Has the Biblical Text Been Corrupted over the Centuries

Author: Jonathan Morrow
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802493057
Release Date: 2014-09-01
Genre: Religion

From the complete book: Can a thoughtful person today seriously believe that God wrote a book? There are an unprecedented number of sophisticated attacks on the origin, credibility, and reliability of the Bible. It can be difficult to know what to say when skepticism and secularism take over so many conversations. Additionally, confusion and doubt about the Bible being God's Word are becoming as common inside the church as they are in the broader culture. The purpose of this book is to respond to these challenges, sound bites, and slogans...and give people confidence that the Bible can be trusted and that it matters for our lives because God really has spoken.

The Erosion of Biblical Certainty

Author: Michael J. Lee
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137299666
Release Date: 2013-10-17
Genre: History

According to conventional wisdom, by the late 1800s, the image of Bible as a supernatural and infallible text crumbled in the eyes of intellectuals under the assaults of secularizing forces. This book corrects the narrative by arguing that in America, the road to skepticism had already been paved by the Scriptures' most able and ardent defenders.

Was Jesus Crucified

Author: Keith Prosser
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 9781291913804
Release Date: 2016-07-07
Genre: Religion

An historical research into the life and death of Jesus Christ as described in the Christian Holy Bible. Examines early Gnostic, Jewish, Roman, Greek, Syrian and Christian historical sources, to give a near-comprehensive analysis of the subject, resulting in a genuine fresh look into the well studied topic. A meticulous review is made of what Josephus wrote about Jesus through critical analysis demonstrating why he must have written it. A similar examination is made of the Gnostic writings especially the Nag Hammadi gospel of Thomas, resulting in textual proof he wrote it after the Bible's gospels. The book should prove of great interest to those studying or reading the New Testament as it includes a summarised history of the Faith spanning from the present day to the first century, the origins of present day scepticism, introduction into manuscript preservation, and a glossary of theological terms and early Christian controversies.


Author: Nick Spencer
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781472902979
Release Date: 2014-05-08
Genre: Religion

The clash between atheism and religion has become the defining battle of the 21st century. Books on and about atheism retain high profile and popularity, and atheist movements on both sides of the Atlantic capture headlines with high-profile campaigns and adverts. However, very little has been written on the history of atheism, and this book fills that conspicuous gap. Instead of treating atheism just as a philosophical or scientific idea about the non-existence of God, Atheists: The Origin of the Species places the movement in its proper social and political context. Because atheism in Europe developed in reaction to the Christianity that dominated the continent's intellectual, social and political life, it adopted, adapted and reacted against its institutions as well as its ideas. Accordingly, the history of atheism is as much about social and political movements as it is scientific or philosophical ideas. This is the story not only of Hobbes, Hume, and Darwin, but also of Thomas Aitkenhead hung for blasphemous atheism, Percy Shelley expelled for adolescent atheism, and the Marquis de Sade imprisoned for libertine atheism; of the French revolutionary Terror and the Soviet League of the Militant Godless; of the rise of the US Religious Right and of Islamic terrorism. Looking at atheism in its full sociopolitical context helps explain why it has looked so very different in different countries. It also explains why there has been a recent upsurge in atheism, particularly in Britain and the US, where religion has unexpectedly come to play such a significant role in political affairs. This leads us to a somewhat paradoxical conclusion: we should expect to hear more about atheism in the future for the simple reason that God is back.

The Evolution of the West

Author: Nick Spencer
Publisher: SPCK
ISBN: 9780281075218
Release Date: 2016-09-15
Genre: Religion

What has Christianity ever done for us? A lot more than you might think, as Nick Spencer reveals in this fresh exploration of our cultural origins. Looking at the big ideas that characterize the West, such as human dignity, the rule of law, human rights, science – and even, paradoxically, atheism and secularism – he traces the varied ways in which many of our present values grew up and flourished in distinctively Christian soil. Always alert to the tensions and the mess of history, and careful not to overstate the Christian role in shaping our present values, Spencer shows how a better awareness of what we owe to Christianity can help us as we face new cultural challenges.

All the Places in the Bible

Author: Richard R. Losch
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781483628264
Release Date: 2013-05
Genre: Religion

I have been in more than one Bible study class in which someone thought that Paul wrote Thessalonians to the people in a country called Thessalonia and Galatians to the people of the city of Galatia. And to add to their confusion, they had no idea whatsoever where either was located. In my studies of the Bible and Apocrypha, I have discovered that an understanding of the places involved often adds a whole new meaning to the stories and events. In many cases the background, topography, history, and culture of a place either help to make sense of an otherwise rather enigmatic situation, or enrich and flesh out a statement or event.

Unless I See Is There Evidence Enough to Believe

Author: Pat Zukeran
Publisher: Redemption Press
ISBN: 9781632326362
Release Date: 2015-09-21
Genre: Religion

"Unless I See . . . Is There Enough Evidence to Believe?" will equip you, through its approachable and informative discussion, to present a well reasoned and compelling defense of the faith. It provides you with the tools and information to defend the Christian faith, instills confidence in your faith, and gives you the tools and techniques to share your faith with a world that does not yet see the truth found in Jesus Christ.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

Author: Josh McDowell
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781401676711
Release Date: 2017-10-03
Genre: Religion

The modern apologetics classic that started it all is now completely revised and updated—because the truth of the Bible doesn’t change, but its critics do. With the original Evidence That Demands a Verdict, bestselling author Josh McDowell gave Christian readers the answers they needed to defend their faith against the harshest critics and skeptics. Since that time, Evidence has remained a trusted resource for believers young and old. Bringing historical documentation and the best modern scholarship to bear on the trustworthiness of the Bible and its teachings, this extensive volume has encouraged and strengthened millions. Now, with his son Sean McDowell, Josh McDowell has updated and expanded this classic resource for a new generation. This is a book that invites readers to bring their doubts and doesn’t shy away from the tough questions. Features Include: • Thoroughly revised and updated from the previous edition • Now co-authored by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell • All-new chapters defending against the latest attacks from Christianity’s critics • Designed to be a go-to reference for even the toughest questions • Offers thoughtful responses to the Bible’s most difficult and extraordinary passages • Expansive defense of Christianity’s core truths, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ

A Word Fitly Spoken

Author: Philip L. Culbertson
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791423123
Release Date: 1995-02-23
Genre: Religion

This book compares New Testament and Rabbinical texts in order to recover the oral tradition accompanying the written Biblical text. Although New Testament Greek is a hellenistic idiom, it reflects a Semitic rather than a hellenistic culture. Therefore, Culbertson looks to Jewish sources in order to understand the Greek text, rather than to the philosophical, methodological, and literary sources of hellenistic culture. The author uses specific examples to illustrate various literary theories and to prove the value of a Listener Response Analysis of Gospel texts. A dozen parables are discussed in detail.

Time Travel to the Old Testament

Author: Chris Siskinson
Publisher: SPCK
ISBN: 9781783590100
Release Date: 2013-07-19
Genre: Religion

With a bit of communication from the past and imagination from the present, we can visit, explore and enjoy the world of the Old Testament. An unusual and innovative way to increase our Bible knowledge - by stepping into a metaphorical time machine.

Mystery at Corinth

Author: William M. Harmening
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595403455
Release Date: 2006-07
Genre: Religion

In Mystery at Corinth, William Harmening takes a critical look at the modern charismatic doctrine of tongues against the backdrop of such ancient Jewish writings as the Mishnah and Talmud, and the historical record of the first century Jewish synagogue. He begins by clearly defining the various doctrines and beliefs that guide the modern Charismatic church on this issue, leads us through the historical development of those doctrines, and finally, utilizing the Rabbinical writings of ancient Judaism, provides a new and enlightening exposition of the few New Testament scriptures that mention tongues. His thought-provoking analysis demonstrates that the tongues of First Corinthians actually predate the New Testament narrative, and were employed by the Jews in their synagogue service long before Paul wrote his corrective discourse, thus refuting the view of tongues held by the modern Charismatic church. For anyone who has struggled to understand this controversial aspect of modern Christian practice, Mystery at Corinth will serve as an important guide to further research and study.

How to Read the Bible

Author: James L. Kugel
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451689099
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: Religion

As soon as it appeared, How to Read the Bible was recognized as a masterwork, “awesome, thrilling” (The New York Times), “wonderfully interesting, extremely well presented” (The Washington Post), and “a tour de force...a stunning narrative” (Publishers Weekly). Now in its tenth year of publication, the book remains the clearest, most inviting and readable guide to the Hebrew Bible around—and a profound meditation on the effect that modern biblical scholarship has had on traditional belief. Moving chapter by chapter, Harvard professor James Kugel covers the Bible’s most significant stories—the Creation of the world, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the flood, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and his wives, Moses and the exodus, David’s mighty kingdom, plus the writings of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the other prophets, and on to the Babylonian conquest and the eventual return to Zion. Throughout, Kugel contrasts the way modern scholars understand these events with the way Christians and Jews have traditionally understood them. The latter is not, Kugel shows, a naïve reading; rather, it is the product of a school of sophisticated interpreters who flourished toward the end of the biblical period. These highly ideological readers sought to put their own spin on texts that had been around for centuries, utterly transforming them in the process. Their interpretations became what the Bible meant for centuries and centuries—until modern scholarship came along. The question that this book ultimately asks is: What now? As one reviewer wrote, Kugel’s answer provides “a contemporary model of how to read Sacred Scripture amidst the oppositional pulls of modern scholarship and tradition.”

Moses Mendelssohn s Living Script

Author: Elias Sacks
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253023872
Release Date: 2016-12-12
Genre: Philosophy

Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) is often described as the founder of modern Jewish thought and as a leading philosopher of the late Enlightenment. One of Mendelssohn's main concerns was how to conceive of the relationship between Judaism, philosophy, and the civic life of a modern state. Elias Sacks explores Mendelssohn's landmark account of Jewish practice--Judaism's "living script," to use his famous phrase--to present a broader reading of Mendelssohn's writings and extend inquiry into conversations about modernity and religion. By studying Mendelssohn's thought in these dimensions, Sacks suggests that he shows a deep concern with history. Sacks affords a view of a foundational moment in Jewish modernity and forwards new ways of thinking about ritual practice, the development of traditions, and the role of religion in society.