IPv6 Address Planning

Author: Tom Coffeen
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781491903278
Release Date: 2014-11-08
Genre: Computers

If you’re ready to join the move to IPv6, this comprehensive guide gets you started by showing you how to create an effective IPv6 address plan. In three example-driven sections—preparation, design, and maintenance—you’ll learn principles and best practices for designing, deploying, and maintaining an address plan far beyond what’s possible with IPv4 networks. During the course of the book, you’ll walk through the process of building a sample address plan for a fictional company. Enterprise IT network architects, engineers, and administrators will see firsthand how IPv6 provides opportunities for creating an operationally efficient plan that’s scalable, flexible, extensible, manageable, and durable. Explore IPv6 addressing basics, including representation, structure, and types Manage risks and costs by using a three-phase approach for deploying IPv6 Dig into IPv6 subnetting methods and learn how they differ from IPv4 Determine the appropriate size and type of the IPv6 allocation you require Apply current network management tools to IPv6 Use IPv6 renumbering methods that enable greater network scale and easier integration Implement policies and practices to keep IPv6 addresses reachable

Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures ARCH

Author: John Tiso
Publisher: Cisco Press
ISBN: 9781587142888
Release Date: 2011-10-12
Genre: Computers

Cisco's authorized foundation learning self-study guide for the latest CCDP® ARCH exam • •Developed in conjunction with the Cisco certification team, creators of the newest CCDP ARCH exams and courses. •Fully covers Cisco network design to deliver fundamental infrastructure services. •Contains new coverage of network virtualization, voice, video, QoS, WAN services, and more. •Contains many self-assessment review questions, and a running case study. This is Cisco's authorized, self-paced, foundation learning tool for the latest version of the Cisco ARCH exam, required for the current CCDP certification. It brings together practical knowledge of the latest developments in network design and technologies, including network infrastructure, intelligent network services, and converged network solutions. Readers will gain a thorough understanding of the issues and considerations associated with designing networks that deliver fundamental infrastructure services. As an Authorized Self-Study Guide, this book fully reflects the content of the newest version of the Cisco ARCH course. Each chapter ends with questions designed to help readers assess their understanding as they prepare for the exam. An ongoing case study illustrates and reinforces concepts presented throughout the book. Coverage also includes: network design in the context of Cisco's Preparing, Planning, Designing, Implementing, Operating, and Optimizing (PPDIOO) framework; enterprise campus network and data center design; e-commerce design; SAN design; security services design; IPsec and SSL VPN design; IP multicast design; and network management.

DNS und Bind im IPv6 kurz gut

Author: Cricket Liu
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
ISBN: 9783868993813
Release Date: 2012-02-29
Genre: Computers

DNS & BIND im IPv6 - kurz & gut enthält das ganze Material zu IPv6. Es behandelt, wie DNS erweitert wurde, um IPv6-Adressen gerecht zu werden, sowohl für das Forward-Mapping als auch für das Reverse-Mapping. Es beschreibt, wie man einen BIND-Nameserver so konfiguriert, dass er in einem IPv6-Netzwerk läuft, und wie man Probleme mit dem IPv6-Forward- und Reverse-Mapping behebt. Es behandelt sogar DNS64, eine DNS-basierte Übergangstechnik, die - zusammen mit einer Partnertechnik namens NAT64 - Inseln aus Hosts, die nur IPv6 sprechen, dabei helfen, mit IPv4-Ressourcen zu kommunizieren. Dieses Buch beschreibt, wie IPv6 in Netzwerken mit DNS unterstützt wird. Es behandelt die zugrundeliegende Theorie, einschließlich der Struktur und der Repräsentation der IPv6-Adressen, der A-, M- und O-Flags in Router-Advertisements und was sie für DNS bedeuten, sowie die Syntax der AAAA-Records und der PTR-Records in der ip6.arpa-Reverse-Mapping-Zone und die Syntax und Semantik der Konfiguration eines BIND-Nameservers. DNS & BIND im IPv6 - kurz & gut geht davon aus, dass Sie die grundlegende DNS-Theorie und BIND-Konfiguration verstehen. Es erklärt nicht, was ein Resource Record ist, wie man eine Zonendatendatei bearbeitet, noch erinnert es Sie daran, dass Sie die Seriennummer des SOA-Records einer Zone erhöhen müssen, bevor Sie ihn neu laden. Das Buch geht aber nicht davon aus, dass Sie irgendetwas über IPv6 wissen. Vielmehr erläutert es die Motivation für den Wechsel zu IPv6 und beschreibt die Struktur und die Darstellung von IPv6-Adressen und wie man BIND-Nameserver für den Betrieb in IPv6-Netzwerken konfiguriert.

Planning for IPv6

Author: Silvia Hagen
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781449317195
Release Date: 2011-09-06
Genre: Computers

It's official: with IPv4 network addresses close to depletion, moving to IPv6 is now business critical. This concise book helps you plan for IPv6 integration by providing a high-level overview of the technical—and nontechnical—steps involved. Many of the challenges for your enterprise are on the organizational level, and solutions differ from company to company. IPv6 Essentials author Silvia Hagen, a protocol analysis and directory service expert who's worked with IPv6 international groups and forums for 10 years, supplies answers to the issues most frequently discussed by the clients she consults. With this guide, IPv6 project leaders and planning team members learn how to develop a cohesive integration strategy for building the next-generation network. Make a business case by focusing on the opportunities IPv6 offers Create a high level design and conduct a network assessment Develop a plan for evaluating vendors and products, and building labs and testing Understand routing protocol choices, security designs, and DNS issues Discover how to create an IPv6 address plan and manage IPv6 addresses Learn the available integration and transition technologies, and the scenarios they cover

IPv6 Essentials

Author: Silvia Hagen
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9781449335267
Release Date: 2014-06-09
Genre: Computers

If your organization is gearing up for IPv6, this in-depth book provides the practical information and guidance you need to plan for, design, and implement this vastly improved protocol. Author Silvia Hagen takes system and network administrators, engineers, and network designers through the technical details of IPv6 features and functions, and provides options for those who need to integrate IPv6 with their current IPv4 infrastructure. The flood of Internet-enabled devices has made migrating to IPv6 a paramount concern worldwide. In this updated edition, Hagen distills more than ten years of studying, working with, and consulting with enterprises on IPv6. It’s the only book of its kind. IPv6 Essentials covers: Address architecture, header structure, and the ICMPv6 message format IPv6 mechanisms such as Neighbor Discovery, Stateless Address autoconfiguration, and Duplicate Address detection Network-related aspects and services: Layer 2 support, Upper Layer Protocols, and Checksums IPv6 security: general practices, IPSec basics, IPv6 security elements, and enterprise security models Transitioning to IPv6: dual-stack operation, tunneling, and translation techniques Mobile IPv6: technology for a new generation of mobile services Planning options, integration scenarios, address plan, best practices, and dos and don’ts

DNS BIND Kochbuch

Author: Cricket Liu
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 3897213524
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Computer network protocols


Author: Clifford Stoll
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783105607244
Release Date: 2015-11-16
Genre: Fiction

›Kuckucksei‹ schildert bis ins Detail die hochdramatische Jagd nach deutschen Hackern, die in amerikanische Computernetze eingedrungen waren. Es ist der autobiografische Report eines amerikanischen Computercracks, der leidenschaftlich für die Sicherheit der Datennetze kämpft. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

A Guide to Designing and Implementing Local and Wide Area Networks

Author: Michael J. Palmer
ISBN: UVA:X004296617
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Local area networks (Computer networks)

This title offers a unique approach to learning about network design, by providing both the theories behind networks and a practical, hands-on method for putting those theories to work. With extensive end-of-chapter exercises, hands-on exercises, and case studies, this book prepares individuals to design a network from the ground up, using real-world situations.

Linux Socket Programming

Author: Sean Walton
Publisher: Sams Publishing
ISBN: UOM:39015051278110
Release Date: 2001-01-01
Genre: Computers

"Linux Socket Programming" provides thorough, authoritative coverage of the sockets API, the defacto standard for all network programming. It gives real-world examples that demonstrate effective techniques to make code more robust and versatile. This book contains the only complete reference for all calls and functions needed to program sockets.

DIN VDE 0100

Author: Karl-Heinz Krefter
ISBN: 3800734729
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Electric networks

Die Kunst des SEO

Author: Eric Enge
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 9783868993752
Release Date: 2012

Geballte Expertise von vier namhaften SEO-Profis: Die Kunst des SEO vermitteln das Wissen, das Sie fur Aufbau und Durchfuhrung einer erfolgreichen SEO-Strategie benotigen. Die beschriebenen Methoden reichen dabei von einfachen bis hin zu anspruchsvollen Manahmen. Auch aktuelle Entwicklungen beim Suchmaschinenranking werden einbezogen, so zum Beispiel der Einfluss von Social Media und Nutzerbeteiligung auf die Suchergebnisse. Kurzum: Die Kunst des SEO ist ein umfassendes und fur alle SEO-Profis hochinteressantes Fachbuch. Ausgewahlte Stimmen zur Originalausgabe: "SEO-Expertise ist heute eine Grundvoraussetzung fur erfolgreiches Online-Business. Dieses Buch, das von vier der besten SEO-Praktiker geschrieben wurde, die es gibt, vermittelt alles, was man heute in diesem Bereich wissen muss." Tony Hsieh, CEO von Zappos.com und Autor des Bestsellers Delivering Happiness "Frei von Hype, reich an Fakten und vollgestopft mit Erkenntnissen, die unverzichtbar fur jeden sind, der SEO umfassend verstehen mochte." Seth Godin, Autor von We Are All Weird und anderen Buchern