Indie Publishing

Author: Ellen Lupton
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 1568987609
Release Date: 2008-12-23
Genre: Architecture

"Indie Publishing’s" special focus on the visual design of books makes it unique among publish-it-yourself manuals. Readers are taken step-by-step through the process of designing a book to give it personal style as well as visual coherence and authority. Design principles such as scale, cropping, pacing, and typography are explored in relation to each example, along with commentary on how to create effective title pages, tables of contents, captions, and more. The book aims to inspire readers with examples of print projects similar to those they might undertake on their own. Sample designs include a picture book, artist’s portfolio, exhibition catalog, poetry chapbook, novel, and zine. Indie Publishing addresses the important business aspects of independent publishing – from how and why you should get an ISBN number to creating promotional materials and using the internet to market your book. This comprehensive, illustrated guide concludes with a curated portfolio of the most exciting examples of independent publishing from the contemporary scene, reproduced in full color.

2014 Guide to Self Publishing

Author: Robert Lee Brewer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781599637457
Release Date: 2013-10-07
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

The 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing is the essential resource for indie publishers. In other words, this is the guide for writers who are taking their publishing futures into their own hands and self-publishing. In addition to hundreds of listings for freelance editors, designers, self-publishing companies, and more, the Guide to Self-Publishing offers articles on how to produce engaging covers, handle sales tax, dissect the self-publishing contract, protect your work, promote your work, and more. "The Guide to Self-Publishing is brilliant, timely, and the ultimate go-to index for the industry's huge surge of indie authors! Love, love, love having all the pieces of the Puzzle in one resource. Finally, the indie author can wave a Writer's Market of his own and find his way to publication. I predict GTSP to be the hottest how-to writing book of the year. Very highly recommended!" --C. Hope Clark, author of The Shy Writer and the Carolina Slade Mystery Series, and force behind

The Indie Author Mindset

Author: Adam L Croft
Publisher: Circlehouse
Release Date: 2018-07-28
Genre: Reference

Do you want to sell more books and earn a good living from your fiction? Discover how to change your way of thinking and revolutionise your writing career. Are you struggling to take your author career on to the next stage? Do you wish you could sell huge numbers of books and make a good income for you and your family? Before he learned to change his mindset, Adam Croft's fiction books earned him around $30 a day. But, after developing the indie author mindset, he was earning $3,500 a day within a matter of weeks. The Indie Author Mindset shows you how simply changing your way of thinking about your writing business can revolutionise your career. Using Adam's personal experiences and examples, you'll be able to think differently about the business side of your writing career and lay down the foundations for long-term success. In The Indie Author Mindset, you'll discover: How to decide who to listen to — and who not to listen toHow to unlock the power of residualsHow to create more than half a dozen income streams from one bookLessons and advice from Bryan Cohen, David Gaughran, Brian Meeks and Mark DawsonWhy almost every writer misunderstands profit and is doing advertising wrongAnd much, much more! This life-changing book is the motivational kick-up-the-backside all authors need. If you like a non-fiction book with a personal touch, practical tips you can apply every day and all the motivation you need to kick your career on to the next stage, The Indie Author Mindset is for you.

2015 Guide to Self Publishing Revised Edition

Author: Robert Lee Brewer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781599638676
Release Date: 2014-10-07
Genre: Reference

The 2015 Guide to Self-Publishing is the essential resource for writers who are taking their publishing futures into their own hands, whether it's referred to as self-publishing or indie publishing. In addition to hundreds of listings for freelance editors, designers, self-publishing companies, and more--the Guide to Self-Publishing offers articles on how to create standout covers, hire freelance designers, break in to the gift market, protect your work, promote your work, and more. You also gain access to: • Lists of conferences, organizations, and book fairs and festivals • A pay-rate chart to help negotiate fair terms with any freelancers you might use • Interviews with successful indie authors, including Hugh Howey, Bob Mayer, Delilah Marvelle, and more + Includes access to a one-hour webinar, "How to Format E-books With Microsoft Word," indie author Jason Matthews helps writers master e-book formatting. This webinar covers each section of your book's needs, from the title and table of contents to inserting images and hyperlinks. In just over an hour, you'll be able to professionally format your e-book and give readers something they'll enjoy.

Indie Author s Toolbox How to create publish and market your Kindle book

Author: Nick Vulich
ISBN: 9781312315976
Release Date: 2014-06-29
Genre: Business & Economics

Read this if you want to sell more books, make more money as an author, or rank higher in your category. My name is Nick Vulich. The first thing you should know about me is I'm not a writer, and I'm not an expert on self-publishing either. I never worked in the industry, and I don't have any experience working for the big publishers. In fact, the only thing I consider myself an expert in is how to sell on eBay, Amazon, and Fiverr... So why should you listen to me? Like most indie authors, I came into publishing through the back door. I had a story to tell, and one day I just sat down and let it all come out. What I wrote wasn't pretty, or polished...but, it helped a lot of people sell more stuff on eBay. What I couldn't say with fancy prose, I made up for with enthusiasm. Because of that, my books sold. I'm not going to lie to you. It wasn't easy. I read just about every book available on self-publishing. I studied up on KDP Free days, Countdown Deals, price pulsing...

Choosing the Best Self Publishing Companies and Services

Author: John Doppler
Publisher: Orna Ross
ISBN: 9781909888920
Release Date: 2019-07-30
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Are you serious about self-publishing? Want to know which services are reputable… and which to avoid? This guide will tell you all you need to know about choosing the best self-publishing service providers, from the largest (Amazon KDP, Google and Apple Books) to your local freelance editor or designer. Compiled by the illustrious watchdog team at the Alliance of Independent Author (ALLi), this is not just a roadmap that helps you to choose the most reputable services and companies. You don’t need lose money by gambling on who to trust anymore. We evaluate the players, draw service comparisons and inform you what they do and don’t do, and whether they are value for money. We trawl the small print for you, scrutinise the terms and conditions, compare the rates, and through ALLi’s worldwide membership of successful indie authors, check the experiences of real writers who have used these services. It doesn’t shy from showing you who to avoid, and why. Most important of all, it enables you to evaluate any publishing service yourself to see if it is good at what it does—and right for you. Learn how to do such evaluations yourself, quickly and easily. Things to look out for, questions to ask. The book is divided across the seven processes of publishing: editorial, design, production, distribution, marketing, promotion and right licensing. It deals with: - print, ebook and audiobook distributors - formatters and editors - cover designers - marketing specialists - agent-assisted self-publishing There is also a section on trade (traditional) publishing, vanity presses and hybrid publishers. We know self-publishing is constantly changing, which is why this guide is updated regularly by ALLi’s watchdog team. So you can rest assured you’re getting the most up-to-date, accurate and trustworthy advice, recommendations and warnings. This definitive guide is a must-have tool in every author-publisher’s toolkit. "A real eye-opener!" "How to self-publish without getting ripped off." "A great time-saver."

Go Indie

Author: David Neth
Publisher: DN Publishing
ISBN: 1945336935
Release Date: 2016-09-06

Thinking of self-publishing? Do you have a great book but not sure where to go from here? You're not alone. Every day, authors are deciding to self-publish with varying levels of success. Fantasy author David Neth shares his first year experience as an indie author including his mistakes, successes, and plans to grow his business in his second year. Using his journey as a case point, you'll learn what worked and didn't work for one author so you can determine what will work for you. With chapters on writing, editing, publishing, promoting, and everything in between, Go Indie breaks down a typical first year for an indie to help you go from aspiring writer to published author.

The Indie Author Guide

Author: April Hamilton
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781599632674
Release Date: 2010-11-09
Genre: Reference

This Is Your Roadmap to Success! The Indie Author Guide takes you through every stage of the self-publishing process. With e-books, print on demand and the power of Web 2.0, you have the ability to publish your own high quality books and go indie—just as filmmakers and musicians have done. Get detailed instructions, complemented by screenshots, so you can get the most of cutting edge publishing options. April L. Hamilton, founder of Publetariat, an online news hub and community for indie authors, gives you insight to the latest technology and step-by-step advice for making the most of your self-publishing options. Inside you'll find everything you need to know to: • organize your files • create your brand • explore your self-publishing options • format your book for POD • edit and revise you work • design your own book cover • publish through a POD print service provider • publish in e-book formats • build an author platform • promote your work • transition from indie to mainstream publishing Plus, you'll get worksheets to help you plan and organize your book, your business, and your writing life, as well as an HTML primer so you can build your own website—even if you're not tech savvy. The Indie Author Guide gives you the skills and confidence you need to take full advantage of today's unique publishing opportunities and grow your readership yourself.

The Short Spectacular Indie Publishing Career of Matilda Walter

Author: Sandra Hutchison
Publisher: Sheer Hubris Press
ISBN: 9780991186945
Release Date: 2014-12-14
Genre: Fiction

A lighthearted romp in the trenches of self-publishing She’s writing a terrible romance novel, or would be if she could just stop revising the first sex scene. He’s eager to help them get rich and famous in the exciting world of self-publishing. What could possibly go wrong?

Is Self Publishing For You

Author: Libi Astaire
Publisher: Aster Press
Release Date: 2014-05-27
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

If you’re an author with a just-finished manuscript—or an aspiring author dreaming of one day writing a book that will make the bestseller list—you probably know that getting to the last words of your story isn’t the end of your book’s story. Once your book is written, the next step is to get it published. In this quick guidebook, I’ll take you beyond the hoopla and the hype to a down-to-earth look at your publishing options. We’ll look at the pros and cons of traditional publishing, consider when a subsidy press might be a viable alternative, and take an in-depth look at what’s really involved when an author decides to become the publisher of his or her book. We’ll also examine each step involved in the publishing process and come up with some sample budgets. Then we’ll discuss which publishing model might be best for you and your book. You’ve worked hard on writing your book. If you want to make an informed decision about your next step, this book is for you.

The Magazine Blueprint

Author: Conor Purcell
ISBN: OCLC:1035015563
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Journalists

"The inside guide to setting up and running your own independent magazine."--

The Indie Author Revolution

Author: Dara M. Beevas
Publisher: Beavers Pond Press
ISBN: 1592985041
Release Date: 2012-09-01
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

It's the age of the indie author . . .If you've got passion, a plan, and persistence, you don't need an agent. The Indie Author Revolution: An Insider's Guide to Self-Publishing is your friendly guide to the new era of self-publishing. Everything you need to create a quality book is within your reach, including editors, designers, printers, mentoring presses, e-books, and social media.Written from the perspective of an editor who has mentored hundreds of indie authors, The Indie Author Revolution will teach you: • All the key areas of self-publishing success—from vetting your manuscript ideas to crafting your publishing plan for both print and electronic books.• Advice, tips, and tools from real-life indie authors and book publishing professionals to help you avoid missteps in writing, publishing, and marketing.• The pros and cons of doing

Indie Authors

Author: Javier Celaya
Publisher: Dosdoce
ISBN: 9788494229565
Release Date: 2014-09-08
Genre: Business & Economics

Self-publishing is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, it was commonly practiced in the 19th and 20th centuries; the fact that Dostoyevski (incidentally, one of the pioneers of crowdfunding) asked his friends for money to finance his books, that Nietzsche paid for the self-publishing of 50 copies of "Thus spoke Zarathustra" out of his own pocket and that Lewis Carroll did the same thing with "Alice in Wonderland", as did Marcel Proust, Alexandre Dumas, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Edgar Alan Poe, George Bernard Shaw and Ernest Hemingway, is not something to be overlooked. All of these writers started off as independent authors in the days when paying for the publication of books out of one's own pocket was not looked down on and those who wished to make their work known could use their own means, without shame, to reach a limited audience without being treated with contempt. First and foremost, because it was considered that the author in question believed in his work to the extent that he was willing to invest in it. Self-publishing platforms cannot be overlooked. They are technological companies that publish, distribute and promote on demand. They are fast and have a large portfolio of authors. One of the key elements of this decade (2010-2020) will be the consolidation of self-publishing in the book world. In this context of change, the objective of the study "Indie Authors: The Self-publishing Revolution" is to provide professionals in the book world - be they publishers, agents, authors, booksellers or librarians - with a broad analysis of the impact of self-publishing in the publishing sector so that each one may establish the business opportunities and advantages of self-publishing.

Indie Author Survival Guide Second Edition

Author: Susan Quinn
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1512090042
Release Date: 2015-05-08

**UPDATED SECOND EDITION** This book is for every author who's thinking about indie publishing, or has already taken the leap, and wonders why no one told them about the sharks, the life-sucking social media quicksand, or the best way to avoid sales-checking, yellow-spotted fever. This is a guide for the heart as much as the head. And because I promised myself that I wouldn't write a book about how I made a gazillion dollars publishing ebooks, I would write about the fear: owning it, overcoming it, facing it. From a person who didn't pursue a creative life for a long time, and then discovered creativity can set you free. Note: gazillion is a technical term, which in this case means something less than a million and more than the average income in my state. The Guide is intended to take a first-time-publishing author from those first tentative steps, through the leap, and into the great adventure of indie publishing. Already-published authors who want to jump-start lagging sales or launch a new series will also benefit from nuts-and-bolts marketing advice as well as inspiration for the long-haul of their publishing journey. Susan Kaye Quinn is the author of the Singularity Series, the Mindjack Trilogy and the Debt Collector serial (as well as other speculative fiction works) and has been indie publishing since 2011. She's not an indie rockstar or a breakout success: she's one of thousands of solidly midlist indie authors making a living with their works. This book is based on her experience in self-publishing fiction-the First Edition was published in 2013, the Second Edition in 2015, updated to account for changes in the industry. It's a guide to help her fellow writer-friends take their own leaps into the wild (and wonderful) world of indie publishing... and not only survive, but thrive. Coming Soon: For Love or Money: Crafting An Indie Author Career The Indie Author Survival Guide is designed to take a first-time-publishing author through the publication of their first indie book. For Love or Money looks at parlaying that first book into a career. TESTIMONIALS FOR THE GUIDE "I recently became an indie author. I was lucky enough to find this book at just the right time, and it became my bible. It's still the most useful how-to book on my writing shelf!" - Garrett Davis, author of Port Starbird "Indie publishing can be a jungle. Susan provides you with a map, a compass, and best of all, a machete to get through the tangles. Not only educational, it's inspirational and my go-to book whenever I feel lost." - Annetta Ribken, author of Still Not Nice or the Strange Planet Inside My Head "I regularly recommend this book to people who want to break into indie. Great advice, great community." - Kim Wells, author of Mariposa "I recommend The Indie Author Survival Guide to anyone who wants to enter self-publishing with a solid foundation. I discovered it a few years after I began my series and still learned a lot from it." - Patricia Gilliam, author of The Hannaria Series