Integral and Discrete Inequalities and Their Applications

Author: Yuming Qin
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 9783319333045
Release Date: 2016-10-06
Genre: Mathematics

This book concentrates on one- and multi-dimensional nonlinear integral and discrete Gronwall-Bellman type inequalities. It complements the author’s book on linear inequalities and serves as an essential tool for researchers interested in differential (ODE and PDE), difference, and integral equations. The present volume is part 2 of the author’s two-volume work on inequalities. Integral and discrete inequalities are a very important tool in classical analysis and play a crucial role in establishing the well-posedness of the related equations, i.e., differential, difference and integral equations.

Advanced Inequalities

Author: George A. Anastassiou
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789814317627
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Mathematics

This monograph presents univariate and multivariate classical analyses of advanced inequalities. This treatise is a culmination of the author's last thirteen years of research work. The chapters are self-contained and several advanced courses can be taught out of this book. Extensive background and motivations are given in each chapter with a comprehensive list of references given at the end. The topics covered are wide-ranging and diverse. Recent advances on Ostrowski type inequalities, Opial type inequalities, Poincare and Sobolev type inequalities, and HardyOpial type inequalities are examined. Works on ordinary and distributional Taylor formulae with estimates for their remainders and applications as well as ChebyshevGruss, Gruss and Comparison of Means inequalities are studied. The results presented are mostly optimal, that is the inequalities are sharp and attained. Applications in many areas of pure and applied mathematics, such as mathematical analysis, probability, ordinary and partial differential equations, numerical analysis, information theory, etc., are explored in detail, as such this monograph is suitable for researchers and graduate students. It will be a useful teaching material at seminars as well as an invaluable reference source in all science libraries.

Integral Inequalities and Applications

Author: D.D. Bainov
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789401580342
Release Date: 2013-04-18
Genre: Mathematics

This volume is devoted to integral inequalities of the Gronwall-Bellman-Bihari type. Following a systematic exposition of linear and nonlinear inequalities, attention is paid to analogues including integro-differential inequalities, functional differential inequalities, and discrete and abstract analogues. Applications to the investigation of the properties of solutions of various classes of equations such as uniqueness, stability, dichotomy, asymptotic equivalence and behaviour is also discussed. The book comprises three chapters. Chapter I and II consider classical linear and nonlinear integral inequalities. Chapter III is devoted to various classes of integral inequalities of Gronwall type, and their analogues, which find applications in the theory of integro-differential equations, partial differential equations, differential equations with deviating argument, impube differential equations, etc. Each chapter concludes with a section illustrating the manner of application. The book also contains an extensive bibliography. For researchers whose work involves the theory and application of integral inequalities in mathematics, engineering and physics.

Ostrowski Type Inequalities and Applications in Numerical Integration

Author: Sever S. Dragomir
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789401725194
Release Date: 2013-03-14
Genre: Mathematics

It was noted in the preface of the book "Inequalities Involving Functions and Their Integrals and Derivatives", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991, by D.S. Mitrinovic, J.E. Pecaric and A.M. Fink; since the writing of the classical book by Hardy, Littlewood and Polya (1934), the subject of differential and integral inequalities has grown by about 800%. Ten years on, we can confidently assert that this growth will increase even more significantly. Twenty pages of Chapter XV in the above mentioned book are devoted to integral inequalities involving functions with bounded derivatives, or, Ostrowski type inequalities. This is now itself a special domain of the Theory of Inequalities with many powerful results and a large number of applications in Numerical Integration, Probability Theory and Statistics, Information Theory and Integral Operator Theory. The main aim of the present book, jointly written by the members of the Vic toria University node of RGMIA (Research Group in Mathematical Inequali ties and Applications, http: I /rgmia. vu. edu. au) and Th. M. Rassias, is to present a selected number of results on Ostrowski type inequalities. Results for univariate and multivariate real functions and their natural applications in the error analysis of numerical quadrature for both simple and multiple integrals as well as for the Riemann-Stieltjes integral are given.

Probabilistic Inequalities

Author: George A. Anastassiou
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 981428078X
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Mathematics

In this monograph, The author presents univariate and multivariate probabilistic inequalities with coverage on basic probabilistic entities like expectation, variance, moment generating function and covariance. These are built on the recent classical form of real analysis inequalities which are also discussed in full details. This treatise is the culmination and crystallization of the author's last two decades of research work in related discipline. Each of the chapters is self-contained and a few advanced courses can be taught out of this book. Extensive background and motivations for specific topics are given in each chapter. A very extensive list of references is also provided at the end. The topics covered in this unique book are wide-ranging and diverse. The opening chapters examine the probabilistic Ostrowski type inequalities, and various related ones, As well as the largely discusses about the Grothendieck type probabilistic inequalities. The book is also about inequalities in information theory and The Csiszar's f-Divergence between probability measures. A great section of the book is also devoted to The applications in various directions of Geometry Moment Theory. Also, The development of the Gruuml;ss type and ChebyshevGruuml;ss type inequalities for Stieltjes integrals and The applications in probability are explored in detail. The final chapters discuss the important real analysis methods with potential applications to stochastics. The book will be of interest to researchers and graduate students, and it is also seen as an invaluable reference book to be acquired by all science libraries as well as seminars that conduct discussions on related topics.

Inequalities for Differential and Integral Equations

Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080534640
Release Date: 1997-11-12
Genre: Mathematics

Inequalities for Differential and Integral Equations has long been needed; it contains material which is hard to find in other books. Written by a major contributor to the field, this comprehensive resource contains many inequalities which have only recently appeared in the literature and which can be used as powerful tools in the development of applications in the theory of new classes of differential and integral equations. For researchers working in this area, it will be a valuable source of reference and inspiration. It could also be used as the text for an advanced graduate course. Covers a variety of linear and nonlinear inequalities which find widespread applications in the theory of various classes of differential and integral equations Contains many inequalities which have only recently appeared in literature and cannot yet be found in other books Provides a valuable reference to engineers and graduate students

Opial Inequalities with Applications in Differential and Difference Equations

Author: R.P. Agarwal
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789401584265
Release Date: 2013-03-09
Genre: Mathematics

In 1960 the Polish mathematician Zdzidlaw Opial (1930--1974) published an inequality involving integrals of a function and its derivative. This volume offers a systematic and up-to-date account of developments in Opial-type inequalities. The book presents a complete survey of results in the field, starting with Opial's landmark paper, traversing through its generalizations, extensions and discretizations. Some of the important applications of these inequalities in the theory of differential and difference equations, such as uniqueness of solutions of boundary value problems, and upper bounds of solutions are also presented. This book is suitable for graduate students and researchers in mathematical analysis and applications.

Differential and Integral Inequalities Theory and Applications

Author: V. Lakshmikantham
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780080955636
Release Date: 1969
Genre: Computers

This volume constitutes the first part of a monograph on theory and applications of differential and integral inequalities. 'The entire work, as a whole, is intended to be a research monograph, a guide to the literature, and a textbook for advanced courses. The unifying theme of this treatment is a systematic development of the theory and applications of differential inequalities as well as Volterra integral inequalities. The main tools for applications are the norm and the Lyapunov functions. Familiarity with real and complex analysis, elements of general topology and functional analysis, and differential and integral equations is assumed.