Harrisons Manual of Medicine 18th Edition

Author: Dan Longo
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071745192
Release Date: 2012-09-18
Genre: Medical

"The authority of Harrison's in a full-color, carry-anywhere presentation, Harrison's Manual of Medicine, 18e is a distillation of the most clinically relevant content of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 18e. Presented in full color, this authoritative guide focuses on diagnosis and treatment, with an emphasis on patient care. Features Provides on-the-spot answers to common clinical problems. Completely updated to reflect the latest research and developments. Increased number of full-color illustrations"--Provided by publisher.

Harrisons Manual of Medicine 19th Edition

Author: Dennis L. Kasper
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071828543
Release Date: 2016-05-22
Genre: Medical

Essential Clinical Information Drawn From Harrison’s Harrison’s Manual of Medicine is a concise, bedside resource derived from content found in Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, Nineteenth Edition. Perfect for use at the point of care, the Manual presents clinical information covering key aspects of the diagnosis, clinical manifestations, and treatment of the major diseases that are likely to be encountered in medical practice. Presented in full color and incorporating an efficient blend of succinct text, bullet points, algorithms, and tables Harrison’s Manual of Medicine, Nineteenth Edition covers every area of clinical medicine, including: · Etiology and Epidemiology · Clinically Relevant Pathophysiology · Signs and Symptoms · Differential Diagnosis · Physical and Laboratory Findings · Therapeutics · Practice Guidelines

Quality Patient Care Making Evidence Based High Value Choices An Issue of Medical Clinics of North America

Author: Marc Shalaby
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323462815
Release Date: 2016-08-24
Genre: Medical

This issue of Medical Clinics, guest edited by Drs. Marc Shalaby and Edward Bollard, is devoted to Quality Patient Care: Making Evidence-Based, High Value Choices. Articles in this issue include: Cardiovascular testing in asymptomatic patients: carotid duplex, cardiac stress testing, screen for PVD; Utility of echocardiogram in the evaluation of heart murmurs; Evidenced-based recommendations for the evaluation of palpitations in the primary care setting; Radiologic evaluation of common orthopedic complaints: low back pain, non-traumatic knee/shoulder/hip pain, and ankle injuries; Indications and usefulness of common injections for non-traumatic orthopedic complaints – shoulder, trochanteric bursa, epidural injections, tennis elbow, and knee; The evidence-based evaluation of chronic cough; Evaluation of uncomplicated headache; Evaluation of syncope; Pre-operative assessment: Cataract surgery, pre-operative EKG testing, screening for cardiopulmonary disease, urinalysis, coagulation studies, other lab assessments; The approach to occult GI bleed; The role of EGD surveillance for patients with Barrett’s esophagus; The evidence-based evaluation of iron deficiency anemia; Cancer screening in the elderly; Utilization and safety of common over the counter dietary/nutritional supplements, herbal agents and homeopathic compounds for disease prevention; Utilization of oxygen for the patient with dyspnea; IV fluids, enteral or parenteral nutrition; and Symptom control at the end of life.

Medical Conditions in the Athlete 3rd Edition

Author: Walsh Flanagan, Katie
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 9781492533504
Release Date: 2017-03-06
Genre: Medical

Medical Conditions in the Athlete, Third Edition, equips health care providers with the information they need to develop a framework for decision making when working with injured and recovering athletes and active populations.

Funktionelles Training mit Hand und Kleinger ten

Author: Hans-Dieter Kempf
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783662436592
Release Date: 2014-12-04
Genre: Medical

Das Praxisbuch "Funktionelles Training mit Hand- und Kleingeräten" bietet Therapeuten, Trainern, Sportlehrern und Übungsleitern ein großes Spektrum von Übungen und Variationen zu den gebräuchlichsten Handgeräten wie Thera-Band, Tube und Gymstick, Gewichte wie Kurz- und Langhantel, Gewichts- und Medizinbälle, Fitness-Ball, Stabilisatonstrainer, Flowin, Propriomed und Stab. Auch die wesentlichen Hintergrundinfos über Krafttraining, Sensomotorisches Training, Sportmotorische Tests für Erwachsene, Besonderheiten im Training mit älteren Menschen und Jugendlichen usw. werden in Kurzform dargestellt. Als Praxisbuch für die Kurs- und Therapieplanung ist es unentbehrlich, z.B. wenn es um die Auswahl von Übungen nach einem bestimmten Trainingsziel geht, um das Zusammenstellen von Stundenbildern für Kursprogramme oder von individuellen Heimprogrammen für Kunden bzw. Patienten oder um das Konzipieren spezieller Trainingsprogramme für ein bestimmtes Handgerät.

alias Grace

Author: Margaret Atwood
Publisher: Piper ebooks
ISBN: 9783492977432
Release Date: 2017-07-03
Genre: Fiction

Toronto, 1843: Das junge Dienstmädchen Grace wird mit sechzehn des Doppelmordes an ihren Arbeitgebern schuldig gesprochen. In letzter Sekunde wandelt das Gericht ihr Todesurteil in eine lebenslange Gefängnisstrafe um. Sie verbringt Jahre hinter Gittern, bis man sie schließlich entlässt. Im Haushalt des Anstaltdirektors begegnet sie dem Nervenarzt Simon, der ihrer Geschichte auf den Grund gehen will: Ist Grace eine gemeingefährliche Verbrecherin oder unschuldig? Margaret Atwood hat einen Roman von hypnotischer Spannung geschrieben, der die Geschichte einer realen Gestalt, einer der berüchtigtsten Frauen Kanadas erzählt.

Oral Medicine A Handbook for Physicians An Issue of Medical Clinics

Author: Eric Stoopler
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323323826
Release Date: 2014-11-05
Genre: Medical

This issue of the Medical Clinics of North America, devoted to Oral Medicine, is edited by Drs. Eric T. Stoopler and Thomas P. Sollecito. Articles in this issue include: Anatomical and examination considerations of the oral cavity; Common dental and periodontal diseases; Common dental and orofacial trauma; Normal variations of oral anatomy and common oral soft tissue lesions; Oral cancer; Oral mucosal disorders; Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs); Orofacial pain syndromes; and Salivary gland disorders.

Havard s Nursing Guide to Drugs

Author: Adriana P. Tiziani
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780729581622
Release Date: 2013-06-01
Genre: Medical

This ninth edition of Havard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs e-book continues to provide reliable, accurate drug information for nursing and midwifery students and practitioners. All content in this must have nursing drug handbook, is tailored for nurses and midwives in Australia and New Zealand. User-friendly and fully up-to-date, this indispensible nursing e-book delivers safe drug administration information regarding form, action, use, dose, adverse effects and interactions in compliance with current pharmaceutical guidelines by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA). Each therapeutic drug class features a detailed description, followed by an A-Z of drugs within that class. Important Nursing points and cautions throughout this edition highlight best practice in drug administration. Patient teaching and advice has been included to emphasise an essential part of care within a multidisciplinary team. This e-book edition also features icons that indicate drug cautions during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and another that indicates drug-specific restrictions in sport. A bestselling Elsevier textbook, Havard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs has been the premier drug guide for nurses and midwives since 1983. Havard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs 9th edition will also be available for separate purchase as an app (iOS and android) and provides an easy reference, searchable version of the text in mobile format for students and practitioners to carry with them during clinical practice. Also, available for separate purchase to be used alongside the Havard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs app will be the Tiziani Drug Calculations app. When both apps are purchased the user will be able to share function, content and data between the two applications. This link will provide cross reference from the text to case studies and drug calculation MCQ’s, placing the pharmacology in a clinical context. Havard's Nursing Guide to Drugs 9e app and the Tiziani Drug Calculations app will be available for purchase in December 2013. Drugs listed by therapeutic class and by body system Both trade names and generic drug names provided Each drug entry listed by available forms, action, use, dosage, adverse effects, interactions with other drugs Nursing points and cautions and Patient teaching and advice ensure quality patient care New focus on Patient teaching and advice. All existing drugs reviewed and updated. All new entries checked to ensure form, action, dose, usage, adverse effects, contraindication and precautions comply with current pharmaceutical guidelines. Cautions for drugs used during pregnancy and breastfeeding are highlighted with an icon. Cautions for sports related drugs are also highlighted with an icon.