History and Its Objects

Author: Peter N. Miller
ISBN: 0801453704
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Art

In History and Its Objects, Peter N. Miller uncovers the forgotten origins of our fascination with exploring the past through its artifacts by highlighting the role of antiquarianism in grasping the significance of material culture.

History and Its Objects

Author: Peter N. Miller
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9781501708237
Release Date: 2017-04-15
Genre: Art

Cultural history is increasingly informed by the history of material culture—the ways in which individuals or entire societies create and relate to objects both mundane and extraordinary—rather than on textual evidence alone. Books such as The Hare with Amber Eyes and A History of the World in 100 Objects indicate the growing popularity of this way of understanding the past. In History and Its Objects, Peter N. Miller uncovers the forgotten origins of our fascination with exploring the past through its artifacts by highlighting the role of antiquarianism—a pursuit ignored and derided by modem academic history—in grasping the significance of material culture. From the efforts of Renaissance antiquarians, who reconstructed life in the ancient world from coins, inscriptions, seals, and other detritus, to amateur historians in the nineteenth century working within burgeoning national traditions, Miller connects collecting—whether by individuals or institutions—to the professionalization of the historical profession, one which came to regard its progenitors with skepticism and disdain. The struggle to articulate the value of objects as historical evidence, then, lies at the heart both of academic history-writing and of the popular engagement with things. Ultimately, this book demonstrates that our current preoccupation with objects is far from novel and reflects a human need to reexperience the past as a physical presence.

Momigliano and Antiquarianism

Author: Peter N. Miller
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802092076
Release Date: 2007
Genre: History

In Momigliano and Antiquarianism, Peter N. Miller brings together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars to provide the first serious study of Momigliano's history of historical scholarship.

Antiquarianism and the Visual Histories of Louis XIV

Author: Robert Wellington
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351576390
Release Date: 2017-07-05
Genre: Art

Antiquarianism and the Visual Histories of Louis XIV: Artifacts for a Future Past provides a new interpretation of objects and images commissioned by Louis XIV (1638-1715) to document his reign for posterity. The Sun King's image-makers based their prediction of how future historians would interpret the material remains of their culture on contemporary antiquarian methods, creating new works of art as artifacts for a future time. The need for such items to function as historical evidence led to many pictorial developments, and medals played a central role in this. Coin-like in form but not currency, the medal was the consummate antiquarian object, made in imitation of ancient coins used to study the past. Yet medals are often elided from the narrative of the arts of ancient r?me France, their neglect wholly disproportionate to the cultural status that they once held. This revisionary study uncovers a numismatic sensibility throughout the iconography of Louis XIV, and in the defining monuments of his age. It looks beyond the standard political reading of the works of art made to document Louis XIV's history, to argue that they are the results of a creative process wedded to antiquarianism, an intellectual culture that provided a model for the production of history in the grand si?e.

Peiresc s Mediterranean World

Author: Peter N. Miller
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674425774
Release Date: 2015-04-20
Genre: History

Nicolas Fabri de Peiresc was the most gifted French intellectual in the generation between Montaigne and Descartes. His insatiable curiosity poured forth in thousands of letters that traveled the Mediterranean, seeking knowledge. Mining his 70,000-page archive, Peter N. Miller recovers a lost Mediterranean world of the early seventeenth century.

Becoming Austrians

Author: Lisa Silverman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199942725
Release Date: 2012-06-19
Genre: History

The collapse of Austria-Hungary in 1918 left all Austrians in a state of political, social, and economic turmoil, but Jews in particular found their lives shaken to the core. Although Jews' former comfort zone suddenly disappeared, the dissolution of the Dual Monarchy also created plenty of room for innovation and change in the realm of culture. Jews eagerly took up the challenge to fill this void, and they became heavily invested in culture as a way to shape their new, but also vexed, self-understandings. By isolating the years between the World Wars and examining formative events in both Vienna and the provinces, Becoming Austrians: Jews and Culture between the World Wars demonstrates that an intensified marking of people, places, and events as "Jewish" accompanied the crises occurring in the wake of Austria-Hungary's collapse, with profound effects on Austria's cultural legacy. In some cases, the consequences of this marking resulted in grave injustices. Philipp Halsmann, for example, was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his father years before he became a world-famous photographer. And the men who shot and killed writer Hugo Bettauer and philosopher Moritz Schlick received inadequate punishment for their murderous deeds. But engagements with the terms of Jewish difference also characterized the creation of culture, as shown in Hugo Bettauer's satirical novel The City without Jews and its film adaptation, other texts by Veza Canetti, David Vogel, A.M. Fuchs, Vicki Baum, and Mela Hartwig, and performances at the Salzburg Festival and the Yiddish theater in Vienna. By examining the lives, works, and deeds of a broad range of Austrians, Lisa Silverman reveals how the social codings of politics, gender, and nation received a powerful boost when articulated along the lines of Jewish difference.

Europe at Home

Author: Raffaella Sarti
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300102593
Release Date: 2004
Genre: History

In this fascinating guide to European homes, families, and possessions of the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries, Raffaella Sarti invites us to return to earlier times and observe the daily lives of masters and servants, parents and children, husbands and wives. 'This vivid book takes readers through the daily life of European families at every economic level over three centuries ... This book, with its clear writing and wealth of arresting details, will fascinate and beguile the general reader.' Atlantic Monthly 'The most fascinating work I have read this year.' Eric Hobsbawn, BBC History Magazine 'Sarti deals with a subject of widespread curiosity: how people actually lived in the past. Hers is a wonderful book, tackling questions about housing, furnishings, food, dining, and clothes, and providing one fascinating discussion after another.' David Kertzer, Brown University 'Like a miracle, Raffaella Sarti brings our European ancestors to life.' Jaques le Goff Raffaella Sarti teaches early modern history at the University of Urbino, Italy, and is associate member of the Centre de Recherches Historiques of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris.

For the Sake of Learning 2 vols

Author: Ann Blair
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004263314
Release Date: 2016-06-09
Genre: History

In this tribute to Anthony Grafton, fifty-eight contributors present new research across the many areas in which Grafton has been active in the history of scholarship and learned culture.

Markets Morals Politics

Author: Béla Kapossy
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674985254
Release Date: 2018-03-19
Genre: Political Science

When István Hont died in 2013, the world lost a giant of intellectual history. A leader of the Cambridge School of Political Thought, Hont argued passionately for a global-historical approach to political ideas. To better understand the development of liberalism, he looked not only to the works of great thinkers but also to their reception and use amid revolution and interstate competition. His innovative program of study culminated in the landmark 2005 book Jealousy of Trade, which explores the birth of economic nationalism and other social effects of expanding eighteenth-century markets. Markets, Morals, Politics brings together a celebrated cast of Hont’s contemporaries to assess his influence, ideas, and methods. Richard Tuck, John Pocock, John Dunn, Raymond Geuss, Gareth Stedman Jones, Michael Sonenscher, John Robertson, Keith Tribe, Pasquale Pasquino, and Peter N. Miller contribute original essays on themes Hont treated with penetrating insight: the politics of commerce, debt, and luxury; the morality of markets; and economic limits on state power. The authors delve into questions about the relationship between states and markets, politics and economics, through examinations of key Enlightenment and pre-Enlightenment figures in context—Hobbes, Rousseau, Spinoza, and many others. The contributors also add depth to Hont’s lifelong, if sometimes veiled, engagement with Marx. The result is a work of interpretation that does justice to Hont’s influence while developing its own provocative and illuminating arguments. Markets, Morals, Politics will be a valuable companion to readers of Hont and anyone concerned with political economy and the history of ideas.


Author: Benjamin Anderson
ISBN: 9781785706875
Release Date: 2017-05-31
Genre: Social Science

Antiquarianism and collecting have been associated intimately with European imperial and colonial enterprises, although both existed long before the early modern period and both were (and continue to be) practiced in places other than Europe. Scholars have made significant progress in the documentation and analysis of indigenous antiquarian traditions, but the clear-cut distinction between “indigenous” and “colonial” archaeologies has obscured the intense and dynamic interaction between these seemingly different endeavours. This book concerns the divide between local and foreign antiquarianisms focusing on case studies drawn primarily from the Mediterranean and the Americas. Both regions host robust pre-modern antiquarian traditions that have continued to develop during periods of colonialism. In both regions, moreover, colonial encounters have been mediated by the antiquarian practices and preferences of European elites. The two regions also exhibit salient differences. For example, Europeans claimed the “antiquities” of the eastern Mediterranean as part of their own, “classical,” heritage, whereas they perceived those of the Americas as essentially alien, even as they attempted to understand them by analogy to the classical world. These basic points of comparison and contrast provide a framework for conjoint analysis of the emergence of hybrid or cross-bred antiquarianisms. Rather than assuming that interest in antiquity is a human universal, this book explores the circumstances under which the past itself is produced and transformed through encounters between antiquarian traditions over common objects of interpretation.

Cultural Histories of the Material World

Author: Peter N. Miller
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472118915
Release Date: 2013-07-23
Genre: Art

All across the humanities fields there is a new interest in materials and materiality. This is the first book to capture and study the “material turn” in the humanities from all its varied perspectives. Cultural Histories of the Material World brings together top scholars from all these different fields—from Art History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Folklore, History, History of Science, Literature, Philosophy—to offer their vision of what cultural history of the material world looks like and attempt to show how attention to materiality can contribute to a more precise historical understanding of specific times, places, ways, and means. The result is a spectacular kaleidoscope of future possibilities and new perspectives.

Mountain of Destiny

Author: Harald Höbusch
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 9781571139580
Release Date: 2016
Genre: History

A study of how Nanga Parbat, the ninth-highest peak on earth, became the German "mountain of the mind."

Poverty and Welfare in Modern German History

Author: Lutz Raphael
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781785333576
Release Date: 2016-12-01
Genre: History

For many, the history of German social policy is defined primarily by that nation’s postwar emergence as a model of the European welfare state. As this comprehensive volume demonstrates, however, the question of how to care for the poor has had significant implications for German history throughout the modern era. Here, eight leading historians provide essential case studies and syntheses of current research into German welfare, from the Holy Roman Empire to the present day. Along the way, they trace the parallel historical dynamics that have continued to shape German society, including religious diversity, political exclusion and inclusion, and concepts of race and gender.

The Transatlantic Kindergarten

Author: Ann Taylor Allen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190274412
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Education

The kindergarten - as institution, as educational philosophy, and as social reform movement - is certainly among the most important contributions of Germany to the world. At first, however, Germany proved an inhospitable environment for this new institution, which was founded by the educatorand philosopher Friedrich Frobel around 1840. After the failure of the 1848 Revolutions, several German governments banned the kindergarten, alleging that it was a hotbed of subversion. German revolutionaries who were forced into exile introduced the kindergarten to America. Conservative governmentsconsidered the kindergarten subversive because of its links to the era's movements for women's rights. In an era when convention limited middle-class women to the domestic sphere, the kindergarten provided them with a rare opportunity, not only for professional work, but also for involvement insocial reform in the fields of education, child welfare, and urban reform. Through three generations, American and German women established many kinds of contacts - personal friendships, institutional affiliations, international organizations. Many of these women and their activities are stilllittle known to history.Ann Taylor Allen presents the first transnational history of the kindergarten as it developed in both Germany and America between 1840 and 1919. This story shows how transnational connections shaped and influenced national cultures. Based on a large body of unused or underused source material, foundin numerous archives, libraries, and personal collections in both the United States and Germany, The Transatlantic Kindergarten's comparative analysis shows how a common body of ideas and practices adapted over time to two very different national environments.The issues raised in the nineteenth century are still important in the present. The provision of public preschool education-an aim first developed by nineteenth-century kindergartners-is still an unfinished and much discussed project in both the United States and Germany.