Interrogating Incest

Author: Vikki Bell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134896523
Release Date: 2002-09-11
Genre: Social Science

Winner of British Sociological Association Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 1993 Within feminism incest has often been subsumed under a discussion of sexual violence and abuse. Yet, important as this is, there has been little account of how feminist work itself relates to other ways of talking about and understanding incest. In Interrogating Incest Vikki Bell focuses on the issue of incest and its place in sociological theory, feminist theory and criminal law. By examining incest from a critical Foucauldian framework she considers how feminist discourse on incest itself fits into existing ways of talking about sex. Closely surveying the historical background to incest legislation and the theoretical issues involve, Vikki Bell delineates their practical implications and shows what uncomfortable questions and important dilemmas are raised by the criminalisation of incest.

Incest and the Medieval Imagination

Author: Elizabeth Archibald
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780191540851
Release Date: 2001-05-24
Genre: Literary Criticism

Incest is a remarkably frequent theme in medieval literature; it occurs in a wide range of genres, including romances, saints's lives, and exempla. Historically, the Church in the later Middle Ages was very concerned about breaches of the complex laws against incest, which was defined very broadly at the time to cover family relationships outside the nuclear family and also spiritual relationships through baptism. Medieval writers accepted that incestuous desire was a widespread phenomenon among women as well as men. They are surprisingly open about incest, though of course they disapprove of it; in many exemplary stories incest is identified with original sin, but the moral emphasizes the importance of contrition and the availability of grace even to such heinous sinners. This study begins with a brief account of the development of medieval incest laws, and the extent to which they were obeyed. Next comes a survey of classical incest stories and their legacy; many were retold in the Middle Ages, but they were frequently adapted to the purposes of Christian moralizers. In the three chapters that follow, homegrown medieval incest stories are grouped by relationship: mother-son (focusing on the Gregorius legend), father-daughter (focusing on La Manekine and its analogues), and sibling (focusing on the Arthurian legend). The final chapter considers the very common medieval trope of the Virgin Mary as mother, daughter, sister and bride of Christ, the one exception to the incest taboo. In western society today, incest has recently been recognized as a serious social problem, and has also become a frequent theme in both fiction and non-fiction, just as it was in the Middle Ages. This interdisciplinary study is the first broad survey of medieval incest stories in Latin and the vernaculars (mainly French, English and German). It situates the incest theme in both literary and cultural contexts, and offers many thought-provoking comparisons and contrasts to our own society in terms of gender relations, the power of patriarchy, the role of religious institutions in regulating morality, and the relationship between life and literature.

Siblinghood and social relations in Georgian England

Author: Amy Harris
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9781526130204
Release Date: 2017-01-10
Genre: History

Siblinghood and Social Relations in Georgian England: Share and Share Alike examines the impact sisters and brothers had on eighteenth-century English families and society. Using evidence from letters, diaries, probate disputes, court transcripts, prescriptive literature, and portraiture, it argues that although parents' wills often recommended their children 'share and share alike,' siblings had to constantly negotiate between prescribed equality and practiced inequalities. Understanding this unique family dynamic not only sheds new light on gender, marriage, parenting, and childhood, but also suggests that sibling relations stood at the intersection of early modern hierarchical ideals and Enlightenment egalitarian ideals about the social and political order. Historical scholarship on siblings is just emerging from its infancy and is on the verge of rapid growth. Siblinghood and Social Relations in Georgian England, which will be the first monograph-length analysis of early modern siblings in England, is primed to be at the forefront of sibling studies. The book is intended for a broad audience of scholars - particularly those interested in families, women, children and eighteenth-century social and cultural history. The topic and narrative also lend themselves to a broad audience of both undergraduate and graduate students.

Antigone s Claim

Author: Judith Butler
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231518048
Release Date: 2002-05-23
Genre: Literary Criticism

The celebrated author of Gender Trouble here redefines Antigone's legacy, recovering her revolutionary significance and liberating it for a progressive feminism and sexual politics. Butler's new interpretation does nothing less than reconceptualize the incest taboo in relation to kinship—and open up the concept of kinship to cultural change. Antigone, the renowned insurgent from Sophocles's Oedipus, has long been a feminist icon of defiance. But what has remained unclear is whether she escapes from the forms of power that she opposes. Antigone proves to be a more ambivalent figure for feminism than has been acknowledged, since the form of defiance she exemplifies also leads to her death. Butler argues that Antigone represents a form of feminist and sexual agency that is fraught with risk. Moreover, Antigone shows how the constraints of normative kinship unfairly decide what will and will not be a livable life. Butler explores the meaning of Antigone, wondering what forms of kinship might have allowed her to live. Along the way, she considers the works of such philosophers as Hegel, Lacan, and Irigaray. How, she asks, would psychoanalysis have been different if it had taken Antigone—the "postoedipal" subject—rather than Oedipus as its point of departure? If the incest taboo is reconceived so that it does not mandate heterosexuality as its solution, what forms of sexual alliance and new kinship might be acknowledged as a result? The book relates the courageous deeds of Antigone to the claims made by those whose relations are still not honored as those of proper kinship, showing how a culture of normative heterosexuality obstructs our capacity to see what sexual freedom and political agency could be.

Djuna Barnes and Affective Modernism

Author: Julie Taylor
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748664375
Release Date: 2012-02-29
Genre: Literary Criticism

Explores the dynamic connections between the affective body and Djuna Barnes's textual corpus. The five chapters of this book reconsider modernist intertextuality, affect, and subjectivity to produce a series of lively and compelling readings of the major

Rereading Heterosexuality

Author: Rachel Carroll
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748649280
Release Date: 2012-04-04
Genre: Social Science

Presents new perspectives on representations of female heterosexuality in selected contemporary British and American novels

Sexuality Gender and Power in Iris Murdoch s Fiction

Author: Tammy Grimshaw
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: UOM:39015062849685
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Literary Criticism

Examines the depiction of the social construction of male homosexuality, lesbianism, and women's role in Murdoch's books. This book explores the representation of power dynamics in the portrayal of homosexuality and takes a detailed look at the illustration of power-knowledge.

Moral Agendas For Children s Welfare

Author: Michael King
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134679805
Release Date: 2002-09-11
Genre: Health & Fitness

Moral Agendas for Children's Welfare examines the roles played by politics, religion, ethics, aesthetics, law and science in identifying children's needs and rights and critically analyses existing child welfare policies. Five sections cover the following Agendas: * Philosophical and Psychoanalytical * Psychological and Sociological * Religious * Social Policy * Child Protection. Moral Agendas for Children's Welfare will provide invaluable reading for students in law, social work and policy and sociology and professionals in welfare, health care and law.

Butler on Whitehead

Author: Roland Faber
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780739172766
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Philosophy

Considered together, Butler and Whitehead draw from a wide palette of disciplines to develop distinctive theories of becoming, of syntactical violence, and creative opportunities of limitation. The contributors of this volume offer a unique contribution to and for the humanities in the struggles of politics, economy, ecology, and the arts

Exchanges in Exoticism

Author: Megan Moore
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442661370
Release Date: 2014-02-05
Genre: Literary Criticism

Charting important new territory within medieval gender studies, Megan Moore explores the vital role that women played in transmitting knowledge and empire within Mediterranean cross-cultural marriages. Whereas cross-cultural exchange has typically been understood through the lens of male-centered translation work, this study, which is grounded in the relations between the west and Byzantium, examines cross-cultural marriage as a medium of literary and cultural exchange, one in which women's work was equally important as men’s. Moore's readings of Old French and Medieval Greek texts reveal the extent to which women challenged the cultures into which they married and shaped their new courtly environments. Through the lens of medieval gender and postcolonial theory, Exchanges in Exoticism demonstrates how the process of cultural exchange – and empire building – extends well beyond our traditional assumptions about gender roles in the medieval Mediterranean.

Telling incest

Author: Janice L. Doane
Publisher: Univ of Michigan Pr
ISBN: STANFORD:36105110379125
Release Date: 2001-10-15
Genre: Family & Relationships

An exploration of how specific historical contexts, narrative conventions, and cultural politics shape the ways that stories of incest are told and heard

Governing Childhood

Author: Anne McGillivray
Publisher: Dartmouth Publishing Company
ISBN: 185521833X
Release Date: 1997-01-01
Genre: Social Science

This collection of studies following a preface by the editor, argues that in the modern West, over the last twenty years, the way in which childhood is understood has taken a distinct shape. The authors contest that governing the self may once have been a matter between man and God, but it is now and has been for the last 2 centuries or more a matter for the state as well. Governing childhood was chosen as a theme for its connotations of social construction and intimate management both within and outside State regulation, a concept which embraces the diverse forms and nuances of the conduct of childhood. The articles are concerned with how we envision and regulate childhood stating that it tell us as much about ourselves as a people or state as it does about the lives of our children. Governing Childhood is a concept which invites the centring of childhood in social and legal studies.

Sexuality Gender and the Law

Author: William N. Eskridge
ISBN: STANFORD:36105063594605
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Law

Eskridge and Hunter's Sexuality, Gender and the Law provides detailed information on the sexuality, gender, and the law. It covers the rapidly developing field of transgender law as well as federal court developments in the areas of same-sex sexual harassment, discrimination against transgendered persons as gender discrimination, and pregnancy discrimination and legally defining gender. Specific court decisions on custody, sexual orientation discrimination in jury selection, and gender identity are included and there is an appendix with an annotated list of the best web sites for research on issues of sexuality and gender law.

Regulating Lives

Author: John McLaren
Publisher: University of British Columbia Press
ISBN: 077480887X
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Law

This book examines Canadian experiences of social control, moralregulation, and governmentality during the late nineteenth and earlytwentieth centuries. Informed by the wealth of theoretical andhistorical writings that have recently emerged on these subjects, thecontributors explore diverse state, social, legal, and human encounterswith the regulation of lives in British Columbia and Canadian history.Incest in the criminal courts, racial-ethnic dimensions of alcoholregulation, public health initiatives around venereal disease, and theseizure and indoctrination of Doukhobor children, among other issues,are examined in these nine original essays.