Jean Baudrillard

Author: William Pawlett
Publisher: Key Sociologists
ISBN: 0415386454
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Philosophy

This is the first comprehensive overview of Jean Baudrillard's work from a socio/cultural perspective. The illuminating book explores Baudrillard's themes, like power, resistance, the social, subjectivity and agency and puts them into context.

Jean Baudrillard

Author: David B. Clarke
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134040711
Release Date: 2008-09-25
Genre: Social Science

Jean Baudrillard was one of the most influential, radical, and visionary thinkers of our age. His ideas have had a profound bearing on countless fields, from art and politics to science and technology. Once hailed as the high priest of postmodernity, Baudrillard’s sophisticated theoretical analyses far surpass such simplistic caricatures. Bringing together Baudrillard’s most accomplished and perceptive commentators, this book assesses his legacy for the twenty-first century. It includes two outstanding essays by Baudrillard: a remarkable, previously unpublished work entitled ‘The vanishing point of communication,’ and one of Baudrillard’s final texts, ‘On disappearance’, a veritable tour de force that serves as a culmination of his theoretical trajectory and a provocation to a new generation of thinkers. Employing Baudrillard’s key concepts, such as simulation, disappearance, and symbolic exchange, and deploying his most radical strategies, such as escalation, seduction, and fatality, the volume’s contributors offer a series of thought-provoking analyses of everything from art to politics, and from laughter to terror. It will be essential reading for anyone concerned with the fate of the world in the new millennium.

American Popular Culture

Author: Seymour Leventman
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 9781443802727
Release Date: 2008-12-18
Genre: Social Science

American pop culture is no longer merely popular. It has penetrated to such deep-lying cultural and social structures that persons dream and fantasize in pop cultural terms. It is the new reality which increasingly measures all else in the social world. The present volume consists of original essays written expressly for the 2005 Conference of the American Pop Culture Association. They fall under three headings of the Association's lead: History of Pop Culture contains papers of a distinct historical dimension pointing out that although pop culture may become an autonomous force, it exists in a context of space and time. The Teaching of Pop Culture is critical because American pop culture has become so ubiquitous, classroom educators use it to present other unrelated materials, e.g., from history, economics, politics and sociology. Not even high culture such as Classic Literature is immune to pop culture treatment. Utilizing classic literature performs a double function of popularizing high culture while also paying hommage to it. The authors of these papers are research scholars and academic teachers who have spent their careers communicating to students with great skill and dedication, the great ideas and concepts of popular as well as unpopular culture. The book contains important insights into that complexr, maddening phenomenon, American popular culture Scholars, educators and general non-fiction readers will find much enlightening material. Most people associate pop culture with movies, music and TV shows. Yet this volume suggests that in modern society pop culture ultimately absorbs almost every facet of the collective life as to become generic and ever-present. Literature, for example, whether American, Japanese or Italian may lose their cultural distinctriveness and writers may forget their bibliographic ties. A literary agent, defending her client on charges of alleged plagiarism, commented, "As a former teenager myself, I recall that spongelike ability to take popular culture and incorporate it into your own lexicon." As this volume implies, pop culture has both uplifting and downgrading possibilities. "Levantman has assembled a varied and fascinating collection of original and imaginative investigations into the pop culture every American knows and loves (or hates). It's exciting reading and covers all the bases." Howard Becker, Author of Art Worlds and Outsiders

Key Writers on Art The Twentieth Century

Author: Chris Murray
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134597215
Release Date: 2005-06-27
Genre: Art

Key Writers on Art: The Twentieth Century offers a unique and authoritative guide to modern responses to art. Featuring 48 essays on the most important twentieth century writers and thinkers and written by an international panel of expert contributors, it introduces readers to key approaches and analytical tools used in the study of contemporary art. It discusses writers such as Adorno, Barthes, Benjamin, Freud, Greenberg, Heuser, Kristeva, Merleau-Ponty, Pollock, Read and Sontag.

Agonie des Realen

Author: Jean Baudrillard
ISBN: 3920986997
Release Date: 1978-01
Genre: Civilization, Modern

Jean Baudrillard

Author: Rex Butler
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446265123
Release Date: 1999-02-24
Genre: Social Science

This book goes beyond Baudrillard's writings on consumer objects, the Gulf War and America, to identify the fundamental logic that underpins his writings. It does this through a series of close readings of his main texts, paying particular attention to the form and internal coherence of his arguments. The book is written for all those who want a general introduction to Baudrillard's work, and will also appeal to those readers who are interested in social theory, but who have not yet taken Baudrillard seriously.

Violence Society and Radical Theory

Author: Dr William Pawlett
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781472403858
Release Date: 2013-12-28
Genre: Social Science

Shedding light on the relationship between violence and contemporary society, this volume explores the distinctive but little-known theories of violence in the work of Georges Bataille and Jean Baudrillard, applying these to a range of violent events - events often labelled ‘inexplicable’ - in order to show how even the most extreme of acts can be seen as socially meaningful. The book offers an understanding of violence as fundamental to social relations and social organisation, departing from studies that focus on individual offenders and their psychological states to concentrate instead on the symbolic relations or exchanges between agents and between agents and the structures they find themselves inhabiting. Developing the notion of symbolic economies of violence to emphasise the volatility and ambivalence of social exchanges, Violence, Society and Radical Theory reveals the importance to our understanding of violence, of the relationship between the structural or systemic violence of consumer capitalist society and forms of ‘counter-violence’ which attack this system. A theoretically rich yet grounded expansion of that which can be considered meaningful or thinkable within sociological theory, this ground-breaking book will appeal to scholars and students of social and political theory and contemporary philosophy.

Baudrillard Reframed

Author: Kim Toffoletti
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781845116781
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Art

Offers the arts student and others working with Baudrillard's ideas an accessible overview of his better known arguments, as well as extending beyond them to critically engage with his radical notions of illusion, singularity and the fatal.

Fatal Strategies

Author: Jean Baudrillard
ISBN: UVA:X006073532
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Civilization, Modern

'The world is not dialectical ... madness now rules everywhere' Jean BaudrillardJean Baudrillard is one of France's leading modern thinkers and a scholar whose work has necessitated major reassessments across several academic disciplines. Fatal Strategies, first published in France in 1983, comprises his key writings on postmodernism. In this fascinating collection, Baudrillard challenges many of our assumptions about the world in which we live. Claiming that the world is sworn to extremes, he turns received wisdom on its head, arguing for the triumph of unreason and of the victory of the pure object and its 'ironic strategy' over the subject. He looks at illusion, secrets, the visible and the hidden, and claims that the only possible response to the delirious world is the ultimatum of realism and the Principle of Evil.

Warum ist nicht alles schon verschwunden

Author: Jean Baudrillard
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin Verlag
ISBN: 9783882219333
Release Date: 2013-04-25
Genre: Philosophy

Das Vermächtnis Baudrillards "Warum ist nicht alles schon verschwunden" ist der letzte Text Jean Baudrillards, der am 6. März 2007 verstarb. Darin unterzieht er nicht nur seine Theorie einer Revision, sondern entwirft ebenso eine neue Bildtheorie wie die Möglichkeit einer kritischen Sicht auf die Digitalisierung des Denkens. In einer überraschenden Denkbewegung führt Baudrillard in diesem dichten, aber luziden Text den Leser von den Modi des Verschwindens bei Mensch und Maschine über den Nachweis des geheimen Fortlebens scheinbar verschwundener Ideologien, Werte und Verbote hin zur Unmöglichkeit der Repräsentation von Realität im Digitalen. Sein Traum "von einem Bild, das die écriture automatique der Singularität der Welt wäre", ist nicht zu verwirklichen in einer Welt, die in allen Bereichen sich selbst überflüssig macht. Baudrillard stellt zuletzt die Frage, woher dann trotzdem die Zerbrechlichkeit und die Verwundbarkeit durch scheinbar bedeutungslose Ereignisse kommt, und zeigt damit den Weg zu einer Kritik der Gegenwart auf, die sich nicht damit begnügt, Antworten zu geben.