Goldfrank s Manual of Toxicologic Emergencies

Author: Robert S. Hoffman
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071509572
Release Date: 2007-04-06
Genre: Medical

Concise, "at the bedside" guidelines for toxicologic emergencies--derived from the premier reference in the field This practical and portable bedside manual is condensed for instant application from the masterwork regarded for a quarter of a century as the "gold standard" reference in the field of emergency toxicology: Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies. You will find trusted information on the scientific principles that explain how toxins affect vital signs, neurotransmitters, metabolic processes, and organs and systems throughout the body. Covers the full range of toxins Includes pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, and substances of abuse; food and plant toxins; envenomations; household toxins; pesticides and herbicides; rodenticides; metals; poison gases; and environmental toxins Systematically reviews toxicokinetics, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic testing, and management for each toxin Provides "Antidotes in Brief"--at-a-glance guides to specific antidotes and their primary applications Authoritative answers--at your fingertips How to manage the poisoned or overdosed patient What techniques effectively eliminate toxins Which imaging modalities yield the best results More

Goldfrank s Toxicologic Emergencies

Author: Lewis R. Goldfrank
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071479147
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Authoritative reference in clinical toxicology delivers a wealth of information on virtually all aspects of medical toxicology from pharmacology and clinical presentation to treatment guidelines and case studies.

Toxicologic Emergencies

Author: Lewis R. Goldfrank
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts and Fleschner Publishing Company
ISBN: UOM:39015000825904
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Medical

Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants

Author: Lewis S. Nelson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387338179
Release Date: 2007-12-18
Genre: Science

The second edition of this book is created to assist the clinician in the initial response to the needs of a child or adult exposed to a poisonous or injurious plant. It lists common plants that might lead to the development of the symptom complex and describes the mechanisms of action of the implicated toxin, additional clinical manifestations, and specific therapeutics for each presentation. It has methodically enhanced the previous edition’s botanical rigor with insights from both pharmacognosy and clinical medicine to make it a truly comprehensive source for anyone who has an interest in plants.

Pharmacotherapy Casebook

Author: Terry L. Schwinghammer
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071608923
Release Date: 2008-08-29
Genre: Medical

50% all new cases in this edition 50% of cases revised Over 140 cases total Organization by organ systems to coordinate with the textbook Cases range from simple (a single disease state) to complex (multiple disease states and drug-related problems Develops skills in problem analysis and decision making Integrates the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences with therapeutics Demonstrates the relevance and importance of a sound scientific foundation for pharmacy practice

Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine

Author: James R. Roberts
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9781437727500
Release Date: 2009-10-06
Genre: Medical

Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine, by James R. Roberts, MD & Jerris R. Hedges, MD, MS, is far and away the most well-known and trusted procedures manual in emergency medicine. Completely updated with the latest equipment, devices, drug therapies, and techniques, this 5th edition enables you to make optimal use of today's best options. And a new full-color format makes the book easier to consult than ever before. You'll see exactly how and when to perform every type of emergency procedure, so you can choose and implement the best possible approach for every patient! Provides over 1,700 detailed illustrations, 1,350 in full color, allowing you to visualize procedures clearly so you can perform them correctly. Explains not only how to perform each rocedure but also why, when, and what other procedures you should consider. Covers the latest equipment, devices, drug therapies, and techniques, including new devices for cricothyrotomy, monitoring CPR effectiveness, intraosseous infusion, autotransfusion and transfusion therapy, and wound closure. Incorporates coverage of ultrasound-guided procedures throughout the book to assist you in the use of these increasingly pervasive new techniques. Presents a new chapter on Chemical and Physical Restraints to facilitate management of violent or aggressive patients. Features a brand new full-color design together with all-new algorithms, illustrations, and tables for expedited reference and streamlined clinical decision making. Reflects the most recent clinical evidence and guidelines for dependable decision-making guidance. Offers updated coverage of tracheal intubation and infectious exposure management, so you can make spilt-second decisions on these difficult procedures.

The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management

Author: Calvin A. Brown
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9781496351982
Release Date: 2017-04-28
Genre: Medical

The Walls Manual of Emergency Airway Management is the world’s most trusted reference on emergency airway management, and is the foundation text in the nationally recognized The Difficult Airway Course: EmergencyTM and The Difficult Airway Course: EMSTM. Its practical, hands-on approach provides all the concrete guidance you need to effectively respond to any airway emergency, whether inside the hospital, emergency department, urgent care setting, or anywhere else where airway emergencies may occur. Apply the latest evidence-based approaches thanks to state-of-the-art coverage that includes new chapters on “The Difficult Airway Cart” and “Human Factors in Emergency Airway Management,” expanded coverage on delayed sequence intubation (DSI), and comprehensive updates throughout. Efficiently overcome any challenge in airway management with the aid of step-by-step instructions, mnemonics, easy-to-follow algorithms, and rich illustrations. Glean expert insights from a brand-new editorial team led by Calvin Brown III, MD, who is Dr. Walls’ colleague and protégé, and consisting of the same experts who teach The Difficult Airway Course: EmergencyTM and The Difficult Airway Course: AnesthesiaTM.

Resident Readiness Emergency Medicine

Author: Debra Klamen
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071780407
Release Date: 2014-03-22
Genre: Medical

ARE YOU READY? GET RESIDENT READY. Resident Readiness: Emergency Medicine prepares you for success during your emergency medicine internship. Inside is a full range of clinical scenarios you may experience during your emergency medicine residency, supported by comprehension questions with detailed answer explanations and tips to remember. You will also learn the clinical problem-solving process so you can think quickly on your feet, especially when time is critical. With this book's step-by-step guidance, you will gain the confidence you need to perform at your best on Day One of your residency. Beyond treating your patient, Resident Readiness prepares you to: Build a framework for an efficient approach to ED patient care Recognize life-threatening presentations Prepare for critical care challenges Build a solid foundation in EMS and Ultrasound Provide appropriate discharge planning and follow up from the ED

Concise Textbook Of Forensic Medicine Toxicology

Author: Sharma
Publisher: Elsevier India
ISBN: 8131211452
Release Date: 2007-01-01

The present book is a thoroughly revised and updated version of the earlier edition. It is designed to suit an undergraduate student s need of quick study of the subject while preparing for examinations. The text faithfully follows the curriculum prescribed by the Medical Council of India. About the Author : - R.K. Sharma, MBBS, MD, FIAMLE, MIMA, MISCEH, Additional Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

Illustrated Handbook of Toxicology

Author: Franz-Xaver Reichl
Publisher: Thieme
ISBN: 9783131495914
Release Date: 2010-12-15
Genre: Medical

The Illustrated Handbook of Toxicology is an impressive introduction to the complex field of toxicology. It also serves as a hands-on guide to various poison treatments and offers supplemental public health information.Each two-page unit features concise text on the left complemented by full-color illustrations on the opposing page. The expert author distinguishes harmful toxic substances and catalogues their specific effects on the human body, plants, animals, and the surrounding environment. The handbook also addresses cutting-edge topics, including biological warfare, modern toxicological methods, and threshold values.Features: Succinct, user-friendly organization allows readers to navigate the content with ease Over 500 detailed images and diagrams arranged on 150 full-color plates illustrate exposures and toxicological effects on humans, plants, and animals Well-researched, objective risk analysis on toxic exposures accompanies relevant images Extensive glossary of key toxicological terms provides readers with the accurate information they need to avoid dangerous confusion This is the ideal text for all medical students who want to supplement the toxicological information covered in their coursework, as well as for first responders to chemical accidents and poisonings.

Tintinalli s Emergency Medicine Manual Eighth Edition

Author: Rita K. Cydulka
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071837040
Release Date: 2017-09-08
Genre: Medical

The book that belongs in the pocket of every clinician working in an acute care setting This portable manual encapsulates the most clinically relevant content of Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, Eighth Edition – the world’s bestselling text on the topic -- and puts it at your fingertips, or in your pocket or backpack. Covering the full spectrum of emergency medicine in all patient populations – adult and pediatric – this full-color guide is composed of concise chapters that focus on clinical features, diagnosis and differential, and emergency management and disposition. Packing a remarkable amount of information in a compact, full-color presentation, Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Manual, Eighth Edition is enhanced by contributors from across the globe. Numerous tables and full-color photographs and illustrations enrich the text and help you deliver skillful and timely patient care. This new edition includes extensive updates to all sections, incorporating the latest guidelines, evidence-based protocols, and relevant research.

Handbook of Emergency Ophthalmology

Author: Brit Long
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319789453
Release Date: 2018-06-21
Genre: Medical

This book provides emergency physicians with an easy-to-use guide for diagnosing and treating ophthalmologic conditions in the emergency department. Ophthalmologic complaints are very common, but many emergency physicians are not as confident as they would like to be when evaluating and managing these conditions. This book answers that need by giving step-by-step instructions on how to diagnose and treat common eye conditions, including glaucoma, infections, neuro-ophthalmologic conditions, and trauma. For each disorder, the book discusses presentation/symptoms, physical examination techniques, lab and imaging findings, differential diagnoses, treatment guidelines, and referral suggestions. The text is filled with images that clearly present these common ophthalmologic complaints and conditions and guide the emergency physician to an accurate and swift diagnosis. Handbook of Emergency Ophthalmology is an essential resource for emergency physicians, residents, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare workers who evaluate and manage patients with ophthalmologic conditions.

Emergency Medicine Oral Board Review Illustrated

Author: Yasuharu Okuda
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316301180
Release Date: 2015-05-21
Genre: Medical

Fully up to date with recent research and practice, including the most recent AHA guidelines, this model resource for the practising emergency medicine resident allows for a case-based interactive approach to studying for the Oral Boards examination, while also providing an excellent introduction to the field. Featuring 126 cases derived from the Model of Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine, with an emphasis on EKGs, CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds, it now includes diagnoses such as nursemaid's elbow, multiple sepsis cases, the suicidal patient, and Cushing's syndrome, as well as a chapter on the scoring of Oral Boards. Practising alone or with a partner, the reader can review critical actions and key clinical pearls for each case. The appendices contain high-yield information on subjects emphasised in the Oral Boards examination, such as pediatric, cardiovascular, traumatic, and toxicological disorders. This book truly allows the reader to feel actively immersed in the case.

Emergency Toxicology

Author: Peter Viccellio
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0316902373
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Medical

Brandon/Hill Medical List selection of facts on toxicologic emergencies. Includes every type of poisoning and overdose, details on poisoning agents, and a complete diagnostic table. Topics covered: medicolegal and ethical issues, thyroid hormones, and more.