Gulp Adventures on the Alimentary Canal

Author: Mary Roach
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393348743
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Genre: Medical

The humorous science writer offers a tour of the human digestive system, explaining why the stomach doesn't digest itself and whether constipation can kill you.

Revision Decisions

Author: Jeff Anderson
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
ISBN: 9781625310064
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Genre: Education

Revision is often a confusing and difficult process for students, but it's also the most important part of the writing process. If students leave our classrooms not knowing how to move a piece of writing forward, we've failed them. Revision Decisions will help teachers develop the skills students need in an ever-evolving writing, language, and reading world. Jeff Anderson and Deborah Dean have written a book that engages writers in the tinkering, playing, and thinking that are essential to clarify and elevate writing. Focusing on sentences, Jeff and Deborah use mentor texts to show the myriad possibilities that exist for revision. Essential to their process is the concept of classroom talk. Readers will be shown how revision lessons can be discussed in a generative way, and how each student can benefit from talking through the revision process as a group. Revision Decisions focuses on developing both the writing and the writer. The easy-to-follow lessons make clear and accessible the rigorous thinking and the challenging process of making writing work. Narratives, setup lessons, templates, and details about how to move students toward independence round out this essential book. Additionally, the authors weave the language, reading, and writing goals of the Common Core and other standards into an integrated and connected practice. The noted language arts teacher James Britton once said that good writing "floats on a sea of talk." Revision Decisions supports those genuine conversations we naturally have as readers and writers, leading the way to the essential goal of making meaning.

The Good Gut

Author: Justin Sonnenburg
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781473509498
Release Date: 2015-04-23
Genre: Health & Fitness

"The link between our biomes, gut bacteria and our overall health is the final frontier of medicine that we must now embrace if we are ever to advance as a profession ... This book comes at the perfect time!" Dr Christian Jessen, presenter of 'Embarrassing Bodies' and 'Supersize vs. Superskinny' From your weight, to how you age, to allergies and diseases - your gut controls it all. In Gut Reactions, leading scientists Justin and Erica Sonnenberg explain how we've neglected this vital organ for far too long. As well as the consequences you might expect - a dramatic rise in food intolerances and inflammatory bowel diseases - are a whole host of other concerns, such as an increase in cancer, asthma, autism and diabetes. We now have only 1,200 species of microbes living in our gut. We used to have many more. Why are these species becoming extinct? And how do we prevent it? With recipes and meal plans, as well as guidance on alternatives to antibiotics and lifestyle choices, Gut Reactions will help you to interpret, understand and incorporate these new radical findings into your diet and lifestyle and will help you on your journey to a healthier gut. PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS THE GOOD GUT

Author: 瑪莉‧羅曲 Mary Roach
Publisher: 遠見天下文化出版股份有限公司
ISBN: 9789863205418
Release Date: 2014-08-27
Genre: Science

《大口一吞,然後呢?》是令人招架不住的搞笑暢銷作家瑪莉‧羅曲又一驚世駭俗之作,這次她要帶領我們潛入深不可測的人體無底洞,也就是我們的消化道一窺究竟。 她要帶領我們展開一場永生難忘的驚異大奇航。「消化道」是典型的瑪莉‧羅曲題材:《大口一吞,然後呢?》書中探究的問題讓人忍不住噴飯,正如她前著作《不過是具屍體》的屍體一樣禁忌,也如同《打包去火星:太空生活背後的古怪科學》的無重力宇宙一樣虛幻。 為什麼脆脆的食物吃起來很「續嘴」? 為什麼很難找到字眼來形容口味和氣味? 為什麼胃不會把自己消化掉? 要吃下多少東西胃才會爆掉? 便祕會不會要人命? 貓王是否死於便祕? 《大口一吞,然後呢?》書裡的怪咖科學家,專門對付那些沒人想過、沒人敢問的問題。我們將造訪寵物乾糧試吃實驗室、糞便移植療程,還會進入胃裡面觀察吃下肚那餐飯的命運。 瑪莉‧羅曲將與我們攜手並行暢遊世界,走訪殺人兇手、瘋狂科學家、愛斯基摩人、驅魔法師(他們有時會從直腸灌入聖水)、猶太教律法專家,以及恐怖份子──原來,基於某些實際原因,恐怖份子並沒有將炸彈藏在消化道啦! 正如瑪莉‧羅曲的所有著作,《大口一吞,然後呢?》關乎人體,也關乎人。


Author: Julia Scott
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780399168888
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Humor

"Offers the early works of a selection of authors, including abstruse and esoteric poetry, short stories (works-in-progress), proto-journalism, and journal entries.


ISBN: UCLA:L0073947228
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Civilization

The magazine of the Library of Congress.