Golf Gaga

Author: Eugen Pletsch
Publisher: Kosmos
ISBN: 9783440127353
Release Date: 2010-10-08
Genre: Sports & Recreation

In seiner Erfolgssatire "Der Weg der weißen Kugel" empfahl Eugen Pletsch "heitere Gelassenheit" als Schlüssel zum erfolgreichen Golfspiel. Doch nach einem Turnier war seine Gelassenheit schnell dahin. Der golfsüchtige Autor, mittlerweile komplett GOLFGAGA, nimmt an einer Pilotstudie zur Therapie von Golfsucht teil und verliebt sich dabei prompt in seine Ärztin. Ironisch, bissig, witzig - und ein bisschen romantisch - erzählt Eugen Pletsch von der "dunklen Seite des Golfsports". Auch für Nichtgolfer köstlich zu lesen!

The English Golf Coast

Author: Philip Dowell
Publisher: Melrose Press
ISBN: 9781905226436
Release Date: 2006-03

Presents an account of one man's idiosyncratic journey to all 78 golf courses situated quite literally on the coast of England. This work is a narrative of 12-handicapper's travels and golfing adventures with friends and strangers. It provides golfers of all levels with an insight into golfing culture in England.

America s Top Golf Courses 2004

Author: Joseph Passov
ISBN: 1570065403
Release Date: 2003-09-01
Genre: Sports & Recreation

For 25 years, ZAGAT Survey has reported on the shared experiences of diners and travellers. Recently they have expanded the scope to include nightlife, shopping and movies. Now ZAGAT have teamed up with ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports to produce the ultimate golfer's guide. With the rise of such players as Tiger Woods and Justin Rose, people have become increasingly fascinated with golf. They want to know more about the sport and where to play it. This new ZAGAT Survey is designed to steer golfers toward the most beautiful and challenging U.S. courses accessible to the public.

Sports Illustrated golf

Author: Sports Illustrated
Publisher: Sunset Pub Co
ISBN: 0376093013
Release Date: 1994-02
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Twenty-five stories from Sports Illustrated grouped under Majors, Players, Courses, In the Rough, They Also Serve, and The Game

The Official Extreme Golf Manual

Author: Andrew Gellatly
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated
ISBN: 0764132393
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Golfers often admit that the moment they grip a club in their hands, they lose all sense of rationality. For one thing, some golfers simply don't know when to stop playing--and you might see some of them trying to sink a putt on a busy city sidewalk. These golfers haven't gone totally insane; they've merely joined thousands like themselves who play the latest, coolest, variation on a famous old game. They're playing extreme golf. At last, aficionados of extreme golf have their very own how-to book: The Official Extreme Golf Manual. Here are ideas for playing a quick lunch-break round on the street outside the office . . . or on a ski slope during summer when it's too warm to ski . . . or on an ice pond when the regular golf course has closed for winter! Author Andrew Gellatly--with tongue only slightly in cheek--describes a variation called speed golf, gives advice on proper attire while playing extreme golf, and even offers information on participating in extreme golf competitions. Finally, he warns his readers about certain hazards often encountered by players of this unusual game, and devotes a full chapter titled First Aid for Extreme Golfers. Lovers of golf will love this book--even if they finally decide to stick with more orthodox versions of the game. Illustrations on most pages.

The Inner Game of Golf

Author: W. Timothy Gallwey
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781588367976
Release Date: 2009-01-06
Genre: Sports & Recreation

W. Timothy Gallwey's bestselling Inner Game books--with over one million copies sold--have revolutionized the way we think about sports. And now, after twenty years of applying his Inner Game methods to the royal and ancient sport of golf, Gallwey brings us this completely revised edition of his classic The Inner Game of Golf, nearly half of which is new material, published here for the first time. Even the masters of the game, from the venerable Jack Nicklaus to the wunderkind Tiger Woods, must battle their mental demons to excel in the crucible of competition. How do they maintain concentration under pressure? How do they avoid the mental and physical tensions that can sabotage any shot, from the simplest putt to a demanding drive? And how do they contend with the nagging inner voice that says, "You haven't been playing your best today. How will you keep from messing up on this shot?" Here, Gallwey provides specific ways for you to improve the concentration and confidence that keep your insecurities from hijacking your best instincts, your score, and your enjoyment of the game. In addition to the specifics of Inner chipping, Inner swinging, and Inner putting, Gallwey explains why the art of "relaxed concentration" is the fundamental skill for improving every aspect of your game. It may seem like common sense nowadays to say that mental approaches are as crucial as physical skills in a good game of golf. But Gallwey was among the first to say it, and he is a pioneer of the modern sports psychology movement. In The Inner Game of Golf, now comprehensively updated, you will find the kind of perceptive and articulate instruction that not only will improve your swing, but, perhaps even more important, will reacquaint you with the pure pleasure of the game. From the Hardcover edition.

The Forbidden Game

Author: Dan Washburn
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 9781786070203
Release Date: 2016-07-18
Genre: Business & Economics

Financial Times Best Book of 2014 It’s still known as the “rich man’s game” and considered taboo, and yet golf is booming in China — hundreds of new courses have opened in the past decade, despite it being illegal for anyone to build them. Award-winning journalist Dan Washburn follows the lives of three men intimately involved in China’s bizarre golf scene. We meet Zhou, a peasant turned golf pro who sees the game as his way into China’s new middle class; Wang, a lychee farmer whose life is transformed when a massive, top-secret resort springs up next door; and Martin, a Western executive maneuvering through a highly political business environment, ever watchful for Beijing’s “golf police.” Charting these three different paths to the new Chinese Dream, The Forbidden Game is a rich and arresting portrait of a country of contradictions.


Author: Bertie Charles Forbes
ISBN: UCSC:32106008178326
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Business

Sports Market Place

ISBN: UOM:35128002123881
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Athletics

The prmier reference book for everything and everybody related to the sports industry.


Author: Henry Robinson Luce
ISBN: UOM:39015025744627
Release Date: 1994