Justice for All and How to Achieve It

Author: Geoffrey Nice Sir QC
Publisher: Scala Arts Publishers Incorporated
ISBN: 1785511238
Release Date: 2017-09-27
Genre: LAW

-A thought-provoking exploration of the world's enduring legal and moral dilemmas -Based on a prestigious lecture series delivered by an internationally-renowned barrister What is a crime against humanity and when should it be investigated? What does 'human rights' mean? Is law the new religion and are its high priests, the lawyers, really all bad? What is the role of the law in the regulation of sexual behaviour? Are there limits to what we can reasonably expect from international war crimes tribunals? These and many other crucial questions are explored with wit, panache and consummate even-handedness by Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC, in the series of lectures he delivered as Gresham Professor of Law from 2012 to 2016. Drawing on events from every continent and every period in history, from ancient Babylon to Britain on the brink of Brexit; and referencing icons from Cicero to Socrates, Bertrand Russell to Jean-Paul Sartre, and Joan Baez to Muhammad Ali, Sir Geoffrey applies his own wealth of experience to moral problems which are as pressing in today's anxious world as they ever have been. The book is due to be launched at Gresham College, 18 October 2017. Follow @GreshamCollege on Twitter (4,700 followers).

Reconstructing Law and Justice in a Postcolony

Author: Nonso Okafo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317070276
Release Date: 2016-04-08
Genre: Social Science

Drawing on data from a cross-section of postcolonial nations across the world and on a detailed case-study of Nigeria, this book examines the experience of recreating law and justice in postcolonial societies. The author's definition of postcolonial societies includes countries that have emerged from external colonial rule, such as Nigeria and India as well as societies that have overcome internal dominations, such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Suggesting that restructuring a system of law and justice must involve a consideration of the traditions, customs and native laws of a society as well as the official, often foreign rules, this volume examines how ethnically complex nations resolve disputes, whether criminal or civil, through a combination of formal and informal social control systems. This book is unique in its concern with how the average citizens of a postcolonial society can play more active parts in their nation's law and justice, and how modern and increasingly urban societies can learn from indigenous peoples and institutions, which are more informal in their approaches to problem-solving. The concluding chapter looks at the possibility of an increased role for civil as opposed to criminal response in the social control system of a postcolonial society.

Civil Justice in the Age of Human Rights

Author: Joseph M. Jacob
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317165644
Release Date: 2016-05-23
Genre: Law

The end of the last century witnessed two major events in the field of civil justice: the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) came into force and the Human Rights Act (HRA) gave effect to the European Convention on Human Rights. This volume assesses the effect of the Act and attempts to reconcile the expediency and efficiency essential to modern civil justice with the need for recognition of human dignity and equality inherent to human rights. The book is primarily concerned with the effects of the HRA on civil procedure and, in particular, the effects on the CPR. It examines the view that the new civil procedure regime could be susceptible to HRA challenges. More specifically, the work discusses whether there are differences between the CPR and the ECHR ideas of what constitutes a fair trial or just decision and between their views of proportionality. The study notes the differences between common and civil law and discusses whether there is any coming together with other European systems. This book will be a valuable resource for academics and researchers as well as lawyers and judges with an interest in the practical implications of the HRA.

Justice Without Frontiers

Author: C. G. Weeramantry
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9041102418
Release Date: 1997-01-01
Genre: Political Science

Part A: General perspectives.

Handbook on Global Social Justice

Author: Gary Craig
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781786431424
Release Date: 2018-07-27
Genre: Political Science

In the fifty years since Rawls seminal work A Theory of Justice, the concept has been debated with those on the political right and left advocating very different understandings. This unique global collection, written by a group of international experts, offers wide-ranging analyses of the meaning of social justice that challenge the ability of the market to provide social justice for all. The Handbook also looks at how the theory of social justice informs practice within a range of occupations or welfare divisions.

African American Civil Rights in the Age of Obama

Author: Harold McDougall
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 9780557248322
Release Date: 2010-01
Genre: African Americans

AFRICAN AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS IN THE AGE OF OBAMA: A HISTORY AND A HANDBOOK, by Prof. Harold McDougall of the Howard University School of Law is a look at some of the remaining trouble spots in black-white relations in the United States today, with the benefit of the Obama Administration's first year in office as a backdrop. The book begins with racial profiling, a topic particularly charged as a consequence of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates' arrest in his own home, for disorderly conduct, by Cambridge, Massachusetts police. Other trouble spots include hate crimes, discrimination against consumers, employment discrimination, voting rights, housing discrimination and discrimination in public education.

The New Jim Crow

Author: Michelle Alexander
Publisher: Antje Kunstmann
ISBN: 9783956141591
Release Date: 2016-10-19
Genre: Political Science

Die Wahl von Barack Obama im November 2008 markierte einen historischen Wendepunkt in den USA: Der erste schwarze Präsident schien für eine postrassistische Gesellschaft und den Triumph der Bürgerrechtsbewegung zu stehen. Doch die Realität in den USA ist eine andere. Obwohl die Rassentrennung, die in den sogenannten Jim-Crow-Gesetzen festgeschrieben war, im Zuge der Bürgerrechtsbewegung abgeschafft wurde, sitzt heute ein unfassbar hoher Anteil der schwarzen Bevölkerung im Gefängnis oder ist lebenslang als kriminell gebrandmarkt. Ein Status, der die Leute zu Bürgern zweiter Klasse macht, indem er sie ihrer grundsätzlichsten Rechte beraubt – ganz ähnlich den explizit rassistischen Diskriminierungen der Jim-Crow-Ära. In ihrem Buch, das in Amerika eine breite Debatte ausgelöst hat, argumentiert Michelle Alexander, dass die USA ihr rassistisches System nach der Bürgerrechtsbewegung nicht abgeschafft, sondern lediglich umgestaltet haben. Da unter dem perfiden Deckmantel des »War on Drugs« überproportional junge männliche Schwarze und ihre Communities kriminalisiert werden, funktioniert das drakonische Strafjustizsystem der USA heute wie das System rassistischer Kontrolle von gestern: ein neues Jim Crow.

Beyond Elder Law

Author: Israel Doron
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642259715
Release Date: 2012-03-30
Genre: Law

All over the world, there is a growing interest in the relationship between law and aging: How does the law influence the lives of older people? Can rights, advocacy and representation advance the social position of the aged and combat ageism? What are the new and cutting-edge frontiers in the field of elder law? Should there be a new international human rights convention in this field? These are only a few of the many questions that arise. This book attempts to answer some of these questions and to set the agenda for the future development of elder law across the globe. Taking into account existing research and knowledge, leading scholars from different continents (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia) present in this book original and novel ideas regarding the future development of elder law. These ideas touch upon key topics such as elder guardianship, citizenship, mental capacity, elder abuse, human rights and international law, family relationships, age discrimination, and the right to die. This book can thus serve as an important reference work for all those interested in understanding where law and aging are headed, and for those concerned about the future legal rights of older persons.

Freeing the Innocent From Bangkok Hilton to Guantanamo

Author: Stephen Jakobi
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
ISBN: 9781910508633
Release Date: 2016-01-29

Stephen Jakobi, the internationally-recognised human rights lawyer, started devoting his working life to the cause of justice for foreigners at an age when most of his contemporaries were contemplating retirement. From an early age, Stephen believed it was his duty to give something back to society. From his schooldays he'd held an absolute mistrust of authority and hatred of victimisation; politics gave him a familiarity with media and public relations and over the years he gained the necessary experience of the practice of criminal law to become an effective human rights lawyer. Amongst the many headline names that Stephen has tried to help achieve justice are the British nanny Louise Woodward, the Greek plane spotters, the football fan Garry Mann and the Manchester United Six. But it all began with Karyn Smith, a British national in Thailand who was accused of smuggling heroin… Stephen founded Fair Trials International (then Fair Trials Abroad) in 1992, in response to Karyn Smith's case, believing that the right to a fair trial is one of the cornerstones of a just society. Behind him in his work has always been his wife Sally, supporting him and encouraging him to do what is right, however hard. Stephen Jakobi began his career in industry, expecting to join the family business after graduating from Cambridge. However, his strong belief in justice led him to become a solicitor, working in private practice before becoming senior partner in his own firm. In 1992 he founded Fair Trials Abroad and in 2005 he was awarded an OBE for his human rights work. Stephen lives with his wife in London.

Red Notice

Author: Bill Browder
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 9783446443198
Release Date: 2015-02-23
Genre: Political Science

Moskau nach dem Zerfall der Sowjetunion: Die Oligarchen sichern sich die Pfründe und machen ein Vermögen. Der Amerikaner Bill Browder nutzt die Gunst der Stunde und investiert in aufstrebende Unternehmen. Doch dann kommt er Putin und seiner Politik in die Quere: Er wird erpresst, verfolgt und bedroht. In einem Rechtsstaat kann man sich dagegen wehren. Aber nicht in einem Russland, wo Willkür und Tyrannei herrschen. Browders Anwalt Sergej Magnitski wird unter fadenscheinigen Vorwänden inhaftiert, gefoltert und schließlich im Gefängnis erschlagen. Aber Bill Browder gibt nicht auf. Als Menschenrechtsaktivist macht er international Druck auf Putin. Eine wahre Geschichte – packend geschrieben wie ein Thriller.

Human Rights in the War on Terror

Author: Richard Wilson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521853192
Release Date: 2005-10-03
Genre: Law

This book reviews the war on terror since 9/11 from a human rights perspective.

Revise Citizenship Studies for OCR

Author: Steve Johnson
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 043580832X
Release Date: 2005-02-10

A perfect match to the OCR Citizenship Studies short course. Students will get targeted and focused preparation for their exams to help them get the grades they want. Accessible content broken down into small chunks makes revision easier and more manageable. Checklists at the end of each chapter highlight areas that need more revision, as well as helping students plan their work. Packed with practice exam questions and sample answers with examiners' feedback, so students know exactly what the examiners are looking for. Written by experienced authors, so students get the best preparation available.