Home and Family in Japan

Author: Richard Ronald
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136888861
Release Date: 2017-12-04
Genre: Social Science

In the Japanese language the word ‘ie’ denotes both the materiality of homes and family relations within. The traditional family and family house - often portrayed in ideal terms as key foundations of Japanese culture and society - have been subject to significant changes in recent years. This book comprehensively addresses various aspects of family life and dwelling spaces, exploring how homes, household patterns and kin relations are reacting to contemporary social, economic and urban transformations, and the degree to which traditional patterns of both houses and households are changing. The book contextualises the shift from the hegemonic post-war image of standard family life, to the nuclear family and to a situation now where Japanese homes are more likely to include unmarried singles; childless couples; divorcees; unmarried adult children and elderly relatives either living alone or in nursing homes. It discusses how these new patterns are both reinforcing and challenging typical understandings of Japanese family life.

Tradition Democracy and the Townscape of Kyoto

Author: Christoph Brumann
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780415690706
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Social Science

As the historic capital of the country and the stronghold of the nation's most celebrated traditions, the city of Kyoto holds a unique place in the Japanese imagination. Widely praised for the beauty of its townscape and natural environments, it is both a popular destination for tourists and home to one and a half million inhabitants. There has been a sustained, lively debate about how best to develop the city, with a large number of local government officials, citizen activists, urban planners, real-estate developers, architects, builders, proprietors, academic researchers, and ordinary Kyotoites involved in discussions, forming a highly peculiar social arena that has no match elsewhere in Japan. This book, based on extensive fieldwork and interviews, provides an ethnographic study of this particular social field. It analyses how people in Kyoto deal with their most cherished traditions, such as the traditional town houses and the famous Gion matsuri festival, which calls into question several of the standard social scientific assumptions about the functions of cultural heritage for present-day societies. The book looks at the way concerned citizens, government bureaucrats, and other important players interact with each other over contentious modern buildings, often with the best intentions but constrained by set role expectations and by the superior power of national-level regulations and agencies. This book contributes to debates on the social uses of tradition and heritage, and the question of how to create sustainable, liveable urban environments.

The Care of the Elderly in Japan

Author: Yongmei Wu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134350391
Release Date: 2004-08-02
Genre: Political Science

The problems of an ageing population are particularly acute in Japan. These problems include people living longer, with many needing more care, and the problems of supporting them by a diminishing working population and a diminishing tax base. This book, based on extensive fieldwork in a Japanese institution for the elderly, explores the whole issue of ageing and responses to it in Japan, and compares the Japanese approach in these matters with Western approaches. It discusses how people in Japan have changed their perceptions towards family responsibility, the institutionalization of the elderly, and rights of welfare. It also discusses how institutions for the elderly are run in Japan and how their management differs from that in the West.

Death and Dying in Contemporary Japan

Author: Hikaru Suzuki
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780415631907
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Social Science

This book, based on extensive original research, explores the various ways in which Japanese people think about death and how they approach the process of dying and death. It shows how new forms of funeral ceremonies have been developed by the funeral industry, how traditional grave burial is being replaced in some cases by the scattering of ashes and forest mortuary ritual, and how Japanese thinking on relationships, the value of life, and the afterlife are changing. Throughout, it assesses how these changes reflect changing social structures and social values.

The Japanese Family

Author: Diana Adis Tahhan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317808343
Release Date: 2014-06-27
Genre: Social Science

This book explores how the relationship between child and parent develops in Japan, from the earliest point in a child’s life, through the transition from family to the wider world, first to playschools and then schools. It shows how touch and physical contact are important for engendering intimacy and feeling, and how intimacy and feeling continue even when physical contact lessens. It relates the position in Japan to theoretical writing, in both Japan and the West, on body, mind, intimacy and feeling, and compares the position in Japan to practices elsewhere. Overall, the book makes a significant contribution to the study of and theories on body practices, and to debates on the processes of socialisation in Japan.

An Anthropologist in Japan

Author: Joy Hendry
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 041519573X
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Social Science

An Anthropologist in Japanis a highly personal narrative which draws the reader into a fascinating cross-section of Japanese life. Joy Hendry tells the story of her nine-month period of fieldwork in a Japanese seaside town. She originally sets out on a study of politeness, but a host of unpredictable events--including a volcanic eruption, a suicide and her son's involvement with the family of a powerful local gangster--dramatically changes the direction of her research. In vignettes that illuminate the education system, religious beliefs, politics, family and neighborhood in modern Japan, the book exemplifies the role of chance in anthropology and the way that moments of insight can be embedded in a mass of everyday activity. A brilliant example of reflexive anthropology in action, An Anthropologist in Japandemonstrates how ethnographic fieldwork can uniquely provide a deep understanding of linguistic and cultural difference.

Understanding Japanese Society

Author: Joy Hendry
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780415679138
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Social Science

With the ever growing contact between Japan and the rest of the world comes an increasingly important need to understand a society that is fascinating but still often confusing to the outsider. In this brand new fourth edition of Understanding Japanese Society Joy Hendry brings the reader up to date both with recent changes as Japan hit the world headlines under the triple 2011 disasters, and with underlying continuities in ways of thinking that have matured over a long history of dealing with foreign influences and an unpredictable environment. This welcome new edition of Hendry's bestselling introductory textbook provides a clear, accessible and readable introduction to Japanese society which does not require any previous knowledge of the country. Fully updated, revised and expanded, the fourth edition contains new material on: the effects of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters of 2011 a renewed interest in politics and popular participation increased frequency of local spiritual support as unemployment continues to grow, and marriage gets later and later the effects of a dramatic drop in the birth rate on Japan's education system the continuing global success of Japanese animation, manga and computer games despite a turn away from international travel the cool new Ainu, the attraction of healing Okinawa, and changes among other Japanese minorities a new role for Japanese fathers in child-rearing This book will be invaluable to all students studying Japan. It will also enlighten those travellers and business people wishing to gain an understanding of the Japanese people.

Rethinking Autonomy

Author: John W. Traphagan
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781438445540
Release Date: 2012-12-13
Genre: Medical

This work provides a critique of and alternative to the dominant paradigm used in biomedical ethics by exploring the Japanese concept of autonomy.

Better Must Come

Author: Matthew D. Marr
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801455537
Release Date: 2015-01-26
Genre: Social Science

In Better Must Come, Matthew D. Marr reveals how social contexts at various levels combine and interact to shape the experiences of transitional housing program users in two of the most prosperous cities of the global economy, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Marr, who has conducted fieldwork in U.S. and Japanese cities for over two decades, followed the experiences of thirty-four people as they made use of transitional housing services and after they left such programs. This comparative ethnography is groundbreaking in two ways—it is the first book to directly focus on exits from homelessness in American or Japanese cities, and it is the first targeted comparison of homelessness in two global cities. Marr argues that homelessness should be understood primarily as a socially generated, traumatic, and stigmatizing predicament, rather than as a stable condition, identity, or culture. He pushes for movement away from the study of “homeless people” and “homeless culture” toward an understanding of homelessness as a condition that can be transcended at individual and societal levels. Better Must Come prescribes policy changes to end homelessness that include expanding subsidized housing to persons without disabilities and experiencing homelessness chronically, as well as taking broader measures to address vulnerabilities produced by labor markets and housing markets, as well as the rapid deterioration of social safety nets that often results from neoliberal globalization.

Jenseits von Natur und Kultur

Author: Philippe Descola
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 9783518768402
Release Date: 2011-11-16
Genre: Social Science

Seit der Zeit der Renaissance ist unser Weltbild von einer zentralen Unterscheidung bestimmt: der zwischen Natur und Kultur. Dort die von Naturgesetzen regierte, unpersönliche Welt der Tiere und Dinge, hier die Menschenwelt mit ihrer individuellen und kulturellen Vielfalt. Diese fundamentale Trennung beherrscht unser ganzes Denken und Handeln. In seinem faszinierenden Buch zeigt der große französische Anthropologe und Schüler von Claude Lévi-Strauss, Philippe Descola, daß diese Kosmologie alles andere als selbstverständlich ist. Dabei stützt er sich auf reiches Material aus zum Teil eigenen anthropologischen Feldforschungen bei Naturvölkern und indigenen Kulturen in Afrika, Amazonien, Neuguinea oder Sibirien. Descola führt uns vor Augen, daß deren Weltbilder ganz andersartig aufgebaut sind als das unsere mit seinen »zwei Etagen« von Natur und Kultur. So betrachten manche Kulturen Dinge als beseelt oder glauben, daß verwandtschaftliche Beziehungen zwischen Tieren und Menschen bestehen. Descola plädiert für eine monistische Anthropologie und entwirft eine Typologie unterschiedlichster Weltbilder. Auf diesem Wege lassen sich neben dem westlichen dualistischen Naturalismus totemistische, animistische oder analogistische Kosmologien entdecken. Eine fesselnde Reise in fremde Welten, die uns unsere eigene mit anderen Augen sehen läßt.

Geschichte der Universit t in Europa

Author: Walter Rüegg
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406369537
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Education, Higher

Dieses auf vier Bände angelegte Werk ist eine Geschichte der "Institution Universität" in Europa von ihrer Entstehung im Mittelalter bis in die heutige Zeit und zugleich eine vergleichende Geschichte der europäischen Universitäten sowie der außereuropäischen Universitäten, die nach europäischem Muster gegründet worden sind. Es wird auf Initiative der europäischen Rektorenkonferenz (CRE), der über 500 wissenschaftliche Hochschulen in 27 europäischen Staaten angehören, von einem internationalen Komitee namhafter Wissenschaftler unter dem Vorsitz von Walter Rüegg (Schweiz) herausgegeben. Absicht dieses Gemeinschaftswerkes ist es, die gesellschaftlichen Rahmenbedingungen und Aufgaben, die Merkmale geistiger und institutioneller Identität, die Strukturen, Gestaltungen und Hauptprobleme der europäischen Universitäten in ihren geschichtlichen Grundlagen und Veränderungen, aber auch in ihren regionalen Unterschieden, auf dem heutigen Forschungsstand vergleichend und zusammenfassend darzustellen.

Facetten der japanischen Popul r und Medienkultur

Author: Stephan Köhn
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag
ISBN: 3447055995
Release Date: 2007
Genre: History

Die vielseitigen Arbeitsgebiete und Fragestellungen des modernen kulturwissenschaftlichen Japan-Diskurses stehen auch in diesem zweiten Band im Mittelpunkt. Vier der insgesamt sieben Beitrage beschaftigen sich mit der japanischen Gegenwartskultur: der Inszenierung japanischchinesischer Begegnungen in Film und Fernsehen; den kulturbedingten Lesarten des Mediums Film anhand von Miikes Werk "Audition"; den Moglichkeiten und Grenzen des Manga als historisch "realistisches" Medium am Fall von Nakazawa Keijis "Barfuss durch Hiroshima"; dem Erfolgsrezept der Sangerin Nakajima Miyuki in Japans schnelllebigem Showbusiness. Weitere zwei Beitrage widmen sich den Aspekten der Kommerzialisierung in Japans Vormoderne: der damals uberaus erfolgreichen, heute jedoch wissenschaftlich geringgeschatzten erzahlenden Prosa Ejima Kisekis zu Beginn des 18. Jahrhunderts; den Vermarktungsstrategien fur Vielfarbendrucke im 19. Jahrhundert. Der siebte Beitrag beleuchtet abschliessend die Einflussnahme der japanischen Kolonialregierung auf die heutige Form des popularen taiwanischen Puppentheaters Budaixi. Die Lekture der Texte verdeutlicht die immer noch nicht uberwundene Exotisierung Japans im Zeitalter der Globalisierung, die Bedeutung von Film und Schlager als Indikatoren fur Japans wechselnde gesellschaftliche Befi ndlichkeiten und die aus westlichen Denkmustern resultierende, verzerrte Rezeption von Phanomenen der vormodernen Massen- und Medienkultur Japans.