Gun Shy

Author: Lili St. Germain
Publisher: LSG Publishing PTY LTD
Release Date: 2017-10-06
Genre: Fiction

In the middle of a fierce snowstorm in Gun Creek, Nevada, a teenage girl disappears without a trace. The second girl in nine years. Identical cases. Identical conditions. Only last time, the girl was found. Dead, stuffed in a well beside the creek that feeds the town's water supply. The killer was never found. As the small town mobilizes and searches for newly vanished Jennifer Thomas, one suspect comes to the fore. But did he do it? Or is there something else at play? Something nobody could have anticipated? For Jennifer's friend Cassie Carlino, the worst is yet to come. As she pins MISSING posters to store windows and joins the search, she begins to suspect that Jennifer's disappearance might be closer to her than she could have ever imagined... In Gun Shy, USA Today Bestseller Lili St. Germain weaves her unique brand of darkness and grit into a much-anticipated psychological thriller that early readers are calling her best work yet. Evocative, atmospheric and gripping, this book will stay with you long after you're finished reading.

The Secrets You Keep

Author: Kate White
Publisher: Canelo
ISBN: 9781911591986
Release Date: 2017-09-11
Genre: Fiction

You’ve lost your memory. A woman has been murdered. Your husband is keeping secrets. How do you know who to trust? Months after a being involved in a terrible car crash, Bryn Harper is physically healed but her emotional scars remain raw. She has no memory of the accident and is plagued with bad dreams. When Bryn and her husband, Guy, host a dinner party Bryn swears money has been stolen while Guy seems unfazed. Bryn confronts the caterer that night and is horrified to discover the woman’s brutally slain body the next day. As the case is investigated, Bryn is dragged into a fresh nightmare and learns that Guy is keeping things from her. Another murder occurs and Bryn realises the danger is getting ever closer to home. How well does Bryn really know the man she loves? For fans of psychological suspense and compulsive mysteries, don’t miss this tense and page-turning novel. Before I Go to Sleep meets The Husband’s Secret. Praise for The Secrets You Keep ‘Suspenseful, twisty and sharply observed, Kate White’s clever psychological thriller lures us into the life of vulnerable narrator Bryn whose marriage is not what she thought it was. The uncertainty develops as the stakes ramp up ever higher, and I was holding my breath as I turned the last few pages.’ Gilly Macmillan, author of What She Knew ‘True to form, Kate White’s The Secrets You Keep kept me up way past my bedtime, anxiously turning the pages. Taut, tense, and utterly gripping, I could not go to sleep until I found out whodunit.’ Jessica Knoll, author of Luckiest Girl Alive ‘Mesmerizing and thrilling... mystery lovers will be well served with this novel, as it grabs the reader instantly and can be devoured in one afternoon.’ Booklist ‘This can’t-put-it-down murder mystery from the former editor of Cosmo follows an author pushed to the brink by escalating chaos.’ Cosmopolitan

The Twin Game

Author: V. J. Chambers
Publisher: Punk Rawk Books
Release Date: 2017-01-20
Genre: Fiction

Hope Ross isn’t crazy, but she knows crazy. Crazy is... ...a father telling his daughter to pretend her twin sister doesn't exist. Worst. Game. Ever. ...a sister never leaving the house. ...a disturbed woman hidden away in the attic. ...bodies rotting in the basement. ...being accused of attempted murder. ...the police blaming the victim. No, Hope’s not crazy, and she’s through playing games. As soon as she gets out of this mental facility, she’s going to prove it. Topics: female protagonist, murder, dark, disturbing, racy, scary, vengeful, small town, police, serial killer, gothic, family saga, twisted, unreliable narrator,


ISBN: STANFORD:36105131552684
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Motion pictures

Last Witness

Author: Carys Jones
Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd
ISBN: 9781786692498
Release Date: 2017-05-01
Genre: Fiction

The page-turning sequel to the best-selling psychological thriller Wrong Number. With her husband gone, and his legacy in her hands, Amanda Thorne is hell-bent on revenge. Amanda Thorne is on a mission to avenge her husband. Restoring his honour and protecting his legacy will be dangerous, but she will not rest until all those who have hurt her loved-ones have been dealt with. Her only option is to go undercover in the murky world of the gang kingpin McAllister. So, with her loyal companion Shane by her side, she heads back to Scotland to finish what they started. McAllister's world is one of seedy nightclubs, drug deals and beautiful women, but he is a hard man to get close to. As Amanda gets deeper and deeper into his dangerous world, what secrets from the past will come back to haunt her, and will she be able to protect the last witness to the truth? A compelling, heart-stopping thriller which you won't be able to put down...

Signs of the times

Author: David Lehman
Publisher: Poseidon Pr
ISBN: UCAL:B4241457
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Literary Criticism

A study of deconstruction demystifies its theories and traces the scandalous fate of its fallen idol, Paul de Man

Der talentierte Mr Ripley

Author: Patricia Highsmith
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 9783257600957
Release Date: 2012-10-23
Genre: Fiction

Unbeschwerte Dolce Vita: Das ist das Leben, von dem Tom Ripley in seinem New Yorker Kellerloch träumt – und das sein Schulfreund Dickie Greenleaf führt. Dickies Vater, ein reicher Reeder, bittet Tom, nach Italien zu fahren und seinen ›verlorenen Sohn‹ nach Amerika zurückzuholen: ein Traumauftrag für einen armen Nobody wie Tom. Noch ahnt niemand, wie weit Ripley gehen wird, um für immer zu Dickies Welt zu gehören. 40 Jahre nach René Cléments Kultverfilmung mit Alain Delon (›Nur die Sonne war Zeuge‹) drehte Oscar-Preisträger Anthony Minghella 2000 ein Remake (›Der talentierte Mr. Ripley‹) mit Matt Damon.

Psycho Analysis Revenge

Author: Catherine Nuza
Publisher: Publication Consultants
ISBN: 9781594337741
Release Date: 2018-03-01
Genre: Fiction

What emotion is left once the heart and mind stops caring? Khedlar has an unquenchable thirst for revenge and will stop at nothing to punish those responsible for the murder of his wife and child. No one is safe in his psychopathic path, not even himself. In a warped world of madness and deceit, he makes it his mission to save his daughter's soul which pulls him deeper into the web. This unique, fast paced psychological thriller will horrify and exhilarate your senses all at once. Dawn Vines makes us question what is normality while leaving you wanting to know more. How many fragments of the puzzle were still hidden in the shadows and is Demetrius the only one who knows the untainted truth? Revenge is relentlessly gripping, with an intensely captivating story, a must read that will be impossible to put down and not for the faint hearted.

What Do I Read Next 2002

Author: Gale Group
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 0787652954
Release Date: 2002-10-22
Genre: Literary Criticism

Contains descriptions of 1,201 books in nine fiction genres published in late 2001 and 2002, each including the author or editor's name, publication information, story type, major characters, subject, plot summary, and lists of reviews and other books by the same writer; arranged alphabetically by author in each genre section.


Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781472206428
Release Date: 2015-02-10
Genre: Fiction

Alex Delaware returns in a thrilling new case, featuring one of the most devious murderers ever conceived by New York Times No.1 bestseller Jonathan Kellerman. Even hundreds of closed cases to his credit can't keep LAPD police lieutenant Milo Sturgis from agonising over the crimes that don't get solved - and the victims who go without justice. Victims like Katherine Hennepin, a young woman strangled and stabbed in her home. A single suspect with a solid alibi leads to a dead end - one even psychologist Alex Delaware's expert insight can't explain. The only thing to do is move on to the next murder case - because there is always a next one. This time the victim is Ursula Corey, a successful, attractive divorcee who's been gunned down - not a robbery but an execution, a crime that smacks of simple, savage revenge. And along with that theoretical motive come two strong contenders for the role of suspect: the dead woman's business partner/ex-husband and her divorce lawyer/secret lover. But just as Alex and Milo think they're zeroing in on the killer, a bizarre new clue stirs up echoes of the unsolved Hennepin murder. And the discovery of yet another crime scene bearing the same taunting signature raises the spectre of a serial killer on a mission, whose twisted method is exceeded only by his manipulative and cunning madness.

Hidden Bodies Ich werde dich finden

Author: Caroline Kepnes
ISBN: 9783863965877
Release Date: 2016-06-01
Genre: Fiction

Die nervenaufreibende Fortsetzung von YOU - Du wirst mich lieben! Nachdem seine Beziehung mit Beck ein ziemlich abruptes Ende nahm, ist der Buchhändler Joe Goldberg fest entschlossen, seine Vergangenheit endgültig hinter sich zu lassen. An die Kollateralschäden, die seine Suche nach der wahre Liebe in den letzten Jahren gefordert hat (oder die Orte, an denen ihre Überreste vergraben liegen), möchte er von jetzt an lieber nicht mehr denken. Eigentlich ist Los Angeles die letzte Stadt, in der Joe jemals hätte leben wollen, doch für einen Neuanfang scheint sie die perfekte Wahl. Es gelingt ihm problemlos, sich bei den "Möchtegerns" in Hollywood einzufügen und deren kalifornischen Lebensstil anzunehmen. Doch während die Menschen in L.A. auf nichts anderes als sich selbst fixiert sind, kann Joe nicht aufhören, über seine Schulter zu blicken. Das, was in der Vergangenheit geschehen ist, schwebt über allem, was er tut, und jedem Schritt, den er geht. Denn manche Leichen bleiben nicht für immer vergraben ... "Ich bin GEFESSELT, ENTSETZT, ERREGT ... Einer dieser Fälle, bei denen Plot und Prosa gleichermaßen ausgezeichnet sind." Lena Dunham über "You - Du wirst mich lieben" "Gone Girl trifft auf eine böse Version von Girls." Marie Claire über "You - Du wirst mich lieben" "Hypnotisch und unheimlich ... Ich habe noch nie etwas Vergleichbares gelesen." Stephen King über "You - Du wirst mich lieben"

Nach einer wahren Geschichte

Author: Delphine de Vigan
Publisher: Dumont Buchverlag
ISBN: 9783832189273
Release Date: 2016-08-12
Genre: Fiction

Zwei Frauen lernen sich auf einer Party kennen. Die zurückhaltende Delphine, die sich mit fremden Menschen meist sehr schwer tut, ist sofort fasziniert von der klugen und eleganten L., die als Ghostwriter arbeitet. Aus gelegentlichen Treffen werden regelmäßige, man erzählt einander das eigene Leben, spricht über Familie und Freunde, vor allem über Freundinnen. Und natürlich über Bücher und Filme, die man liebt und bewundert. Delphine ist glücklich über die Gemeinsamkeiten und fühlt sich verstanden wie schon lange nicht mehr. Ganz entgegen ihrer Gewohnheit gibt sie in einem Gespräch über das Schreiben die Idee für ihr nächstes Buch preis. L. reagiert enttäuscht: Wie nur könne Delphine ihre Zeit auf eine erfundene Geschichte verschwenden? Eine Autorin ihres Formats müsse sich der Wahrheit verschreiben. Delphine ist entsetzt. L.s leidenschaftlich vorgetragene Forderung löst eine tiefe Verunsicherung in ihr aus. Bald kann sie weder Papier noch Stift in die Hand nehmen. L. scheint völlig unglücklich über das zu sein, was sie in der Freundin ausgelöst hat. Selbstlos übernimmt sie die Beantwortung von E-Mails, das Absagen von Lesungen und Interviews, das Vertrösten des Verlags, der auf einen neuen Roman wartet. Und all das in Delphines Namen. Keiner weiß davon, keiner kennt L., und so ist Delphine allein, als sie feststellt, dass L. ihr immer ähnlicher wird ... Ausgezeichnet mit dem Prix Renaudot 2015

Manchmal l ge ich

Author: Alice Feeney
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783644402140
Release Date: 2017-12-15
Genre: Fiction

Ich heiße Amber Reynolds. Drei Dinge sollten Sie über mich wissen: 1. Ich liege im Koma. 2. Mein Mann liebt mich nicht mehr. 3. Manchmal lüge ich.