Isle of Canes

Author: Elizabeth Shown Mills
Publisher: Ancestry Publishing
ISBN: 1593313063
Release Date: 2006-09-01
Genre: Fiction

Isle of Canes is the epic account of an African-American family in Louisiana that, over four generations and more than 150 years, rose from the chains of slavery to rule the Isle of Canes. Historically accurate and genealogically significant, this first novel by eminent genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills is a gripping tale of racial bias, human conflict, and economic ruin told against the backdrop of colonial Louisiana. This novel is the result of more than thirty years of research. To fuel the story, as well as to maintain historical accuracy, the author found and referenced actual family history documents such as baptism records, manumission papers, probate records, land records, book extracts, and more to reconstruct the lives and times of Francois, Fanny, Coincoin, Augustin, and countless other unforgettable characters. But it takes more than documents on paper and microfilm to bring such an epic story to life. Mills' engaging prose puts flesh on the bones and pulls you into the lives and lifestyle of long-ago Louisiana. ""

Deer Isle and Stonington

Author: Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9781439615737
Release Date: 2004-06-29
Genre: Photography

The island communities of Deer Isle and Stonington lie in Penobscot Bay, a region known and loved by sailors the world over. Deer Isle and Stonington portrays life on the island from the age of ferries and steamships, to the building of the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge, through World War II. These vintage photographs allow the reader to watch as the island's main streets grow and change. Represented are landmarks such as the Mark and Pumpkin Island lighthouses, the Stonington Opera House, and the oldest buildings on the island. The vital industries of seafaring, sail making, commercial fishing, granite quarrying, and yachting are pictured here alongside images of everyday life-celebrations and ceremonies, shopping and picnics, education and worship, work and play.

Aphrodite s Isle

Author: Robert E. Burns
Publisher: Llumina Press
ISBN: 9781625501776
Release Date: 2015-05-20

It is the summer of 1505. All Europe is envious of the upstart Portuguese who have broken into the lucrative eastern spice trade with daring sea voyages around Africa to India. With better ships, guns, and ruthless tactics, they have managed to obtain a foothold in a market dominated for centuries by Muslim traders and Venetian middle men. The Ottoman Turks hear the cries for help from their fellow Muslims in Egypt, Arabia and the Malabar Coast of India. They see opportunity for larger empire and trade, as well as the prestige of being the protector of the holy cities of Islam. Baltasar and his wife and business partner, Sheba of Tigre, are living settled and productive lives in a resurgent post-war Naples. It all comes to an abrupt end with an act of betrayal leading to their abduction in the Bay of Naples by Barbary pirates. They embark on a harrowing new life of improvisation and survival in the great North African city of Tunis, serving the interests of slave traders, the pirate community, and their financial backers. They make their escape through the Libyan Desert to Sheba’s birthplace, the troubled city of Alexandria in Egypt, and from there to Aphrodite’s Isle, the Venetian-ruled Island of Cyprus. On Cyprus their stubborn resistance to what appears to be a preordained fate continues against the background of an improbable Turkish-Venetian-Egyptian alliance against the Portuguese interlopers in the Indian Ocean, and the warring factions of the unhappy island-birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. “Travel, romance, adventure and excitement—yes, but beneath the surface the darker currents of the human condition tug and pull in contrary and unexpected directions.” “Here is a Baltasar we have not seen before: a mature, self-confident family man, blind-sided by external events, his life spinning out of control. In the struggle to recover and maintain his self-respect and humanity he learns a few hard truths about himself and those he would love.” “Read purely as history, the story of the Turkish-Venetian-Egyptian military alliance against the Portuguese in India is a fascinating insight into the earliest attempts at global empire building in which messianic religion, scientific thinking, and nascent capitalism jostle for primacy.”

Brass Bands of the British Isles 1800 2018 a historical directory

Author: Gavin Holman
Publisher: Gavin Holman
Release Date:

Of the many brass bands that have flourished in Britain and Ireland over the last 200 years very few have documented records covering their history. This directory is an attempt to collect together information about such bands and make it available to all. Over 19,600 bands are recorded here, with some 10,600 additional cross references for alternative or previous names. This volume supersedes the earlier “British Brass Bands – a Historical Directory” (2016) and includes some 1,400 bands from the island of Ireland. A separate work is in preparation covering brass bands beyond the British Isles. A separate appendix lists the brass bands in each county


ISBN: UOM:39015020210475
Release Date: 1953
Genre: Sugar trade

Eighteenth Century Poetry

Author: David Fairer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118824788
Release Date: 2014-09-30
Genre: Literary Criticism

Currently the definitive text in the field and now available inan expanded third edition, Eighteenth-Century Poetrypresents the rich diversity of English poetry from 1700-1800 inauthoritative texts and with full scholarly annotation. Balanced to reflect current interests and“favorites” (including prominent poets like Finch,Swift, Pope, Montagu, Johnson, Gray, Burns, and Cowper) as wellas less familiar material, offering a variety of voices andnew directions for research and learning Includes 46 new poems with more texts by women poets and theinclusion of four additional poets (Mary Barber, MehetabelWright, Anna Seward, and Mary Robinson); poems reflecting newecological approaches to 18th-century literature; and poems on theart of writing Accessible and user-friendly, with generous head notes, fullfoot-of-page annotations, an expanded thematic index, and avisually appealing text design

Canes and Chains

Author: Elizabeth M. Halcrow
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 0435982230
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Africa, West