Irreparable harm

Author: Frank Snepp
Publisher: Random House Inc
ISBN: UOM:39015047609915
Release Date: 1999-06-29
Genre: History

A former CIA agent describes the controversy over publication of his book, "Decent Interval"

Suffering Witness

Author: James Hatley
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791491959
Release Date: 2012-02-01
Genre: History

Conceptualizes the question of witness and responsibility, following the Holocaust, using continental philosophy, theology, and literary theory.

Irreparable Harm

Author: Renata Adler
Publisher: Melville House Publishing
ISBN: 0974960950
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Law

What really happened in the 2000 presidential election - and can it happen again? It was the most tumultuous and uncertain transition of power in the history of the United States, and yet, to most Americans, what really happened in the 2000 presidential election remains unclear something went wrong in Florida, but the Supreme Court cleared it up and then, er, everyone was happy . . . right? But who actually won the Florida vote recount? What, exactly, did the Supreme Court decide? Was there truly no dissent? What role did the mass media play? In Irreparable Harm, Renata Adler, the long-time star of The New Yorker magazine who is also an attorney and a life-long Republican, takes a blistering look at the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court decision, and uncovers numerous problems, including instances where the judges mis-cited their own previous decisions, or reversed them. Irreparable Harm is one of three hard-hitting books published by Melville House (The Road to Illegitimacy, Irreparable Harm and The Big Chill) that take a close look at the 2000 election - based on three pieces of investigative journalism originally filed at the time, by three of the country's top journalists. These three insightful books are riveting history. But more importantly, they may help troubled Americans with one of the most pressing questions we face: Can it happen again?

Accidental Witness Morelli Family 1

Author: Sam Mariano
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546959351
Release Date: 2017-03-27

Vince Morelli. The closest I ever wanted to get to him was several rows away in English class. We'd never spoken, but of course I heard the stories about his family. I know they're dangerous. I know he's dangerous. Vince never had a reason to notice me, anyway-until I inadvertently witnessed his first mob hit. His family doesn't believe in leaving witnesses alive, but Vince seems different. He knows the best thing he can do for me is stay away, but something keeps drawing us together. Despite knowing the risks of getting mixed up with him, I can't resist. Only problem is, Vince is a package deal-you don't get him without getting swept up in his family's dark games. Now entangled with a notorious Chicago crime family, will my life ever be mine again?

Irreparable Harm

Author: Randy D. Singer
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 1578566347
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Fiction

Attorney Mitchell Taylor faces a challenging moral case when a doctor's widow wants to abort her cloned unborn child with Down's Syndrome, which is currently being carried by a surrogate mother, and have her remaining embryos be used for stem cell research as per her late husband's request. Original.

Irreparably Broken

Author: K. J. Bell
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1489584242
Release Date: 2013-06-12
Genre: Fiction

Appearances are not always reality…That's what twenty-year old Tori discovers when she moves in with her best friend, Liv for the summer. Liv's older brother Brady is everything Tori knows is wrong for her, yet he invokes emotions deep in her soul that she's never felt with anyone else. When the two eventually succumb to their feelings, Tori realizes Brady is not the same confident guy she's secretly loved for years. Tori desperately wants Brady to confide in her, but he refuses to talk about the secrets that have drastically changed his life. Turning to the one person that always makes her laugh, she begins spending time with the younger brother, Tug. The two grow closer and Tori wonders if her feelings for Tug run deeper than the “just buddies” status they've always shared. As she begins to explore her feelings, the conflict between brothers, she'd hoped to avoid erupts. She has to choose. When Brady finally reveals his secrets, Tori makes her decision; one that may leave them all Irreparably Broken.

Irreparable Harm

Author: Melissa F. Miller
Publisher: Brown Street Books
ISBN: 9780983492719
Release Date: 2011-04-18
Genre: Fiction

A skillfully woven plot, surprising twists, and a cracking pace keep readers turning the pages in this gripping legal thriller from a USA Today Bestseller. Downloaded by more than one million readers! Attorney Sasha McCandless has one goal: Make partner at the best firm in town. Then a plum assignment plunges her into a world of deceit and danger. When a commercial flight crashes, killing everyone on board, she's tapped to defend the airline. It's her big chance ... high-stakes litigation for an important client. But, as she digs into the evidence, people close to the case start dying. She discovers the crash was intentional, caused by a smartphone app capable of overriding the cockpit controls. But she's not sure who she can trust with the horrifying truth. She teams up with a federal air marshal, and they race to prevent another airline disaster. Soon, Sasha finds herself with a brand-new life goal: Stop a madman before he kills her. Keywords: women sleuths, mystery & thriller, mystery series, legal thriller, suspense, murder, bestseller, Krav Maga, fast-paced, gripping, technothriller, female protagonist

Jake Riley

Author: Rebecca Fjelland Davis
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780060518370
Release Date: 2003-06-03
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

In this gripping debut novel, author Davis takes a hard look at some of the most difficult issues facing teenagers today. Once readers know Jake's story, they'll never forget it . . . or him.

Preventing Irreparable Harm

Author: Eva Rieter
Publisher: Intersentia Uitgevers N V
ISBN: STANFORD:36105134502090
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Law

International human rights adjudicators, while facing urgent cases, have used provisional measures in order to prevent irreparable harm, e.g. to order States to halt an expulsion, the execution of a death sentence, the destruction of the natural habitat, as well as to ensure access to health care in detention or protection against death threats. In the practice of the various adjudicators, the traditional concept of provisional measures has undergone a process of humanization. Preventing Irreparable Harm addresses the question of how such provisional measures can be made as persuasive as possible. Apart from the Inter-American Court, none of the human rights adjudicators motivate or publish their provisional measures. Yet the book analyzes their best practices and obstacles, determines the underlying rationale for their use of provisional measures, and establishes the core of the concept of provisional measures that all adjudicators have in common. It argues that clarity - on what belongs to the core of the concept and on what does not belong to the concept at all - enhances the persuasive force of provisional measures. The practices of the international adjudicators that are made accessible in this book will prove useful in the ongoing cross-fertilization that occurs among these adjudicators. Moreover, the analysis provided allows individual victims, their counsel, NGOs, as well as international institutions, to address more effectively urgent human rights cases.

Staying in Vegas

Author: Sam Mariano
ISBN: 1980700222
Release Date: 2018-03-31

Nothing can prepare you for what happens in Vegas...When I met Rafe Morelli, he didn't look like the biggest mistake I'd ever make; he seemed closer to the crime family version of Prince Charming. Charismatic, beautiful, and attentive--with an intoxicating air of power--Rafe was the stuff of my darkest fantasies. What we had should have been a simple fling, no-strings-attached. My hot weekend with the sexy, dominant Vegas boss--a harmless memory to replay once I returned to my quiet, predictable life. One tiny hitch in that plan: a panty-melting memory isn't all he left behind. Now the stakes have changed, and I'm faced with a potentially life-altering decision. Do I stay away and enjoy my status as the only woman in known history who has played in the Morelli flames without getting burned, or do I risk everything and step back into the fire?BOOK 1 OF 3 IN THE VEGAS MORELLI TRILOGYTakes place AFTER the original Morelli family series. You can read this trilogy without reading the original series, but there will be some original series spoilers, and two of the main characters from this trilogy were originally introduced as side characters in the original Morelli family series. Like the original Morelli series, this trilogy is a continuing story involving the same characters, not three separate-couple standalones.

An Irreparable Life

Author: Ann Rossi
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781481719254
Release Date: 2013-02-27
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

We live in a time of true enlightenment and now it is time for this long buried subject to be brought into the light and to be treated with compassion and understanding. This is an absolutely true story backed up with actual people, places, and legal documents. What happened should not have been legal in our great country. This is proof that religion should not rule any part of our legal system and should be completely separate. As you read this story it will be very hard for you to realize that it took place less than half a century ago and not some time during the middle ages. Our world has changed so much for the better within the past fifty years. In telling my story I hope to shed even more light on forced adoption so that it cannot be so easily accomplished. A shield of protection will be put up against radical religious institutions. Our planet moves forward not backward and this is my wish for all people also. Prepare to be horrified and wrenched.

Best Intentions

Author: Joseph T. Klempner
Publisher: New Word City
ISBN: 9781612309798
Release Date: 2016-09-03
Genre: Fiction

It starts with some innocent family fun. Writer Stephen Barrow's divorced wife, involved in a second marriage, has given Barrow custody of their six-year-old daughter, Penny. Father and daughter share a relationship that is tender, poignant, and funny. Their home life in a small upstate New York town is a happy and entirely wholesome one. One evening Penny, in her bath, playfully straightens her shampoo-stiffened hair into the horn of a "unicord," and her father takes her picture. When she "moons" him and says, "Take this one!" he clicks the shutter, although the roll of film was finished. Or so the mechanically challenged Barrow believed. The next day, the local pharmacy clerk using the photo machine is shocked by the snapshot, decides Stephen is a child pornographer, and calls the police, who arrest him. That is only the first step in Stephen Barrow's descent into hell. A small-town police chief, a vengeful ex-wife, a fledgling psychologist, a district attorney facing re-election - all of these and more push Barrow deeper and deeper into the depths, until everything he has is taken from him, his freedom, his belongings, and most particularly his beloved daughter. Best Intentions is a horror story. Not a horror story of monsters from the deep or roving homicidal psychopaths, but something much worse, something that batters at the readers' defenses. As anyone familiar with Klempner's previous books will know, he is a writer with the talent to bring his story home to his readers. As Best Intentions (based on an actual case) unfolds, its threat becomes more and more real. This could happen to anyone. It could happen to you.

Latissimus Dorsi Transfer

Author: Gianezio Paribelli
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319619460
Release Date: 2017-12-14
Genre: Medical

This book is exceptional in providing detailed state of the art guidance on all aspects of transfer of the latissimus dorsi tendon for indications including irreparable posterosuperior rotator cuff tears, irreparable subscapularis tears, and shoulder replacement. In addition to clear, well-illustrated descriptions of arthroscopically assisted surgical technique, readers will find helpful information on biomechanics, surgical indications, post-transfer rehabilitation, and complications and their management. Outcomes from individual studies and meta-analyses are evaluated, and a feature of special interest is the presentation of experiences and results in a series of more than 430 patients using the surgical technique first described by Enrico Gervasi more than 10 years ago. This technique involves modifications in both preparation of the footprint for the latissimus dorsi tendon and the biomechanical features of the tendon transfer and is very different from the procedure proposed by Christian Gerber. The book will be of high value for all orthopedic surgeons who perform this complex shoulder surgery, as well as for residents and fellows-in-training.

The Death of the Irreparable Injury Rule

Author: Douglas Laycock
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780195063561
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Literary Criticism

The irreparable injury rule says that courts will not grant an equitable remedy to prevent harm if it would be adequate to let the harm happen and grant the legal remedy of money damages. After surveying more than 1400 cases, Laycock concludes that this ancient rule is dead--that it almost never affects the results of cases. When a court denies equitable relief, its real reasons are derived from the interests of defendants or the legal system, and not from the adequacy of the plaintiff's legal remedy. Laycock seeks to complete the assimilation of equity, showing that the law-equity distinction survives only as a proxy for other, more functional distinctions. Analyzing the real rules for choosing remedies in terms of these functional distinctions, he clarifies the entire law of remedies, from grand theory down to the practical details of specific cases. He shows that there is no positive law support for the most important applications of the legal-economic theory of efficient breach of contract. Included are extensive notes and a detailed table of cases arranged by jurisdiction.

Irreparably Broken

Author: Heather D'Agostino
Publisher: Heather D'Agostino
ISBN: 0991207599
Release Date: 2014-09-15

Madison Kennedy has always seen herself as damaged goods. Her ex-boyfriend, Richard, told her on a daily basis that she was worthless. After a tumultuous three year relationship, Maddie finally decided to leave behind the bruises and hurtful words only to find herself scared and alone. Five years have passed, and it still seems like yesterday. Cole Walker grew up in a household where it was okay to hit. His father used him, his mother, and sister as punching bags when he didn't get his way. Cole learned early on that life wasn't always fair. Aside from his best friend, Wes, no one knew his deepest secrets. He thought he'd never escape the nightmare until one day he decided to fight back. After several chance encounters, Cole and Maddie realize they have more in common than either one could have guessed, but both are afraid that if they open up they'll scare the other away. Can two broken individuals find peace with each other? Can love heal a cracked soul? Will Cole's secret past ultimately drive Maddie away?