Jane s Armour and Artillery Upgrades 1996 97

Author: Tony Cullen
Publisher: Janes Information Group
ISBN: 0710613733
Release Date: 1996-07
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This guide to cost-effective upgrades shows how to upgrade obsolescent equipment to modern specifications for less than 70per cent of the cost of new vehicles. Detailed information is provided on over 300 manufacturers worldwide. The information contained is also available on CD-ROM and by EIS.

China s Military Faces the Future

Author: James Lilley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781315501031
Release Date: 2016-07-01
Genre: Social Science

This is the most up-to-date assessment of all aspects of the People's Liberation Army. Leading specialists on the Chinese military cover military leadership, defense doctrine and military readiness, preparations for high-tech warfare, military expenditure, military logistics, the scientific and technological base for defense procurement, and China's security concerns in Northeast Asia.

Synchronizing Airpower And Firepower In The Deep Battle

Author: Lt.-Col. R. Kent Lauchbaum
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 9781786256034
Release Date: 2015-11-06
Genre: History

In this award-winning study on Synchronizing Airpower and Firepower in the Deep Battle, Lt.-Col. R. Kent Lauchbaum argues that current joint doctrine does not provide sufficient and acceptable guidance for synchronizing Air Force and Army deep operations. To improve such synchronization, Colonel Lauchbaum proposes five modifications to current joint doctrine.

Burma s armed forces

Author: Andrew Selth
Publisher: Signature Books
ISBN: UOM:39015055473584
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Travel

Foreword by David I. Steinberg, Georgetown UniversityThis book is essential reading for any student of Burma, security in the Asia-Pacific region, China-India relations, or military and strategic priorities in Asia and the world. The key to coming to grips with modern Burma is understanding the country's armed forces. Although it has dominated all aspects of Burmese life since the 1962 coup, there has been no comprehensive or detailed study of the Tatmadaw as a military institution. Drawing on five years of research in Burma and beyond, including interviews with military specialists and commentators, Andrew Selth has written the first book on the inner workings of the Tatmadaw. Here is a scholarly and objective account of Burma's strategic posture, its defense policies and threat perceptions; its military doctrine, defense expenditures, arms acquisitions, and combat capabilities. Here are chapters on Burma's intelligence apparatus, and its suspected uses of chemical and biological weapons. Diagrams and maps illustrate the Tatmadaw's organization, structure, and order of battle. The author pays particular attention to the dramatic expansion and modernization of the Tatmadaw since the 1988 pro-democracy uprising and the secret role that countries like China have played in this process. There are valuable insights into the way the armed forces have attempted to govern Burma over the past 14 years, their internal disputes, and how they see their future role. Finally, the book examines how the Tatmadaw might cope with a democratic government coming to power in Rangoon. "This study is unique in the literature and it is evident that it will be required reading for anyone seriously concerned with Myanmar, the Southeast Asia region, and indeed with the relationships between India and China. It is not only those observers of the Burmese scene who are in Mr. Selth's debt, but also those involved in the study of the military in various societies who can learn much from this important volume. There are lessons of Burma/Myanmar applicable in relation to policies in other multi-ethnic states, in economic development, and in civil-military relations. Mr. Selth has given us much to muse on beyond the borders of that unfortunate country"- from the Foreword by David I. Steinberg CONTENTS Historical and Strategic Setting; Defense Policies and Threat Perceptions; Tatmadaw Structure and Organization; Recruitment, Training , and Doctrine; Military Intelligence; The Economic Dimension; The Burma Army; The Burma Navy; The Burma Air Force.

Air Mech Strike

Author: David L. Grange
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
ISBN: 1563116162
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: History

This book outlines how to reorganize the U.S. Army into a fully 2 and 3-Dimensional maneuver capable, ground force with terrain-agile, armored fighting vehicles sized to rapidly deploy by fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft to the scene of world conflicts and strike at the heart of freedom,s enemies. The plan to build the Army into Air-Mech-Strike Forces, exploiting emerging information-age technologies, as well as America,s supremacy in aircraft and helicopter delivery systems---at the lowest cost to the taxpayers, is described in detail. These Army warfighting organizations, using existing and some newly purchased equipment, will shape the battlefield to America,s advantage, preserving the peace before it is lost; if not, then winning fights that must be fought quickly. The dangerous world we live in moves by the speed of the AIR, and the 21st Century U.S. Army 2D/3D combat team will dominate this medium by Air-Mech-Strike!

Iran s Military Forces in Transition

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0275965295
Release Date: 1999-01-01
Genre: History

An authoritative analysis of Iran's political scene, security needs, and military capabilities--including the implications of the latest efforts at reaching an accommodation with the West.

The Multimedia and CD ROM Directory 1998

Author: Connectsoft-U S
Publisher: Waterlow Pub Limited
ISBN: 0333711696
Release Date: 1998-02
Genre: Computers

Now in its 19th edition, this comprehensive directory details companies active in multimedia, which continues to evolve alongside the industry that it tracks. The text contains details of approximately 16,000 companies. Entries include company descriptions and classifications by activity, sector, platform, product type, size, turnover and more. The database section is indexed. This year articles from industry leaders and shapers, as well as interviews with heads of trend-setting companies and a round-up of statistics, should make this a useful item for professionals in the industry, and those who purchase multimedia professionally.

New Serial Titles

ISBN: WISC:89058710054
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Periodicals

A union list of serials commencing publication after Dec. 31, 1949.