Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Author: Janice Costa
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0740750194
Release Date: 2005-04-01
Genre: House & Home

A complete guide to reinventing the kitchen offers a candid and down-to-earth approach to kitchen design, with advice and information on researching options, hiring contractors, budgeting, financing, and much more. Original. 25,000 first printing.

The Dummies Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

Author: Catherine Smith
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781329712706
Release Date: 2015-11-24
Genre: House & Home

When we are interested in doing something, such as a home improvement project, there are many of us who are unsure what we should do, if we should even do anything at all. When it comes to deciding on a plan or a course of action, many individuals make the decision to focus on the good and the bad of the situation, this is most commonly referred to as the pros and the cons. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you may be wondering what the plus side of doing so is, otherwise know as the pros. Well, if you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, you are in luck. There are an unlimited number of ways that you can benefit from having your kitchen remodeled. Grab a copy of this ebook today.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen Illustrated

Author: Gloria Graham Brunk
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1592571298
Release Date: 2003
Genre: House & Home

Both an idea guide and a hands-on remodeling book, this illustrated volume takes readers step-by-step through the process of designing, planning, and executing the remodeling of their kitchens. 300+ photos & illustrations.

The Complete Book of Kitchen Bathroom Renovation

Author: Time-Life Books
Publisher: Time Life Education
ISBN: 0783552912
Release Date: 1997
Genre: House & Home

Provides step-by-step instructions, safety advice, and techniques and materials for remodeling the bathroom and kitchen

Kitchen and Bath Design

Author: Mary Fisher Knott
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470890088
Release Date: 2010-12-22
Genre: Architecture

The all-in-one reference to designing stunning and functional kitchens and baths Designing for today's kitchens and baths requires technical savvy, a keen eye for aesthetics, and perhaps most important of all, the ability to coordinate efforts across many disciplines. Kitchen and Bath Design simplifies these complex decision-making processes with a comprehensive strategy for achieving kitchen and bath designs that successfully integrate beauty and practicality—while meeting client expectations. Fundamental design basics are covered, along with a host of important issues that designers must consider when conceptualizing these specialized rooms, such as ergonomics, codes and safety requirements, proper lighting and ventilation, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, wall surfaces, and more. Some of the topics that appear in this book include: A detailed introduction to construction, plumbing, and electrical basics A systematic approach to incorporating "green," energy-conscious design An overview of crucial design elements, including pattern, texture, line, form or mass, color, space and light, and sound The latest building codes and manufacturers' guidelines Written by a leading expert in interior design, Kitchen and Bath Design uses three-dimensional drawings and corresponding photographs to deliver valuable information that is critical when it comes to planning, designing, specifying, estimating, building, pricing, or evaluating a kitchen or bathroom. Whether they're working on a new or existing space, professional designers can apply the lessons learned from this current andaccessible resource to masterfully take on all kitchen or bathroom projects—from the simplest to the most highly challenging.

Home Improvement All in One For Dummies

Author: Roy Barnhart
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118069862
Release Date: 2011-04-18
Genre: House & Home

Put on your grubbies, get out your tools, and get ready to tackle home repairs and improvements with the goof-proof instructions in this guide that combines the best of nine For Dummies home improvement books in one comprehensive volume. Whether you’re an accomplished do-it-yourselfer or a novice, the easy-to-follow instructions, complete with photos and illustrations, will guide you through: Basic home maintenance and improvement projects from the foundation to the roof, including windows, doors, and electrical repairs and replacements Painting and wallpapering Bathroom and kitchen remodeling, including installing cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances Carpentry, woodworking and flooring Plumbing, including unclogging fixtures and fixing leaky faucets Want to spruce up bedroom? Spiff up the kitchen? Shore up the porch? Build stairs? Replace creaky doors and drafty windows? Make the most of your space? Inside or out, major renovation or minor repair, the how-to is all right here. Think about it—if you do just one project yourself instead of calling a plumber, electrician, painter, handyman, or other service person, you’ve saved far more than the cost of this book! And you’ll have it on hand to guide you through the next project!

Remodeling a Bathroom

Author: Leon A. Frechette
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 1561586218
Release Date: 2004
Genre: House & Home

Remodeling a Bathroom contains:

Remodeling a Kitchen

Author: Sam Clark
Publisher: Taunton
ISBN: 1561584827
Release Date: 2003
Genre: House & Home

Remodeling a kitchen is fun, practical, and one of the best return-on-investment, home-improvement projects out there. Taunton's proven Build Like a Pro series takes this popular remodeling project step by step from planning, through construction, down to the custom details. It's all in here--from design guidance to choices in materials.- Step-by-step projects and pro-level advice instill confidence in readers.- More than 325 color photographs illustrate the remodeling process from start to finish.- Hands-on information includes tips, tool lists, and advice on choosing materials and fixtures.

Tips and Traps for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Author: R. Dodge Woodson
ISBN: 0071445862
Release Date: 2005
Genre: House & Home

There are plenty of do-it-yourself books on the market, but sound information about hiring and working with home improvement specialists is hard to come by. Written for homeowners who are hiring pros for large-scale home improvement, remodeling, and maintenance jobs, these titles feature visually appealing, easy-to-read layouts, and are packed with sidebars and callouts of special advice on how to hire a contractor. Written by an author who is a licensed Master Plumber as well as a licensed Class A Builder with almost three decades in the construction field, each title features: a focus on how to screen and hire home improvement pros; time and cost saving tips and techniques, including cost estimating charts for materials and labor; advantages/disadvantages of various materials; site, design, planning, and maintenance considerations; and explanations of different options, and the benefits and the drawbacks of each.

The Kitchen Idea Book

Author: Joanne Kellar Bouknight
Publisher: Taunton
ISBN: 1561581615
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Interior decoration

Presents nearly 500 photographs of kitchen interiors, along with advice in planning a kitchen.

Kitchen Redos Revamps Remodels And Replacements

Author: Jan Weimer
Publisher: William Morrow
ISBN: 068808589X
Release Date: 1997-05-21
Genre: House & Home

Whether you're planning a full-scale remodel or simply upgrading and replacing cabinets or appliances, making decisions on how to renovate your kitchen can become a nightmare. And, once you begin, the problems seem to multiply daily: The workmen show up three months late, the doors on the cabinets hang at an unintentional tilt, and though you love that stone countertop, you find yourself working in the shadows because no one really thought about proper lighting. Help is on the way. Kitchen Redos will enable you to design kitchen layouts that let you move with ease, islands that do double duty as work and eating centers, cabinetry that looks beautiful and provides maximum, innovative storage, surfaces that shine with easy care and last a lifetime, and much, much more. Practical, inspiring, and hardworking, Kitchen Redos anticipates and instructs you on all the real-life issues that arise when designing and developing your dream kitchen.

Plumbing Do It Yourself For Dummies

Author: Donald R. Prestly
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118052396
Release Date: 2010-12-15
Genre: House & Home

Want to save time, money, and frustration on plumbing repair and replacement? Do it yourself! Plumbing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies turns even the most daunting household plumbing project into a simple, step-by-step process that delivers professional-quality results at a fraction of what you'd have to pay a plumber—and you won't have to wait weeks for an appointment. From fixing leaks and drips to caulking a tub or shower, to replacing a faucet, you'll discover how to tackle 40 of the most common plumbing jobs in your home. Easy-to-follow, detailed instructions and hundreds of photos and illustrations guide you through each task. And, you'll even discover what surprises to expect and how to prepare for them. This user-friendly guide delivers all the help you need to: Understand your home's plumbing system Comply with local plumbing codes Fill your plumbing toolbox—including safety equipment Organize, plan, and prepare for your plumbing job Repair and upgrade faucets of all kinds Unclog drains, traps, and toilets Replace toilet parts and fix leaky tanks and bowls Stop toilet tanks from sweating Deal with noisy, sweaty, and frozen pipes Replace a dishwasher or garbage disposal Complete with a helpful primer on choosing the right pipes and fittings for your project and understanding your home's supply and drain-waste-vent systems, Plumbing Do-It-Yourself for Dummies is the one tool you must have before starting any household plumbing project.

Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies

Author: Gene Hamilton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118053140
Release Date: 2011-03-08
Genre: House & Home

We're a nation of countless bathrooms that are on the brink of being torn apart, redesigned, and remodeled. Bathrooms are big! They've gone from being a convenience to a luxury. Welcome to Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies, where you'll discover how to transform your bathroom from blah to beautiful and inefficient to well-designed. Remodeling a bathroom is a challenge – it's action-oriented and requires extra energy and stamina. But you, undoubtedly, realize it's a challenge you want to take on. This guide can help if you Want to make your home more livable and enjoyable by updating, expanding, or improving the bathroom Want to find out how to begin the process of appraising your present bathroom so you can improve it Don't want to be pressured into selecting materials and fixtures because you want to see everything that's available and know all your options Want to know what's involved in demolishing the walls and removing the fixtures and cabinets, and how to install new ones Want to decide if you should hire help or do the work yourself Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies is organized to provide lots of useful information that is easily accessible. You'll uncover tips about: Making the most of space in your bathroom Taking control and planning the project Finding fabulous fixtures, vanities, and faucets Decorating the walls, windows, and more Creating storage space You maybe be asking yourself, "Can I remodel my bathroom without spending every penny I have, destroying the harmony of my house, and breaking the spirit of everyone involved?" The answer is yes. Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies can help.

The Kitchen Consultant

Author: Herrick Kimball
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 1561582476
Release Date: 1998
Genre: House & Home

Tells how to plan a new kitchen, discusses space considerations, appliances, and lighting, and shows how to work with plumbing, wiring and cabinets