Author: Samia Louis
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 977416220X
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Drawing on her years of experience as an Arabic instructor and course developer, Samia Louis has used a functional approach to create a bright, innovative set of coursebooks for the study of Egyptian colloquial Arabic--the spoken dialect most frequently studied and most widely understood in the Arab world. Now three new books, for beginner, early advanced, and higher advanced students, have been added to the series. Designed according to the ACTFL guidelines for teaching Arabic as a foreign language, each book of Kallimni 'Arabi trains students through highly structured lessons in the crucial skills, with particular emphasis on listening and speaking, using real-life situations and expressions. The associated audio files carry recordings of the dialogs and exercises in each chapter, made by Egyptian native speakers. "The books in the [Kallimni 'Arabi] series altogether present the best Arabic textbooks available . . . miles ahead of most others."--David Wilmsen, American University of Beirut

Colloquial Arabic of Egypt

Author: Jane Wightwick
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317305682
Release Date: 2015-08-27
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Colloquial Arabic of Egypt provides a step-by-step course in spoken Egyptian Arabic – the most widely understood dialect in the Arab world. Combining a user-friendly approach with a thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the essential skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively in Egyptian Arabic in a broad range of situations. No prior knowledge of the language is required. Key features include: Arabic in romanization form throughout, with optional Arabic script supplements emphasis on modern conversational language with clear pronunciation guidance progressive introduction to the Arabic alphabet to aid familiarity with simple labels and signs grammar section and bilingual glossaries for easy reference stimulating exercises with lively illustrations new e-resources at supplementary materials for teachers and learners, including extra activities (and answers), vocabulary lists and cultural information, ideas for group activities linked to each unit in the course, listing of the complete Arabic alphabet, notes comparing Egyptian and Standard Arabic and downloadable additional audio tracks. Balanced, comprehensive and rewarding, this new and revised edition of Colloquial Arabic of Egypt offers an indispensable resource both for independent learners and for students taking courses in Egyptian Arabic. By the end of this course, you will be at Level B1 of the Common European Framework for Languages and at the Intermediate-Mid on the ACTFL proficiency scales. Audio material to accompany the course is available to download free in MP3 format from Recorded by native speakers, the audio material features the dialogues and texts from the book and will help develop your listening and pronunciation skills.

A Pocket Dictionary of Spoken Arabic

Author: Virginia Stevens
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9774248392
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Whether you are newly arrived in Egypt and need to know the words for bread and apartment, or a long-term resident who suddenly needs to know how to ask for a picture frame or complain of a sore throat, this dictionary is for you. Fully revised and expanded, the third edition of this unique and invaluable dictionary presents 6,500 words commonly needed by foreigners speaking Arabic in Egypt. Arabic words are written in a clear and consistent transcription system, plurals are given for all nouns, plurals and feminine forms are provided for all adjectives, and past tenses are given for all verbs. The dictionary also provides stress rules and basic charts of verb endings, negation of verbs, form and use of numbers, pronominal suffixes, and comparatives and superlatives.

Kullu Taman

Author: Manfred Woidich
Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9774248422
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Foreign Language Study

There are basically two types of Arabic: the local vernaculars--which are used in everyday life--and Modern Standard Arabic, which is restricted to writing and to speaking in formal settings. Anyone wanting to have a good command of the Arabic language must learn both varieties. kullu tamam! takes account of this diversity in two ways: it introduces the student to the language by means of Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, and provides a basis for those who want to go on to learn Modern Standard Arabic. This is done by using the grammatical terminology common to both varieties of Arabic, by offering many vocabulary items current in both the vernacular and the standard variety, and--in the later lessons--by introducing the Arabic script. kullu tamam! uses a cognitively oriented approach, presents Arabic mainly in transcription, gives grammatical rules, and presents a wide range of pattern drills and translation exercises (with key), as well as vocabulary lists for both Arabic-English and English-Arabic. Illustrative texts are either short dialogues, as may be encountered in daily life in Egypt, or descriptive passages dealing with more abstract topics and using a vocabulary typical of Arabic newspapers. The accompanying online audio files carry recordings of the texts, made by Egyptian native speakers. For over ten years now, the Dutch edition of kullu tamam! has been used successfully as a textbook in first-year Arabic courses at university level in the Netherlands. Now students in the English-speaking world can benefit from its clear, fresh approach. kullu tamam! is also suitable for self-study purposes.

Author: Samia Louis
Publisher: Amer Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9789774166198
Release Date: 2014-02-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the literary language of today's books, media, and formal communication throughout the Arab World, the region's principal shared language of written and official discourse. The fifth book in this new series for the classroom is designed for the Advanced levels, the low- mid stages of the ACTFL proficiency level, and C1 in the Common European Framework for Arabic learners. The aim of this book is to help students to read and write long and complex factual and literary texts in order to appreciate different writing styles.

Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook

Author: Siona Jenkins
Publisher: Penton Overseas, Inc
ISBN: 1864501839
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Whether traversing the Nile or exploring Cairo's labyrinthine alleyways, delve beneath the surface and discover the intriguing language and culture of Egypt. Confidently converse in Egyptian Arabic and ensure you don't miss out on the friendliness and humor for which Egyptians are famous. Enhance your travels through this enticing country! In This Guide: Key to deciphering hieroglyphs. Essential phrases for sightseeing, architecture & bargaining. Comprehensive sections on diving, trekking & sport. Everything from smoking a sheesha to sha'bi music. Mouthwatering range of traditional cuisine. Easy pronunciation throughout. Cultural tips & essential etiquette.

Author: ron buckley
ISBN: 9953335648
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Arabic language

Standard Arabic Teacher s Handbook

Author: James Dickins
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521631610
Release Date: 1999-03-11
Genre: Foreign Language Study

An advanced Arabic course for the final two years of an undergraduate degree.

Uktub Al arabiya

Author: Azza Hassanein
Publisher: Amer Univ in Cairo Press
ISBN: 9789774166358
Release Date: 2015-02-16
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Arabic language; textbooks for foreign speakers; English.

Conversational Arabic Quick and Easy

Author: Yatir Nitzany
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1515230252
Release Date: 2015-07-25

Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Egyptian Arabic but simply didn't have the time? Look no further. You hold in your hands the most revolutionary method that was ever designed for QUICKLY becoming conversational in a language. In creating this time saving program, master linguist Yatir Nitzany spent nearly three years examining the 27 most common languages in the world and distilling from them the 350 words that are most likely to be used in real conversations. Through various other discoveries about how real conservations work, that are detailed further in this book, Nitzany created the necessary tools for linking these words together in a specific way to become fluent NOW. If your desire is to learn complicated grammatical rules, or to speak Shakespearean Arabic, this book is NOT for you. However, if you need to actually hold a conversation whilst on a trip to Egypt, to impress that certain someone, or to be able to speak with your grandfather or grandmother as soon as possible, then the Nitzany Method is what you have been looking for. This book is recommended for those who already have prior knowledge in pronunciation of Arabic accents (such as the Arabic accents: "ayin," "ghayn," "ha," and "khaf"). For those of you that DO NOT, this book does indeed provide some great, in depth techniques (page #15) as to the pronunciation and recognition of these accents that you will encounter throughout the program. These techniques have proven extremely beneficial for beginner students who were previously unfamiliar with these accent pronunciations. In Egyptian dialect, verb conjugation is irregular and this book will NOT teach you those skills since this is NOT a grammar book. In most languages, including Classical Arabic, a conjugated verb is always followed by an infinitive verb, but this is NOT the case in the colloquial Arabic, since every verb in the sentence must be conjugated. Keep in mind that Egyptian Arabic is not an official language, but rather is a colloquial dialect. The purpose of my method is solely to give you the tools to create your own sentences in order to become conversational, while in regards to grammar, pronunciation, etc.. you are on your own! This method is designed for fluency in a foreign language, while communicating in the first person. Nitzany believes that what's most important is actually being able to understand and be understood by another human being right away. Therefore, unlike other courses, all words in this program are taught in English transliteration, without having to learn a complex foreign alphabet. More formalized training in grammar rules, learning to write in a foreign alphabet, etc. can all come later. The first in a series of instructional language guides, the Nitzany Method's revolutionary approach is the only one in the world that uses it's unique language technology to actually enable you to speak and understand native speakers in the shortest amount of time possible. No more depending on volumes of books of fundamental, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, all with hundreds of pages in order to learn a language. With "Conversational Arabic Quick and Easy" all you need is 45 pages. This book has proven useful for beginners, intermediate, and advanced speakers of the Arabic language. Learn the Egyptian dialect today, not tomorrow, and get started NOW! Note from the Author: Please start at the beginning of program (page#16) and fully master one page at a time prior to proceeding to the next, otherwise you will overwhelm yourself and fail.