How Plays Work

Author: David Edgar
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 1854593714
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Drama

Distinguished playwright David Edgar examines the mechanisms and techniques which dramatists throughout the ages have employed to structure their plays and to express their meaning. Written for playwrights and playgoers alike, Edgar’s analysis starts with the building blocks of whole plays – plot, character creation, genre and structure – and moves on to scenes and devices. He shows how plays share a common architecture without which the uniqueness of their authors’ vision would be invisible. What does King Lear have in common with Cinderella? What does Jaws owe to Ibsen? From Aeschylus to Alan Ayckbourn, from Chekhov to Caryl Churchill, are there common principles by which all plays work? How Plays Work is a masterclass for playwrights and playmakers and a fascinating guide to the anatomy of drama. 'lucid, deeply intelligent... combines theoretical acumen with the assured know-how of a working dramatist' Terry Eagleton, TLS 'Fascinating... Read it. You will learn a lot' The Stage

Nick Hern Books

Author: Nick Hern Books (London).
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1854595164
Release Date: 2006

Actors and Performers Yearbook 2018

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781350030220
Release Date: 2017-11-16
Genre: Performing Arts

Actors and Performers Yearbook is an established and respected directory that enables actors to find work in stage, screen and radio. It is the only directory to provide detailed information for each listing and specific advice on how to approach companies and individuals, saving hours of further research. From agents and casting directors to producing theatres, showreel companies and photographers, Actors and Performers Yearbook editorially selects only the most relevant and reputable contacts for the actor. Actors and Performers Yearbook features articles and commentaries, providing valuable insight into the profession: auditions, interviews and securing work alongside a casting calendar and advice on contracts and finance. This is an incredibly useful professional tool in an industry where contacts and networking are key to career survival. The listings detailed in this edition have been thoroughly updated alongside fresh advice from industry experts.

Text Presentation 2011

Author: Kiki Gounaridou
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786490264
Release Date: 2011-12-01
Genre: Performing Arts

Text & Presentation is an annual anthology of essays devoted to all aspects of theatre and performance scholarship. This new volume represents a selection of the best research presented at the 35th international, interdisciplinary Comparative Drama Conference in Los Angeles. The essays include innovative detective work on Aristophanes’s and Aeschylus’s plays and discussions of topics including Joe Orton’s plays as social protest against the power of psychiatry and the asylum, George Eliot’s controversial description of the burlesque spirit as “fodder for degraded appetites,” and psychological depictions of young women entering into sexual experience in Liz Lochhead’s Dracula, among others.

The Encounter

Author: Complicite
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 1848425546
Release Date: 2016-02-11

A play that traces a journey into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, incorporating innovative technology into a solo performance.

The Actor s Workbook

Author: Alex Clifton
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781472531803
Release Date: 2016-05-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The Actor's Workbook is an essential workbook for actors, actors in training and teachers of acting and drama. The workbook and video provide a clear, step-by-step guide to learning techniques in acting. The book presents a system of exercises which will develop core acting skills, offers techniques for developing an authored role and models for devising new work. These techniques are based on the practices of Konstantin Stanislavski and his recent theatrical descendants including Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Michael Chekhov and others. The exercises in the book are outlined in a student-centred approach, offering not only in-class exercises, but also pre-class exercises, educational frameworks, teaching-tips, suggested texts through which to apply the work, follow-up exercises and suggestions for further reading in each chapter. Enabling and guiding the actor's sustainable, communicable, believable transformation into an imagined reality, this workbook is filled with powerful and precise acting tools, each underpinned by a rigorous and well-explained philosophy of practice. The Actor's Workbook includes video of the author teaching the exercises, with professional actors demonstrating the techniques to be learned.

Modern Voice Working with Actors on Contemporary Text

Author: Catherine Weate
Publisher: Oberon Books
ISBN: 9781849435376
Release Date: 2012-06-11
Genre: Performing Arts

Modern Voice: Working with Actors on Contemporary Text has been designed to follow on from Catherine’s previous book, Classic Voice: Working with Actors on Vocal Style, focusing on the less defined demands within contemporary drama. Lifting contemporary speech rhythms off the page can be a challenge for actors. Sometimes these rhythms are realistic, resembling or mirroring the speech patterns of real human beings, sometimes they are non-realistic, distorting speech patterns for particular effect. Modern Voice not only provides an accessible approach for understanding speech rhythm but also presents an overview of different types and styles of contemporary text (including the rise of dramatic realism in England, America and Australia). Along the way there are a myriad of practical ideas for directors, lecturers, teachers, trainers and coaches to explore in their workshops and rehearsals.

The Secret Life of Plays

Author: Steve Waters
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
ISBN: 1848420005
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Performing Arts

A guide to the hidden workings of plays and the trade secrets that govern their writing - by the acclaimed playwright Steve Waters. Drawing on a wide range of drama, both historical and modern, Waters takes the reader through the key elements of dramatic writing – scenes, acts, space, time, characters, language and images – to show how a play is more than the sum of its parts, with as much inner vitality as a living organism. Almost uniquely amongst accounts of playwriting, Waters’ book looks at the ways in which good plays move their audiences, generating powerful emotional responses that often defy conventional analysis. The Secret Life of Plays is for playwrights at any stage of their career, and will inspire and inform drama students as well as working actors and directors. Most of all it is for anyone who has ever laughed or cried in the theatre – and wants to know why. 'Theatre is a live medium, about bodies, sweat and feeling, even if it is informed by ideas and reason. How a thing composed of words manages to carry within it the currents of energy that generate that impression of life is what I want to explore…' Steve Waters 'Steve Waters’ book is like his plays: clear, elegant and stimulating throughout' David Edgar

Five Plays

Author: Nicholas Wright
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1854594737
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Drama

A rich selection of work from the late 1970s and 1980s, introduced by the playwright. The plays contained in this volume are: The Custom of the Country (1983) An updating of Fletcher and Massinger's bawdy Jacobean drama. The Desert Air (1985) A wartime comedy set in Cairo. Mrs Klein (1988) A play about the controversial psychoanalyst. One Fine Day (1980) A comedy about the gulf that separates Britain and Africa. Treetops (1978) A play based on the author's own rebellious boyhood in South Africa.

Blue Heart

Author: Caryl Churchill
ISBN: 1848426003
Release Date: 2016-09-22

Two exhilarating and teasingly entertaining one-act plays from one of the UK's leading playwrights. Heart's Desire sees a family awaiting their daughter's return from Australia, though in a series of alternative scenarios, the play collapses as it keeps veering off in unexpected and ridiculous directions. Blue Kettle tells the story of conman Derek and the five women he misleads into believing he is their biological son. Try as he might, Derek's plans are scuppered as the play is invaded by a virus. In Caryl Churchill's ever-inventive style, the two plays in Blue Heart pull apart language and structure in a way that is theatrically remarkable and fast paced, in a stirring yet truthful exploration of family and relationships. This edition was published alongside the first major revival of Blue Heart, nearly twenty years after its Royal Court premiere, in a co-production by the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, and Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol, in 2016.

English Language Literature and Creative Writing

Author: Sarah Dobbs
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 9781783082926
Release Date: 2014-09-01
Genre: Study Aids

A practical, easy-to-read guide that aims to help undergraduate students cope with the demands of English and Creative Writing degrees. Written by lecturers and industry professionals with decades of experience in professional writing and higher education, this book also includes hints and tips from previous students.

Contemporary British Drama

Author: David Lane
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748686797
Release Date: 2010-09-09
Genre: Literary Criticism

This book offers an extended analysis of writers and theatre companies in Britain since 1995, and explores them alongside recent cultural, social and political developments. Referencing well-known practitioners from modern theatre, this book is an excelle

Hand in Hand

Author: Simon Block
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1854596853
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Drama

Ronnie is fresh off the plane from Israel, looking to move back into his old room in Dave's flat and pick up where he left off. But life has moved on. And when his younger sister Cass and her new relationship with Dave become the target of Ronnie's interference, her belief that blood is thicker than water starts to crack under the strain. Hand in Hand deals with issues of loyalty and betrayal in private and political life.

About Churchill

Author: Philip Roberts
ISBN: STANFORD:36105131627023
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Drama

In About Churchill, Philip Roberts presents not only an analysis of Caryl Churchill's published work, but also an account of eleven of her unpublished pieces, lent by the playwright. Alongside a survey of the plays, the book includes comment from directors, actors, designers, dancers, a choreographer and a composer, and demonstrates her unceasing experimentation and moral courage over more than forty years.