The Jungle

Author: Upton Sinclair
ISBN: 1630863475
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Chicago (Ill.)

"Sinclair's most famous novel follows the struggles of Lithuanian immigrant Jurgis Rudkus and his family as they try to make a living in the Chicago stockyards. This brutally realistic novel shocked the public and influenced the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act"--Provided by publisher.

Welcome to the Jungle

Author: Kobena Mercer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135204778
Release Date: 2013-09-13
Genre: Art

The essays in this anthology represent, in the broadest sense, an interpretive perspective of inquiry that has flourished in oral history for the past 15 years. This perspective considers oral history interviews as subjective, socially constructed and emergent events; that is, understanding, interpretation, and meaning of lived experience are interactively constructed. The impetus for this volume was the editor's fascination with the multifaceted complexity of the oral history interview method coupled with the belief that, despite many books that address methodological issues, no single work takes as its focus those complex, interactive processes which constitute the oral history interview. The editors' purpose in developing this anthology, therefore, was to provide a variety of essays which taken together address the possibilities and constraints inherent in oral history interviewing.

Jungle Patrol the Story of the Philippine Constabulary 1901 1936

Author: Vic Hurley
Publisher: Cerberus Books
ISBN: 9780983475620
Release Date: 2011-06-14
Genre: History

"Always Out-Numbered, Never Out-Fought " ..... the Philippine Constabulary Jungle Patrol, the Story of the Philippine Constabulary (1901 - 1936) by Vic Hurley Hurley's remarkable and hard-to-find (1938) book about an obscure and heroic quasi-military force, the Philippine Constabulary, is now re-issued by Cerberus Books in a new, improved edition containing all of the original text and new material. The original edition is rarely for sale, and costly if found. This book details America's first experiment with jungle guerilla warfare and America's first experiment with the use of local native personnel as a police or military force under the command of 'foreigners' - American and European. Both of these military experiments are studied, even today, by West Point officers and cadets. Professional and amateur military historians and strategists, and historians from the West, Southeast Asia, and the Mid-East, as well as the families of these mythically heroic men, often search in vain for this rare book. At the end of the Spanish - American War the policy of the McKinley administration and the military authorities in the Philippines prohibited the use of the more than 70,000 U.S. troops in the islands, to suppress the nascent Philippine Army, the guerilla bands of independence warriors, and the outlaws, pirates, and brigands who had arisen. Initially the native battles were for Philippine independence, however the conflicts deteriorated into harsh and bloodthirsty attacks on foreign occupiers and peaceful villagers, alike. The Constabulary was, in reality, a small, poorly armed, 'black force' acting on behalf of an ineffective U.S. military and a politically infected Philippine Commission. Hurley, an Honorary Third Lieutenant in the Constabulary, recounts vividly and dramatically the real origin, handicaps, growth, development, use, strategies, and key battles of this force that many credit with being the single most important element in the Philippines' development of democratic self-rule.

A Jungle Without Trees

Author: John Cronin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595293883
Release Date: 2003-11-01
Genre: Fiction

In the final days of the Watergate scandal, it was hard to determine who was in charge of the government. Power brokers, sensing a dying presidency, cared little about the office and worked to cut themselves the best deal in Washington. For all the right reasons, the President undertakes a wartime mission in opposition to his critics and his own policies. Amid the infighting, LtCol C.P. Doggett, USMC, is assigned to carry out the President's plans. He is thrust between agencies seeing him as an impediment. As such, Doggett's life becomes a commodity, and he has to survive by outwitting those who want him out of the way.

Jungle Drum n Bass for the Acoustic Drum Set

Author: Johnny Rabb
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 0757990258
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Music

Provides an introduction to electronically produced grooves, loops, and sounds on the acoustic drumset and includes exercises, transcriptions, and sound applications to achieve the jungle style.

The Jungle Upton Sinclair

Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 9781438113975
Release Date: 2009-01-01

Upton Sinclair's The Jungle not only drew attention from the likes of Winston Churchill and President Theodore Roosevelt-it drew action. The novel's depiction of what takes place in a meat-processing plant pressed the U.S. government into tak

The Blackboard Jungle

Author: Evan Hunter
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743493680
Release Date: 2004-09-28
Genre: Fiction

Rick Dadier encounters insolence and violence as a new teacher at a New York City vocational school as he tries to reach a group of violent, rebellious New York City teenagers, in a fiftieth anniversary edition of the classic novel. Reprint.

Das Dschungelbuch Das zweite Dschungelbuch

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Publisher: Europäischer Literaturverlag
ISBN: 9783959091787
Release Date: 2017-07-01
Genre: Fiction

Rudyard Kipling veröffentlichte »Das Dschungelbuch" 1894, dem er ein Jahr später die Fortsetzung »Das zweite Dschungelbuch" folgen ließ. Die beiden Bände enthalten lose miteinander verbundene Erzählungen und Gedichte, die vom Aufstieg des Findelkindes Mowgli zum Freund der Tiere und schließlich zum Herrscher des Urwaldes handeln. Daneben gibt es reine Tiergeschichten und Geschichten mit anderen menschlichen Protagonisten. Von den zahlreichen verniedlichenden Verfilmungen ist der Text dabei weit entfernt; vielmehr schildert Kipling im beeindruckend impressionistisch-verknappten Stil seiner berühmten indischen Erzählungen den Dschungel als Ort eines harten Daseinskampfes. Die Orthografie dieser Ausgabe wurde der neuen deutschen Rechtschreibung angepasst und die Interpunktion behutsam modernisiert.

The Jungle

Author: Upton Sinclair
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
ISBN: 0312400373
Release Date: 2005-02-03
Genre: History

Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, which inspired passage in 1906 of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, stands as a classic of twentieth-century American literature and social protest. In this accessible and thorough edition by Christopher Phelps, a critical introduction addresses the wide range of issues raised by the text, including early twentieth-century working conditions, immigrant community, race and gender, political reform, and the continuing relevance of Sinclair’s investigation. This edition uses the most widely recognized text of The Jungle — the Doubleday, Page edition published in 1906 — and provides an illuminating supporting document: President Theodore Roosevelt’s delivery to Congress of the official report that confirmed The Jungle’s shocking allegations about the Chicago meatpacking industry. Questions for consideration, a chronology, and a selected bibliography help contextualize Sinclair’s novel and provide students with resources for further study.

Jungle Fever

Author: Charlotte Rogers
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press
ISBN: 9780826518316
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Literary Criticism

The sinister "jungle"--that ill-defined and amorphous place where civilization has no foothold and survival is always in doubt--is the terrifying setting for countless works of the imagination. Films like Apocalypse Now, television shows like Lost, and of course stories like Heart of Darkness all pursue the essential question of why the unknown world terrifies adventurer and spectator alike. In Jungle Fever, Charlotte Rogers goes deep into five books that first defined the jungle as a violent and maddening place. The reader finds urban explorers venturing into the wilderness, encountering and living among the "native" inhabitants, and eventually losing their minds. The canonical works of authors such as Joseph Conrad, Andre Malraux, Jose Eustasio Rivera, and others present jungles and wildernesses as fundamentally corrupting and dangerous. Rogers explores how the methods these authors use to communicate the physical and psychological maladies that afflict their characters evolved symbiotically with modern medicine. While the wilderness challenges Conrad's and Malraux's European travelers to question their civility and mental stability, Latin American authors such as Alejo Carpentier deftly turn pseudoscientific theories into their greatest asset, as their characters transform madness into an essential creative spark. Ultimately, Jungle Fever suggests that the greatest horror of the jungle is the unknown regions of the character's own mind.

Jungle Thorn

Author: Norma R. Youngberg
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.
ISBN: 1572581573
Release Date: 2000-11-01
Genre: Religion

This is the story of a young girl named Kondima in the mountains of Borneo. While playing with the village children in the jungle, she meets with misfortune. Her accident requires a trip to Singapore where doctors are able to restore her to good health. During this whole adventure, she learns about Jesus as her personal friend, and wants to show others. As a result, she ends up converting a large part of her village.

Jungle Ace

Author: John R. Bruning
Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9781612340869
Release Date: 2011-09-01
Genre: History

Flying P-38s, Jerry Johnson shot down 24 aircraft in 265 combat missions in the Pacific theater. At the age of only twenty-four, he commanded the highest-scoring fighter group in the Pacific. Tragically, though Johnson had survived three combat tours, which included a mid-air collision with a Japanese aircraft and being shot down by friendly fire, the new father disappeared without a trace while flying a courier mission one month after the war’s end.