Author: Patrick Robinson
Publisher: Canelo
ISBN: 9781788633338
Release Date: 2019-01-31
Genre: Fiction

A deadly foe rears its head once again... An appeal court judge frees four of the most dangerous terrorists on earth from Guantanamo Bay. The CIA track them back to Pakistan’s North West Frontier mountain range, but the four men vanish to rejoin the mysterious forces trained by Osama bin Laden. Fortunately, a communication from the mountains of the Afghan side of the border is intercepted by Britain’s secret surveillance station in Cyprus. Al-Qaeda is plotting a devastating attack on the U.S. mainland. The CIA is in a mass panic, it’s greatest fears fully realised. Retired Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Mack Bedford is called in to assist on one of the most highly classified missions ever launched from CIA headquarters, with the stakes higher than ever before... The breathtaking sequel to Diamondhead, the first of the Mack Bedford series, Intercept is ideal for fans of Tom Wood, Chris Ryan and J.B. Turner.

On board and Intercept Transit Survey Techniques

Publisher: Transportation Research Board
ISBN: 9780309097598
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Local transit

This synthesis documents and summarizes transit agencies experiences with planning and implementing on-board and intercept surveys. On-board and intercept surveys used throughout the report refer to self-administered surveys distributed on board buses and railcars, and in stations, as well as interviews conducted in these environments. The report provides an overview of industry practices and covers a broad range of issues addressed in planning a given survey. This topic is of interest to transit agency staff responsible for market research in their agency. They can use this report to learn from and compare their experiences with the experiences of other agencies.

Schwarze Liste

Author: Brad Thor
Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783641143763
Release Date: 2015-01-19
Genre: Fiction

Jason Bourne war gestern. Die Zukunft gehört Scot Harvath. Irgendwie ist der Terrorfahnder Scot Harvath auf die Schwarze Liste geraten – eine Liste, die so geheim ist, dass nur der amerikanische Präsident und ein kleiner Kreis von Beratern von ihr wissen. Wer einmal auf der Schwarzen Liste steht, ist bereits so gut wie tot. Harvath versucht verzweifelt, den Killerkommandos zu entkommen. Dabei muss er herausfinden, wer ihn auf die Liste gesetzt hat – und warum! Doch während Harvath unfreiwillig sämtliche Einsatzkräfte in Atem hält, bereiten die Hintermänner einen vernichtenden Terrorakt auf die USA vor.

Airborne Intercept

Author: David R. Vaughan
Publisher: Rand Corporation
ISBN: UCAL:B4185308
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The authors describe the factors bearing on airborne interceptor development and examine three nominal paths to achieving it.

Detecting and Classifying Low Probability of Intercept Radar

Author: Phillip E. Pace
Publisher: Artech House
ISBN: 9781596932357
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This revised and expanded second edition brings you to the cutting edge with new chapters on LPI radar design, including over-the-horizon radar, random noise radar, and netted LPI radar. You also discover critical LPI detection techniques, parameter extraction signal processing techniques, and anti-radiation missile design strategies to counter LPI radar.

The Intercept

Author: Dick Wolf
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062064844
Release Date: 2012-12-26
Genre: Fiction

Dick Wolf, the celebrated creator of the Law & Order television franchise, makes his literary debut with The Intercept, a taut, driving thriller reminiscent of the classic The Day of the Jackal. Days before the July Fourth holiday and the dedication of One World Trade Center at Ground Zero, an incident aboard a commercial jet reminds everyone involved that vigilance saves lives. But New York Police detective Jeremy Fisk—from the department’s Intelligence Division, a well-funded anti-terror unit modeled upon the CIA—suspects that the event is a warning sign that another, potentially more extraordinary scheme has been set in motion. So when a passenger from the same plane disappears into the crowds of Manhattan, it’s up to Fisk and his partner Krina Gersten to find him before the celebrations begin... And time is running out.

The Sequential Intercept Model and Criminal Justice

Author: Patricia A. Griffin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190234218
Release Date: 2015-01-27
Genre: Psychology

The number of individuals with severe mental illness in the criminal justice system is shockingly high. However, there is a wealth of research that shows that the traditional incarceration model is not effective with this population, and that many of these individuals can be helped in the community at less cost without increased risk to public safety by addressing their risk-relevant needs and improving their opportunities for recovery. As a result, during the last decade there has been an increasing interest in community-based alternatives to incarceration for individuals with severe mental illness. The Sequential Intercept Model and Criminal Justice offers an overview of the recent changes in correctional policy and practice that reflect an increased focus on community-based alternatives for offenders. Developed by Drs. Mark Munetz and Patricia Griffin, the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) identifies five conceptual points at which standard criminal processing can be interrupted to offer community-based alternatives: (1) law enforcement/emergency services; (2) initial detention/initial court hearings; (3) jails/courts; (4) re-entry; and (5) community corrections/support. This volume describes the SIM in detail and reviews empirical evidence for each of its five points of interception. Chapters focus on its implementation, starting with an analysis of the national and state-level initiatives, then addressing specific challenges. A final section suggests how the SIM might be applied successfully to other populations (e.g., veterans, juveniles, and those with developmental disabilities). This volume will appeal to policy makers who are considering community-based alternatives, practitioners who carry out these changes, and program evaluators who seek to document the impact of such changes.

Operation Intercept

Author: Lawrence A. Gooberman
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9781483146102
Release Date: 2013-10-22
Genre: Business & Economics

Operation Intercept: The Multiple Consequences of Public Policy analyzes the taken-for-granted reality of the search-and-destroy anti-marihuana legislation. This book focuses on the Operation Intercept, a policy that aims to control the importation of illegal drugs, marihuana in particular, across the United States-Mexican border. Chapter 1 discusses the objectives of Operation Intercept and the factors and assumptions underlying this policy. Chapter 2 examines the availability of marihuana during the Operation Intercept period and the unanticipated consequences of such policy decision. Chapter 3 presents data that confirms marihuana shortage in New York City during the summer and early fall of 1969. Lastly, Chapter 4 provides an appraisal of anti-drug policies in the past and an examination of the general drug abuse problem in the United States. Sociologists who are interested in deviant behavior and social problems will find this book invaluable.


Author: Thom Tate
Publisher: Thom Tate
ISBN: 9781311210975
Release Date: 2014-03-11

Being in the sights of a former ally was the last thing Black Ops Agent, Blake MacKay expected, but that’s just where he landed. An intercepted call discloses that the former Iranian nuclear guru, Mohsen Fallali, has come back on the grid to head-up Iran’s new nuclear weapons program. Mossad has to act fast and sends Solomon Zinn, an elite sniper, to take him out. However, the Ansar al-Sharia militant group wants Fallahi for their own purposes and will stop at nothing to get him. Aware of the two groups after Fallahi, Blake is sent to Vienna to capture him before Mossad or Ansar al-Sharia can carry out their plans. When Blake discovers that his Mossad adversary is a former lover, he must devise the ultimate deception to complete his mission. When the three competing forces descend on Vienna, all hell breaks out in this thrilling spy novella.

Privy Council Review of Intercept as Evidence

Author: Privy Council Review
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 0101732422
Release Date: 2008-01-31
Genre: Political Science

The creation of this Privy Council Review was announced on 25 July 2007 "to advise on whether a regime to allow the use of intercepted material in court can be devised that facilitates bringing cases to trial while meeting the overriding imperative to safeguard national security". All bodies and individuals that met with or provided evidence to the Review were in favour in principle of intercept as evidence. But there were very different views as to whether national security could be safeguarded effectively. The Review endorses the principles that: there is an overriding imperative to safeguard national security; all trials must be (and be seen to be) procedurally fair; the State should wherever possible prosecute those it believes are involved in terrorism or other serious crimes; in any criminal prosecution the best available evidence should be made available in court. The report examines: current use of intercept; potential use and benefit of intercept as evidence; risks; resource implications; new communications technology; relevance of experiences of other countries; legal models. The Review concludes that intercept as evidence should be introduced. It believes that it would be possible to provide for the use of intercept as evidence in criminal trials in England and Wales by developing a robust legal model, based in statute and compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. A model - PII Plus (PII = Public Interest Immunity) - is suggested as the basis, and the Review outlines further preparatory work and confidence-building measures necessary to develop a detailed regime.

Crucial Intercept

Author: Don Pendleton
Publisher: Gold Eagle
ISBN: 1426879733
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Genre: Fiction

A series of high-profile shootings in Virginia exposes a deadly scavenger hunt with numerous factions competing for the prize. An ex-CIA cryptologist who created an unbreakable code has unwittingly been sold out to the terrorist group who can get to him first. Before any more innocent lives are lost, Mack Bolan must intercept the human bounty and keep the code from falling into enemy hands. With several fully equipped foreign black ops groups tracking his every move and willing to die for their cause, Bolan is running out of time, ammunition and options. He has only one choice—turn the war back on the terrorists. A single American citizen may hold the key to military superiority, but there is only one soldier who can defend it—the Executioner.

Ramrod Intercept

Author: Don Pendleton
Publisher: Gold Eagle
ISBN: 9781460372920
Release Date: 2014-01-15
Genre: Fiction

STONY MAN In the covert world of clandestine operations, Stony Man is the President's deniable expendable—a ready-reaction force that officially doesn't exist. For this elite fighting team, there's no glory, just the knowledge that a successful mission means one less threat…for the moment. But now a traitor in America's military has made a deal that could alter the balance of power in the West.… RAMROD INTERCEPT It's the next step in silent, invisible warfare and now the Ramrod Intercept technology has fallen into the hands of America's most virulent enemies. The head of a black ops U.S. military facility has made a deal with an exiled Sudanese general, a monster willing to share the weapon's destructive capabilities with an army of terrorists in exchange for shock troops on his blood march to take Khartoum. Stony Man's grim three-way mission: find the traitor, stop a devastating coup and retrieve America's secret weapon.


Author: Gordon Corera
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780297871743
Release Date: 2015-06-25
Genre: History

The computer was born to spy, and now computers are transforming espionage. But who are the spies and who is being spied on in today's interconnected world? This is the exhilarating secret history of the melding of technology and espionage. Gordon Corera's compelling narrative, rich with historical details and characters, takes us from the Second World War to the internet age, revealing the astonishing extent of cyberespionage carried out today. Drawing on unique access to intelligence agencies, heads of state, hackers and spies of all stripes, INTERCEPT is a ground-breaking exploration of the new space in which the worlds of espionage, geopolitics, diplomacy, international business, science and technology collide. Together, computers and spies are shaping the future. What was once the preserve of a few intelligence agencies now matters for us all.