Immediate Placement of Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis

ISBN: OCLC:1051330586
Release Date: 2014

Abstract : Background: Research interest on immediate placement of dental implants has shifted from implant survival toward optimal preservation of soft and hard tissues. The aim of this study is to systematically assess the condition of implant survival, peri‐implant hard and soft tissue changes, esthetic outcome, and patient satisfaction of immediately placed single‐tooth implants in the esthetic zone. Methods: MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CENTRAL databases were searched for publications up to June 2013. Studies reporting on implant survival, changes in hard and soft peri‐implant tissues, esthetic outcome, and patient satisfaction were considered. A pooled analysis was performed to identify factors associated with survival and peri‐implant tissue changes after immediate implant placement. Results: Thirty‐four studies were considered eligible. Immediate placement of single‐tooth implants in the esthetic zone was accompanied by excellent 1‐year implant survival (97.1%, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.958 to 0.980). Mean marginal peri‐implant bone loss was 0.81 ± 0.48 mm, mean loss of interproximal peri‐implant mucosa level was 0.38 ± 0.23 mm, and mean loss of peri‐implant midfacial mucosa level was 0.54 ± 0.39 mm. Regression analysis revealed that delayed provisionalization (odds ratio [OR] 58.03, 95% CI: 8.05 to 418.41, P 0.000), use of a flap (OR 19.87, 95% CI: 10.21 to 38.66, P

Dental Implant Complications

Author: Stuart J. Froum
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118976487
Release Date: 2015-09-25
Genre: Medical

Dental implants have become one of the most popular and rapidly growing techniques for replacing missing teeth. While their predictability, functionality, and durability make them an attractive option for patients and clinicians alike, complications can arise at any stage from patient assessment to maintenance therapy. Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, Second Edition, updates and expands the hallmark first edition, which was the first comprehensive reference designed to provide clinicians of all skill levels with practical instruction grounded in evidence-based research. Featuring cases from a variety of dental specialties, the book covers the most commonly occurring implant complications as well as the unique. Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, Second Edition, is organized sequentially, guiding the reader through complications associated with the diagnosis, treatment planning, placement, restoration, and maintenance of implants at any stage. Complications associated with various bone augmentation and sinus lift procedures are also discussed in detail with emphasis on their etiology and prevention. Each chapter utilizes a highly illustrated and user-friendly format to showcase key pedagogical features, including a list of “take home tips” summarizing the fundamental points of each chapter. New chapters include discussions of complications from drug prescribing, implant naturalization, cemented restorations, loose implant restoration syndrome, and craniofacial growth. Readers will also find more case presentations to see how complications have been managed in real-world situations. Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, Second Edition, brings together contributions from leading experts in the field under the superior editorship of Dr. Stuart Froum. With its pragmatic approach to preventing and managing implant complications, this expertly crafted text continues to serve as an indispensable clinical reference and guide for all dentists placing or restoring implants.

Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery

Author: Michael S. Block
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323228107
Release Date: 2014-09-19
Genre: Medical

Use this atlas-style guide to master implant procedures and techniques! Written by leading expert Michael S. Block, DMD, Color Atlas of Dental Implant Surgery, 3rd Edition provides clear, full-color clinical photos and practical instructions covering a wide range of implant challenges. It takes you through treatment planning, presurgical guidelines, detailed surgical techniques, and postoperative follow-up. This edition adds more case studies and coverage of computed tomography. With this book, you’ll be able to address any implant-related situation and achieve optimal results! This title includes additional digital media when purchased in print format. For this digital book edition, media content is not included. Clear step-by-step procedures include indications, contraindications, and treatment results for each procedure. Over 1,400 full-color photographs and drawings depict important concepts and techniques, and show treatment from beginning to end. Indications and contraindications for each procedure provide details of why a procedure is performed. A discussion of the result of prosthodontic treatment is provided for each case, explaining how implant placement factors into successful therapy. Chapters are organized by oral anatomy and surgical technique, with each chapter presenting a different area of the mouth or a specific surgical technique. The Mandible section covers various approaches to augmentation of the atrophic mandible, including a case that utilizes distraction osteogenesis. Detailed cases of posterior mandible surgery demonstrate onlay bone harvesting and grafting the deficient ridge. The Maxilla section features sinus grafting, hard and soft tissue procedures, and the relatively new zygomaticus implant procedure. References are provided at the end of every chapter for additional reading and research.

Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry

Author: Abd El Salam El Askary
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470376331
Release Date: 2008-04-15
Genre: Medical

Esthetic dentistry and implant dentistry continue to grow in patient demand and professional popularity. More now than ever, clinicians are faced with the need to combine form with function, art with science. The considerable scientific and technical leaps that have been made in this field mean that this goal is now more achievable, and Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry seeks to share these advances with practitioners and students alike.

Vertical Ridge Augmentation in the Esthetic Zone

ISBN: OCLC:1052025947
Release Date: 2018

Abstract: The reconstruction of deficient alveolar ridges using vertical and/or horizontal guided bone regeneration techniques allows for ideal implant placement, which is crucial for function and also for esthetically successful outcomes. Unlike in the past, when meeting a patient's functional demands was sufficient, many patients now have greater expectations from their implant restoration. Hence, it is no longer enough simply to restore the edentulous space with a functioning tooth or teeth. It has been suggested that patients now measure their final restoration using the contralateral natural tooth as the gold standard. Both subjective and objective levels of patient information on dental implants have increased significantly in the last decade. As a result of this demand, implant literature has inherited and developed specific esthetic parameters and patient‐centered outcomes from studies in the restorative field. Unfortunately, studies reporting on guided bone regeneration in the esthetic zone entirely lack such parameters and outcomes. Currently, there is a strong need for a consensus on objective and well‐defined parameters to assess the esthetics in bone regeneration and subsequently on implant dentistry.

Plastic esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery

Author: Otto Zuhr
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Company
ISBN: 1850972265
Release Date: 2012-01-01
Genre: Medical

"In this book, the authors blend scientific knowledge and practical experience to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, indications, and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery, focusing especially on minimal soft tissue trauma and maximally perfect wound closure. Microsurgery provides clinically relevant advantages over conventional macrosurgical concepts for regenerative and plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery, especially in the all-important esthetic zone. The microsurgical principles and procedures presented in the book are explained step-by-step in meticulously illustrated case examples with large, exquisite images. Each case example also includes an illustrated armamentarium of the materials and instruments necessary for the practical implementation of the microsurgical procedure. The book concludes with instructions on how to manage all major complications for each procedure."--Publisher.


Author: Inaki Gamborena
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing (IL)
ISBN: 0867154969
Release Date: 2014-10
Genre: Medical

This book will open new paths for the treatment of single-tooth dental implants in the esthetic zone. In the process, it will propel clinicians and dental technicians to the forefront of innovative implant protocols, biological and technical inventions, and contemporary clinical procedures while providing a concise overview of up-to-date scientific evidence. Lavishly illustrated and presented in a novel style, this book will take readers on a unique visual journey and provide a detailed step-by-step guide to mastering anterior single-implant therapy.

Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Dental Implant Abutments

Author: Hamid R. Shafie
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118928530
Release Date: 2014-07-09
Genre: Medical

To fulfill the vision for his latest book, Dr. Hamid Shafie compiled technical information from a vast variety of sources, including implant manufacturers and designers, master dental technicians, implant researchers, and expert clinicians leading the field of implant dentistry worldwide. He and his expert contributors meticulously assembled each chapter to include only the most relevant and up-to-date content and procedures in a concise and simple format. Dr. Shafie follows the same easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format as his best-selling textbook Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Implant Overdentures.Starting with the material science behind implant abutments, the text then describes all of the relevant abutment solutions, providing a step-by-step guide to design and manufacturing of the CAD/CAM abutments and explaining how to adjust prefabricated abutments and one-piece titanium and zirconia implants. In addition to offering the ultimate procedural guide for clinical and laboratory preparation of dental implant abutments, this textbook is filled with useful tips on clinical practice management such as sterilization, instrumentation and trouble-shooting related to implant abutments. Clinical and Laboratory Manual of Dental Implant Abutmentsis the only text devoted exclusively to an in-depth look at implant abutments. Every dental implant clinician, technician, student, and implant industry insider needs this vital work in their library.

Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

Author: Todd R. Schoenbaum
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319726005
Release Date: 2018-12-04
Genre: Medical

This book concisely elucidates the science underlying implant treatment in the aesthetic zone in partially edentulous patients and clearly describes the techniques and protocols used by world-leading experts in the field. The book is divided into four parts that address treatment planning; site preparation (hard and soft tissue augmentation); immediate implant placement and provisional restoration; and the design, fabrication, and delivery of the definitive implant prosthesis. Complex cases of this nature present a significant challenge to even the most well informed and experienced of doctors. Implants in the Aesthetic Zone has been specifically crafted to meet all the needs of the clinician involved in their management, providing a reliable road map for interdisciplinary implant treatment in clinical practice. The authors have been carefully selected from a wide range of fields for their expertise in particular areas of implant science or treatment.

Soft Tissue and Esthetic Considerations in Implant Therapy

Author: Anthony Sclar
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing (IL)
ISBN: UOM:39015052664334
Release Date: 2003-01
Genre: Medical

This long-anticipated book presents advanced surgical techniques for preserving and restoring natural dental esthetics in implant therapy. Written for the novice and expert alike, each chapter builds on the information in the preceding chapters in a clear, well-illustrated, and easy-to-follow format. Following a discussion of the rationale and biologic basis for creating a stable peri-implant soft tissue environment, the author presents a systematic approach to the patient evaluation, including quantification of the positive and negative elements that enhance and detract from an individual's smile; specific surgical maneuvers for managing peri-implant soft tissues, including various innovative flap designs; the surgical and prosthetic protocols of a technique for preserving the natural hard and soft tissue anatomy in patients undergoing tooth removal; soft tissue grafting techniques for augmenting attached tissues around natural teeth and implant restorations; and an innovative technique for reconstructing large-volume hard and soft tissue defects in the anterior maxillary area. The final chapter presents advanced cases that demonstrate the use of these procedures in various situations, along with algorithms to guide the implant surgeon in their selection and sequencing. For those who want to master new techniques for treating esthetic implant patients with a high level of predictability, this book is a must-have.