Journey Through the Mirror

Author: T. R. Williams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781476713427
Release Date: 2014-12-23
Genre: Fiction

Following Journey Into the Flame—“a spiritual adventure of the first order” (New York Times bestselling author Felix Palma)—comes the second part in a post-apocalyptic trilogy about a set of ancient books that hold the key to humanity’s survival. In 2030, after the Great Disruption brought humanity to the brink of a second dark age, the Chronicles of Satraya were discovered, restoring hope in the world. But the secret powers in their pages remained largely unknown. There were some, however, who understood them. The Reges Hominum, the Kings of Men, a clandestine group influencing history from the shadows, sought to use their hidden gifts to regain world control. But their plans were foiled by an unlikely group: Alain Perrot, an eccentric old man and former member of the Council of Satraya; Special Agent Valerie Perrot, his daughter; and Logan Ford, a young painter who discovered he was the son of one of the Chronicles’ original finders, long since murdered in an effort to protect them. Soon, seemingly unrelated global events pull Logan and his allies into another contest with those enemies determined to bring a rising world back down. The earth’s still-recovering energy supply is put at risk. Illnesses spread. Earthquakes without epicenters shatter the land. And the only things holding the world together are the Chronicles, connected to a series of scattered, hidden mirrors around the globe. With T.R. Williams’s trademark excitement, mystery, magic, and deep wisdom, the second book in the Rising World trilogy ensures that you will never look at your reflection the same way again.

Looking Through the Mirror

Author: Veronica Caddick
Publisher: CheckPoint Press
ISBN: 190662805X
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Self-Help

LOOKING THROUGH THE MIRROR takes the reader on a journey to freedom from the inner constraints created through childhood abuse. It offers unique insight into the creation of the negative self-image and view of reality by identifying the precise points in childlike awareness where development shifted in order to cope, and where transformational power is still available through, finally, an adult understanding of the past. With workshops and meditations, deep healing and emotional release intensifies at source level and the controlling patterns of behaviour, which formed as coping strategies, become unnecessary as self-authority grows within without guilt. Beginning at the first step towards self-healing, this book alternately informs and inspires as it reinstates self-positivity to its rightful core, lifting the heart to bask, at last, in the sunshine of unconditional self-love. "This eloquently written and succinctly crafted book has the potential to heal many people - not just another run-of-the-mill self-help offering, this one comes straight from the heart of compassion and wisdom. I recommend it highly." Barefoot Doctor

The Golden Mirror

Author: Helmut Schwab
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595604357
Release Date: 2008-12-01
Genre: Fiction

You began to read these words. What can it bring you? Have you ever driven for half an hour-from home to work or between any two points-and not remembered much of what you saw? Many of us go through most of our lives like that. But others actually see, perceive, understand, and then share life's joys or sorrows with others. Life can be so touching, so serious, but it can also be so funny and full of joy. What is our existence in this world? For most of us, it is a struggle for survival in a fragile way of life. Then arise the desires for wealth, importance in society, and entertainment. But does the life given to us not expect mental growth and personality development, the caring for others or public service, also stewardship of nature-and can we not enjoy all the beauty in art, culture, and nature around us? The following stories are offered to you, the reader, to let you pause and perceive, to touch your human sensitivity and understanding-and also to bring you joy, to simply entertain you. So, please, proceed! Select titles from the table of contents and begin reading these stories. When you are done, hopefully you will feel enriched-and, maybe, you will begin to perceive more stories in your own life. A clear vision of reality renders the stories colorful and lively-but deep empathy renders them personally meaningful. Primarily based on human sensibility, the stories are variously romantic, funny, or serious and are written at times with a smiling, at times with a crying face.

The Riddle in the Mirror

Author: Jayni Bloch
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781452559407
Release Date: 2012-10
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Riddle in the Mirror can help you to: 1. Use your personal problems as a powerful activating force to heal. 2. Know how your personal problems relate to your ancestral wounds. 3. Understand and identify how personal and collective problems are Archetypal in nature. 4. Learn how the Archetypes inform you about principles that guide your healing processes by valuing the symbolism of your challenges in conjunction with cognitive understanding. 5. Recognize how your personal story relates to your cultural and ancestral story as a means for collective healing. The Riddle in the Mirror is an essential map on your healing journey, to shift your life out of the struggle of repetitive human behavior patterns and underlying beliefs that keep wounds alive and perpetuate those wounds in your children. Realize that your personal healing is essential and the primary way that you participate to healing humanity.

The Woman in the Mirror

Author: Evelyn Mejil
Publisher: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 9781480867093
Release Date: 2018-10-23
Genre: Self-Help

Before devoting her life to helping global victims of violent crimes and social injustice, author Evelyn Mejil was a survivor. Despite the challenges, she didn't allow her past to hold her back. Instead, she let it fuel her to push through and make a difference. In The Woman in the Mirror, she provides a vivid portrait of her courageous mind meeting her painful memories, her valiant heart overcoming her shameful unworthiness, and her bold spirit overpowering her relentless fear. In this account, Mejil shares an uncensored description of how she overcomes her past when she discovers an inconspicuous truth while traveling the world in search for answers to silence her nightmares and heal her pain. Hidden in the eyes of the woman reflected in the mirror, she sees the answers stood where she buried her painful past, and to find them there is only one journey left to take, a journey within. The Woman in the Mirror tells how once she goes beyond the memories and faces her demons, she finally discovers her true being and vividly recounts how her false self, the identity birthed in the lies of her past, collapses. Shattering the iron grip of her past, she heals and brings forth a new story. Mejil presents the unadulterated expression of her most powerful self, the authentic self.

Another Side to the Mirror

Author: Alain-Joël Breugelmans
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 9781849897136
Release Date: 2014-05-27
Genre: Fiction

Meet Christine, an orphaned teenager misunderstood by her godparents and society with an urge to be who she is. One night, she steps into an imaginary utopia called Delarte. Delarte is a place where everything is possible and everything or everyone is accepted. It is there, she meets a witch called Bella and her puppet called Vera. Along the way, Bella and Vera show Christine a great deal of kindness and hospitality. Christine witnesses a show in Delarte’s theatre, where she sees creatures such as flying mermaids, immortal clowns, singing butterflies and many other creatures. Stepping through the mirror again, Christine blurs life between reality and Delarte. Spiral down on Christine’s journey and meet intriguing creatures from dancing corpses to singing werewolves and find out what it feels like to finally be understood, or is not everything as it seems?

Journey Past Time

Author: T. R. Williams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476713448
Release Date: 2019-01-01
Genre: Fiction

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Images from the Mirror of Reality

Author: Nigel Hyatt
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 9781460294543
Release Date: 2017-03-08
Genre: Poetry

Humankind is the product of millions of years of evolution. The question is, has human evolution reached a peak, or can we develop even further? Many signposts indicate that the answer is yes, we can go further. While the bulk of human evolution has been a blind, unconscious process, rather than sit back and allow nature to take its course, it is time to take matters into our own hands and usher in the next stage of human progress. Thousands of individuals have attained this conscious evolution of the selfenlightenment over the centuries. Defying the conventional wisdom of scientists and those who hold to conventional forms of religion, these individuals have followed well-trodden paths toward illumination, proving that neither life nor nature can be bound by any scientific theory or religious dogma. This book is oriented toward those who count themselves among the free thinkers of the world, those who are willing to explore the reality of the unknown rather than deny the existence of regions of the mind, body, and spirit simply because they do not conform to preconceived ideas. This does not mean that our essence, our basic identity, has to be replaced or destroyed. Rather, it implies re-examining ourselves so that we are able to conceive of a universe that is infinitely more complex and varied than we have imagined. To this end, the book employs both poetry and discourses to awaken the dormant higher self. FURTHER EVOLUTION IS POSSIBLE, PROVIDED WE ARE WILLING TO EMBARK ON THE QUEST FOR truth

A Simple Kind Mirror

Author: Leonard Roberto
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595724222
Release Date: 2002-01-07
Genre: Music

With over 35 million albums sold in their thirty-year career, the Canadian rock trio Rush clearly has been embraced by discerning music fans around the world. The band's musical and lyrical depth and complexity has inspired everything from comic books to novels. Fans on all levels extract varying degrees of meaning and emotion from the band's extensive and ever-changing catalog. This book is one fan's labor of love; an exploration of how the band's lyrical panorama changed from the fantastic to the realistic, from sci-fi adventures to gritty portraits of how humans face the modern world. This is by no means a definitive work exposing what the band's implicit messages and themes convey-that is beyond anyone's scope save that of the band itself. Rather, A Simple Kind Mirror is a song-by-song journey through Rush's 1980 to 1996 offerings, placing the social commentaries covered within. The beauty of this band is that fans can identify with them on many levels and process their messages in personal and individual ways. In A Simple Kind Mirror, Len Roberto explores the foundation of hope and inspiration Rush carries throughout its portfolio.

The Journey to Inspire

Author: Anshal Marquis
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469189031
Release Date: 2012-06-22
Genre: Poetry

If it were not for the hard times that we face, we would never know how good it feels to live comfortable. The past helps us appreciate our future, for in our experiences we are made strong to face the challenges life gives. These challenges will shape you into the person you want to become and you will be proud of who you are tomorrow. I hope this book has helped you shoulder lifes difficult times and has been a source of encouragement when needed. Its not the difficult times that hold us down; its not having faith thats what keeps you in the dirt.

A Journey through Knowledge

Author: Luminița Frențiu
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 9781443842686
Release Date: 2012-11-12
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

A Journey through Knowledge: Festschrift in Honour of Hortensia Pârlog is a collection of articles dedicated to one of the best known Romanian university teachers and linguists, both in her home country and well beyond its borders. The heterogenous material (both in terms of the range of issues tackled and in terms of the approaches adopted by the authors) in the three sections of the volume finds itself a common denominator in the idea of “traveling” and “journey”, around which they are organized. In the first section, Traveling across Identities and Emotions, Pia Brînzeu touches upon some identity issues, in dealing with a form of subversion in Coz Shakespeare, by Marin Sorescu; Jaques Ramel argues against the opinion that Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream was written to be performed as an epithalamium during wedding ceremonies; Adolphe Haberer brings to the fore the non-hero features of the main character in Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room; Liliane Louvel writes about the mirror in literary texts, insisting on its potential to send back graphic reflections onto these texts; and Maurizio Gotti discusses definitional criteria, i.e., the principles according to which a term should be defined. In section two, Traveling in Time and Space, Slávka Tomaščíková speaks about the status, functions and characteristics of media narrative discourse during the last decade; Aleksandra Kedzierska follows and characterizes various types of journeys in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, highlighting their significance for celebration; Alberto Lázaro traces the changes that medieval stories, abundant in sexual references and instances of adultery, have suffered to meet the publication requirements during Franco’s regime in Spain; Stephen Tapscott focuses on the relationship between contemporary American poets’ lyric and previously written works (especially Modernist); while Fernando Galván examines a number of literary texts centering on cities that have been dreamed of or imagined by various writers, to illustrate decay, deconstruction and regeneration. The third section, Traveling between Languages and Cultures, opens with Smiljana Komar’s account of the translation of some frequent English discourse markers into Slovene and continues with Loredana Pungă’s illustration of the issue of loss and gain in translation. Irma Taavitsainen and Päivi Pahta highlight the functions of the English politeness marker please, pliis in Finnish, and investigate whether and how its meanings have changed when it has been adopted into the host language. Lachlan Mackenzie’s contribution rounds off the volume with some suggestions on how recent changes in the English language should be taken into consideration when teachers of English evaluate the linguistic performance of their students.

A Journey through the Universe

Author: Ian Morison
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107073463
Release Date: 2014-09-25
Genre: Science

A comprehensive, up-to-date survey of our knowledge of the Universe beyond Earth, for general readers and astronomy enthusiasts.

Phoenix Quest 2 Journey to the Underworld

Author: James Malcolm
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781493152896
Release Date: 2014-01-14
Genre: Fiction

The Abduction Prince Aiden and Princess Ariana were busy making preparations to celebrate the wonder of their first anniversary. The year had flown by, fulfilling their every dream. Aiden had adapted well to the expectations and demands of royalty, along with fatherhood. Angus, two months old, was the pride and joy of the monarchy. The marriage and parenthood brought out the softer side of the blacksmith. His son looked much like him and he held his legacy as often as possible. Princess Camille loved being a first time aunt, spending as much time as she could with Ariana and the baby. The king and Gideon reflected their approval, but usually at a distance. Aiden had relocated his blacksmith trade inside the perimeter of the castle walls, training his two replacements, while using the forge from time to time, to satisfy a more creative nature. His travels had shown him a wide array of artistic applications for his craft and a use that had yet to be satisfied in the kingdom. Aiden designed plates, bowls, mugs and a variety of hand tools, most of which were given away after fulfilling the needs of the royal family. Surprisingly, hed given his cottage to a village family, whose child had told the best story at one of his weekly gatherings. The prince had become a farmer, as well, having recently harvested his first crop of corn. Hed dried kernels for the evenings anniversary festivities in the courtyard. It would be his first presentation of pop corn since his return from the quest. He could hardly wait to see the reaction his new treat would have on the children and the prince planned to hand kernels out to the villagers for the next years planting. Times were good and spirits high, in the realm, where the future looked promising for all. King Darian commissioned the kingdoms first ship. The vessel was built of the finest wood, with help from the Egyptian carpenters. It was a beauty to behold, equal in size to the Argo and the ship would open the island up to trade with countries in the inland sea. Jib supervised the raising of the ship and became the kingdoms first captain, through kings decree. The ship was christened the Phoenix, to honor Aidens quest and his daughters royal marriage. It was the first of six vessels commissioned by the king, with shipbuilding and global trade escalating the rapid growth of the small, inadequate anchorage. Scota sailed back to Egypt aboard the Phoenix on its maiden voyage at her fathers request and having lost any other reason to stay. Everything changed for her with the emotional loss of her husband at the hands of the Nordics. The princess carried the phoenix feather on the return to her homeland, fulfilling Aidens commitment to Queen Nefertiti. King Darian opened her old settlement up for villagers to recolonize and also began construction of a larger seaport capable of handling the increased demands of the realm. The new harbors location was near the mouth of a small river, less than a mile from the castle. While plans for the anniversary celebration were being finalized, Aiden went to the gatehouse to pay the wizard a visit. He hadnt seen Edric since just after his son was born. He took dried corn kernels, from the crop the wizard had helped him plant, to show the magician some of his own magic. Edric hadnt been as preoccupied with his magic mirror since the quest had concluded, spending much of his time grooming his own garden. When there was no answer at the door, the prince walked to the backside of the gatehouse, finding the wizard clipping roses from his prized bushes.

Stranger in the Mirror

Author: Michael Edward Little
Publisher: BookWhirl Publishing
ISBN: 9781618564139
Release Date: 2014-06-16
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A man's character is revealed by his actions. Author Mike Little suffered a massive stroke which left him unable to walk, talk, see, or think clearly. Mike refused to be defined by his disability, choosing instead to let his struggle and recovery speak for him. Stranger in the Mirror is the story of one man's journey through the dark night of soul to wisdom and compassion. Mike shows us that our lives are full of choices and our limitations are self imposed. Facing tragedy with humor, grit and grace, Mike found redemption. In writing his book, he shows the way for all of us, disabled or not, to reassess and redirect our lives. Stranger in the Mirror is sure to inspire courage and bring hope to other brain injured survivors and their families. Mike shows all of us facing overwhelming crises that we too, can still have the happy ending we deserve. His story will entertain, educate, enlighten, and enrich all of us. He offers a blueprint for a better life. As always, the choice is ours.

From a Golden Mirror to a Sparkling Chandelier

Author: Helmut Schwab
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781491726914
Release Date: 2014-05-08
Genre: Fiction

Helmut Schwab’s stories reflect the diversity of life through human encounters, observations, visions, or just stories—romantic, funny, serious, or just so—from Provence to Munich, San Francisco, or the gardens of Princeton—from Arizona to biblical Galilee, a bombing night in Afghanistan, a vision in Jerusalem, or some hope in prison—or by describing the funny small animals in the garden—or a children’s ball rolling along the road. A clear vision of reality renders the stories colorful and lively—based on sensibility for joy, sorrow, suffering, love, or humor—written at times with a smiling, at times with a crying face. For computer reading see “”