Harley Quinn A Celebration of 25 Years

Author: Amanda Conner
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 9781401280161
Release Date: 2017-09-19
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

From her animated adventures to her bloody stint in the Suicide Squad, HARLEY QUINN: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS captures the greatest comic book moments of the JokerÕs main moll, brought to life by industry legends Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Jim Lee, Jeph Loeb, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Karl Kesel, Terry Dodson and more! The true embodiment of the phrase Òmadly in love,Ó Harley Quinn may be stark, raving, cuckoo-pants crazy, but she is a woman who stands by her man. Filled with an inexplicable devotion to BatmanÕs nemesis, the Joker, sheÕs the Clown Prince of CrimeÕs most loyal companion. But while her monstrous ÒMistah JÓ may have led her to a life of crime, he also brought her comic book superstardom! ItÕs been 25 years since she made her debut, but Harley QuinnÕs popularity continues to grow, spreading from animation to comic books to video games to live-action feature films, with no sign of slowing down. Collects BATMAN ADVENTURES ANNUAL #1; BATMAN ADVENTURES HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1; BATGIRL ADVENTURES #1; BATMAN ADVENTURES #3; BATMAN ADVENTURES #16; BATMAN/HARLEY QUINN #1; HARLEY QUINN #1, #25; HARLEY AND IVY: LOVE ON THE LAM; BATMAN #613; JOKERÕS ASYLUM II: HARLEY QUINN #1; SUICIDE SQUAD (vol. 3) #6-7; HARLEY QUINN (vol. 2) #2; HARLEYÕS LITTLE BACK BOOK #1; and SUICIDE SQUAD (vol. 4) #4.

Harley Quinn a Celebration of 25 Years

Author: Various
ISBN: 1401275990
Release Date: 2017-09-19

Celebrate 25 years of Harley Quinn in this brand new hardcover collecting the infamous Suicide Squad outlaw's most memorable stories! Since her debut in 1992's Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn has wreaked havoc throughout the DC Universe with her zany, twisted ways. From her time as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the Joker's psychiatrist, to her transformation into the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic, and always villainous Harely Quinn, celebrate twenty-five years with the most acclaimed writers and artists that have contributed to Harley's raucous adventures!


Author: Scott Snyder
ISBN: OCLC:1075033929
Release Date: 2016

Sailor Rook ist kein Kind mehr, doch ihre Teenager-Zeit wird sich noch ein paar Jahre hinziehen. Und sie hat nicht gut begonnen. An ihrer alten Schule wurde sie grundlos, aber umso gnadenloser gemobbt. Eines Tages jedoch ist das Mädchen, das dafür verantwortlich war, plötzlich verschwunden. Und nun wird Sailor unterstellt, sie hätte damit etwas zu tun. Schließlich sehen ihre Eltern keinen anderen Ausweg mehr, als in einen anderen Ort irgendwo in New Hampshire zu ziehen, um ihrer traumatisierten Tochter einen Neustart zu ermöglichen. Doch nicht nur die üble Nachrede ist ihnen bis hierhin gefolgt. In den dunklen, dichten Wäldern Neuenglands lauert noch etwas Anderes, Uraltes auf Sailor...

Batman and Ethics

Author: Mark D. White
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9781119038023
Release Date: 2019-05-13
Genre: Philosophy

Batman has been one of the world’s most beloved superheroes since his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Clad in his dark cowl and cape, he has captured the imagination of millions with his single-minded mission to create a better world for the people of Gotham City by fighting crime, making use of expert detective skills, high-tech crime-fighting gadgets, and an extensive network of sidekicks and partners. But why has this self-made hero enjoyed such enduring popularity? And why are his choices so often the subject of intense debate among his fans and philosophers alike? Batman and Ethics goes behind the mask to shed new light on the complexities and contradictions of the Dark Knight’s moral code. From the logic behind his aversion to killing to the moral status of vigilantism and his use of torture in pursuit of justice (or perhaps revenge), Batman’s ethical precepts are compelling but often inconsistent and controversial. Philosopher and pop culture expert Mark D. White uses the tools of moral philosophy to track Batman’s most striking ethical dilemmas and decisions across his most prominent storylines from the early 1970s through the launch of the New 52, and suggests how understanding the mercurial moral character of the caped crusader might help us reconcile our own. A thought-provoking and entertaining journey through four decades of Batman’s struggles and triumphs in time for the franchise’s 80th anniversary, Batman and Ethics is a perfect gateway into the complex questions of moral philosophy through a focused character study of this most famous of fictional superheroes.


Author: Adrian Tomine
ISBN: 3931377911
Release Date: 2004

Ebenso einfühlsam wie schonungslos porträtiert der 30-jährige Amerikaner Adrian Tomine in "Sommerblond" die emotionale Zerrissenheit seiner Generation. In drei melancholischen Erzählungen gewährt er Einblicke in das zuweilen abwegige Streben seiner Protagonisten nach Zuwendung und Anerkennung. Tomine gelingt in eindringlichen, naturalistischen Bildern ein Comic, "lohnend wie ein guter zeitgenössischer Roman" (Nick Hornby).

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special 2017 1

Author: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: PKEY:T1755000015001
Release Date: 2017-09-06
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

Celebrate twenty-five years of Harley Quinn with this collection of stories by some legendary Harley talent and some who’ve never drawn her before! How does Harley manage her insanely jam-packed life on Coney Island? What haven’t we seen from her past with the Joker? And can even Harley’s psychological acumen crack the twisted mind of…Robin, the Boy Wonder?


ISBN: 386201584X
Release Date: 2013

Batman 66

Author: Jeff Parker
ISBN: 3957983568
Release Date: 2015-02