Handbook of Fractures

Author: Kenneth Egol
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9781496301031
Release Date: 2014-09-29
Genre: Medical

This practical handbook covers the diagnosis and management of fractures in adults and children. Each chapter is organized as follows: Epidemiology, Anatomy, Mechanism of Injury, Clinical Evaluation, Radiologic Evaluation, Classification, treatment, Complications. Section 1 also covers Multiple Trauma, Gunshot Wounds, pathologic and periprosthetic fractures, and orthopedic analgesia. The new edition will be in full color and will include a new chapter on the basic science of fracture healing, as well as a new section on intraoperative Imaging. Features: Bulleted format allows quick access and easy reading Consistent format for targeted reading Covers adult and pediatric fractures Covers fractures in all anatomic areas Heavily illustrated PortableIn Full color New chapter: Basic Science of Fracture Healing New Section: Intraoperative Imaging

Handbook of Fractures

Author: Kenneth J. Koval
ISBN: 0781790093
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Thoroughly updated for its Third Edition, this pocket-sized go-anywhere guide is the ideal on-the-spot reference for residents and practitioners seeking fast facts on fracture management and classification. Chapters organized by anatomic site provide key information on fractures in adults and in children, including epidemiology, anatomy, mechanism of injury, clinical evaluation, radiologic evaluation, classification, treatment, and management of complications. The book's easy-access format features numerous charts, tables, diagrams, illustrations, and bulleted lists. Two new chapters in this edition cover closed reduction, casting, and traction, and orthopaedic analgesia. Handbook of Fractures, Third Edition will also be available for PDAs. See PDA listing for details.

Handbook of Fractures Third Edition

Author: John A. Elstrom
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071443770
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Handbook of Fractures is the ideal portable resource for health care professionals who need to manage patients with musculoskeletal problems. The book focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and management of complications associated with treating the simplest as well as the more complex fractures.

Pocketbook of Orthopaedics and Fractures

Author: Ronald McRae
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780443102721
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Written by a leader in the field, the revised 2nd Edition of this outstanding, practical handbook concisely and clearly discusses the key aspects of orthopaedic theory, examination and fracture treatment for quick consultation in the clinical setting. Abundant illustrations - drawn by the author - complement the text superbly to help you understand concepts and techniques easily. Offers a user-friendly reference in a compact, pocket-sized format for on-the-go consultation. Provides unique illustrations that present clear guidance on how to perform an orthopaedic examination and treat a full range of fractures. Answers clinical questions with remarkable clarity and brevity. Includes expanded information, including coverage of additional instabilities and operative fracture treatment. Features improved illustrations to include fracture-site labeling.

Brinker Piermattei and Flo s Handbook of Small Animal Orthopedics and Fracture Repair

Author: Donald L. Piermattei
Publisher: W B Saunders Company
ISBN: 0721692141
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

This handbook covers the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of conditions affecting the locomotor system in small animals. The 4th edition presents up-to-date information on various types of fractures and methods of fixation, lameness and joint surgery, and musculoskeletal diseases. Other key topics include: acute and chronic bone infections; transplantation, plating, wiring, and pinning techniques; bone grafting; reconstructive joint surgery; and osteochondrosis. Content is organized anatomically for quick access to information on both fractures and other conditions for each region of the body. Step-by-step line drawings clearly illustrate different types of fractures and procedures. Provides clear, concise coverage of the most common orthopedic conditions. A new chapter provides cutting edge information on arthroscopy. Each chapter is expanded with the most up-to-date information. Includes many additional illustrations. New coverage of monocortical plate/IM fixation. Discusses circular frames for fractures and osteotomies Provides information on new fixator clamps.

Handbook of Fractures for the PDA

Author: Kenneth J. Koval, M.D.
ISBN: 0781742269
Release Date: 2002-08-01
Genre: Medical

Licenses Available: Institutional Single-Seat (for one computer) and Network (network server/multi-user) For product, price and ordering information, call: 1-800-326-1685 (Hospitals/Gvt Accounts/Labs/Health Care Facilities) 1-800-624-8947 (Universities/Colleges) Outside US and Canada, please contact your Local LWW Representative This PDA reference is an indispensable on-the-spot guide to fracture management and a perfect hand-held companion to Rockwood and Green's Fractures in Adults and Rockwood and Wilkins' Fractures in Children. Intuitive and easy to navigate, Handbook of Fractures for the PDA provides instant access to information on epidemiology, anatomy, mechanism of injury, clinical evaluation, radiologic evaluation, classification, treatment, and complications. SmARTabs allow movement within topics with a single touch. Users can customize this PDA reference by adding topics or disease information, and the additions are automatically integrated into the existing document. Platform: Palm OS, Windows CE, and Pocket PC handheld devices Memory Requirements: Palm OS--1.9 MB; Windows CE/Pocket PC--2.4 MB

Handbook of Splinting and Casting

Author: Stephen R. Thompson
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323078023
Release Date: 2011-11-21
Genre: Medical

Get portable, step-by-step instructions on the most common, need-to-know techniques for initial orthopaedic injury management from the Handbook of Casting and Splinting by Stephen R. Thompson, MD and Dan A. Zlotolow, MD. As part of the Mobile Medicine series and modeled after the successful Harriet Lane Handbook, this practical, pocket-sized book is the perfect take-along companion for orthopedic and emergency medicine residents as well as PAs, NPs, and other health professionals. Organized into four sections-orthopedic analgesia, reduction maneuvers, splints and casts, and traction maneuvers-

The Surgical Critical Care Handbook

Author: Jameel Ali
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789814663144
Release Date: 2016-04-11
Genre: Medical

This handbook considers topics that have general application to the critically ill patient. Basic pathophysiology and understanding of its role in critical care monitoring and management are covered, followed by a close look at trauma related and non-trauma related entities likely to afflict the critically ill surgical patient. The authors consist of practitioners who are experts in their field. They represent the team approach to critical care management where members from the divisions of anesthesia, internal medicine, respiratory medicine, infectious disease and surgical specialties all contribute in formulating intervention, assessment and management plans for the critically ill surgical patient. By emphasising the surgical conditions requiring critical care, The Surgical Critical Care Handbook will serve as a quick and easy reference for any medical trainee or practitioner aspiring to join the ICU. Contents:ForewordAbout the EditorList of ContributorsGeneral Considerations:Preoperative Assessment of the High-Risk Surgical Patient (Robert Chen and Jameel Ali)Shock: Cardiovascular Dynamics, Endpoints of Resuscitation, Monitoring, and Management (Jameel Ali)Gas Exchange (Zoheir Bshouty)Perioperative Respiratory Dysfunction (Jameel Ali)Mechanical Ventilation in the ICU (Robert Chen and Jameel Ali)Nutrition in the Surgical ICU Patient (Mohammed Bawazeer & Jameel Ali)Management of the Anticoagulated Injured Patient (K Pavenski)Pneumonia in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (Mohammed Bawazeer and Jameel Ali)Hypothermia and Hyperthemia (John B Kortbeeks)Thrombo-Embolism in the ICU Patient (Daniel Roizblatt, Andrew Beckett and Jameel Ali)Broad Principles of Antibiotic Usage and Surgical Antimicrobial Prophylaxis (Jameel Ali and Addison K May) The Coagulopathic Trauma Patient and Massive Transfusion Protocol (Jameel Ali, Sandro Rizoli and Katerina Pavenski)Geriatric Issues and the ICU (Richard M Bell and Victor Hurth)Ethical Issues in the Surgical ICU (Marshall Beckman, John Weigelt, Jameel Ali and Richard M Bell)Specific Surgical Disorders (TRAUMA):Priorities in Multiple Trauma Management (Jameel Ali)Thoracic Trauma (Mark W Bowyer and Jameel Ali)Abdominal Trauma (Jameel Ali)Head Injury (Jameel Ali, Lyne Noël de Tilly and R Loch Macdonald)Spine and Spinal Cord Injury (Safraz Mohammed, Shelly Wang and Jameel Ali)Pelvic Fractures (Jameel Ali and Jeremie Larouche)Extremity Fractures (Jeremy Hall and Jeremie Larouche)Extremity Compartment Syndromes (Mark W Bowyer)Burns, Cold Injury and Electrical Injury (Karen M Cross and Joel S Fish)Multiorgan Dysfuntion Syndrome in the Surgical Patient (P Dhar and G Papia)Specific Surgical Disorders (NonTRAUMA):Intra-abdominal Sepsis (Shuyin Liang and Joao B de Rezende-Neto)Bowel Obstruction (Dave D Paskar and Neil G Parry)Mesenteric Ischemia (John B Kortbeek)Upper GI Hemorrhage (Brad S Moffat, Sarah Knowles and Neil G Parry)Lower Gastrointestinal (GI) Hemorrhage (Jonathan Hong and Marcus Burnstein)Acute Pancreatitis (John B Kortbeek)Colorectal Disorders (Jonathan Hong, D Kagedan and Marcus Burnstein)The Bariatric Surgical Patient (Andrew Smith, Jameel Ali and Timothy D Jackson)The Transplant Patient (Andrew S Barbas and Anand Ghanekar)Soft Tissue Infection in Critical Care (Sami Alissa, Nawaf Al-Otaibi and James Mahoney)The Pediatric Surgical ICU Patient (Arthur Cooper, Pamela Feuer, Logeswary Rajagopalan, Ranjith Kamity and Mary Joan Marron-Corwin) Readership: Intensivists and surgeons including trauma specialists.

McRae s Orthopaedic Trauma and Emergency Fracture Management

Author: Timothy O White
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780702057298
Release Date: 2015-11-06
Genre: Medical

This book is derived from Ronald McRae’s Pocketbook of Orthopaedics and Fractures, a highly successful ‘survival guide’ for the trainee working in accident and emergency or orthopaedic departments. Retaining the underlying principles of the original editions this comprehensive rewrite and re-presentation provides complete coverage of orthopaedic trauma surgery as relevant to contemporary practice. McRae's Orthopaedic Trauma and Emergency Fracture Management utilises a detailed descriptive and didactic style, alongside a wealth of illustrations all completely redrawn for this book. The first section on general principles in orthopaedic trauma deals with basic terminology and classification, principles of closed and operative management of fractures, infection and complications. The main section provides a regional review of specific injuries, each following a logical sequence describing emergency department and orthopaedic management, and outlining a safe and widely accepted management strategy. Each chapter begins with an overview of the relevant anatomy and principles of the examination of the patient. The book provides a comprehensive overview of both surgical as well as conservative management of orthopaedic trauma injuries. This book is a fully rewritten text based on a classic textbook by Mr Ronald McRae. Now in a larger page size the book contains over 500 illustrations all drawn in two colours for this new edition. Over 250 x-rays accompany the text, many of which are connected with the line drawings to ease interpretation.

Rock Fracture and Blasting

Author: Zong-Xian Zhang
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 9780128027042
Release Date: 2016-04-26
Genre: Science

Rock Fracture and Blasting: Theory and Applications provides the latest on stress waves, shock waves, and rock fracture, all necessary components that must be critically analyzed to maximize results in rock blasting. The positioning of charges and their capacity and sequencing are covered in this book, and must be carefully modeled to minimize impact in the surrounding environment. Through an explanation of these topics, author Professor Zhang’s experience in the field, and his theoretical knowledge, users will find a thorough guide that is not only up-to-date, but complete with a unique perspective on the field. Includes a rigorous exposition of Stress Waves and Shock Waves, as well as Rock Fracture and Fragmentation Provides both Empirical and Hybrid Stress Blasting Modeling tools and techniques for designing effective blast plans Offers advanced knowledge that enables users to choose better blast techniques Includes exercises for learning and training in each chapter

Handbook of Pediatric Orthopedics

Author: Paul D. Sponseller
Publisher: Thieme
ISBN: 9781604062830
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Genre: Medical

Handbook of Pediatric Orthopedics -- now in a fully updated Second Edition -- encapsulates everything an orthopedic surgeon needs to know to make rapid diagnoses and quickly plan treatment for the gamut of common and uncommon pediatric orthopedic problems. The author, a well-respected authority in the field, provides only the most pertinent information on the developmental, genetic, and neurologic etiology of the various conditions. A full chapter concentrates exclusively on core treatment guidelines and algorithms for pediatric trauma management. Each chapter presents information on basic principles, technical skills, and standards of care in an easy-to-reference list format that allows the busy practitioner quick access to key information and thus facilitates faster diagnoses.Features Compiles new data on blocks, traction, special casts, aspiration, and arthogram interpretation 164 drawings, graphs, and charts illustrate important concepts Provides must-know radiographic parameters and clinical tips for key developmental disorders Reviews difficult-to-remember levels of innervation, including for the brachial plexus Numerous charts conveniently list medications and dosages based on weight, route, and frequency Helpful graphs track growth predictions for each region of the skeleton Orthopedic surgeons, residents, or fellows will refer to this highly practical pocket guide on a daily basis. Clinicians, residents, or fellows in pediatrics will also appreciate its brevity and up-to-date coverage.

Fractures in the Elderly

Author: Robert J. Pignolo
Publisher: Humana Press
ISBN: 9783319722283
Release Date: 2018-03-01
Genre: Medical

​Newly revised and updated, this book provides geriatricians and orthopedic surgeons with the most vital tools to treat elderly patients who sustain a variety of fractures. The text uniquely encompass the etiologies of fracture in the elderly, perioperative management, the surgical treatment of common fractures in the elderly, as well as rehabilitation and prevention in the older patient. It focuses on the most current data and opinions regarding assessment and management of geriatric conditions that predispose the elderly to fracture, perioperative complications and subsequent functional decline. Unlike any other text, experts in both orthopedics and geriatrics review the content of each chapter for readability and appeal to his/her respective discipline, making this the physician’s ultimate guide to treating elderly patients with injuries. Fractures in the Elderly, Second Edition is a valuable resource for geriatricians, orthopedic surgeons, physiologists, and rehabilitation specialists.