Inviting Transformation

Author: Sonja K. Foss
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 9781478608684
Release Date: 2011-05-24
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

The third edition of Inviting Transformation continues to offer a refreshing, innovative approach to public speaking, or what the authors call presentational speaking to acknowledge that not all important speaking occurs in formal public settings. The book introduces readers to invitational rhetoric, a mode of communicating that offers an effective response to the diversity that characterizes the world. In an invitational approach, speakers communicate not to win or to prove superiority but to clarify ideas and to achieve understanding for all participants in an interaction. Respect for the diversity of the world also is emphasized in the book in that the traditional speaking model has been expanded to include speaking options that characterize diverse cultural groups. For all of the processes of presentingsuch as selecting a speaking goal, organizing ideas, elaborating on ideas, and delivering the presentation the book includes and validates more inclusive speaking practices. Sample presentations reflect concepts presented in the text, providing clear and contemporary examples of the best invitational speaking practices. The exceptionally accessible writing style and reasonable price make this concise text attractive for students and instructors alike.

Transformation Now

Author: AnaLouise Keating
ISBN: 0252079396
Release Date: 2013-10-01
Genre: Social Science

In this lively, thought-provoking study, AnaLouise Keating writes in the traditions of radical U.S. women-of-color feminist/womanist thought and queer studies, inviting us to transform how we think about identity, difference, social justice and social change, metaphysics, reading, and teaching. Through detailed investigations of women of color theories and writings, indigenous thought, and her own personal and pedagogical experiences, Keating develops transformative modes of engagement that move through oppositional approaches to embrace interconnectivity as a framework for identity formation, theorizing, social change, and the possibility of planetary citizenship. Speaking to many dimensions of contemporary scholarship, activism, and social justice work, Transformation Now! calls for and enacts innovative, radically inclusionary ways of reading, teaching, and communicating.

Exponential Transformation

Author: Salim Ismail
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1635765196
Release Date: 2018-09-11
Genre: Business & Economics

A step-by-step guide for any organization that wants to stay ahead of industry disruption and leverage the opportunities presented by exponential technologies to achieve exponential growth, from globally-recognized technology strategist and bestselling author of Exponential Organizations, Salim Ismail, and thought leaders Francisco Palao and Michelle Lapierre.

Beginning Well

Author: Gordon T. Smith
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830822976
Release Date: 2001-08-17
Genre: Religion

Gordon T. Smith contends that the key to complete and authentic Christian conversion is an appropriate theology of conversion--in other words, beginning well.

Gender Stories

Author: Sonja K. Foss
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 9781478608691
Release Date: 2012-06-06
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Essential for anyone who seeks to understand the contemporary gender landscape, Gender Stories defines gender as the socially constructed meanings that are assigned to bodies. The book helps readers navigate issues of gender by introducing them to the ubiquitous gender binary, the problems with much of the research on gender differences, and the variety of gender stories in popular culture. At the heart of the book is a description of the process of becoming a gendered person through crafting and performing gender stories. Because each gender performance is unique, a virtually unlimited number of genders existsnot just two, as the gender binary would have us believe. The same multiplicity that characterizes the gender landscape characterizes the individual, who typically changes gender multiple times a day and across the lifespan. In Gender Stories, personal gender performances are framed within a philosophy of choice. Readers are encouraged to become more conscious of the choices they have in constructing their gender identities and to allow others the same choice by respecting their gender performances. Readers will easily find a place for themselves in the book, regardless of their views on gender, because one perspective on gender is not presented as the right one. Gender Stories affirms and legitimizes diverse perspectives as providing more comprehensive knowledge about gender for everyone.

Sacred Rhythms

Author: Ruth Haley Barton
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830878297
Release Date: 2010-01-14
Genre: Religion

Winner of a 2006 Logos Book Award! Do you long for a deep, fundamental change in your life with God? Do you desire a greater intimacy with God? Do you wonder how you might truly live your life as God created you to live it? Spiritual disciplines are activities that open us to God's transforming love and the changes that only God can bring about in our lives. Picking up on the monastic tradition of creating a "rule of life" that allows for regular space for the practice of the spiritual disciplines, this book takes you more deeply into understanding seven key disciplines along with practical ideas for weaving them into everyday life. Each chapter includes exercises to help you begin the practices--individually and in a group context. The final chapter puts it all together in a way that will help you arrange your life for spiritual transformation. The choice to establish your own sacred rhythm is the most important choice you can make with your life.

Ecofeminism and Rhetoric

Author: Douglas A. Vakoch
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9780857451880
Release Date: 2011-08-30
Genre: Social Science

By drawing on the complex interplay of ecology and feminism, ecofeminists identify links between the domination of nature and the oppression of women. This volume introduces a variety of innovative approaches for advancing ecofeminist activism, demonstrating how words exert power in the world. Contributors explore the interconnections between the dualisms of nature/culture and masculine/feminine, providing new insights into sex and technology through such wide-ranging topics as canine reproduction, orangutan motherhood and energy conservation. Ecofeminist rhetorics of care address environmental problems through cooperation and partnership, rather than hierarchical subordination, encouraging forms of communication that value mutual understanding over persuasion and control. By critically examining ways that theory can help deconstruct domineering practices-exposing the underlying ideologies-a new generation of ecofeminist scholarship illuminates the transformative capacity of language to foster emancipation and liberation.

Invitation to the Psychology of Religion Third Edition

Author: Raymond F. Paloutzian
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 9781462527540
Release Date: 2016-11-10
Genre: Psychology

The leading undergraduate psychology of religion text, this engaging book synthesizes cutting-edge theories and findings into an accessible account enlivened by personal reflections and contemporary examples. Raymond F. Paloutzian offers an authoritative overview of theoretical and empirical foundations; experiential, developmental, personality, and sociocultural dimensions of religion and spirituality; and clinical implications. Students are also given food for thought about bigger questions--how religion influences their own lives; what beliefs or values they hold most dear; and how to live in a multicultural, multireligious world. Each chapter opens with a brief topic outline and concludes with "Take-Home Messages" and suggestions for further reading. New to This Edition: *Reflects many years of scientific and theoretical advances. *Chapters on psychological theories, personality, and physical health. *New organizing concepts: religious meaning systems and the multilevel interdisciplinary paradigm. *Additional pedagogical features, including end-of-chapter "Take-Home Messages" and engaging topic boxes. *Descriptions of cutting-edge research methods. *Increased attention to multicultural issues.

Invitation to a Journey

Author: M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830893737
Release Date: 2016-05-21
Genre: Religion

M. Robert Mulholland Jr. defines spiritual formation as "the process of being formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others." Compact and solid, this definition encompasses the dynamics of a vital Christian life and counters our culture's tendency to make spirituality a trivial matter or reduce it to a private affair between "me and Jesus." In Invitation to a Journey, Mulholland helps Christians new and old understand that we become like Christ gradually, not instantly. Not every personality is suited to an early morning quiet time, so Mulholland frees different personality types to express their piety differently. He reviews the classical spiritual disciplines and demonstrates the importance of undertaking our spiritual journey with (and for the sake of) others. This road map for spiritual formation is profoundly biblical and down to earth. In the finest tradition of spiritual literature, it is a vital help to Christians at any stage of their journey. This edition is revised and expanded by Ruth Haley Barton with a new foreword, practices and study guide.

Portals of Peace

Author: Kimberly Kingsley
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781440141409
Release Date: 2009-05-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

The desire for world peace is a deeply held value shared by all of humanity. Sometimes the cry for peace gets louder and sometimes it fades to a hum, but it still stands as an important issue. In today’s world, a diverse group of people are working toward world peace. In Portals of Peace, author Kimberly Kingsley presents a radical approach to healing the world—one person at a time. In order to facilitate peace in the world, we must first have it within ourselves. This step-by-step guide to inner and outer peace introduces the concept of essentialization, which is the process of embodying one’s essence while becoming a bright light in the world. The five stages of essentialization help us shed the layers covering our essence, leading to a completely unique and powerful presence. Portals of Peace demonstrates that the pursuit of inner peace is no longer a lofty ideal, but a way to bring about real change in the world. As we open from the inside and allow our light to fully shine, a new era of peace will blanket the world.

Skills for Academic and Career Success

Author: Dian Carroll
Publisher: Pearson Higher Education AU
ISBN: 9781486014712
Release Date: 2013-09-16
Genre: Study Aids

Skills for Academic and Career Success focuses on the essential skills you need to be successful in your studies and in your future career. This original textbook aims to improve and enhance your study skills; it also introduces some important aspects of business and professional communication. An integrated approach is used to bring together these key fields of academic skills and business communication competency. The emphasis throughout the book is on practical, applied learning. It has been developed to complement Australian tertiary education curricula in the areas of study skills and professional communication and is designed to enhance learning outcomes for students within the Australian and Pan-Asian context.

Radical Welcome

Author: Stephanie Spellers
Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 0898695201
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Religion

Drawing on interviews with more than 200 church leaders and in-depth studies of eight congregations, this accessible and inspiring book presents a fresh vision for the mainline church – and the practical tools communities need to release fear, plan for ch

Inviting Everyone

Author: Arvind Singhal
Publisher: Plexus Press
ISBN: 1453731644
Release Date: 2010-08
Genre: Medical

Positive Deviance (PD) is an approach to social change that enables communities and organizations to discover the wisdom they already have, and then to act on it. The premise of PD is that in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon practices or strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than neighbors and peers who have access to the same resources. PD is led by people in the community who help identify and spread the successful practices. Ideas for change are more likely to be accepted and adopted when they are based on existing local wisdom than they are when outside exports try to impose them. This book tells the remarkable story of how a people-centered approach to organizational and social change, accompanied by sound scientific and technical expertise, yielded positive quality outcomes for ordinary citizens, health care institutions and their patients, and society in general. This work draws upon the collective wisdom and experience of infection control practitioners, doctors, public health authorities, nurses, social and organizational change practitioners, health care administrators, patients and front line workers. Additional benefits of use of the PD process to fight infection turned out to be improved workplace relationships, healthier and more resilient organizational cultures, and expanded networks of people in many fields and geographical locations who shared ideas, resources and the inspiration of their own contributions to saving lives. "The Positive Deviance movement is changing the landscape of how we achieve transformation and change in systems." Peter Block, Author, Community: The Structure of Belonging. "Inviting Everyone....chronicles the astonishing achievements possible when people truly work together and are aided by pioneering processes like Positive Deviance." Nicholas Wolter, MD, CEO, Billings Clinic. Contact [email protected], org for volume discounts.

Out of the Darkness

Author: Steve Taylor
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781848502543
Release Date: 2011-03
Genre: Self-Help

In Out of the Darkness, bestselling author Steve Taylor tells the stories of more than 30 people who have undergone permanent spiritual awakening after intense trauma and turmoil in their lives. Read about the young woman who was reborn after suffering terrible injuries in the 7/7 bombings in London, the man who found enlightenment after becoming paralysed in a fall, the man who underwent transformation after attempting suicide, and the recovering alcoholic who shifted to a permanent state of enlightenment after hitting 'rock bottom' and losing everything.Steve has also interviewed several spiritual teachers whose awakening occurred after intense psychological turmoil, including Eckhart Tolle. In addition to telling these people's stories, Out of the Darkness explains why turmoil has this transformational effect and illustrates the almost infinite capacity of human beings to overcome suffering. It shows how close - and how natural - spiritual awakening is to all of us.

Inviting a Monkey to Tea

Author: Nancy Colier
ISBN: 1628480661
Release Date: 2017-07-10

To "invite a monkey to tea" is to befriend our own mind-which is often compared to a drunken monkey for all its mad twists and turns. A wild monkey is full of irrepressible desires, and thus chases its own tail in its search for happiness! This book is about learning to welcome the mind as ally without fear or resistance, thus relaxing that frantic search and resting in the joy of who we already are. As a psychotherapist, author Nancy Colier has accompanied hundreds of people in their "search for happiness" for nearly two decades. She has watched her clients try everything under the sun to be-and stay-happy. Witnessing and participating in this process, she has become an expert in happiness, or more specifically, in the monkey-mind's search and demand for it, and the unhappiness that all the striving ultimately creates. Along the way, the author has come to understand the workings of the mind-both from her clients and by her own diligent practice of meditation and self-observation. This book distills the wisdom and experience of her dedicated work, and offers readers a roadmap of the territory of mind, plus a toolbox of practical means for identifying and working gently with the unrealistic expectations that keep us from the enjoyment of who we are. Inviting a Monkey to Tea explains how to: * Identify addictive (and dead-end) approaches to happiness * Build a new relationship to self-caretaking, putting aside the tyranny of blame, fear, neglect and perfectionism * Befriend the mind, with gentleness and compassion * Enter and stay rooted in the present moment * Live with genuine wellbeing and lasting contentment This book takes the wisdom of Eastern philosophy and presents it in a way that people can feel safe to approach, understand, and ultimately apply within their lives. The book is a handshake between self-help and dharma (spiritual teaching). The author walks the reader, step by step, through the process of spiritual change toward and into a new identity-free from dependency on the idea of happiness as savior. Reading this book will generate its own profound metamorphosis. Readers will be softened, as they learn of others like themselves who have moved into this domain of self-acceptance. Nancy Colier is a brilliant guide who clearly marks this trail with her own presence, kindness and compassion. At this "tea party" the reader can relax, renew intention, self-examine, and choose a new road to lifelong contentment. "Nancy Colier reconsiders happiness in a way that dispels our illusions about it, bringing the joy we seek ever closer to us. Written from the perspective of someone who has walked the roads she takes us down." -- MARIANA CAPLAN, author Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path. "An outstanding guidebook for journeying beyond futile and superficial searches for happiness to cultivating deep and abiding sources of well-being and grounded presence." -- DIANE BERKE, Founder & Spiritual Director, One Spirit Learning Alliance/One Spirit Interfaith Seminary "An engaging and readable guide to the process of befriending ourselves, discovering our intrinsic well-being, and beyond that, grounding in open, wakeful presence free from the grip of thought and emotion. The book's straightforward, unpretentious style makes this journey accessible to everyone. Highly recommended." -- JOHN WELWOOD, author Toward a Psychology of Awakening