Intimations of Global Law

Author: Neil Walker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107091627
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Law

"This is a book about how we might fruitfully think about global law. Few terms are more topical in the transnational legal literature. Yet there has been little serious discussion - and little agreement where there has been discussion - on what is meant by 'global law', if, indeed, it means anything of note at all. In what follows, I suggest that we can nonetheless arrive at a core sense of global law as an emergent idea and practice"--

The Nature and Enforcement of Choice of Court Agreements

Author: Mukarrum Ahmed
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781509914470
Release Date: 2017-10-05
Genre: Law

PRAISE FOR THE BOOK: "This constitutes a work of impressive scholarship that will become a major reference point for future discourse on choice of court agreements. Dr Ahmed advances a firm thesis in a lucid manner that will satisfy both academics and practitioners. The discussion is supported by a monumental foundation of underpinning research. Ahmed's monograph throughout shows clear understanding of underlying substantive laws and in Chapter 11 displays a refreshing willingness to engage in intelligent speculation on the implications of Brexit." Professor David Milman, University of Lancaster "The book is an excellent attempt to understand the theoretical underpinnings of choice of court agreements in private international law ... Anyone with an interest in the theory and practice of choice of court agreements, in particular in mechanisms for their enforcement, should read this book. They will find much of value by doing so." Professor Paul Beaumont, University of Aberdeen (from the Series Editor's Preface) This book examines the fundamental juridical nature, classification and enforcement of choice of court agreements in international commercial litigation. It is the first full-length attempt to integrate the comparative and doctrinal analysis of choice of court agreements under the Brussels I Recast Regulation, the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements ('Hague Convention') and the English common law jurisdictional regime into a theoretical framework. In this regard, the book analyses the impact of a multilateral and regulatory conception of private international law on the private law enforcement of choice of court agreements before the English courts. In the process, it both pre-empts and offers innovative solutions to issues that may arise under the jurisprudence of the emergent Brussels I Recast Regulation and the Hague Convention. The need to understand the nature and enforcement of choice of court agreements before the English courts from the perspective of the EU private international law regime and the Hague Convention cannot be understated. This important new study aims to fill an existing gap in the literature in relation to an account of choice of court agreements which explores and reconnects arguments drawn from international legal theory with legal practice. However, the scope of the work remains most relevant for cross-border commercial lawyers interested in crafting pragmatic solutions to the conflicts of jurisdictions.

Reflections on Global Law

Author: Shavana Musa
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9789004260955
Release Date: 2013-11-25
Genre: Law

Reflections on Global Law provides an interesting and vital look into the newly emerging field of global law. It allows the possibility for readers to discover global law from the perspective of various academic experts who stem from a whole range of different legal disciplines.

The Oxford Handbook on the Sources of International Law

Author: Jean d'Aspremont
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198745365
Release Date: 2017-10-26
Genre: Law

The question of the sources of international law inevitably raises some well-known scholarly controversies: where do the rules of international law come from? And more precisely: through which processes are they made, how are they ascertained, and where does the international legal order begin and end? These traditional questions bear on at least two different levels of understanding. First, how are international norms validated as rules of international "law", i.e. legally binding norms? This is the static question of the pedigree of international legal rules and the boundaries of the international legal order. Second, what are the processes through which these rules are made? This is the dynamic question of the making of these rules and of the exercise of public authority in international law. The Oxford Handbook on the Sources of International Law is the very first comprehensive work of its kind devoted to the question of the sources of international law. It provides an accessible and systematic overview of the key issues and debates around the sources of international law. It also offers an authoritative theoretical guide for anyone studying or working within but also outside international law wishing to understand one of its most foundational questions. Thisandbook features original essays by leading international law scholars and theorists from a range of traditions, nationalities and perspectives, reflecting the richness and diversity of scholarship in this area.

International Law Frameworks

Author: David J. Bederman
Publisher: West Publishing Company
ISBN: STANFORD:36105062232983
Release Date: 2001
Genre: International and municipal law

Professor David J. Bederman's new text offers a concise and analytic guide to the intricacies of international law, as understood and appreciated by a leading authority. Incisive and irreverent, International Law Frameworks provides a broad overview of all important aspects of the subject, as well as in-depth consideration of the key cases, crucial treaties and essential documents. In addition to considering traditional topics (including sources of international law, the role of States, and the management of international conflict), the book focuses particularly on newly-emerging issue areas (such as human rights, the international environment and economy), as well as the application of international law rules in the U.S. Well-written and accessible to all readers, this volume should be indispensable to students, practitioners and researchers. Book jacket.

The Iraq War Reader

Author: Christopher Cerf
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743255925
Release Date: 2003-05-15
Genre: Political Science

Despite the torrent of coverage devoted to war with Iraq, woefully little attention has been paid to the history of the region, the policies that led to the conflict, and the daunting challenges that will confront America and the Middle East once the immediate crisis has ended. In this collection, Micah L. Sifry and Christopher Cerf, coeditors of the acclaimed Gulf War Reader, have assembled essays and documents that present an eminently readable, up-to-the-moment guide -- from every imaginable perspective -- to the continuing crisis in the Gulf and Middle East. Here, in analysis and commentary from some of the world's leading writers and opinion makers -- and in the words of the key participants themselves -- is the engrossing saga of how oil economics, power politics, dreams of empire, nationalist yearnings, and religious fanaticism -- not to mention naked aggression, betrayal, and tragic miscalculation -- have conspired to bring us to the fateful collision of the West and the Arab world over Iraq. Contributors include: Fouad Ajami George W. Bush Richard Butler John le Carré Noam Chomsky Ann Coulter Thomas Friedman Al Gore Seymour Hersh Christopher Hitchens Arianna Huffington Saddam Hussein Terry Jones Robert Kagan Charles Krauthammer William Kristol Nicholas Lemann Kanan Makiya Kevin Phillips Kenneth Pollack Colin Powell Condoleezza Rice Arundhati Roy Edward Said William Safire Jonathan Schell Susan Sontag George Will