The Marriage and Family Experience Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society

Author: Bryan Strong
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285531892
Release Date: 2013-02-01
Genre: Social Science

THE MARRIAGE & FAMILY EXPERIENCE offers a realistic look at all kinds of families and relationships today. The book's experienced authors help you see and understand the underlying issues at work in marriages, families, and all kinds of relationships. Real-life cross-cultural examples and features that encourage you to reflect on your own life and behavior make the Twelfth Edition accessible and compelling. You'll find the latest information on adoptive parenting, childbearing patterns, gay and lesbian families, the meaning of virginity, gender roles and sexuality, communication and conflict resolution, the influence of popular culture, and working families. This is a book you can relate to--and one you will want to read. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Violence and Maltreatment in Intimate Relationships

Author: Cindy L. Miller-Perrin
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 9781506323831
Release Date: 2017-04-28
Genre: Education

Violence and Maltreatment in Intimate Relationships provides current and complete coverage of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse that occurs within intimate relationships. Authors Cindy L. Miller-Perrin and Robin D. Perrin, co-authors of SAGE’s best-selling Family Violence Across the Life, Third Edition, have created a streamlined organizational framework in Violence and Maltreatment in Intimate Relationships which presents information to students in an accessible manner. In this new book, Miller-Perrin and Perrin have teamed up with renowned researcher Claire M. Renzetti, who draws on her extensive work on violence against women. The book offers both a sociological and psychological focus, examining traditional areas of interpersonal violence as well as forms of intimate abuse outside the family, and concludes with a call for appropriate social, legal, policy, and personal responses to address the problem of abuse in intimate relationships.

Intimate Relationships Across the Lifespan Formation Development Enrichment and Maintenance

Author: Abdul Khaleque Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781440861413
Release Date: 2018-02-08
Genre: Psychology

This comprehensive research-based book is a next-generation study of intimate relationships that explores implications for health and well-being across cultures, genders, and traditional as well as non-traditional relationships. • Explores intimate relationships across ages, cultures, traditional and non-traditional relationships • Details the effects of intimate relationships on health, well-being, and quality of life • Describes research tools and methods for assessing relationships • Explains intervention strategies for relationship problems

Die Kunst den Mann f rs Leben zu finden

Author: Ellen Fein
Publisher: Piper Verlag
ISBN: 9783492955980
Release Date: 2012-06-18
Genre: Family & Relationships

Den richtigen Mann zu finden erscheint vielen Frauen schwerer, als einen guten Job zu bekommen, ein Auto zu reparieren oder den Kilimandscharo zu erklimmen. Mit den goldenen Regeln, wie Sie den Mann Ihrer Wahl an die Leine legen, landete das Autorinnenduo einen Sensationserfolg. Der Klassiker der So-angeln-Sie-sich-Mr.Right-Literatur jetzt in neuer Ausstattung!


Author: Diane Vaughan
Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195039106
Release Date: 1986
Genre: Family & Relationships

Delineates the underlying pattern beneath every disintegrating relationship and sheds light on a number of key issues, such as why some people never psychologically separate, why counseling often fails, and why one person can sometimes take the end of a r

Intimate Relationships

Author: Rowland Miller
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 1259870510
Release Date: 2017-11-16
Genre: Psychology

Drawing on psychology, family studies, sociology, communication studies, and neuroscience, Intimate Relationships is a comprehensive and current overview of relationship science, written in an engaging and accessible style. Supported by SmartBookTM, McGraw-Hill Education’s adaptive and personalized reading experience, the eighth edition of this best-selling text includes hundreds of new discoveries and findings from the last three years, as well as over 600 new references.

Crime Justice and Social Democracy

Author: K. Carrington
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137008695
Release Date: 2012-10-17
Genre: Political Science

This is a provocative collection of timely reflections on the state of social democracy and its inextricable links to crime and justice. Authored by some of the world's leading thinkers from the UK, US, Canada and Australia, the volume provides an understanding of socially sustainable societies.

Marriages Families and Intimate Relationships

Author: Brian K. Williams
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0134426681
Release Date: 2016-08-11
Genre: Social Science

"For courses in Marriage and Family" Exploring How Society Impacts Our Personal Connections in the Modern World "Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships " explores the question: can we still find intimate relationships in our complex world? Through an examination of the influences imposed upon modern life an unpredictable economy, globalization, computerization, the all-pervasive media, etc. the text attempts to pass along lessons that help students make lasting personal connections. The Fourth Edition discusses fundamental concepts and insights across social science disciplines to answer the questions that greatly matter to students. Students are engaged by high-interest, extremely useful information that blends the authors combined strengths: teaching, consulting, counseling, researching, and publishing. The text is based in research yet remains highly readable, exploring topics of great interest to students personal lives such as intimacy, family, and personal happiness in the context of their distracted, visually oriented world. "Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships: A Practical Introduction," Fourth Edition is also available via REVEL, an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, practice, and study in one continuous experience. "

The Blackwell Companion to Social Work

Author: Martin Davies
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118451779
Release Date: 2013-02-25
Genre: Political Science

Fully revised and restructured, this fresh edition offers students and trainee social workers an incisive and authoritative introduction to the subject. As well as entirely new sections on theory and practice, the expert contributions which have shaped the companion’s leading reputation have been updated and now include innovative standalone essays on social work theory. Comprehensively reworked new edition comprising six substantive sections covering essential topics for trainee social workers – in effect, six books in one Includes an extensive introduction and chapters by leading experts on the focus and purpose of social work Provides a unified textbook for trainees and an invaluable professional reference volume Features a wealth of new material on theory and practice alongside detailed expositions of the social and psychological framework, stages in the human life cycle, and the objectives and core components of social work Each chapter lists five key points to remember, questions for discussion, and recommendations for further reading

Enchanted Love

Author: Marianne Williamson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780684870250
Release Date: 2001-02-08
Genre: Family & Relationships

Explores the vision of paradise found in traditional religions, offering a series of prayers and meditations designed to unleash creativity, passion, and freedom.

Lean on Me

Author: Marion Solomon
ISBN: 1575660199
Release Date: 1996-02-08
Genre: Dependency (Psychology)

Argues that codependency is a healthy, normal, and necessary phenomenon and that meaningful relationships with others strengthen and nurture us and support our self-esteem, contrary to popular myths that make codependency a totally negative concept. Reprint.

Don t Bite Your Tongue

Author: Ruth Nemzoff
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0230614108
Release Date: 2008-08-05
Genre: Family & Relationships

Parents make enormous sacrifices helping children become healthy and autonomous adults. And when children are older, popular wisdom advises parents to let go, disconnect, and bite their tongues. But increasing life spans mean that parents and children can spend as many as five or six decades as adults together: actively parenting adult children is a reality for many families. Dr. Ruth Nemzoff--a leading expert in family dynamics--empowers parents to create close relationships with their adult children, while respecting their independence. Based on personal stories as well as advice that she has accrued from years of coaching, this lively and readable book shows parents how to: -communicate at long distances -discuss financial issues without using money as a form of control -speak up when disapproving of an adult child's partner or childrearing practices -handle adult children's career choices or other midlife changes -navigate an adult child's interreligious, interracial or same sex relationships No other book treats the challenges of parent and adult offspring relationships as part and parcel of a healthy family dynamic. This practical lessons of Don't Bite Your Tongue will help parents play a vital and positive role in their children's lives.

Reclaiming Intimacy

Author: Heather Jamison
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 0825497558
Release Date:
Genre: Religion

The author speaks to couples and counselors dealing with the complicated emotional and spiritual problems generated by physical relationships that precede long-term commitment.

Destruktive Paarbeziehungen

Author: Jochen Peichl
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 9783608103892
Release Date: 2013-04-30
Genre: Psychology

Warum erzeugt Gewalt wieder Gewalt? Warum geraten manche Menschen immer wieder in destruktive Paarbeziehungen, sei es als Opfer oder als Täter? Wie die Spirale der Gewalt in Gang gesetzt und aufrechterhalten wird, zeigt dieses Buch in differenzierter Weise. Gewalt in Paarbeziehungen ist ein ebenso weit verbreitetes wie tabuisiertes Phänomen in unserer »zivilisierten« Gesellschaft. Einer großen Untersuchung nach hat jede vierte Frau schon einmal tätliche Übergriffe ihres Partners erfahren müssen. Und auch Männer haben offenbar reichlich unter häuslichen Aggressionen zu leiden; verbale und psychische Attacken überwiegen in diesem Fall die rein physische Gewalt. Das Buch beschäftigt sich mit der Entstehung und mit den Auswirkungen destruktiver Beziehungsmuster. Es zeigt, wie aus selbst erlebter Gewalt oder Vernachlässigung mit dem zentralen Gefühl der eigenen Machtlosigkeit Übergriffshandlungen auf spätere nahe Bezugspersonen hervorgehen. PsychotherapeutInnen und psychologische BeraterInnen, die mit einzelnen Klienten oder mit Paaren arbeiten, sollten die Mechanismen intimer Gewalt kennen, um wirksam behandeln oder beraten zu können.

Intimate Relationships

Author: Sharon Brehm
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities Social
ISBN: UVA:X004501566
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Psychology

Intimate Relationships, 3rd editon, by Sharon S. Brehm, Rowland S. Miller, Daniel Perlman, and Susan Campbell preserves the personal appeal of the subject matter and vigorous standards of scholarship that made the earlier editions so successful. Written in a unified voice, this text builds on the reader-friendly tone that was established in the first two editions. It presents the key findings on intimate relationships, the major theoretical perspectives, and some of the current controversies in the field. Brehm, Miller, Perlman, and Campbell illustrate the relevance of close relationship science to readers' everyday lives, encouraging thought and analysis. Classic contributions to the field are covered in addition to topics on the leading edge of research.