International Trade and the Successful Intermediary

Author: Davide Giovanni Papa
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781317113683
Release Date: 2016-05-23
Genre: Business & Economics

International Trade and the Successful Intermediary reveals how intermediaries can safely and effectively guarantee they are paid commission in lucrative commodity trades. Davide Papa and Lorna Elliott explain how intermediaries should conduct a deal from start to finish, whilst adhering to the laws and rules of international trade and maintaining control over the transaction at all times. The explosion of the internet has created tens of thousands of trading houses and independent home-based brokers all seeking to buy or sell commodities to one another. Businesses may spend considerable time and resources evaluating the merits or otherwise of available brokers. International Trade and the Successful Intermediary is designed to give independent intermediaries, potential buyers, procurement agents, mandates, lawyers, bankers and companies the fundamental skills to conduct business in the international trade arena, while increasing their knowledge and confidence to secure commission arising out of successful deals. Using real scenarios, model documents and straightforward language the book dispels the many myths relating to internet trading procedures and explains the rules and laws that must be adhered to when conducting import/export transactions.

Crude Oil and the Successful Intermediary the Export and Import of Petroleum Based Products by Intermediaries

Author: Davide Giovanni Papa
Publisher: Lund Humphries Publishers
ISBN: 147246818X
Release Date: 2015-10-28

With all of the news surrounding climate change and the need to reduce emissions, renewable energy is gaining a stronghold and there is a sharp focus on the reporting of energy usage and carbon emissions. As such, it seems that the petroleum industry is heading for a steep decline. The reality is, however, that renewable energy is not cheap nor is it suitable for heavy industry use; two factors which drive a viable economy. As more people take up alternative and renewable types of energy sources, as obtained from the sun or wind, it the price of localised coal and fuel-powered electricity generation will increase, in direct correlation with the decreased use of so-called 'dirty energy'. Yet, Davide Papa contends that there is no other practical form of energy that could match the energy output of crude oil pound per pound. The decline in the trading of crude oil and associated fuels is not upon us in the near or distant future, if ever and the marketplace is ripe for informed intermediaries to source and sell petroleum based products for a long time yet. Davide sets out a basic, uniform standard of practice and explains, in a clear and straightforward language, the rules and laws that must be adhered to when conducting business in the complex export/import arena, thus guiding intermediaries, brokers, agents, buyers and sellers who are attempting to deal in commodities, including petroleum based products, to success. The insight Davide provides has cross-industry relevance and additionally will appeal to a host of professional entities such as intermediaries, lawyers, scientists, engineers, accountants, corporate and home based traders.

The Secret World of Oil

Author: Ken Silverstein
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 9781781681930
Release Date: 2014-05-13
Genre: Political Science

The oil industry provides the lifeblood of modern civilization, and bestselling books have been written about the industry and even individual companies in it, like ExxonMobil. But the modern oil industry is an amazingly shady meeting ground of fixers, gangsters, dictators, competing governments, and multinational corporations, and until now, no book has set out to tell the story of this largely hidden world. The global fleet of some 11,000 tankers—that's tripled during the past decade—moves approximately 2 billion metric tons of oil annually. And every stage of the route, from discovery to consumption, is tainted by corruption and violence, even if little of that is visible to the public. Based on trips to New York, Washington, Houston, London, Paris, Geneva, Phnom Penh, Dakar, Lagos, Baku, and Moscow, among other far-flung locals, The Secret World of Oil includes up-close portraits of a shadowy Baku-based trader; a high-flying London fixer; and an oil dictator's playboy son who has to choose one of his eleven luxury vehicles when he heads out to party in Los Angeles. Supported by funding from the prestigious Open Society, this is both an entertaining global travelogue and a major work of investigative reporting.

European Intermediary Liability in Copyright

Author: Christina Angelopoulos
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 9041168354
Release Date: 2016-11-18
Genre: Law

Provides a clarification on the substantive rules of European intermediary accessory liability in copyright and formulates harmonised European norms to govern this complicated topic. In step with the rapid progress to the centre of modern social, political, and economic life, the internet has proven a convenient vehicle for the commission of unprecedented levels of copyright infringement. Given the formidable practical obstacles to the successful pursuit of actual perpetrators, it has become common for intermediaries providers of internet-related infrastructure and services to face liability as accessories. Despite advances in policy at the European level, the law in this area remains far from consistently applicable. This is the first book to take a law-based approach towards exploring a possible introduction of a substantive European intermediary liability.

Basic Guide to Exporting The Official Government Resource for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 9780160907838
Release Date: 2012-04-11
Genre: Business & Economics

A Basic Guide to Exporting provides a complete overview of the basics of exporting. Looking for a comprehensive overview of how to export? For more than 70 years, A Basic Guide to Exporting has been the resource that businesses have turned to for answers to their questions about how to establish and grow overseas markets for their products and services. Whether your firm is new to exporting or in need of a refresher on the latest ideas and techniques, this comprehensive guide, now completely revised and updated, provides the nuts-and-bolts information you will need to meet the challenges of the world economy by examining:• How to identify markets for your company’s products• How to finance your export transactions• The best methods of handling orders and shipments• Sources of free or low-cost export counselingYou’ll also find numerous real-life examples that illustrate the principles of exporting, samples of forms needed to export, and—in a valuable appendix—information on how to obtain guidance and counseling offered by the federal government through its domestic network of more than 100 Export Assistance Centers and through commercial counselors located in U.S. embassies abroad. Contains a complete overview of the basics of exporting.

Financing International Trade

Author: James Calvin Baker
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 1567206220
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Business & Economics

Presents an in-depth examination of the U.S. international trade finance system.

Mathematical Asset Management

Author: Thomas Höglund
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470293553
Release Date: 2008-05-23
Genre: Mathematics

A practical approach to the mathematical tools needed to increase portfolio growth, learn successful trading strategies, and manage the risks associated with market fluctuation Mathematical Asset Management presents an accessible and practical introduction to financial derivatives and portfolio selection while also acting as a basis for further study in mathematical finance. Assuming a fundamental background in calculus, real analysis, and linear algebra, the book uses mathematical tools only as needed and provides comprehensive, yet concise, coverage of various topics, such as: Interest rates and the connection between present value and arbitrage Financial instruments beyond bonds that serve as building blocks for portfolios Trading strategies and risk performance measures Stochastic properties of stock prices The difference between expected return and expected growth and the geometric Brownian motion Diversification through the creation of optimal portfolios under various constraints The use of the Capital Asset Pricing Model to accurately estimate the difference between the return of the market and the short rate To further demonstrate the reality of the discussed concepts, the author analyzes five active stocks over a four-year period and highlights the different methods and portfolios that exist in today's economic world. Exercises are also provided throughout the text, along with the solutions, allowing readers to measure their understanding of presented techniques as well as see how the methods work in real life. Mathematical Asset Management is an excellent book for courses in mathematical finance, actuarial mathematics, financial derivatives, and financial engineering at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also a valuable reference for practitioners in banking, insurance, and asset management industries.

What Makes Exports Boom

Author: Mark J. Roberts
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821336673
Release Date: 1997-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

"This report sheds new light on what makes exports grow. The effects of macroeconomic conditions and policy variables on manufacturing exports have been notoriously unpredictable in the research literature. The research summarized here suggests that that unpredictability can be traced largely to neglected microeconomic characteristics of manufacturing sectors. In particular, the export response to a given stimulus is shaped by the cross-firm dispersion in unit production costs, the extent of product differentiation, and, critically, the prevalence of previous exporting experience. This research is derived from a recently completed World Bank project examining the microeconomic foundations of industrial export booms in Colombia, Mexico, and Morocco. For each country, plants were followed through time, and their decisions to begin exporting, cease exporting, or adjust their export volumes were detailed. By focusing on microeconomic characteristics, the authors highlight some features of export supply response not previously quantified. First, export booms in Colombia, Morocco, and to a lesser extent Mexico would have been more modest if large numbers of firms had not decided to break into foreign markets. Second, new exporters face significant start-up costs as they develop marketing channels, adapt products and packaging to foreign tastes, and learn bureaucratic procedures. They become exporters only when the expected profits from foreign sales are large enough to cover these costs, and are unlikely to respond to export incentives viewed as transitory." -- Website.

The International Wine Trade

Author: Pierre Spahni
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9781855738942
Release Date: 2000-09-27
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This is the second edition of the definitive analysis of the international wine trade. This new edition focuses on individual trade flows across the major importing and exporting countries, examines the increasing role of food retailers in wine selling and looks for the future trends which will shape the industry in the new millennium. The book begins by examining technical factors in the wine trade giving rise to differences in pricing and considers how wines' characteristics help to position the final products. It shows how trends in consumption are changing in different ways in the traditional and Anglo-Saxon markets and explains the effects of developments in international trade such as the role of trade barriers. The heart of the book profiles the ten major wine importing countries and considers: Trends in the consumption of alcoholic drinks Wine market and import patterns The configuration of import and distribution channels Each country's trade policy with detailed comparisons between them The book then goes on to consider the wine trade from the exporters point of view and describes: The challenge posed by New World producers to those based in Western Europe The influence of the previously planned economies of the former Soviet bloc The role of the EU and the likely effect of further European integration The influence of tariff schedules and the GATT negotiations This edition will be essential reading for all wine trade professionals including: wine producers, importers and exporters, negocients, co-operatives and regional economic development agencies, and wine merchants and retailers.

Export Import Theory Practices and Procedures

Author: Erdener Kaynak
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134730476
Release Date: 2014-05-22
Genre: Business & Economics

Learn the ins and outs of the export-import business! Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures is a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of international trade theories and techniques. International trade professionals, researchers, students, and members of chambers of commerce will benefit from concepts and theories that explain international trade operations and give clearly defined goals and procedures for your business. This excellent text offers chapter summaries, references, World Wide Web addresses, and features learning aids such as figures, tables, vignettes, and other illustrations to help you compete in the global marketplace and better educate students in the field. With this informative text, you will explore trade agreements such as the GATT/WTO, NAFTA, and the European Economic Community (EEC), and how they affect trade. For example, you will read about the investment and intellectual property policies, as well as rules on government procurements, safeguards, and services of NAFTA. Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures examines export-import marketing and strategy concepts from setting up businesses to solving typical international logistics and transportation questions. Other areas you will examine include: documentation, risks, and different forms of insurance price setting in international trade export sales contracts documenting export-import trade the risks of foreign trade exchange rates and international trade methods of payment for exporting and importing goods the benefits and theories of countertrade the entry process for imports import relief to domestic industry Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures covers everything you need to know to start and run an export-import business. With over 100 tables and figures and a plethora of Web sites and Internet addresses to visit, this excellent text assists you in understanding the theories, practices, and procedures of exporting and importing to help you make informed and profitable business decisions.

Social Responsibility in the Global Market

Author: Mary Ann Littrell
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 9781452264615
Release Date: 1999-07-20
Genre: Business & Economics

Social Responsibility in the Global Market provides a practical, non-exploitative alternative for conducting business, which bridges the consumer's social concerns and the producer's financial concerns. Mary Ann Littrell and Marsha Ann Dickson utilize in-depth case studies to introduce past successes and failures for seven Alternative Trading Organizations (ATOs). These organizations foster artisan empowerment, cultural integrity and business sustainability. An integrative model synthesizes business conditions, tasks and skills imperative for effective functioning of a fair trade system in an increasingly global market.

The Trust Economy Building strong networks and realising exponential value in the digital age

Author: Philipp Kristian Diekhöner
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9789814779173
Release Date: 2017-04-15
Genre: Business & Economics

Airbnb, Uber, TripAdvisor, Bitcoin, Carousell – this is the way we live today. Over the past decade, one of the most revolutionary changes in our global economy has been the creation of trusted digital intermediaries. These platforms allow us – as individuals and as businesses – to exchange value with one another in new and better ways. We are experiencing a modern relationship renaissance, enabled by technology and powered by trust.But not everyone has succeeded equally. Corporate innovation efforts are often stymied by a culture of distrust that kills creativity, impedes progress and reduces competitive advantage. As incumbents lurch from one identity crisis to another and startups flood every industry from retail to insurance, only the most trusted players will succeed. The Trust Economy introduces a world-first structured model for building trust in six progressive stages. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever the size of your business, the trust model will set you on the path to reaping the most value from the opportunities and challenges of the digital age.

Restaurant Dealmaker

Author: Steve Zimmerman
ISBN: 0988924900
Release Date: 2013-03
Genre: Restaurant management

In this book you will learn my trade secrets from being a front-line restaurant, bar, and club owner/operator, as well as my extensive experience as a buyer and seller of many restaurants, bars and clubs. For a 45 year period (1950-1996), my family owned and operated: a) Zim's Restaurants, the largest independent non-franchised restaurant chain in San Francisco, b) nearly 35 restaurants, bars and/or clubs in Northern California including Zim's Restaurants, Z's Bountiful Buffets, Kibby's Drive Ins, and Casa Carlita's Mexican Restaurants and c) miscellaneous other operations, including many cocktail lounges. Today I own Restaurant Realty Company, the largest restaurant, bar and club business brokerage in California. I have personally sold over 800 restaurant, bar and club businesses, and I have completed over 2,500 business valuations since 1996. Throughout this book I will share my experiences and knoweldge from my twenty-plus years of restaurant experience, and more than thirty years of real estate experience. Having worn many hats as a restaurant, bar, and club owner/operator, buyer, seller, landlord, and broker, I want to share my years of experience to make it easier for prospective restaurant, bar or club buyers to learn how to effectively purchase a business. My goal is to help a buyer understand the key things he, or she, needs to know in order to minimize mistakes and to make a successful, well-thought-out purchase. I want this purchase to have a strong chance for success, subject to buyers operating the business properly after they take ownership. I cover the following topics in the book: 1. The Buyer - a. motivations for buying, b. things you need to know before buying, c. qualfications needed to purchase, d. things you need to do before you purchase, e. the advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing business versus starting one from scratch, f. what are you buying, and g. how buyers initially screeen business opportunities; 2. What Do You Need - a. the essential for preparing a business plan, b. how much money do you need to open and operate, c. methods for raising money; 3. Buyers Do's and Don'ts - a. buyer's three-stage checklist, b. important questions and information to ask the seller, c. signs to look for to determine if the seller's business is in trouble; 4. Success Vs. Failure - a. key ingredients for a successful business from a customer's and buyer's perspective, b. why so many businesses fail, c. turning a losing business into a winning business opportunity, d. why do sellers sell?; 5. Valuations and Other Financial Aspects - a. various sample valuations, b. understanding financial statements; 6. Importance of Location - a. major factors in selecting a strong location, b. how an operator determines if an existing site will work for his proposed new operation, c. special types of locations, d. how to find a good restaurant site; 7. Lease and Other Legal Aspects - a. premise lease, b. how a tenant can negotiate a good lease and renew it on favorable terms, c. helpful techniques in negotiating your lease, d. why landlords want to maximize their rent; 8. Steps to the Sale - a. selling process from offer stage to close of escrow stage, b. dealing with the most common problems related to the sale and how to ensure a closed escrow, c. overcoming the most common obstacles in dealing with the landlord, d. the main three parties in the transaction: buyer, seller and landlord, e. how the sales process works, f. explanation of the asset purchase agreement, g. the buyer's due-diligence process, h. things that can go wrong during a sales transaction that a seller needs to know - and a buyer should too, i. advantages and disadvantages of an asset sale versus a stock sale; 9. Is Franchising For You? - the advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchised business versus buying an independent, non-franchised business and 10. Using a Restaurant Broker to Your Advantage.

From Pitch to Publication

Author: Carole Blake
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781447231028
Release Date: 2012-07-12
Genre: Reference

This is the insider's guide to getting published sucessfully. The secret to making money from your fiction writing is not only in the quality of your work but your approach to the publishing process: in this book an industry professional shows how to make the system work for you. Advice is here from almost the moment you pick up the pen - identifying the market for your work - to working constuctively with your author or agent, safeguarding your rights, negotiating and understanding contracts, and understanding how you book will actually be sold. From Pitch to Publication is the complete guide to presenting yourself effectively to publishers, and navigating the periods before and after publication for continuing success.

Price Action Breakdown Exclusive Price Action Trading Approach to Financial Markets

Author: Laurentiu Damir
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781365562242
Release Date: 2016-11-26
Genre: Business & Economics

Price Action Breakdown is a book on pure price action analysis of financial markets. It is based on trading the pure price action using key supply and demand levels. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN BY READING THIS BOOK? Proven price action concepts and techniques to find the market trend, thoroughly analyze its overall strength and make the most informed judgments possible about its termination. Develop a clear market structure just by interpreting the price movements on your charts. How to discover the footprint of the big financial institutions entering the market. Perhaps the most important, you will learn a complete thought process that will make you a very versatile trader, able to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions. This will change the way you see the market and the way you trade it. The methods explained in the book will give you the edge you need in order to become consistently profitable while trading Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options, Commodities, Indices and all the liquid markets.