Hot Rods

Author: Jordan Biggio
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1534622403
Release Date: 2016-06-10

It's hard to ignore a classic hot rod. Both men and women alike admire these automotive masterpieces. It doesn't matter if they are parked on the side of a street or racing down the blacktop. Hot rods are always going to grab everyone's attention. Now you can enjoy coloring 20 awesome hot rods. Each vehicle has been meticulously hand drawn by Jordan Biggio, automotive enthusiast and illustrator. Designed to appeal to car lovers of all ages. Beginners will love the large open spaces giving them plenty of area to lay down solid colors. No artistic skill is required in order to make a jaw dropping masterpiece. Advanced colorists will enjoy using the line art to apply shading techniques that make the hot rods come to life. As a bonus each hot rod design is printed twice in this book. Not only does this give you the opportunity to color each vehicle twice, it also gives you a clean slate in case you make a mistake! It is like having two copies of the same book. As a second bonus, both the front and back cover are printed with a matte finish. This means you can color them too! Enjoy these jaw dropping hot rods, from the massive engine blocks to the road hugging tires. Each hot rod is printed on one side of 60 lb pure white paper to minimize scoring and bleed-through. We suggest using crayons and high quality colored pencils for the best results. Markers and gel pens work as well, but we suggest placing a piece of scratch paper between the pages to prevent the excessive bleed-through these coloring mediums are known for. Please note the pages in this adult coloring book are not perforated. "I have always loved the sleek curves of the automotive world. From the classic look of a 1958 Plymouth Fury to the ground shaking V8 power of the Pontiac Firebird and everything in between. I have yet to see an automobile that I don't admire. I have been sketching cars since I was a young boy and now my sketches give you the awesome ability to color the front bumper, rear bumper and everything in between." What are you waiting for? Get a copy today and start coloring in these awesome hot rods!

Hot Rod Coloring Book

Author: Kory McNail
ISBN: 1366470370
Release Date: 2017-01-15

I have converted some of my photos from car shows into a coloring book for children & adults.

Trace and Color

Author: Jordan Biggio
Publisher: Team of Light Media LLC
ISBN: 1945803266
Release Date: 2017-01-08

Go with the flow, follow the lines and enter a zen like state of relaxation. Trace and Color: Classic Trucks lets you recreate 20 awesome classic trucks using nothing more than a pen or pencil. Each page in this book features a detailed drawing printed in a light gray color. All you have to do is follow the lines, relax and watch the time slip away. Once you are finished tracing the image, you can add as little or as much color as you want. It is like having two books in one. Great for children or adults who already show an interest in drawing. Excellent way to relax, unwind and occupy a busy mind. Perfect way to hone your drawing skills and perfect your line technique. Keeps kids busy for hours. Great for keeping the mind focused and sharp. Increase hand to eye coordination. Perfect for long car rides, airplane travels, train rides or any place you find yourself waiting. We recommend placing a blank piece of paper or thick card stock under each drawing before you start tracing. This will help prevent your tracing lines from appearing on other pages in the book. "I came up with the idea for Trace and Color when I was drawing up pages for an adult coloring book. I noticed how time seemed to slip away and I forgot about all my troubles. Being able to give you the same opportunity to relax and unwind is a true blessing. Just follow the lines and watch the time slip right on by!" Tracing Tips Place a piece of paper or thick card stock under each page before tracing. This will help prevent your tracing lines from appearing on other pages in the book. Use a fine tipped pencil at first. This way you can erase your happy accidents. Ball point pens glide easily across the pages. Try tracing with a colored pencil for a truly unique, artistic effect. Fine tipped charcoal or graphite works great too. You can even use either of these to hone your shading techniques. Oh yeah, Have lots of fun!

Psychedelia Alchemist Adult Coloring Book

Author: T Tony L Levasseur L
ISBN: 1539560198
Release Date: 2016-10-09

Psychedelia Alchemist Adult Coloring Book - Manuscript One- 2016 A collection of psychedlic art from the artist ToneXzst. ToneXzst ( TLL ) has chosen some of his favorite artwork for people to escape the daily grind of life, or just to relax and drift off into their imagination. If one looks close enough, one can see that all things are psychedelic, even with out the use of mind altering drugs. A simple meditation can also be psychedelic, and ToneXzst hopes that people will take a similar trip while spending time within the pages of this book.

Old Country Road Vol II

Author: Jose A. Villalba
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1541123042
Release Date: 2016-12-13

An adult coloring book full of relaxing drawings to help relieve stress and anxiety. If you like old cars and rustic places, you will enjoy this coloring book, that features 30 images for you to enjoy. There are 22 hand drawn illustrations of old cars, country stores, and old services stations. Old Country Road Vol II, also features 9 bonus images for you to let your imagination soar; all images are printed one side. If you enjoy Americana, country settings, hot rods, and rustic scenes then you will enjoy this creative and relaxing coloring book. Grab your favorite colors, markers, or crayons along with your favorite drink and start to color. If you like Old Country Road Vol 1. You will enjoy coloring this relaxing, stress relieving, adult coloring book.

Heile deinen K rper

Author: Louise Hay
Publisher: Lüchow Verlag
ISBN: 9783958832152
Release Date: 2017-02-07
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Falsche Denkmuster verursachen Krankheiten. Aber mit affirmativen Sprüchen lassen sich die Denkmuster ins Positive wandeln, und diese neuen Muster führen zu Gesundheit und Heilung. Louise Hays Klassiker weckt im Leser diese Fähigkeit, aktiv zum eigenen Heilungsprozess beizutragen.

milk and honey milch und honig

Author: Rupi Kaur
Publisher: Lago
ISBN: 9783957620880
Release Date: 2017-04-10
Genre: Fiction

Überleben ist das große Thema von milk and honey - milch und honig. Die lyrischen und prosaischen Texte im Mega-Bestseller aus den USA drehen sich um die Erfahrungen, die Frauen mit Gewalt, Verlust, Missbrauch, Liebe und Feminismus gemacht haben. Jedes der vier Kapitel dient einem anderen Zweck, beschäftigt sich mit einem anderen Schmerz, heilt eine andere Wunde. milk and honey - milch und honig führt seine Leser durch die bittersten Momente im Leben einer Frau und gibt Trost. Denn Trost lässt sich überall finden, wenn man es nur zulässt.