Military Industry and Regional Defense Policy

Author: Timothy D. Hoyt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351558150
Release Date: 2017-07-05
Genre: History

Military Industry and Regional Defense Policy re-examines military industrialization in the developing world, focusing on policy-making in producer states and the impact of security perceptions on such policy-making.Timothy D. Hoyt reassesses the role of regional state sub-systems in international relations, and recent historical studies of international technology and arms transfers. Looking at Israel, Iraq and India, the three most powerful regional powers in the Cold War era, he presesnts an expert analysis of the three-sided phenomena of the regional hegemony, the regional competitor and the small over-achiever.This new book breaks away from existing literature on military industries in the developing world, which has focused on their economic and development costs and benefits. These past studies have used primitive methodologies that focus on the production of complete weapons systems - a misleading gauge in a world of growing international defense cooperation. They have also ignored empirical evidence of the impact of local military industrial production on Cold War regional conflict, and of the defence planning and concerns that drove development of indigenous military industries in key regional powers. This new text delivers an incisive new perspective.


Author: Jeff Kinard
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781851095568
Release Date: 2007
Genre: History

Addressing its technical evolution as well as its military and social impact, this comprehensive reference shows how historic leaders such as Dionysus of Syracuse, the Ottoman sultan Mohammad II, Oliver Cromwell, and Napoleon Bonaparte were successful in battle because of their innovative use of artillery. * Includes case studies of the wars of Louis XIV, the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, and the Franco-Prussian War illustrating the impact of specific technical and strategic innovations in artillery * Dozens of photographs and illustrations show various types of artillery, artillery mechanisms, and projectiles

U S Conflicts in the 21st Century Afghanistan War Iraq War and the War on Terror 3 volumes

Author: Spencer C. Tucker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781440838798
Release Date: 2015-12-14
Genre: History

This three-volume reference work provides an up-to-date presentation and analysis of the U.S. wars of the 21st century, addressing their backgrounds, causes, courses, and consequences. It serves as an indispensable resource for students seeking to understand the role of the United States in the world today. • Provides up-to-date information on America's ongoing military conflicts and clear explanations of how these wars came about and the shifts in policy thereafter • Supplies comprehensive coverage detailing social, political, cultural, religious, ethnic, and military aspects of the 21st-century wars • Includes dozens of primary documents that are essential to understanding the events that have occurred, provide context to the text, and allow readers to examine the original sources of information directly • Identifies the key individuals and factors in strategic planning • Presents full information on the terror attacks visited on the United States and its key allies as well as the U.S. response to them

The Iraq War Encyclopedia

Author: Thomas R. Mockaitis
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9780313380631
Release Date: 2013-08-15
Genre: History

This reference work is an ideal resource for anyone interested in better understanding the controversial Iraq War. It treats the war in its entirety, covering politics, religion, and history, as well as military issues.

M60 Main Battle Tank 1960 91

Author: Richard Lathrop
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781782004349
Release Date: 2012-09-20
Genre: History

Entering service in the early 1960s, the M60 tank was in production for 23 years and formed the backbone of US Army and Marine armoured units during the Cold War. Over 15,000 were built in four basic models: the M60, M60A1, M60A2, and the M60A3. Although the M60 had been phased out of US Army service by the time Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, M60s were amongst the first Allied tanks to enter Kuwait City with the US Marines. This book examines the design and deployment of the M60, a very widely used vehicle that is still in service today.

On Point

Author: Retired, Colonel Gregory, Gregory Fontenot, US Army, Retired
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1494406594
Release Date: 2013-12

On Point is a study of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) as soon after the fact as feasible. The Army leadership chartered this effort in a message to the major commands on 30 April 2003. In his guidance, Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shinseki directed "a quick, thorough review that looks at the US Army's performance, assesses the role it played in the joint and coalition team, and captures the strategic, operational, and tactical lessons that should be disseminated and applied in future fights." For those of us in the Operation IRAQI FREEDOM Study Group (OIF-SG), this translated into three separate products. A "quick look" lessons-learned briefing produced in July, less than 30 days after returning from the theater. On Point-this work-is the second product and was largely completed by mid-August 2003. Finally, the most significant product is the archive of 119,000 documents, some 2,300 interviews and 69,000 photos archived with the support and assistance of the Combined Arms Research Library at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.


Author: Harold A. Skaarup
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462034659
Release Date: 2011-08-12
Genre: History

Major Hal Skaarup has woven together an informative and detailed synopsis of the carefully preserved and restored armoured fighting vehicles on display in Canada. He highlights the importance of these upon key turning points in history when these AFVs were in use as tools of war at home and overseas. We often associate the evolution of military prowess with the advancement of sophisticated technology. Major Skaarup's descriptions of Canadian armour as it evolved to the level it has today reveals that military planners have had to be continuously creative in adapting to the changes in modern combat. They had to devise many intricate techniques, tactics and procedures to overcome the insurgents and opposition forces faced in Afghanistan and future overseas missions where Canadian armour will be brought into play. This guide book will show the interested reader where to find examples of the historical armour preserved in Canada, and perhaps serve as a window on how Canada’s military contribution to safety and security in the world has evolved.

Preparing and Training for the Full Spectrum of Military Challenges

Author: David Eugene Johnson
Publisher: Rand Corporation
ISBN: 9780833047816
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Business & Economics

What can the United States learn from other militaries about how better to prepare for full-spectrum operations and deployments? The authors examine the militaries of China, France, the UK, India, and Israel to (1) identify different approaches to readiness, adaptability, and operational issues and (2) assess the ways in which units are trained both for specific and general deployments and for train, advise, and assist missions.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Author: Andy Renshaw
Publisher: Sam Publications
ISBN: 1906959153
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Iraq War, 2003-2011

Andy Renshaw and Ryan Harden are both experts in this field of warfare; Andy Renshaw serving with an AAVP battalion while in the Marines, is very familiar with modern armour and has a special interest in all fighting vehicles serving with the US Forces. This book looks in detail at the individual vehicles and their war role, and combines this with informed text, action and detail photography, colour profiles and a dedicated modelling section, reflecting the subject matter of the individual vehicle types. The book will be an invaluable reference source for both the enthusiast and modeller in a style for which SAM Publications is synonymous.

Strategic Asia 2012 13 China s Military Challenge

Author: Ashley J. Tellis
Publisher: NBR
ISBN: 9780981890432
Release Date: 2012
Genre: History

In Strategic Asia 2012-13: China’s Military Challenge, leading experts assess and forecast the impact of China’s growing military capabilities. What are China’s strategic aims? What are the challenges and opportunities facing the United States? How is the region responding to China’s military power and to the U.S. policy of “strategic rebalancing”?

Return to an Address of the Honourable the House of Commons Dated 29th March 2006 for a Review of the Circumstances Surrounding the Deaths of Four Soldiers at Princess Royal Barracks Deepcut Between 1995 and 2002

Author: Nicholas Blake
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 0102937079
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Law

Nicholas Blake QC was appointed on 15th December 2004 to review the circumstances surrounding the deaths of four soldiers at Deepcut between 1995 and 2002. The Review covers in detail the deaths of three soldiers, Sean Benton, Cheryl James and Geoff Gray: the fourth death, that of James Collinson, was subject to an outstanding inquest and so was not investigated in detail, nor are the inquest results. The Review also deals with aspects of Army policy on recruitment and training over a ten year period, and matters relating to the Training Regiment at Deepcut. The review has concluded that, on the balance of probabilities, the deaths of Sean Benton, Cheryl James and Geoff Gray were self-inflicted, and that the opportunity for self-infliction was afforded by the policy of frequently assigning trainees to armed guard duty at Deepcut, unsupervised by experienced soldiers or members of the Military Provost Guard. The Review does not feel that a public inquiry into the immediate or broader events surrounding the deaths is necessary. Sean Benton, who had attempted self-harm on at least two occasions in the months before he died, had had disciplinary problems in his Army career, had been notified that his discharge from the Army was being applied for, and had previously been denied access to a weapon on guard duty; on the day of his death he obtained the weapon from another trainee under false pretences. There was no evidence that Cheryl James or Geoff Gray posed a risk of self-harm, and no certainty as to what might have led them to their actions. They had both performed frequent armed guard duties at remote locations, which might have made them unhappy, and combined with other personal factors may have made them more susceptible to self-harm at the time of their deaths. There was no evidence of bullying in any of the three cases. Factors contributing to the deaths might have been: the training environment at Deepcut, causing low morale through poor accommodation, limited recreational facilities, and the balance between privacy and dormitory life; unsupervised access to weapons; supervision of trainees; discipline, bullying and informal sanctions; ventilation of grievances; poor instructors. The Review makes 34 recommendations covering: recruitment, screening of recruits and parental involvement; training for minors and the length of training; provisions for minors during training; supervisory ratios; the quality of instructors; information on standards of conduct; collective responsibility; making and responding to complaints; investigating complaints; record-keeping; an ombudsman for the armed forces; guard duty; sudden deaths; disclosure and confidentiality; whether there is a need for a public inquiry.

IHS Jane s Land Warfare Platforms 2012 2013

Author: Christopher F. Foss
Publisher: Janes Information Group
ISBN: 0710630131
Release Date: 2012-07-01
Genre: Reference

Land Warfare Platforms: System Upgrades provides unrivalled reference data on upgrade programs to land platforms and systems currently in service around the world