How to Taste

Author: Jancis Robinson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743216776
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Cooking

Offers a guide to vintages, grape varieties, and wine appreciation.

Making Sense of Wine Tasting

Author: Alan Young
Publisher: Board and Bench Publishing
ISBN: 9781891267031
Release Date: 2010-11-01
Genre: Cooking

This new and completely updated edition, by one of the wine world’s greatest authorities, sets out to teach you that wine, like anything else that gives us pleasure, can be enjoyed more fully by those who have taken the trouble to learn something about it, and who have tried to develop their individual sensory systems. The human sensory system, which includes sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, can be trained, just as our minds or muscles can be trained. In fact, a high level of assessment skill is within reach of the average wine lover. With the tools given in this book, wine’s myriad sensory cues of quality become discernible, and the distinct and deep pleasure of wine accessible.

Der Weinatlas

Author: Hugh Johnson
ISBN: 3833812192
Release Date: 2008-09-01
Genre: Cooking

Der Weinatlas, der große Klassiker der Weinliteratur, liegt nun als sechste und bisher auch umfangreichste Ausgabe vor. Erneut haben Jancis Robinson und Hugh Johnson die gesamte Weinwelt unter die Lupe genommen und führen den Leser kenntnisreich und kurzweilig durch alle Weinregionen der Welt zu den bedeutendsten Weinen und ihren Produzenten. 200 hervorragende Karten von Übersichtskarten bis zu Detailkarten im Maßstab 1:25.000 erklären die Herkunft und geografischen Hintergründe der besten Weine aus allen 5 Kontinenten. Der Weinatlas ist ein wertvoller und unverzichtbarer Begleiter durch die ganze Welt des Weins.

Guide to Enjoying Wine

Author: Allen R. Balik
Publisher: Lightbulb Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9780976474951
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Wine and wine making

Wine A Tasting Course

Author: Marnie Old
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
ISBN: 9781409357469
Release Date: 2014-01-16
Genre: Cooking

Demystify wine with this ultimate visual course for wine lovers - now available in PDF. Think while you drink with Wine A Tasting Course. A fresh take on the world of wine, showing you what you need to know and exploding wine myths. Can't smell honeysuckle or taste tobacco? So what. Wine A Tasting Course focuses on you, helping you to discover which wines you like and why. Easy to understand, jargon-free and full of fun infographics, this no-nonsense book will help you to appreciate enjoying wine in everyday life, exploring talking, tasting and buying wine, before then covering grape varieties and regions. Drink alongside your discoveries with fun wine tasting tests that cover wines from all over the world and learn key wine facts in "Did you know" boxes. Wine- A Tasting Course is perfect for anyone looking for a practical dynamic guide to wine tasting that focuses on enjoying and understanding wine for yourself, rather than for others.

Wein f r Dummies

Author: Ed McCarthy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783527801466
Release Date: 2016-07-27
Genre: Cooking

Riesling, Mï¿1⁄2ller-Thurgau, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Dornfelder - Wie unterscheiden sich die Weine eigentlich? Und was macht ihren geschmacklichen Charakter aus? Ed McCarthy und Mary Ewing-Mulligan nehmen die Leser in "Wein fï¿1⁄2r Dummies" mit auf die Reise durch die Welt des Weines. Sie erlï¿1⁄2utern, welche Rebsorten es gibt, wie sie sich voneinander unterscheiden und wie Wein hergestellt wird. Sie stellen die verschiedenen Weinanbauregionen der Welt vor und erklï¿1⁄2ren, worauf man bei einer Weinprobe achten muss. Auï¿1⁄2erdem beantworten die Autoren viele Fragen rund um den Wein: Wie wird Wein gelagert und serviert? Darf man einen Bordeaux zum Fisch oder einen Riesling zum Schweinebraten trinken? Worauf muss man beim Weinkauf achten und wie beschreibt man das Bukett eines Weines?

Enjoying Wine

Author: Chris Losh
ISBN: CORNELL:31924103847210
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Cooking

Many people find the wide variety of wines available rather daunting. But a little knowledge can offer you a world of enjoyment. In "Enjoying Wine", Chris Losh starts by explaining how factors such as soil and climate affect how grape juice develops into wine, and tells you how to find clues to its taste on wine labels. In Where Wine Comes From, Chris takes you around the world from Australia to California, describing how different countries apporach winemaking and what styles they are known for. He looks at Grape Varieties, from Merlot to Muscat, including lists of Famous White and Red Wines. Chris also explores rose, sparkling, and sweet and fortified wines. The next chapter, Choosing Wine, concentrates on matching the right wine to specific occasions and cuisines - invaluable advice, especially when you are facing a restaurant wine list. Finally, Chris offers essential advice on Practicalities, from storing and serving to identifying wine faults. He also describes how to set up your own fun winetasting at home to improve your tasting skills.*All the knowledge you need to enjoy the fruit of the vine, from appreciating classic grape varieties to matching food and wine.*Includes twenty delicious recipes from top food writers incoporating wine, from the classic Coq au Vin to cutting-edge chocolate and Cabernet Pots.*Written in down-to-earth, accessible style by wine writer Chris Losh.

The Persistent Observer s Guide to Wine

Author: J. P. Bary
Publisher: Neon Press
ISBN: 9780985840044
Release Date: 2013-01-15
Genre: Health & Fitness

An engaging introduction to wine that concentrates on the reader as much as the wine, pointing out the most common pitfalls as it proceeds step-by–step through the essential skills everyone needs to have in order to select, serve and serve wine successfully. Primary emphasis is given to teaching the reader how to identify the taste of different wines according to grape variety, climatic conditions and wine making style, how to select, serve and store wines and how to match them with various foods and occasions. Through a series of ten engaging conversations, the author coaches the reader through the steps needed to become a consummate wine consumer, concentrating on common stumbling blocks, pitfalls and sources of confusion that aren’t covered in other introductory wine books. Instead of presenting a curriculum in a categorical fashion, this fast-paced, witty and literate book shows why trusting your own instincts is more important than studying diagrams of the tongue, pouring over aroma wheels or memorizing the minute details of all the leading estates. It explains how and why labels, ratings and reviews can be misleading, how to see through various marketing ploys and what the most persistent misconceptions are about serving and storing wine. Readers learn how to read between reviewer’s lines, how to make excellent pairings with little fuss and how to converse with sommeliers and retailers in a way that tells whether they are trying to help or giving them the run around. Without giving you any tables, charts or listings of regions and producers, or requiring you to memorize a glossary of definitions before you can understand what the author is saying, this book communicates all the essential skills you need to fall in love with wine and become a very savvy consumer. Filled with unique insights and down-to-earth, practical wine advice, this book lets the reader understand what the others are really trying to say.

Cheese Wine

Author: Janet Fletcher
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9781452111490
Release Date: 2011-12-16
Genre: Cooking

From the best-selling author of The Cheese Course comes a new guide to enjoying one of the most basic yet sophisticated culinary delights: cheese and wine. Janet Fletcher leads readers on an international tour of 70 cheeses,exploring the best wine pairings and serving suggestions. From Oregon's autumnal Rogue River Blue to aromatic Brind'Amour evocative of the Corsican countryside, cheese lovers will savor the range of textures, flavors, and colors. Featuring mouth-watering color photography and detailed, informative text, this collection of cheeses and the wines that go with them will inspire perfect pairings.


Author: Tom Heinzle
Publisher: HEEL Verlag
ISBN: 9783958430341
Release Date: 2014-11-13
Genre: Cooking

Die kalten Monate laden dazu ein, üppigere Speisen zuzubereiten. Weil Minusgrade längst kein Hinderungsgrund mehr sind, den Grill anzuheizen, verspricht das winterliche Grillen völlig neue Geschmackserlebnisse. Mit Gerichten wie gefüllter Wildente, Winter-Camembert, Roastbeef mit Lebkuchen, Chili-Birnen, Hirsch-Entrecote, winterlichen Spare Ribs oder Hühnchen im Heubeet kann der Startschuss für die Wintergrillsaison gar nicht früh genug fallen. Tom Heinzle verrät außerdem die wichtigsten Expertentipps und was man beim Wintergrillen beachten oder vermeiden sollte.

Wine Cheese Pairing Guide

Author: Norm Ray
Publisher: Rayve Productions
ISBN: 1877810002
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Genre: Cooking

Contents Introduction Cheese Basics: Cheeses of the World; History; Cheese Styles; Cheesemaking; Artisan vs. Large Scale Cheesemaking; Buying Cheese; Storing Cheese; Serving Cheese; Tasting Cheese Wine Basics: Wines of the World; History; Wine Categories and Styles; Winemaking; Wine Bottle Labels; Buying Wine; Storing Wine; Serving Wine; Tasting Wine; To Your Good Health Pairing Basics: Your Personal Pleasure is the Goal; Guidelines; Goals; More Tasting Suggestions Pairing Recommendations: Cheese & Wine Pairing Recommendations; Wine & Cheese Pairing Recommendations Journals: "My Favorite Pairings" Journal; "Oops! I Won't Pair These Again" Journal

The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home

Author: John N. Peragine
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781601383587
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Cooking

From the basics of distillation to the ingredients used, you will learn all of the basics of home wine making, starting with the wide array of ingredients available to you, including grapes and berries. You will learn everything required to start and operate a home winery.


Author: Michael Jackson
ISBN: 3831007640
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Whiskey

Australian Wine

Author: Patrick Iland
ISBN: 0994635613
Release Date: 2017-07
Genre: Viticulture

Australian Wine: styles and tastes, people and places is a key to understanding and enjoying Australian wine. Absorbing text and stunning photography take the reader on a journey through the story of Australian wine from the vineyard to the winery to the cellar and to the wine in the glass. The contents include topics such as, the history of Australian wine, how to taste wine, a guide to cellaring wine, wine and food, wine and health, vine growth, berry ripening, organic and biodynamic grapegrowing and winemaking, sustainability, how the different styles of wine ? dry white wines, semi-sweet and sweet white wines, sparkling wines, dry red wines and fortified wines ? are made and how they taste, how climate, soils and vineyard management and winemaking practices impact on the taste of a wine, wine regions of Australia, regionality, terroir and provenance. It introduces the reader to many of the people who grow grapes and make wine across the Australian wine scene. It tells stories of places where vines grow and the importance of place in the taste of a wine. Overall it is an interesting and educational read of the story of Australian wine from its beginnings to the present day. The concise, easy to follow educational format contains 290 pages of informative text, maps, wine style guides and over 300 photographs to illustrate the diversity and richness of Australian wine. The four co-authors are experienced educators, winemakers, wine journalists and commentators.The book can be used in wine training courses, by cellar door personnel and by the wine consumer who enjoys a good read and who would like to know a little more about Australian wine.