How to Hike the Appalachian Trail a Comprehensive Guide to Plan and Prepare for a Successful Thru Hike

Author: Chris Cage
ISBN: 152030062X
Release Date: 2017-01-03

Everything you need to know to complete your thru-hike.The AT is a life changing experience and an amazing accomplishment. Half of the battle is proper preparation. This book is everything I wish I would have known before setting off on my thru-hike. Complete with personal tips and experiences.-Learn how to budget wisely, save money and not waste cash.-Know how to allocate 6 months of your time and plan your exit.-Master your gear with a massive guide on everything from your spork to your tent.-Understand clothing, layering and materials. -Hear about what life is really like on the trail.-Know which direction to go, when and why.-Familiarize yourself with a state by state breakdown of the trail.-Learn how to mentally prepare an optimistic framework for the "I-wanna-quit-days".-Understand the physical demands and methods to prevent injury.-Prepare yourself for the nutritional needs with food ideas and favorite meal plans. -Know the REAL dangers on the AT.-"Female Needs" section from AT record-holder Heather 'Anish' Anderson.And a whole lot more...

Appalachian Trials

Author: Zach Davis
ISBN: 0985090103
Release Date: 2012-02-01
Genre: Appalachian Trail

"I really loved it...Appalachian Trials is full of specific tactical tips for mental preparation, which is key well beyond the AT." - Tim Ferriss, author of New York Times Best Selling The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body Each year, it is estimated that more than 2,000 people set out to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, yet seven in ten ultimately fall short of their goal. Given the countless number of how-to books and websites offering information about logistics, gear, and endurance training, one would think that more people would finish this 2,200 mile trek. Why then, do so many hikers quit prematurely? After successfully thru-hiking the AT in five months with zero prior backpacking experience, author, Zach Davis, is convinced he's discovered the answer. Aspiring thru-hikers, Davis tells readers, are preparing the wrong way- sweating on the StairMaster, meticulously plotting each re-supply box, or obsessing over the a synthetic or down sleeping bag or perfect pair of socks. While the AT undoubtedly presents extraordinary physical challenges, it is the psychological and emotional struggles that drive people off the trail. Conquering these mental obstacles is the key to success. This groundbreaking book focuses on the most important and overlooked piece of equipment of all- the gear between one's ears. Filled with first-hand, touching yet humorous vignettes and down-to-earth advice that both instructs and inspires, Appalachian Trials gives readers the mental road map they'll need to hike from Springer Mountain to Mt.Katahdin. In Appalachian Trials readers will learn: Goal setting techniques that will assure hikers reach Mt. Katahdin The common early stage pitfalls and how to avoid them How to beat "the Virginia Blues" The importance of and meaning behind "hiking your own hike" 5 strategies for unwavering mental endurance The most common mistake made in the final stretch of the trail Tips for enjoying rather than enduring each of the five million steps along the journey Strategies for avoiding post-trail depression and weight gain In addition, the Bonus Section of Appalachian Trials includes: A thorough chapter on gear written by thru-hiker of the AT and Pacific Crest Trail, and professional backpack gear reviewer Information about the trail's greatest and most unknown risk and how to guard against it 9 tips for saving money before and during your thru-hike A thorough FAQ section including information ranging from how to obtain sponsorship, to the best stove for the trail, to avoiding chafing, and much more

Hiking Through

Author: Paul Stutzman
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780800720537
Release Date: 2012-03-12
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Paul Stutzman traveled the Appalachian Trail after the death of his wife, healing by immersing himself in nature and befriending fellow hikers.

Appalachian Trail Thru Hike Planner

Author: David Lauterborn
Publisher: Appalachian Trail Conference
ISBN: 1889386928
Release Date: 2015-10-15
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Each year, more than 2,500 men, women and, occasionally, children set out to hike the more than 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine (or vice versa). Good preparation is often the key to whether they become part of the 25-28 percent who make it. For this adventure of a lifetime, the Thru-Hike Planner will help you chart a course, work out a budget, choose gear, plan meals, get in shape and otherwise inspire. It comes with homework: charts and worksheets and checklists and forms, all designed to be ripped out and spread over the kitchen table and then stuck in your pack. This sixth edition brings together the up-to-date advice of recent hikers with the mileages and trends seen by the trail's managers. It advances the mileages and shelters to 2015 status and includes new tips, including advice on smartphones, GPS, Web sites, other books and other devices. The QR code on the back takes you right to the latest Trail conditions on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Web site.

Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker s Companion 2018

Author: Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association
Publisher: Appalachian Trail Conference
ISBN: 1944958045
Release Date: 2018-01-10
Genre: Sports & Recreation

The champion of Appalachian Trail guides for long-distance hiking for a quarter-century! With professionally crafted elevation profiles, almost 50 updated maps, and redesigned tables for more at-a-glance information on-trail. Still the only such guide written by volunteers for which all the proceeds are returned to the Trail by these two nonprofits! The Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association collaborate each year on a guide especially designed for potential thru-hikers who want the basic information for a five- to six-month trek in the woods, at a reasonable price, but also want the adventure of finding out the extras for themselves. A favorite of section-hikers, too. With fact-checking research by more than three dozen thru-hiker volunteers in 14 states, backed by the first-hand information of the trail's volunteer and staff maintainers and managers and extensive information from the 2018 A.T. Data Book. Equipment-makers' toll-free numbers, post office hours, much more included.

Awol on the Appalachian Trail

Author: David Miller
Publisher: Wingspan Press
ISBN: 9781595940568
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Nature

A 41-year-old engineer quits his job to hike the Appalachian Trail. This is a true account of his hike from Georgia to Maine, bringing to the reader the life of the towns and the people he meets along the way.

Women Thru hiking on the Appalachian Trail

Author: Beverly Hugo
Publisher: Appalachian Trail Conference
ISBN: 1889386316
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

During and for two years after her thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in the early 1990s, even using the infant Web, Beverly Maine Rose Hugo surveyed other women hiking to collect as much practical advice as she could. She analyzed and organized what she gathered into a detailed primer, addressing concerns particular to women starting out on long hikes but also concerns on the minds of men. (Hugo died in the spring of 2001 of a brain tumor, discovered as the result of a fall on a hike the previous fall.)

Appalachian Trail

Author: Freeland Sport
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1986482766
Release Date: 2018-03-13

You're About To Discover The #1 Secret To Appalachian Trail With This Comprehensive Guide to Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail! Every year, hundreds of thousands of people attempt a thru-hiking trip of the Appalachian Trail. However, only about 10% of these people complete the trip; about 90% just give up and go home after hiking a few miles. If you can complete the trip successfully, you are definitely a rare breed.The key to completing the trip lies in proper preparation. It has little to do with strength or energy; and everything to do with mental, physical, and financial preparation. Further, the best way to ensure you complete the hike is to seek advice from people who have actually been there and done that.In this book, I lay out some practical advice and tips drawn from my personal experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail. These tips will help you plan adequately so that you can successfully thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Here's Just A Small Preview Of What You'll Learn... History of the Appalachian Trail Registration, Licenses and Permits Budgeting, Gear, Packing, and Pre-Hike Fitness Transportation, Arrival, and Starting Point Shelter and Accommodation Ultra-light Nutrition and Feeding And much, much more! When you purchase the "Appalachian Trail" today, you'll save $3 off the regular price and get it for a limited time discount of only $9.99! This discount is only available for a limited time!No questions asked, money back guarantee! Go to the top of the page and click the orange "Add To Cart" button on the right to order now! Tags: appalachian trail, appalachian trail tumbler, appalachian trail guide, appalachian trail map, the appalachian trail, appalachian trail game, appalachian trail books, appalachian trail book, appalachian trail maps, appalachian trail shirt, appalachian trail running shirt, appalachian trail accessories, appalachian trail socks, appalachian trail backpack, appalachian trail jacket, appalachian trail sticker, appalachian trail gear, appalachian trail calendar 2018, appalachian trail dvd, appalachian trail tent, appalachian trail cup, appalachian trail guidebook, national geographic appalachian trail, appalachian trail coffee mug, appalachian trail calendar, appalachian trail hat, the appalachian trail guide, appalachian trail t shirt, appalachian trail mug, appalachian trail kids, appalachian trail map poster, appalachian trail hiking, appalachian trail guide book, appalachian trail poster, the appalachian trail game, appalachian trail patch, appalachian trail sign, the appalachian trail map, appalachian trail blanket, appalachian trail water bottle, appalachian trail pack, the appalachian trail book, appalachian trail guide 2017, appalachian trail decal, appalachian trail kit, appalachian trail series, appalachian trail knife, appalachian trail marker, awol appalachian trail, appalachian trail guide 2018, appalachian trail tshirt, appalachian trail board game, appalachian trail 2017, appalachian trail map puzzle, hiking appalachian trail, appalachian trail gps, appalachian trail trucker hat, appalachian trail clothing, appalachian trail necklace, appalachian trail shirt women, appalachian trail flag, appalachian trail ornament, georgia appalachian trail, appalachian trail video, appalachian trail audiobook, appalachian trail hoodie, appalachian trail map book, appalachian trail documentary, yeti appalachian trail, appalachian trail reader, appalachian trail puzzle, northbound appalachian trail, appalachian trail folding knife, appalachian trail coffee cups, mens appalachian trail shirt, appalachian trail handbook, appalachian trail art, appalachian trail map art, appalachian trail painting, appalachian trail for kids, appalachian trail shirts, appalachian trail picture frame, appalachian trail decor, 2018 appalachian trail, appalach

The Appalachian Trail Hiker

Author: Victoria Logue
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
ISBN: 9780897328302
Release Date: 2013-05-15
Genre: Travel

The Appalachian Trail Hiker is a one-stop guide to preparing for and hiking the A.T. Although primarily geared to prepare and sustain the intrepid thru hiker, the book is also a must-have for anyone who wishes to experience the A.T., whether for an hour or for six months.

Backpacker Long Trails

Author: Backpacker Magazine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781493028733
Release Date: 2017-04-15
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Including trail-proven advice from one of North America’s leading authorities on long-distance hiking, Liz “Snorkel” Thomas—the women’s speed record holder for the Appalachian Trail—, Backpacker’s Long Trails walks you through everything you need to know to conduct an efficient, fun, and safe thru-hike. Whether you’re planning to attempt the Pacific Crest Trail, or just your first multi-day long weekend hike, this book will help you plan and prepare for the trip more effectively.

Hear the Challenge

Author: Kyle Rohrig
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1542427436
Release Date: 2017-01-01

If you have even remotely considered hiking the length of the nearly 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail, then you've "heard the challenge." The question now is...will you answer it? If you have been on the fence about doing a thru-hike, the job of this book is to gently nudge, possibly even shove you off that fence, into the direction of the Appalachian Trail. But, if your mind is already made up to embark on this once in a lifetime adventure, then prepare to have your confidence elevated to new heights. Knowledge is power and information is currency; I intend to make you powerfully rich, in regards to the Appalachian Trail, as you read through the contents of this book. The subjects of this work include, but are far from limited to... -Preparing your life for a thru-hike -Financial preparation -Mental preparation (what you bring within yourself is far more important than what you put in your pack). -Physical preparation (I've been a strength and conditioning specialist for nearly a decade). -Hiking with a dog (I've done the whole trail with one) -Insights and information into nearly every aspect of thru-hiking, as well as life on trail and much, much more. -Extensive information regarding gear and itemized lists of what this journey requires. -Insights into each state, as well as noteworthy regions and the obstacles/highlights they present. This book is not designed nor intended to be a "how to" or a "guidebook." It is simply designed to present you with information while simultaneously inspiring the confidence to use that information in making decisions that are perfect for you. Want the full story of the author's AT hike? Check out best seller; "Lost on the Appalachian Trail."

The Appalachian Trail Step by Step

Author: Tommy Bailey
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1484062647
Release Date: 2013-06-24
Genre: Sports & Recreation

I am currently finishing the last 500 miles of the AT. Check back in late August for an expanded and revised edition!

How to Hike the A T

Author: Michelle Ray
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811740920
Release Date: 2008-12-17
Genre: Sports & Recreation

How to plan and prepare for a long-distance hike on the Appalachian Trail. Includes information on trail nutrition, culture, first aid, gear, weather conditions, and more. Expert advice from an experienced long-distance hiker along with useful information for any long-distance trek.

The Appalachian Trail

Author: Brian King
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 0847839036
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Presents a pictorial celebration of the history, beauty, and significance of the Appalachian Trail.

Walking the Appalachian Trail

Author: Larry Luxenberg
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 9780811744010
Release Date: 1994-10-01
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Accounts by thru-hikers, organized by topic. Foreword by hiker Maurice Forrester and stunning color photos by Mike Warren.