How to Play the Game at the Top

Author: Fenorris Pearson
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 1572846631
Release Date: 2010-04-15
Genre: Business & Economics

Before starting his own successful company, Fenorris Pearson was a top executive with Dell and Motorola with responsibilities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. He worked with top people on top teams building and selling top products to global audiences. Smart people like to work with smart people and when cutting-edge technology, big-name corporate players, major new product launches, and billions of dollars are on the line, there is no room for sleepwalkers, jokers, or phoning it in. Top performers get to the top by bringing their A-game every day. But now even that isn’t enough. You have to come fully prepared to work at the top of your game, every day. Pearson reveals how to do just that, opening up the corporate play book and providing a glimpse into the inner workings of the men and women driving American business today: the consummate corporate executives.


Author: Bobby Howe
Publisher: Universe Pub
ISBN: 0789303388
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Demonstrates basic soccer skills, including dribbling, passing, and heading, and covers offence, defence, and goal-keeping.

How To Play The Game Of Life And Win

Author: John Adam Kovin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595306954
Release Date: 2004-02
Genre: Self-Help

The critics are calling How To Play the Game Of Life And Win one of the best self-help books ever written. Not since The Road Less Traveled have I been so moved. John is evidence to me that God speaks and works through other people. This book is divinely inspired. -Rev. Donald TheodoreDestined to be a bestseller. -Rick Gerard, Miami WeeklyWritten in simple yet profound language that is easy to understand. It is helpful and can be an inspiration to everyone. John is a great writer with a strong message. -Betsy A Haas, MA, President, Esteemed Human Development This book is a guide to changing our old ways of thinking that are no longer working and replacing them with simple solutions. We all have the ability to fine-tune our instincts. When we learn to love other people we, learn to love ourselves in return. It is only when we recognize that we are both the problem and the solution that we are able to grow both mentally and spiritually.

Play American Mah Jongg Kit

Author: Elaine Sandberg
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9781462916412
Release Date: 2014-11-11
Genre: Games & Activities

Learn and play the fascinating game of Mahjong with this comprehensive kit. Mahjong or "Mah Jongg" is not called "The Game of a Thousand Intellingences" for nothing. It's relaxing, social, and allows people to focus on something completely unrelated to everyday concerns. And it's thrilling—there's nothing more exciting than when, with your heart racing, your adrenaline pumping, and your palms sweating, you call "Mahjong!" Play American Mah Jongg! kit contains a complete deck of 152 full-color, durable Mahjong playing cards, along with the best-selling book A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg by Elaine Sandberg. The included full-color paperback book, A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg features color text to clearly show various hands and tiles. It is the only book available which is specifically geared toward American Mahjong and follows the official National Mah Jongg League rules. It offers first-time players an easy-to-follow guide to this complex game. Play American Mah Jongg! kit is ideal for beginner and experienced players alike and can be enjoyed both at home and for travel. This Mahjong kit contains: 96 page, full-color book Simple instructions and clear diagrams 152 Mahjong tiles

How to Play the Craps Game and Win

Author: Wallace Chin
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469164311
Release Date: 2012-03-30
Genre: Fiction

This is the only book you will need to win. Learn the correct way using tracking number method. It is powerful and yet it is convincing. This book is for the beginner and advanced player.

The Complete Game of Life and How to Play It

Author: Florence Scovel Shinn
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
ISBN: 9781612833378
Release Date: 2015-09-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

This new and expanded edition of one of the most influential self-help books of the 20th century makes Shinn’s principles relevant to 21st-century readers. Included now are study questions, meditations, and action items that will ensure that this will become the essential edition of this classic text. Shinn begins with the following statement: “Most people consider life a battle. It’s not a battle….It’s a game. And like most games, it can’t be played successfully without understanding the rules.” In a clear and accessible manner, Shinn then sets forth and explores the six key rules for the game of life, providing to readers the user’s manual for making informed decisions and fully embracing a life of success and happiness.

Play the Game

Author: Alan M. Paredes Ph.D.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462827861
Release Date: 2000-11-13
Genre: Self-Help

See Publication Notes.

How to Play the Game of Love

Author: Harmony Williams
Publisher: Entangled: Select Historical
ISBN: 9781633758018
Release Date: 2016-10-17
Genre: Fiction

When Miss Rose Wellesley’s father threatens an arranged marriage, she knows she'd better settle on a choice quickly or end up having no say in who she marries. Fortunately, she's garnered a rare invitation to Lady Dunlop's "Week of Love" house party, an annual affair notorious for matchmaking. Her plans to expedite a proposal would go smoothly if not for the brash younger sister she must chaperone, her outspoken, disagreeable best friend, and the bullish Lord Hartfell who seems determined to dog her every step. Lord Hartfell embodies every last thing Rose dislikes in a man. He’s domineering, tenacious, argumentative, and a little too casual with his nudity for her tastes. Worst of all, Rose can't seem to get him—or his kisses—out of her mind. Rose is determined to find a more appropriate husband, even if her heart disagrees with how unsuitable the stubborn lord is... Each book in the Ladies of Passion series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 How to Play the Game of Love Book #2 How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days

The Psychology of Investing

Author: Dr. Elior Kinarthy, PhD
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462816811
Release Date: 2009-03-26
Genre: Business & Economics

“This book is for people who want more money to live their dreams. I want to see you smiling when you make money you didn’t expect to make. This creative guide gives you unique psychological insights and rules. I train you to be a responsible, secure, confident and vigilant investor—who can ride with the bear and the bull markets!”

Play the Game

Author: Corinne Williams
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 9781846942136
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Play the Game just might be the lost User's Guide to the biggest, most challenging game you ever came to play. It explores Life as the game that usually starts out pretty well, but before you know it, vital pieces have been lost down the back of the sofa, you're scrapping with your best mates over the Free Parking Rule and suddenly it's not as much fun any more. How do you end up in the situations you do? Why are you staggering around with all that heavy baggage that's somehow attached itself to you along the way? In fact, who are you anyway and what are you doing here? In this book Corrine Williams invites you to become a real player in your own Game of Life. Practical exercises bring you to greater awareness of your own power to create the game you want to play and live in a lighter, more positive and authentic way.

How to Play the Game Erfolgreich als Frau in einer maskulinen Gesch ftswelt

Author: Karsten Edelburg
Publisher: Schardt Verlag
ISBN: 9783898419642
Release Date: 2016-08-15
Genre: Business & Economics

In der Geschäftswelt gibt es noch immer keine durchgängige Harmonie und Fairness zwischen den Geschlechtern. Dabei verfügen Frauen über weitaus mehr soziale Fähigkeiten als Männer, und weibliche Eigenschaften wie Kommunikationsstärke, Flexibilität und Teamgeist gelten als Erfolgsfaktoren der Zukunft. Um eine gleichberechtigte Partnerschaft in der Berufswelt zu erreichen, müssen Frauen lernen, wie Männer Regeln machen und diese spielen. Sie dürfen aber keinesfalls nach diesen Regeln mitspielen, sondern müssen sich ihre eigenen schaffen, nach denen dann gemeinsam gespielt wird. In diesem Buch erfährt die Frau in Führungsposition, wie sie ihre femininen Fähigkeiten in die maskuline Geschäftswelt einbringt, und wie sie durch Entfaltung ihres „weiblichen Radars“ ihre Abteilung oder ihr Unternehmen bereichern und zum Erfolg führen kann – selbstbewusst, mit Freude und aus ihrem eigenen Selbstverständnis heraus.