who have long memories and speak eloquently about their lives, blues musicians who represent a wide range of musical traditions--from one-strand instruments, bottle-blowing, and banjo to spirituals, hymns, and prison work chants. Celebrities such as B. B. King and Willie Dixon, along with performers known best in their neighborhoods, express the full range of human and artistic experience--joyful and gritty, raw and painful. In an autobiographical introduction, Ferris reflects on how he fell in love with the vibrant musical culture that was all around him but was considered off limits to a white Mississippian during a troubled era. This magnificent volume illuminates blues music, the broader African American experience, and indeed the history and culture of America itself. The enhanced ebook edition includes: * Almost 2 hours of video clips and interviews scattered throughout the text * An hour of original music, also imbedded throughout the text * Concludes with the full DVD of original film and full CD of original music Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the the features of this enhanced ebook:

Princess Hope Snowflake

Author: Clark WM. Colepaugh
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781493109005
Release Date: 2013-10-08
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Through the relationship between a seven year old girl and her animal friends, this book shows how unique, wonderful and priceless animals are. It also shows that we must face our fears and fight for what is right, saying that something is not just or fair is not enough. Princess Hope discovers on her seventh birthday that she been given three very special gifts. The first gift is her ability to communicate with the animals of Rainbow Island. This reveals to her that animals, have hearts, special spirits and are not only intelligent but have a deep connection with us and with each other. The second gift is the power to read minds. This reveals how good people are or how evil they can be. Her greatest gift is finding her best friend. It is a white Grizzly cub with blue eyes named Snowflake. They share a friendship that is extremely special and unique, Without a second thought, they would sacrifice their lives for one another. Their friendship will continue to grow and last a lifetime. Imagine that you are seven years old and that your father and the people that you love are being threatened by evil pirates. What would you do? Would you shed tears, hide, surrender or run away? Or would you embraced the lessons that your parents taught you and face a life and death situation with courage and valor? Read the gift and find out, what Princess Hope does. Will she cry, run away or hide? Will her father, her family and the Tribe surrender to the evil pirates and lose their freedom and Their ways of life or fight even though the odds are against them.

Birds with Broken Wings

Author: Samuel D. G. Heath
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595370887
Release Date: 2005-09
Genre: Family & Relationships

A lovely bookstore owner asked me why she should read this book?I explained that in writing this book, I undertook a purposeful investigation leading where angels (and all good Baptists) fear to tread. It was during this attempt at explanation the picture formed in my mind of addressing an auditorium full of women. My opening remark to them is: "Women hunger and thirst for romance. What is it that men want?" The entire audience responds with a resounding chorus in unison with one word: "SEX!" I then ask: "No, really ladies, what do men really want?" Again, with a single voice the chorus returns, loudly: "SEX!" Seeing that I am getting nowhere fast I decide to try a new tack. I ask: "Please, ladies, as a Romantic, a Poet, what do I, as a man, want?" Back it comes: "SEX!" There is a definite mind set at work here. Okay, honestly, as a Romantic, a Poet, what do I want from a woman: SEX! Satisfied? But my admission of common guilt is only true to a point. Believe it or not, ladies, some men like myself want romance as much as you do. It is in searching for this elusive thing that I have discovered so much that betrays you ladies in the very areas you are supposed to excel in the romance department. I treat the causes and results of such betrayal in this book.

On the Wings of Hope

Author: D.G. Waugh
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462899050
Release Date: 2011-10-31
Genre: Fiction

This books contains three stimulating stories of human struggles. Miriam struggle as she takes care of her young nephew, Johnny , whose father, Paul Simeon she suspects of being responsible for her sisters untimely death. Her sisters last letter indicated that there was enough information to have Paul and his gang arrested. She cringes while watching Johnny act nervous and edgy when he is around his father. What does that child know, she asks herself. Is her new friend, Mrs. Worth justified in believing that Paul and his co-hort, Stubby are planning to get rid of both of them? The second book, Dont Wake a Sleeping Lion has Esther struggling with trying to find a way to escape from her kidnappers. She and her co-worker were on the trail of a series of missing persons. How do they handle the death of one of their members as he is found beaten until he is almost not recognized? The third book is called Beth Young Beth struggles over her fathers anger at God for taking his wife. She weeps as she watches him raise his fist toward heaven. Its interesting to see how she tries to intervene in her fathers life. In the meantime, while praying for him, she finds that the boy next door, who is the towns trouble maker needs prayer Her aunt tries to convince the eager child to be patient. The second part of Beth has her grown up into a teen and she and the boy next door are praying for each other. God is good...all the time

The lost Angels

Author: Rebecca simpson-smith
ISBN: 9781291094121
Release Date: