James Bond Cars

Author: Frederic Brun
Publisher: Aurum Press Limited
ISBN: 1781315388
Release Date: 2015-11-20
Genre: Performing Arts

This book pays tribute to the legendary cars and vehicles that have starred alsongside James Bond in so many unforgettable stunts and races. From the iconic Aston Martin with it's ejector seat, the BMW Z3 Roadster and the Rolls-Royce Phantom, to Russian military tanks, James Bond Cars is unqiue in that it also looks at the cars belonging to the Bond girls and Bond's opponents Packed with beautiful photographs and techinical information on the cars and the stunts as well as the more uncoventional modes of transport such as jet packs, jet skis, motorised gondolars and aeroplanes, this book is a must-have edition that will get every Bond lover's heart racing!

Bond Cars and Vehicles

Author: Alastair Dougall
ISBN: 1405355352
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Automobiles in films

A full-velocity guide to James Bond's wheels. Get into 007's cars. Take a look under the hood, find out how fast they travel and discover how they've helped him on his missions over the years. From his early vehicles, to the stunning Aston Martin DBS from Quantum of Solace - learn everything there is to know about the cars of the world's most sophisticated spy. Packed with amazing photos and incredible facts, this is a must-read for every Bond fan.

Film and Television Star Cars

Author: Paul Brent Adams
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 9781445662114
Release Date: 2016-11-15
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Paul Brent Adams looks at the exciting world of collectable die-cast star cars.

Ian Fleming s James Bond

Author: John Griswold
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781425931001
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Literary Collections

The main subject of the book is best stated in a quote from C. S. Lewis: "Often we need not so much to be taught as to be reminded." As I said in the Foreword, "How many times over the years I have reached for a scrap of paper or underlined a passage or quotation in a book, noting something that seemed wise and useful. However, as I review my notes, I frequently come upon some guideline to positive thought or behavior that I have simply let drift from my memory and have neglected to practice." The remedy? That is the purpose of this book: to summarize, briefly enough for quick and regular review, words of wisdom I have found important enough to remember.

DieCastX Magazine

Release Date: 2007

DieCast X covers the entire spectrum of automotive diecast from customizing to collecting. it takes an insider's look at the history behind popular diecast cars and trucks, as well as how each model has helped shape the automotive industry and motor sports

Ian Fleming and James Bond

Author: Edward P. Comentale
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253217431
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Literary Criticism

Cultural critics examine the many faces of 007 and of its creator, Ian Fleming, placing the original novels in the political and social contexts that spawned the character.

James Bond cars

Author: Frédéric Brun
ISBN: 2851208500
Release Date: 2015-10-14

Cette anthologie rend hommage aux voitures de James Bond. Bien qu'Aston Martin soit en quelque sorte la marque « officielle » des voitures de James Bond, d'autres marques sont apparues au cours des films. Du petit coupé cabriolet bleu loué (James Bond 007 contre Docteur No) à la Bentley décapotable (Bons baisers de Russie), du bus londonien (Vivre et Laisser Mourir), à la Lotus Esprit très spéciale qui se transforme en sous-marin, (L'Espion qui m'aimait), les voitures de James Bond qui, au fil des temps s'équipent de radar omnidirectionnel, de missiles stinger, de système d'autodestruction, de parachute, sont l'occasion de courses effrénées, de cascades inoubliables.

James Bond s Evolution

Author: Nader Elhefnawy
Publisher: Nader Elhefnawy
Release Date: 2015-10-04
Genre: Literary Criticism

Just what inspired Ian Fleming's original James Bond novels? What exactly did they do to lay the foundations for the classic Bond films of the '60s-and how did the films break with the books? How did EON Productions manage to keep audiences coming back for decades? What really changed in the reboot-and what stayed the same? How do the later Bond novels of writers like John Gardner and William Boyd fit into the bigger picture? JAMES BOND'S EVOLUTION: FROM CASINO ROYALE TO SPECTRE looks at all these questions and more in a study not just of the novels or the films but both which traces the broader Bond phenomenon from its origins in post-World War II Britain to the present. In doing so it looks not just at where it all came from, but how the Bond films and books were transformed time and again to stay popular through six tumultuous decades of political and cultural change.

Toys Prices 2010

Author: Justin Moen
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 9781440203626
Release Date: 2009-10-05
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES: TOYS, GAMES & MODELS. Featuring analysis from experts and more than 2,000 photos, this title provides collectors with a comprehensive guide to post-World War II toys on the market. Each chapter features new toy listings, expanded information and updated pricing that reflect the trends in the toy-collecting hobby.

V10 Vixen a Woman s View on Motoring

Author: Joanna Barker
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 9781409262671
Release Date: 2009-03-16

V10 VIXEN does not just give her funny yet amazing descriptions on Supercars but cars - that are closer to her heart , Classic Cars and practical cars.This first book as she is writing many more!Brings all her different Motoring Tastes together and gives WOMAN PETROL HEADS VIEW ON MOTORING - which is new because most books are written by men.

The Signs of James Bond

Author: Daniel Ferreras Savoye
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9781476600123
Release Date: 2013-02-13
Genre: Literary Criticism

"This study reveals how the James Bond universe creates different poles of attention (narrative authority) by fusing different narrative domains (semiotic codes) that work in harmony to compose an entire narrative universe that goes beyond a mere spy adventure to become a genre in itself as well as a cultural reference"--Provided by publisher.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum of Baked Beans

Author: Hunter Davies
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780753536889
Release Date: 2010-07-01
Genre: Travel

'I am fascinated by people turning their daft dreams into a reality. How did they do it and why?' Driven by his own passion for collecting Hunter Davies has packed his notepad and set off in search of Britain's maddest museums. As he explores these hidden gems he soon discovers that they are everywhere and that they celebrate just about everything, from lawnmowers in Southport to pencils in Keswick. But as Hunter travels up and down the country he comes to realise that it isn't only the collections that are fascinating, it's also the people who have put them together. Whether they're a man who loves his Heinz so much he's changed his name to Captain Beany or a kleptomaniac Vintage Radio buff, these eccentric collectors are Britain's finest and could live in no other country in the world. Once you discover these museums and get to know their curators, Great Britain won't look quite the same again...

Lawrie Bond Microcar Man

Author: Nick Wotherspoon
ISBN: 9781473858701
Release Date: 2017-06-30
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Once a common sight on Britain's roads, few people today seem to have heard of the Bond Minicar not a diminutive, gadget laden conveyance for the fictional 007 character, but a popular, practical, motorcycle-engined, three-wheeler that in the post-war austerity period, gave tens of thousands of people affordable personal transport at a time when conventional vehicles were beyond the reach of the average household. Yet whilst the later, mostly imported, 'Bubble cars' have remained in the public eye, it is largely forgotten that the first of the postwar 'Microcars' to go into significant production was the British designed and built Bond. Equally enigmatic seems to be the designer of this vehicle, Lawrence 'Lawrie' Bond a prolific automotive design genius, with a penchant for weight-saving construction techniques. He was responsible for a wide range of two, three and four wheel vehicles; from ultra-lightweight motorcycles and scooters, such as the Minibyke, Lilliput and Gazelle, as well as his other Microcars the stylish Berkeley and perhaps less-than-pretty Opperman Unicar and finally to his later work, including the innovative, but troubled Bond 875 and styling the Equipe GT sportscar. Here the story is told in full, covering all Lawrie's innovative designs and the various vehicles that bore his name, all in prolifically illustrated detail, together with his passion for motor racing, which resulted in a number of technically acclaimed racing cars, some of which can still be seen competing is historic racing events today.

The Music of James Bond

Author: Jon Burlingame
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199986767
Release Date: 2012-11-01
Genre: Music

The story of the music that accompanies the cinematic adventures of Ian Fleming's intrepid Agent 007 is one of surprising real-life drama. In The Music of James Bond, author Jon Burlingame throws open studio and courtroom doors alike to reveal the full and extraordinary history of the sounds of James Bond, spicing the story with a wealth of fascinating and previously undisclosed tales. Burlingame devotes a chapter to each Bond film, providing the backstory for the music (including a reader-friendly analysis of each score) from the last-minute creation of the now-famous "James Bond Theme" in Dr. No to John Barry's trend-setting early scores for such films as Goldfinger and Thunderball. We learn how synthesizers, disco and modern electronica techniques played a role in subsequent scores, and how composer David Arnold reinvented the Bond sound for the 1990s and beyond. The book brims with behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Burlingame examines the decades-long controversy over authorship of the Bond theme; how Frank Sinatra almost sang the title song for Moonraker; and how top artists like Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Duran Duran, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner, and Madonna turned Bond songs into chart-topping hits. The author shares the untold stories of how Eric Clapton played guitar for Licence to Kill but saw his work shelved, and how Amy Winehouse very nearly co-wrote and sang the theme for Quantum of Solace. New interviews with many Bond songwriters and composers, coupled with extensive research as well as fascinating and previously undiscovered details--temperamental artists, unexpected hits, and the convergence of great music and unforgettable imagery--make The Music of James Bond a must read for 007 buffs and all popular music fans. This paperback edition is brought up-to-date with a new chapter on Skyfall.