Historic Preservation Law in a Nutshell

Author: Sara Bronin
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 9781628106367
Release Date: 2014-05-05
Genre: Law

Historic Preservation in a Nutshell provides the first-ever in-depth summary of historic preservation law within its local, state, tribal, federal, and international contexts. Historic Preservation is a burgeoning area of law that includes aspects of property, land use, environmental, constitutional, cultural resources, international, and Native American law. This book covers the primary federal statutes, and many facets of state statutes, dealing with the protection and preservation of historic resources. It also includes key topics like the designation process, federal agency obligations, local regulation, takings and other constitutional concerns, and real estate development issues. Click here to read a book review from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Historic Preservation and the Livable City

Author: Eric W. Allison
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047090075X
Release Date: 2010-12-20
Genre: Architecture

For both the preservation professional and urban planner, this book shows how preservation is a key to the creation of livable cities. The author Eric Allison, the founder and coordinated of the graduate historic preservation program at Pratt Institute in New York City, offers tools and case studies that preservationists and planners can learn from in implementing preservation projects or plans in cities large and small. This book is a must read for anyone working in or interested in these fields and the creation and maintenance of livable cities.

Privacy Law in a Nutshell

Author: John T. Soma
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 0314181342
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Law

Soma and Rynerson review the historical roots of privacy and examine each of the U.S. privacy statutes and regulations in this excellent introductory guide to the legal privacy world.

Historic Preservation Law

Author: Sara C. Bronin
Publisher: Foundation Press
ISBN: 1609301064
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Law

The casebook is the first comprehensive set of teaching materials for this fascinating and increasingly important area of law. The historic preservation law field encompasses many topics, from urban revitalization to Native American cultural sites, which are interesting to students and vital to contemporary practice. The casebook contains carefully selected and edited cases, statutory and regulatory provisions, scholarly analysis from diverse fields, and original explanatory text. The authors included illuminating photos and drawings throughout the casebook. HISTORIC PRESERVATION LAW gracefully supports teaching a specialized law school course or an introductory law course in a planning, historic preservation, or architecture school.

Land Use Law in a Nutshell

Author: John Nolon
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 9781640200388
Release Date: 2017-05-14
Genre: Law

This book reviews the common law principles that underpin modern land use regulations, including covenants and restrictions that work with government regulation to limit the use of private property. The Nutshell clearly explains the legal aspects of land planning and regulation, project review processes, and innovative and flexible regulatory devices. Subdivision and site plan regulation, local environment law, discrimination in zoning, regulatory takings, inverse condemnation, and community development practices are all explored. In addition, the book discusses the law of smart growth, and addresses current trends in land use law including the siting of renewable energy facilities. An appendix of internet-based resources is also provided. Law and planning students will find that this Nutshell covers the key cases in all land use law textbooks, and seasoned practitioners and planners will find the organization and approach to dozens of subject areas beneficial to their understanding of land use law.

Sandeen and Rowe s Trade Secret Law in a Nutshell

Author: Sharon Sandeen
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 9781634593656
Release Date: 2013-08-06
Genre: Law

Trade Secret Law is the first and only book in the Nutshell series to cover trade secret law in depth. It was written as a companion to Cases and Materials on Trade Secret Law by Rowe and Sandeen (the first casebook on trade secret law), but adds more practical advice. Thus, it is a useful resource for attorneys and law students alike. It could be a supplement to a course on trade secret law or an IP survey course that covers trade secret law, as most now do. Like the casebook, it focuses on the predominate law governing trade secrets in the U.S.: The Uniform Trade Secrets Act (now applicable in 47 of 50 states). Trade Secret Law in a Nutshell addresses both international and criminal enforcement of trade secret rights. In February of 2013, President Obama issued a report calling for increased enforcement of trade secret rights, both domestically and internationally, making the topic both current and relevant.

Energy and Natural Resources Law in a Nutshell

Author: Jan Laitos
Publisher: West Group
ISBN: STANFORD:36105044564818
Release Date: 1992-01-01
Genre: Conservation of natural resources

Law and the Resources Market; Economics and Natural Resources Markets; Law and Government and the Natural Resources Market; Resource Management and Protection; Public Lands and Natural Resources Law; Environmental Law; Environmental Assessment and NEPA; Resource Production and Use; Minerals Law; Timber Law; Water Law; Energy Resource Distribution and Use; Federal Energy Policy; Developing Energy Resources; Energy, Conversion and Distribution.

American Indian Law in a Nutshell 6th

Author: William Canby Jr
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 9781634592871
Release Date: 2014-12-05
Genre: Law

This guide provides a reliable resource on American Indian law. Its authoritative text covers the essentials of this complex body of law, with attention to the governmental policies underlying it. The work emphasizes both the historical development of Federal Indian Law and recent matters such as the evolution of Indian gaming, issues arising under the Indian Child Welfare Act, and the present enforcement of treaty rights. It addresses the policy and law applicable to Alaska Natives, but does not deal with Native Hawai'ians.

Coastal and Ocean Management Law in a Nutshell

Author: Donna R. Christie
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 0314161546
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Law

Coastal and Ocean Management Law in a Nutshell surveys the continually evolving law of the coasts and oceans. The material is unique because it does not analyze the law of a discreet substantive field of law, but instead looks at the law in relation to a place - the coasts and oceans. These areas are viewed from common law and modern regulatory perspectives, from the federal and state levels, and from an international perspective. Starting with principles of the common law concerning the public trust doctrine and ownership of waters and coastal lands, the book moves to modern issues of beach access, coastal development and regulation of coastal resources, and the Coastal Zone Management Act. Offshore resource management issues, including outer continental shelf oil development and mining, fisheries, historic wrecks, navigation and pollution control, and protection of marine species are also surveyed. Finally, recent developments in the law of the sea and the United St

Global Internet Law in a Nutshell

Author: Michael Rustad
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 1634596846
Release Date: 2015-11-27

The Global Internet in a Nutshell begins with a review of the history, technology, and competing theories of the Internet that enables a deeper understanding of case law and statutory developments discussed in the substantive chapters. It briefly covers the history of the Internet through the rapidly evolving Web 3.0, competing theories of Internet governance, cyber jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments, choice and conflicts of law, cybertorts, online contracting and licensing including social media terms of use, the protection of online intellectual property assets, global consumer law, the protection of online privacy, criminal liability for Internet activity, and European Community statutes such as the General Data Protection Regulation, E-Commerce Directive, Brussels Regulation, and Rome I Regulation. The Third Edition presents a concise discussion of cloud computing and social media terms of use. Each chapter of this revised edition updates the key cases and statutory developments from the United States, Europe, and around the world. This book is an ideal beginning textbook as well as starting point for most Internet-related research. This short treatise provides a succinct summary of e-commerce law developments around the world.

Environmental Law in a Nutshell

Author: Daniel A. Farber
ISBN: 0314290303
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Law

Farber's Environmental Law in a Nutshell provides a foundation for understanding environmental law. Expert text includes coverage of various areas, from acid rain and atomic energy, to waste disposal and wetlands. Touches upon the many statutory and common-law regulations shaping the world in which we live.

Energy Law in a Nutshell

Author: Joseph Tomain
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 1634607112
Release Date: 2016-11-23

This title addresses the component parts of the energy fuel cycle, as well as the market and government policies that oversee it. This Nutshell describes in detail the country's traditional energy policy and also discusses the current challenges that confront it. Chapters cover the individual natural resources used to produce energy and the book concludes with the development of a clean energy policy for the future.