Handbook of Primary Care Ethics

Author: Andrew Papanikitas
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781351651530
Release Date: 2017-09-25
Genre: Medical

This enterprising collection spans the breadth of primary care in multiple ways. Contributions from general practitioners, philosophers, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, health economists, educationalists, patients and others reflect the rich variety that makes up primary care. Authors embrace the uncertainty inherent in the day-to-day reality of primary care, and practical advice sits alongside heartfelt accounts of issues that challenge practitioners. There is something here for everyone, whether the reader is looking for guidance on duties in primary care, a framework for analysing a difficult consultation, insights into the voice of the patient, or an understanding of the economics of primary care. Wendy Rogers, Professor of Clinical Ethics, Macquarie University With chapters revolving around practical issues and real-world contexts, this Handbook offers much-needed insights?into the ethics of primary healthcare. An international set of contributors from a broad range of areas in ethics and practice address a challenging array of?topics. These range from the issues arising in primary care interactions, to working with different sources of vulnerability among patients,?from?contexts?connected with?teaching and learning, to issues in relation to justice and resources. The book is both interdisciplinary and inter-professional, including not just ‘standard’ philosophical clinical ethics but also approaches using the humanities, clinical empirical research, management theory and much else besides. This practical handbook will be an invaluable resource for anyone who is seeking a better appreciation and understanding of the ethics ‘in’, ‘of’ and ‘for’ primary healthcare. That includes clinicians and commissioners, but also policymakers and academics concerned with primary care ethics. Readers are encouraged to explore and critique the ideas discussed in the 44 chapters; whether or not readers agree with all the authors’ views, this volume aims to?inform, educate and, in many cases, inspire.

Handbook for Advanced Primary Care Nurses

Author: Rebecca Neno
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 9780335236893
Release Date: 2008-10-01
Genre: Medical

"This handbook provides comprehensive information relevant to community and district nurses and new community matrons. It incorpoprates discussions on legal and ethical issues, case management, interprofessional working, commissioning and leadership. This book is an excellent resource for nurses who want to broaden knowledge of their role and who may be undertaking community matron university modules." Nursing Standard "I believe that A Handbook for Advanced Primary Care Nurses should be extensively read and that it will prove to be an essential resource for nurses striving to improve public health and patient care in the communities of today and tomorrow. It may, with political will and a skilled and determined workforce help Florence Nightingale's vision come true." Lynn Young, Primary Health Care Adviser, Royal College of Nursing, UK This important new handbook for Primary Care Nurses is designed to assist senior nurses in developing the understanding and skills required to be effective at both strategic and operational levels. As well as exploring the context of advanced primary care practice, the book provides the tools needed for enhancing care delivery within both primary care and community settings. A Handbook for Advanced Primary Care Nurses is an accessible guide to working strategically in primary care. It offers practical support across a range of core areas, including: Case finding and case management Mentorship Leadership and management Needs assessment Interprofessional working Prescribing Neno and Price encourage readers to think analytically about their practice and include activities and reflection points throughout the book to help with this. This book is the ideal companion both for nurse practitioners undertaking courses at advanced practice level and for professionals working at all levels in primary care.

Handbook of Psychological Assessment in Primary Care Settings Second Edition

Author: Mark E. Maruish
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317330943
Release Date: 2017-04-21
Genre: Psychology

The second edition Handbook of Psychological Assessment in Primary Care Settings offers an overview of the application of psychological screening and assessment instruments in primary care settings. This indispensable reference addresses current psychological assessment needs and practices in primary care settings to inform psychologists, behavioral health clinicians, and primary care providers the clinical benefits that can result from utilizing psychological assessment and other behavioral health care services in primary care settings.

Handbook of Mind Body Medicine for Primary Care

Author: Donald Moss
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761923233
Release Date: 2003

The Handbook of Mind-Body Medicine for Primary Care introduces an evidence-based mind-body approach to the medical and behavioral problems of primary care patients. Evidence-based mind-body practice draws on the best available scientific research, advocating the integration of well-documented mind-body therapies into primary health care. The handbook summarizes current mind-body practice and provides an overview of the basic techniques, including biofeedback, neurofeedback, relaxation therapies, hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapies, acupuncture, and spiritual therapies. The editors also thoroughly demonstrate the application of these techniques to common disorders such as headache, chronic pain, and essential hypertension, as well as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and sleep disorders.

The Doctor s Communication Handbook

Author: Peter Tate
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
ISBN: 1846191386
Release Date: 2007-01
Genre: Medical

An established key text for all doctors, this edition is completely up-to-date in regards to recent major changes in GP training and assessment.

Pediatric Primary Care

Author: Raymond C. Baker
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0781728894
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Medical

Dr. Baker's widely used Handbook of Pediatric Primary Care has now been updated and expanded into two volumes--Pediatric Primary Care: Well-Child Care and Pediatric Primary Care: Ill-Child Care. These practical handbooks provide easily accessible information on virtually every problem encountered in the primary care of children.Pediatric Primary Care: Well-Child Care focuses on health maintenance supervision and behavioral and developmental pediatrics. New chapters cover newborn screening, the sports physical, the adolescent visit, injury prevention, telephone medicine, and medical informatics. A significantly expanded behavioral and developmental section includes new chapters on negative behaviors, childhood sexuality, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Medical Receptionists and Secretaries Handbook

Author: Mari Robbins
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
ISBN: 1857757262
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

This best-selling classic has now been fully revised, expanded and updated. It has established itself over ten years and with three previous editions as the essential handbook for study and daily reference. Medical Receptionists and Secretaries Handbook, Fourth Edition contains vital information for all staff enabling them to work efficiently and effectively both within the NHS and private medical sectors. It encourages an understanding of the importance of administrative staff in providing high standards of patient care and promotes teamwork throughout the whole healthcare environment. No medical receptionist, secretary or healthcare administrator should be without it!

Behavioral Medicine

Author: H. Russell Searight
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0876309813
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Medical

Behavioral Medicine: A Primary Care Approach was written to assist mental health providers in addressing psychological disorders as they arise in a medical setting and sensitize all health care providers to the psychosocial aspects of many common illnesses. Common psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, and dementia, often co-exist with medical problems and are difficult to diagnose. Practicing in the primary care sector also raises unique cultural and ethical - legal concerns for mental health professionals. Behavioral Medicine: A Primary Care Approach provides a comprehensive description of these issues.

The SAGE Handbook of Health Care Ethics

Author: Ruth Chadwick
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446209615
Release Date: 2011-01-18
Genre: Medical

The SAGE Handbook of Health Care Ethics is an influential collection of work by leading scholars on the fundamental and emerging themes which define health care ethics. Combining international and interdisciplinary perspectives, the Handbook provides a cutting-edge account of debates in five key areas: - health care ethics in an era of globalization - beginning and end-of-life - vulnerable populations - research ethics and technologies - public health and human rights. This authoritative Handbook brings together experts with backgrounds in philosophy, sociology, law, public policy and the health professions and reflects the increasing impact of globalisation and the dynamic advances in the fields of bioscience and genetics, which keep ethics at the centre of debates about the future direction of healthcare. It is an invaluable resource for all students, practitioners, academics and researchers investigating ethical issues in relation to healthcare.

Behavioral Medicine in Primary Care

Author: Mitchell D. Feldman
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071383360
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Medical

Use a Behavioral Medicine Approach to Improve Clinical Outcome "All primary care physicians, their residents, and students would benefit from the central message of this book: medical practice occurs in the context of the physician-patient relationship, and only by understanding, managing, and using that relationship in an ethical, supportive, and effective fashion can primary care practice be conducted appropriately. -- Journal of General Internal Medicine * "Cohesively edited...bolstered by clinical vignettes...well positioned as an introduction for the physician-teacher and physician-in-training to the demands of the expanding role of physician as therapist....[Other texts] are not directed at the physician-in-training, are not case based, and are not as useful as a quick reference." -- Annals of Internal Medicine * "An excellent resource...Our family practice residency program has recently adopted this text as the primary resource for our behavioral science curriculum and provides each resident with a copy. It would be similarly useful for internists, nurse practitioners, and other primary care practitioners in training...Primary care health psychologists, medical school faculty, and others needing a compact and useful reference in this area will find this book highly valuable." -- Annals of Behavioral Science & Medical Education * "Doctors Feldman and Christensen have done primary care practice a good and important service with the publication of their book. It remains for clinicians and teachers to open their minds and practices to the ideas within it." -- From the Foreword, by Steven A. Schroeder, MD * Of the first edition. Authored bynationally recognized experts, this outstanding reference offers essential behavioral insights and practical management strategies that will help clinicians and students build a strong relationship with their patients and ensure that they provide the best possible treatment for medical and psychiatric disorders. No other resource so effectively examines how behavior - from the standpoint of the clinician as well as the patient - affects treatment decisions and results. Features and Topics Covered: *New chapter on "Complementary & Alternative Medicine" *All chapters substantially revised and updated *Up-to-date information on psychopharmacologic treatment of psychiatric illnesses *Greater emphasis on evidence-based medicine *Practical approach to behavior change *Mental disorders as they commonly occur in medical practice *Issues in the relationship between provider and patient *Adherence to medical treatment *Care of the dying *Dealing with medical errors *Physician well-being *Clinical vignettes *Updated references and web resources

Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice

Author: Charles Guest
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199586301
Release Date: 2013-02-28
Genre: Medical

Fully revised and updated for the third edition, the Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice remains the first resort for all those working in this broad field. Structured to assist with practical tasks, translating evidence into policy, and providing concise summaries and real-world issues from across the globe, this literally provides a world of experience at your fingertips. Easy-to-use, concise and practical, it is structured into seven parts that focus on the vital areas of assessment, data and information, direct action, policy, health-care systems, personal effectiveness and organisational development. Reflecting recent advances, the most promising developments in practical public health are presented, as well as maintaining essential summaries of core disciplines. This handbook is designed to assist students and practitioners around the world, for improved management of disasters, epidemics, health behaviour, acute and chronic disease prevention, community and government action, environmental health, vulnerable populations, and more.

Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics

Author: Judy Illes
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199680634
Release Date: 2013-02-21
Genre: Law

A landmark in the scientific literature, the Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics presents a pioneering review of a topic central to the biosciences. It breaks new ground in bringing together leading neuroscientists, philosophers, and lawyers to tackle some of the most significant ethical issues that face us now and will continue to do so.

Handbook of Primary Care Psychology

Author: Leonard J. Haas
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: UOM:39015059148265
Release Date: 2004-08-19
Genre: Psychology

This handbook is designed to provide authoritative information to the psychologist working in primary-care settings and to those seeking to learn about clinical issues in such settings. Scholarly and at the same time practical, this volume offers both the clinician and the researcher a wide-ranging look at the contexts in which psychological services become of paramount importance to the health of the patient.The handbook will cover the prevalent psychological conditions in the primary-care setting--depression, anxiety, somatization, eating disorders, and alcoholism; illnesses in which psychological disorders play a major role, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pain management, headache, asthma, low back pain, sleep disorders, among others; and issues of concern to psychologists treating children (ADHD, disciplinary problems, etc.), treating women (abuse, infertility, menopause, sexual dysfunction), treating men (workaholism, alcoholism, sexual dysfunction), and treating the older patient (death and dying, cognitive impairment, late life depression).Other important topics include psychological side effects of common medications, resistance to treatment, spiritual concerns in the treatment of patients, cultural differences in healing, suicide, AIDS, prevention of disease, and many others.Leonard Haas is a noted authority in the area of primary-care psychology and has recruited expert contributors for the 41 chapters and two appendices that make up this definitive handbook for a growing and important subspecialty in clinical psychology. The work may also be used in graduate courses in health psychology.